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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 71 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 71 – Torment (2)

Jiang Mingxuan heard this and said angrily: "Don't worry about my affairs! In short, today you must marry Zhang Zhi to earn dowry money for me or else Wen Wen will run away with others."

"You are really trash." Jiang Yu looked contemptuous: "You have to sell your sister in order to get a wife for yourself. You don't feel ashamed at all!"

"I have nothing to feel guilty about!" Jiang Mingxuan rolled his eyes, "I'm a boy, I'm the owner of this house. As long as you stay in this house for one day, you'll be under my control! Besides, whoever you marry is not important , but I'm different! In Wen Wen's belly is a boy, the seed of this Old Jiang family!"

After hearing this, Jiang Dezhong and Zhang Meifeng really determined to exchange Jiang Yu for betrothal gifts.

Jiang Yu took a deep breath. She knew that it was useless to talk to this group of people, so why she even waste her energy? In front of her were the stars and the sea. She couldn’t make herself act like a shrew just because she encountered some bed bugs, right?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu made a decision in her heart. She planned to pack up and go back to Shanghai earlier.

At noon, as everyone went outside, Jiang Yu came to the gate with her suitcase. She shook quickly, but the gate couldn't be opened. She frowned and had a bad feeling in her heart.

Sure enough, the outside of the gate was locked.

At this moment, a quarrel came: "Yu Hong, you are so shameless! Do you really think Jiang Yu was born to you? What's the matter with you trying to snatch my daughter every day just because you can't give birth to a daughter yourself?! I'll tell you, don't say that I asked Jiang Yu to marry a good family, even if I really sold Jiang Yu, it would not be your turn to take care of this!" Zhang Meifeng scolded.

Jiang Yu frowned. She looked through the crack of the gate and saw Zhang Meifeng standing in the lawn with her waist pinched. A slightly fat woman in a black down jacket was standing beside her.

Yu Hong said: "Zhang Meifeng, I don't want to quarrel with you. If I didn't see Jiang Yu to be sp pitiful, I wouldn't even bother to care about you! Don’t you want Jiang Yu to marry Zhang Zhi to exchange the bride price? I heard everything from the Zhang family and I thought don’t you have any conscience?! Just to collect money for the betrothal gift for your son, you don't even want your daughter? Everyone, come here and see what this Zhang Meifeng is doing! Although we are from the countryside, the new time has come, daughters are also treasures the same as sons. Your Jiang family’s Jiang Yu is also in better condition, but you let your daughter who went to college to stop study and ask her to come back to marry, is there any reason for this?"

As soon as Yu Hong scolded, all the people in the village came out to watch the fun. Everyone gathered around. After hearing this, they whispered and pointed at Zhang Meifeng to discuss. 

When Zhang Meifeng saw this, she shrank her neck, and then greeted her teeth before saying: "Who said I was selling my daughter?! I'm trying to make Jiang Yu have a good life, our Jiang family is poor! We can't afford her to go to college!"

"Bah!" Yu Hong scolded: "Zhang Meifeng, you point to your conscience and say, when did Jiang Yu use your money to go to school for so many years? Didn’t all the cost come from me? Have you ever given me a dime in return? Jiang Yu is in your house every day but she can't even eat well and you didn't even buy a piece of clothing for her to wear! Being like this, you're not embarrassed to say that Jiang Yu's university tuition was provided by you?!"

Hearing this, the people in the village were in an uproar. Jiang Yu's school money was always given by this woman named Yu Hong? Was this true or false?

Aunt Fang, who lives on the third floor next door, said: "So you said that you had been paying for Jiang Yu’s schooling all these years? But Zhang Meifeng came out every day to talk about how much Jiang Yu spent on schooling and how much Jiang family spent on her. She said that because Jiang Yu spent too much on school, she had no money to buy Jiang Yu some new clothes. Therefore, we have been thinking she was soo good to Jiang Yu to persist letting her go to university!"

"Bah! This Zhang Meifeng’s face is really thick! I used to be afraid of Jiang Yu's discomfort, so I never talked about it. Now that the trouble has started, I'm not afraid to tell everyone that Jiang Yu's money for school has always been paid by me and I also paid for her to study art!"

Hearing this, the villagers talked a lot: "No wonder... I said that Zhang Meifeng was so harsh on Jiang Yu, how could she be willing to spend money for her to go to university!"

"That's right, Jiang Yu was always treated like a girl that was picked up from the road."

"What the hell is going on here? How did this woman named Yu Hong even think of giving Jiang Yu money? Could it be that Jiang Yu was really picked up somewhere?"

After listening to everyone's discussion, Jiang Yu was also puzzled. Could this person named Yu Hong be her biological mother? This was also not right, she looked a lot like Jiang Dezhong and Zhang Meifeng.

Yu Hong snorted and her fingers almost touched Zhang Meifeng's head. She was very sturdy and scolded: "Zhang Meifeng, you b*tch! Fierce tiger doesn't even eat its own children, but you still want Jiang Yu to marry Zhang Zhi! Jiang Yu went to study on a famous university, how could you do such a vicious thing?!"

After hearing this, all the people in the village started talking. They pointed at Zhang Meifeng one after another and the tone of their voices poked Zhang Meifeng's spine.

Zhang Meifeng's face was completely humiliated. If there was a stain on a family in a rural area, it would be passed on from years to decades. Even when the descendants of the family were going to get married, the stain would be brought up always. Because of this, Zhang Meifeng had always been very restrained outside, but unexpectedly, all this was punctured by Yu Hong. She said angrily, "Don't talk nonsense!"

"I'm talking nonsense?" Yu Hong shouted loudly, "Which word I'm talking about is nonsense? Come, let's see for yourself..." After Yu Hong finished speaking, she took out a stack of bank remittance slips from her pocket and gave it to the villagers.

"Let's see for yourself! This is the proof that I have sent money to Zhang Meifeng over the years! Jiang Yu's school fees have always been paid by me!"

When everyone saw the remittance slips, there was an uproar. The documents showed that Yu Hong did often send money to Zhang Meifeng.

"Huh..." Aunt Fang suddenly came out, pointed at Yu Hong and said, "Did you find Jiang Yu that year but then sent her back to her family?" As soon as she said it, everyone remembered that something like this really happened. 

Jiang Yu was lost when she was 4 years old and it took more than half a year to find her.

Yu Hong heard the words and sneered: "Lost? Do you believe this? Which lost child can run home healthily after half a year? At first I kept this a secret because I was afraid that such a wicked thing would affect the child's mental development, but now I will simply tell everyone that at the beginning, Zhang Meifeng asked someone to sell little Jiang Yu and that person was my relative. I had just given birth to a child at the time, so I was soft-hearted and could not bear this kind of thing. I wanted a daughter, I thought to myself, if this child is not wanted, it is better to stay with me than to stay in Jiang's house, so I gave Zhang Meifeng 1,000 yuan, and then I took Little Jiang Yu home. For half a year, I thought I had developed a relationship with the child and I have been taking good care of her. Who knows that the child has a good memory? One day, she actually walked back to your village from the city, walking all day and night! After that, Zhang Meifeng thought Jiang Yu was a burden and refused to raise the child, but Jiang Yu refused to leave. I can't help it, so I propose to give Zhang Meifeng some living expenses for Jiang Yu every year and I don't even want the thousand yuan back!"

"I really like this child Jiang Yu, but everyone said that Jiang Yu spent little money per year to study in the town. She went to high school and only had 150 yuan a month for meals. So all this time this Zhang Meifeng even refuses to give the money I gave for Jiang Yu to her! Is she still a person?"

"It turned out to be like this..." Aunt Fang murmured: "I always thought that it was strange back then. My old man always said that Jiang Yu was sold, but I still don't believe it. I didn't expect it to be true!"

Even in the countryside, people would get stabbed in the spine for selling children. The children born by oneself should be supported until grown up even if they need to limp along.

After Jiang Yu heard this, it became clear to her. She always felt strange. Zhang Meifeng always treated her so badly, so how could she be willing to pay for her to study in university? So it was like this...

Jiang Yu couldn't help looking at Yu Hong and felt that this person was amazing from the bottom of her heart. She didn't expect that Yu Hong supported her all these years just because of her short relationship with Jiang Yu when she was a child. She actually provided Jiang Yu to study for so many years and gave Jiang Yu a different life.

The people in the village started talking about the issue and they all thought it was incredible. Jiang family was not particularly poor and they could raise three children, so why they couldn't support just one more Jiang Yu? Besides, Jiang Yu was frugal. She hadn’t worn a new dress for many years.

Seeing that everyone was pointing at her and scolding her, Zhang Meifeng simply gave it up. She blushed and said: "Yu Hong, don't pretend to be a good person here! It's not your turn to take care of my family's affairs! Do you think because you've given some money to be Jiang Yu's biological mother then all will be beautiful?! I'm putting my words here, Zhang family has promised a hundred thousand yuan for bride price! If Jiang Yu ran away today, I'm going to make trouble at her school, so that she couldn’t even continue attending school!"

"You're shameless!" Yu Hong was so angry that at this moment. Suddenly a tricycle was parked not far away and two young men ran down from it. They pulled Yu Hong from left to right: "Mom, why are you arguing with people?"

Yu Hong said angrily, "Zhang Meifeng! Tell me, why can’t you let the child go?"

Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyes and sneered: "Let her go? She was born by me, so she should earn a dowry for her brother. You want me to let her go, unless you give me 100,000 yuan today, I won’t let her go!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu sneered. Zhang Meifeng played a good abacus and asked Yu Hong to give out 100,000 yuan. On the surface, it was said to let her go, but once Jiang Mingxuan got married, with his virtue, he would be a bottomless pit. How could Zhang Meifeng's money be enough for him and Wen Wen to eat always? If they needed money in the future, they would definitely try to suck it from Yu Hong.

Who knew that Yu Hong would be so angry after hearing this, and finally nodded: "Okay! I'll give you 100,000! But you have to write down the evidence that you will cut off your relationship with Jiang Yu and never go to her again!"

"Okay! Do you think I will willingly find that dead girl? She can't earn me a penny while Jiang Jie can earn six to ten thousands a month!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu frowned. Wasn't this Yu Hong too stupid to agree to give 100,000 yuan?

However, half an hour later, Yu Hong's son really brought 100,000 yuan.

When Zhang Meifeng saw the money, her eyes went straight. In the countryside, 100,000 yuan could already build a house! She immediately signed the agreement to terminate the mother-daughter relationship with Jiang Yu.

After that, Yu Hong opened the door and said to Jiang Yu who was standing in the room: "Jiang Yu, go with Mother Yu! Let’s never go back to this ghostly place again!"

Jiang Yu glanced at Yu Hong and walked out the door with a blank expression.

Zhang Meifeng took the money and cursed: "You actually gave out a lot of money for a stupid girl! 100,000 yuan in exchange for the dead girl, is she worth it?"

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  1. This arc is so stupid! She should just asked them to sign a contract declaring that her family didn't want her and won't bother her again in exchange for money.


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