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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 77 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 77 – Passion (2)

The whole family laughed, Jiang Yu walked in with a heavy weight, and saw that all the Gu family members had waited. The Mother Gu, Gu Linlu, and Gu Lingxiao, whom she had met, were all there. The strange thing was that in the house, except for Mother Gu, there was no woman, which surprised Jiang Yu. After all, even if Gu Lingxiao was not married, Gu Linlu already had a child, so he had to be married.

Jiang Yu's face was as usual, and she said hello one by one with a generous expression without the slightest bit of embarrassment. She was able to answer questions more than before, and she knew how to control the proportions.

This girl was not an ordinary internet celebrity. She was beautiful and had high requirements for herself. In addition, she studied in Shenda University and she passed CET 6 with high marks. Her professional courses were also very strong. Principal Wen and others grade directors praised her highly, which made Mother Gu feel that Jiang Yu was very rare in this regard, unlike some girls who would abandon their professional courses in order to make money. In her opinion, it was like losing a watermelon to pick up sesame seeds.

Mother Gu laughed until her eyes narrowed. She praised repeatedly: "Jiang Yu, you look better in person than in the video. The video was overly beautified and your face was reduced in size which made your face looked too small. In reality, you are more temperamental."

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "It is true, but that video filter has an advantage. It will make my skin look good. Sometimes I needed to completely go bare face when teaching makeup, and I feel insecure with just ordinary lenses."

"You are beautiful no matter what!" Mother Gu said with a smile.

"But you also look really young, I can't believe you already have three big children!" Jiang Yu said this with sincerity. Although Mother Gu was not the kind of mature woman with perfect maintenance, she was still in a very good condition. Looking at it from a close distance, her skin is slightly shiny, she looks like she is only in her forties.

"Your mouth is so sweet." No woman didn't like being praised by other and Mother Gu smiled so much that her eyes narrowed.

The servant called and advise dinner was ready.

Jiang Yu looked at the dishes on this table. Although the table was full, the combination of meat mostly seafood and vegetables did not make people feel greasy.

"Jiang Yu, eat more!" Mother Gu called out repeatedly.

"Auntie, I've been eating." After speaking, Jiang Yu lowered her head and started to eat. Although Jiang Yu was thin, she was not on diet. She had always insisted on exercising, so she had no worries about eating. 

Mother Gu her even more when she saw this!

After eating the meal, Jiang Yu was not as nervous as she was before. After the meal, she and Mother Gu entered the kitchen, racing to wash the dishes: "Auntie, let me wash the bowl!" After speaking, she rolled up his sleeves and threw the bowls into the sink.

Mother Gu entered glanced at Jiang Yu and said weakly, "That... there is a dishwasher!" After finishing speaking, she also said to Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, don't do it yourself if there is convenient machine to help. Women's skin care products are very expensive. Don't make the skin on your hands bad because of washing dishes and clothes. When you become a dull-faced woman, you will be finished! If there is no machine, let a man do it. My family Shenliu is not good at anything else, but he is very good in doing the dishes! I have trained the three of my son to do the dishes since they were young. It can be said that those three are already very skilled in this business."

Jiang Yu heard the words and laughed for a long time, "Okay! I will definitely keep your words in my heart!" She put the bowl into the dishwasher and let it work automatically. She then went to the living room to chat and laugh with Mother Gu.

Xiao Q opened his hands asking to hug Jiang Yu again, and Mother Gu nodded when she saw it: "My little Q never cares about people outside the family, but he seems to really likes you."

Jiang Yu looked at the little boy with round eyes, round face, and pointy chin in front of her only to feel that her heart was about to melt. "So cute... Seeing such a cute child, I guess this is why everyone wants one!"

Mother Gu saw that Jiang Yu was very good at taking care of children and her posture when holding a child was also very standard. It could be seen that she was used to this. Mother Gu was more satisfied with Jiang Yu in her heart. She felt that this girl knew many more things unlike the little girls nowadays.

The two chatted when Mother Gu smiled and said: "Principal Wen's daughter-in-law is also from your Shenda University. She gave birth to a child when she was still a junior student and her body recovered very quickly. I saw her holding the child one day and I couldn't believe that she was already a child's mother. So, if you want to have a baby, it's better to have it early."

"Right? Early is indeed good."

Mother Gu didn't expect Jiang Yu to say such a thing. Now little girls were all afraid of ruining their figure and there were many Dink couple by choice. Very few people say they wanted to have children early.

Jiang Yu smiled. In fact, this was what she had always thought. She could give birth to a child while she was young and then concentrated on her career. Like Victoria Beckham, she had three children and still a proud career. Jiang Yu was certain that she could do well in managing her time and life, knowing what she wanted at all times was her goal.

Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Studying and doing business but also having children, I feel that life will be very fulfilling no matter how I look at it."

Jiang Yu had such a plan for her life. However, she didn't necessarily think that the male protagonist must be Gu Shenliu, but Mother Gu didn't think so. In her opinion, it was impossible for Jiang Yu to break up with Gu Shenliu. 

Therefore, in Mother Gu’s opinion, Jiang Yu words mean that she would not reject having children with Gu Shenliu earlier. Gu Shenliu was 30 years old. Mother Gu had long hoped that he would get married and have children soon. Coupled with the problems with Gu Shenliu's ears, she hoped that Gu Shenliu would get better after he had a family.

Mother Gu smiled more sincerely. Strange, why did she like this Jiang Yu no matter how she looked at it?

The men came back soon and then the three sons of the Gu family lighted up some fireworks. They went to the lake to light them.

Everyone stood on the side of the lake, looking at the dark night sky while fireworks bloomed on the lake, the colors were gorgeous and they swelled into flower balls in the air. This made people want to pick one to play with.

The cold wind blew Jiang Yu’s face and the corners of her mouth could not help but bend into an arc.

Gu Shenliu walked back and put his arms on Jiang Yu’s shoulders. The two of them looked at each other at the same time. In their deep eyes, fireworks kept blooming and disappearing. Only each other was always there.

Jiang Yu quickly said goodbye to Gu Family. When Mother Gu saw that Jiang Yu was leaving, she was very reluctant. She kept asking Jiang Yu to stay, but Jiang Yu refused.

When the two had gone, Gu Linlu suddenly bent down. A wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth and he leaned against Mother Gu’s ear. He said: "Mom, why are you still watching? That girl is gone! You like her that much?"

"Shh! Who made Jiang Yu look so good? You think it’s you? I have three sons in my life, but all of them are always making me mad with worries!"

"Okay! A son is definitely not as caring as a daughter!" Gu Linlu changed the subject wisely and said, "Mom, I want to tell you some good news."

"What?" Mother Gu looked at her son.

Gu Linlu pointed in the direction Jiang Yu left and said, "About your youngest son!"

"Shenliu? What's wrong with him?" Mother Gu was still puzzled.

Gu Linlu pointed to his ear and said, "Your son's ear is saved!"


Everyone in the Gu family was surprised. It was because they knew how much the noise in Gu Shenliu's ears affected him. Over the years, he had seen every doctor and taken every medicine, but it didn't help at all. But now there was a solution?

Mother Gu grabbed Gu Linlu's arm and hurriedly asked: "What do you mean? Which doctor can save Shenliu's ears? Is there any new medicine that can cure him?"

"That's right, Linlu, hurry up and say, don't make your mother worry!" Seeing the eldest son teasing his wife, Father Gu spoke.

Gu Linlu smiled and said: "It's not a doctor or a medicine! It's just that once Shenliu gets close to someone, the sound in his ears will disappear!"

Several people paused for a moment and they dared not accept the reality. Mother Gu frowned and said, "Is what you said true? Is there such a thing?"

"It was Gao Jing who told me!"

Seeing that it was true, Mother Gu hurriedly asked: "Who is that person? I must go and invite him to get along well with Shenliu so that the sound in Shenliu's ears will disappear and he can sleep well in the future! If it doesn't work, I will invite him to work at our company and tasked him to accompany Shenliu exclusively."

"Stop dreaming! It's impossible for this person to be hired by you!" Gu Linlu said, the corners of his mouth raised.

"Oh! I told you to stop going in circles!" After speaking, Mother Gu pinched Gu Linlu's ear and said anxiously, "Will you say it? If you don't say it, I will pinch your ear off!"

Gu Linlu squinted his eyes in pain. But when Xiao Q saw grandma pinching his ear, he grabbed his other ear and twisted it hard also. After twisting it, Xiao Q seemed to find it interesting, so he twisted it in the opposite direction. Facing the double attacks, Gu Linlu quickly said: "Okay! Mom, tell your grandson to stop!"

Mother Gu hugged Xiao Q away and then said: "Come on! Waste time again and I'll let your son bite you!"

Gu Linlu laughed and said hurriedly, "Who else could it be? Actually, you can guess, that person is Jiang Yu!"

Hearing this, Mother Gu was obviously surprised. She pondered for a moment and then felt relieved. Jiang Yu was a reliable child. If she could really cure Gu Shenliu's problems, then when the two got married, Gu Shenliu's ears would be saved. Also, Jiang Yu was the person that Gu Shenliu liked, then wouldn’t everyone be happy?

Thinking of this, Mother Gu said excitedly: "Oh No, I have to urge those two to settle down early!" After saying that, she went inside.

Father Gu shouted, "Where are you going, wife?"

"Go and write the dowry list! Save it for the marriage!"


Meanwhile, Gu Shenliu drove back directly to his community.

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