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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 76 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 76 – Love in Action (1)

"Jiang Yu!" Zhang Meifeng called to her.

Jiang Yu frowned. She saw Zhang Meifeng's face full of kindness, she was calling her.

"Jiang Yu, mother picked you up to take you home for the New Year." After Zhang Meifeng finished speaking, her eyes were filled with tears, as if she had been separated from Jiang Yu for 180 years. She looked like a loving mother who missed her daughter.

"Yeah, Xiao Yu, my mother already knew that she was wrong. She shouldn't have said those things to anger you. You have to understand her. She was also in a bad mood because she quarreled with Aunt Yu Hong, that's why she did this. Mom now knows that she was wrong. Look, she brought the 100,000 yuan back and is going to give it back to Aunt Yu Hong." Jiang Jie smiled with a loving expression on her face.

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows lightly and stood there motionless.

Jiang Mingxuan also smiled kindly, he said: "Sister, please forgive Mom! It's New Year's Eve and Mom feels that there is one person missing in the family, so she took us to find you to apologize. You should go back with us for the New Year! Only when you are with your family that you can say you have come home, without you, no one can eat the reunion dinner. "

Jiang Mingxuan could actually speak human language? Jiang Yu's brows moved again. She continued to appreciate the performance.

Jiang Dezhong also said to Jiang Yu with a gentle face: "Daughter, go home with Dad. Dad thought about it and he really shouldn't have said that to you. Zhang Zhi is not worthy of you at all! Dad will never force you to marry anyone in the future, I hope you forgive Dad. There is no parent in this world who does not want their children to live well."

This acting... Jiang Yu was about to applaud, yes, although he wouldn't get the best actor, it's more than enough to be an outstanding supporting actor. Judging from their reactions, they must have known her current situation. Knowing that she was rich now, they rushed to compliment her. This day came earlier than Jiang Yu expected.

Jiang Lan laughed, not feeling embarrassed at all. She just smiled: "Let’s go back, little sister. The whole family is here to invite you, you should see our sincerity. What's the point of staying at someone else's house! Hurry back and let’s prepare tomorrow's New Year's Eve dinner! Look at the clothes you are wearing, elder sister will buy you some new clothes."

Even Jiang Mingxuan's girlfriend Wenwen came. She covered her stomach and said warmly: "Sister, you didn't have much contact with Wenwen before, so you may not know me. In fact, Wenwen is very easy to get along with. The child in Wenwen's belly is your nephew. In the future, let him be your godson and give you care when you are old!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu finally reacted. She raised the corners of her lips and made a mocking arc. She smiled and said: "It's weird for you to say that. Your son will give me care when I’m old? Who are you?"

"Me?" Wenwen was startled and quickly said, "I'm Wenwen, Sister! Mingxuan's girlfriend!"

"Oh..." Jiang Yu looked suddenly enlightened: "Sorry, you look too ordinary so I can't remember! I didn't remember who you are, but now that I think about it, it seems that there is such a person."


"You are the woman who wants me to marry the fool Zhang Zhi for the 100,000 yuan dowry?" Jiang Yu still smiled without giving Wenwen any chance to retaliate, but said rudely: "Although your face is big, but I didn't expect it to be so big. I guess, if an airport is built in this county, will it have to be built on your face? Let your son give me old age care? Who do you think your son is? Do you think I can't give birth to a child? Or do you think I'll go back with you and become that useless person and let you handle my business?"

"No, that's not what I meant..." Wenwen panicked.

However, Jiang Yu's face was full of impatience. She suddenly turned to Jiang Dezhong and continued: "And you, don't play the drama of a kind father and force filial piety to me. Feel your conscience and ask, are people like you worthy of being a parent? Why do you think I care about you fatherly love? I tell you clearly, you have no weight in my heart at all. You didn't give me anything except for giving birth to me. You sold me to get some money. People like you don't deserve to be human!"

Jiang Dezhong's face was dark like pork liver. "You're dead..."

"Don't worry. I won't die before you die!" Jiang Yu kept smiling.

Jiang Dezhong was stunned and finally did not dare to continue to scold.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu sneered. She turned to Jiang Lan and sneered: "And you... Buy me clothes? Would you be so kind? I'm sorry, I'm not interested in your clothes at all. For someone like you, peeling a layer of skin off me would be better than wearing your clothes."

"And you..." Jiang Yu turned to Jiang Jie again and said, "Did anyone tell you that your makeup is ugly?"

Seeing Jiang Jie's face sinking, Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled: "It looks like you don't have your pride anymore. You feel really good about yourself? I don't even know where the superiority comes from. Don't you have a mirror in your house? If not, leave your address to me later and I will send one to you so that you can use it often to see how you look."

Everyone's faces were extremely gloomy, especially Jiang Jie, who could not wait to rush forward and tear Jiang Yu's face to pieces. Jiang Yu in front of her was completely different from before. She was using a delicate makeup with bright lipstick and was wearing a down jacket with a unique style. She must have designed this down jacket herself? She had never seen this style of down jacket in the county town. 

Jiang Yu's temperament had also improved a lot. People could notice her at a glance in the crowd. Such temperament looked like someone from a big city. Jiang Jie snorted coldly in her heart. Jiang Yu was born by the same mother, why could she go to university while she could only stay in this small town? Why could Jiang Yu laugh at herself at will? 

For a moment, jealousy blinded Jiang Jie's eyes, making her want to slap Jiang Yu's mouth, but after a while she calmed down. She couldn't be impulsive. Now Jiang Yu was rich, as long as she maintained a good relationship with Jiang Yu, she might be able to give her several million when she was happy.

Thinking of this, Jiang Jie smiled and said, "Sister, you must be in a bad mood. Even if you speak in a bad way, sister can understand. Sister indeed don’t have the same knowledge as you."

"..." Jiang Yu looked at Jiang Jie strangely: "Is there something wrong with your brain? You can't understand me?"

"It's okay. Sister is not angry."

After hearing Jiang Jie said so much, Zhang Meifeng was a little unhappy. She frowned and looked at Jiang Yu, saying: "Jiang Yu, what do you mean? Why are you talking to your own family like this? Your sister and brother are also doing this for your own good! And your sister-in-law is pregnant with a boy, the seed of the Jiang family! He will inherit the family business in the future. My daughter, all the money you earn should be handed over to me for safekeeping so you will not be deceived by your husband and in-laws after marrying into a man's house!"

After speaking, Zhang Meifeng coaxed in a warm voice, "Good girl, hand over your bank card and let Mom keep it for you!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu was stunned by Zhang Meifeng’s shamelessness. Where did she get the confidence that she would give her the card?

Jiang Yu said in shock: "Leave the bank card to you for safekeeping? Why?"

"Just because I am your mother!" Zhang Meifeng said of course: "I gave birth to you. You part of Jiang family, all the money you earn should go to Jiang family and then passed on to your brother and your nephew!"

"Brother? Nephew?" Jiang Yu smiled strangely: "Why should I leave my money to them? Do you really think I can't have children myself?"

Zhang Meifeng swallowed her saliva. She rolled her eyes and said: "Jiang Yu, if you get married with such a character, you will suffer. You should not marry. Just stay in Jiang's house and live with Mama. As you are tired of making money, Mama can keep the money for you, and your brother can also help. In the future, your nephew will give you old care, what do you think?"

Jiang Yu never thought that these people would be so shameless. She forced herself not to be angry, forced herself not to lose her dignity. She was used to working hard in business, what kind of storm had she never seen before?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu showed a saint like smile again. She said: "In order to get my money, you asked me not to marry? How can you say such shameless words?"

"Why am I shameless? I'm doing it for your own good!" Zhang Meifeng said repeatedly.

"For my own good? Then shall I kill you now? I am also doing it for your own good!"

Zhang Meifeng was blocked to the point of being speechless. After a long while, she said in a compromising manner: "Okay! It's okay if you want to get married! But the marriage partner must pass the assessment of the whole family and half of your property will be distributed to your nephew in the future! As long as this is the case, I will agree to your marriage! Also, you must help your sister's Taobao shop to on fire and let your sister make as much money as you. It doesn’t have to be 80 million a day, just 40 million is enough! As for your second sister Jiang Lan, she thinks it is too easy for an internet celebrity to make money, so she wants to learn from you. You can teach her so that your sister is no worse than you and she will definitely be more popular later on. You are all sisters, you must help each other!”


Zhang Meifeng words came out one by one. Yu Hong, Zhou Xiao, and Zhou Yue looked stunned on the side. Was this okay? Were there really such shameless people in the world? They stayed silent in fear that Jiang Yu would think too much, thinking that they cared about her money. But Zhang Meifeng was even worse than they thought. She wanted to let Jiang Jie earn 40 million a day and let Jiang Lan become an internet celebrity? She also wanted Jiang Yu to give half of her property to Jiang Mingxuan's unborn son? Why are these people so shameless?

However Jiang Yu was not surprised at all. She seemed to have seen the shamelessness of this group of people a long time ago. She only said with a smile: "Dream on! Your eldest daughter wants to make 40 million a day? Do you think money comes from the sky?"

Zhang Meifeng rolled her eyelids, "If you can’t do 40 million, 30 million will do!"

"Your daughter wants to be an internet celebrity? What does she think an internet celebrity is? Something she can be if she wants to?"

"Your sister is good-looking and can definitely be a good one."

"Give the money to your grandson? Sure!" Jiang Yu smiled brightly.

Zhang Meifeng was overjoyed, only to hear Jiang Yu say again: "Then you should go home and dream! I guarantee you will have everything in your dreams!"

Zhang Meifeng's face sank and she said unhappily: "Jiang Yu, what do you mean? If you dare not to follow my arrangement, I'll go to your school and say you don't support me!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu didn't have the slightest fear. She took out her phone from her pocket and smiled: "I have already photographed what you said just now, if you have the ability to go to my school, I will let everyone know how shameless you all are!"

For a time, Zhang Meifeng's face showed a hint of fear. In a place like the countryside, once the reputation went bad, it would be fatal. But after a while, she became arrogant again, what was bad reputation? As long as she had money, she could completely move to another place to live. "Impossible! The court will definitely sentence you to fulfill your support obligations!" She said with a smug look on her face, obviously coming prepared.

"Support?" Jiang Yu snorted coldly and then smiled: "Okay, even if I need give you five or six hundred a month, I will just donate to a charity! You can let the court decide!"

After hearing this, everyone was shocked, five or six hundred? How would that be enough! That amount of money was not enough to buy a villa, not enough for them to play all over the country, and not enough for them to spend!

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