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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 78 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 78 – Lottery (2)

Even if it was a lottery, the average Weibo big V offered a small gift only, like the current most popular lipstick or something, but Jiang Yu was very arrogant. Her last lottery offered prizes that cost more than 800,000, so she couldn’t do less this time! Coupled with the good reputation accumulated in the last lottery, everyone was very excited to join. Therefore, when everyone saw this Weibo, they forwarded it as soon as possible.

——Taro ball Dada, I want the eyeshadow palette! I have been wanting this eyeshadow palette for a long time!

——This eyeshadow palette is good value for money, although it is a little powdery, but overall it is still pretty good.

——Compared to big-name eyeshadow palettes this is good. More importantly, there are many shades and the price is perfect!

——What a beautiful eyeshadow palette! I need one to!

——Dada, choose me! Pick me!

1,000 boxes of eyeshadow palettes, as long as they use a few more accounts to forward, then wouldn’t they be able to win at least one?

So, when Jiang Yu went to pour a cup of coffee and came back to look, she was surprised to find that in just five minutes, the number of repost on her lottery Weibo had exceeded 10,000! 10 minutes later, it was already 20,000! And then, 30,000 in half an hour!

Jiang Yu didn’t know if it’s because of the fact that many people were keeping up with the new year. At night, the number of repost on the lottery Weibo did not drop, but increased instead. In the morning of the next day when Jiang Yu woke up, she saw that the number of repost on the Weibo had exceeded 80,000!

80,000, what concept was this! Her usual product review posts, even if they were also reposted well, they would end up with only 80,000 reposts maximum. But this time, in less than 10 hours, the lottery post had reached 80,000 repost so quickly. It could be seen that everyone is interested in the lottery. The enthusiasm was not generally this high! In addition, the premise of winning the lottery was to follow to her and Kafan’s account. 

When Jiang Yu clicked her account, she saw that she had gained more than 2 million followers after just one night of hard work and Kafan had also gained 1.5 million followers! Also, this number was still increasing.

Seeing all this, Jiang Yu smiled.

Jiang Yu was about to go to wash up when Jia Xing suddenly sent a video call request. She immediately picked it up.

"Jiang Yu, Happy Chinese New Year."

"Happy New Year."

Jia Xing said with a smile: "Jiang Yu, I have good news for you! The Jado Spring Festival series, that is, the collaboration series with you, has been fully produced. Now, I'm just waiting for you to post the news on your Weibo!"

Jiang Yu suddenly laughed when she heard the words. The news was too timely. It just so happened that her Weibo lottery draw brought her unprecedented popularity. Many netizens who did not follow her also clicked on her Weibo to take a look. Taking this opportunity, the release of her Jado collaboration would definitely attract attention.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu said with a smile: "You give me some real picture. Try to take it as real as possible and I will post it on Weibo!"

"Understood! I already took pictures and sent them all to your mailbox!"


After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she opened her mailbox and saw that the new Jado bags she designed in the early spring had changed from design drawings to real objects. This new spring issue was a series of bags that was inspired by ancient Chinese buildings. They all had a very special logo. This logo was two vertical and one horizontal style. Through her design, it looked very big, and Chinese people would definitely feel familiar when they see the logo.

Jiang Yu quickly contacted the Taobao designer in her company: "Xiao Zeng, help me edit the products details page and then let the copywriter edit the relevant descriptions. Also, please indicate in the products’ title that this batch of goods will not be shipped until the 15th of the first month. I will also tell Bi Peijun to give you overtime pay."

"Okay, President Jiang!"

No one liked to work overtime on the first day of the New Year, but Xiao Zeng knew that Jiang Yu was good to her employees. Besides, when Jiang Yu released new products, it often had sales turnover in millions, if this opportunity could be used correctly, making a good impression with the Boss was also a good thing.

Xiao Zeng quickly went to upload the products. After 2 hours, Xiao Zeng completed everything and saved the product details to the backend.

During this time, Jiang Yu went out to take a look only to see that Gu Shenliu was not at home. She thought that maybe he went out to exercise.

"President Jiang, everything is done." Xiao Zeng said.

"Thanks for your hard work."

Jiang Yu checked the backend and saw that all the product details were all right, so she clicked to publish. She then edited Weibo, saying:

[Thank you for your love. The new models I collaborated with Jado have been fully launched. There are 12 new styles in this issue, all of which are designed by me and combined with Jado's advanced production technology. I believe that the bags we made will be liked by everyone. Also, after discussing with Jado, I decided to put this new products for sale in my Taobao store. My store is also the only Taobao store authorized by Jado in China. Those who are afraid of buying fake products can come to me directly. Store link: #23YEHWE]

The picture was a collage of 12 bags with different pictures from different angles. After writing, Jiang Yu checked it again to make sure that there was no omission in this Weibo before posting it directly.

After sending the post, Jiang Yu called Jiang Peifen.

Tan Xinyue was an advertising salesperson and a die-hard fan of Jiang Yu. She had always regarded Jiang Yu as her goal. She used to be a person who was just getting by, lazy and not motivated, but since she paid attention to Jiang Yu, she suddenly felt that Jiang Yu was beautiful, capable, talented, and very good. More importantly, she was still so young. On the other hand, looking at herself, living like a salted fish every day, Tan Xinyue suddenly felt that something was missing in her life.

After that, Tan Xinyue had been working hard to make money. She negotiated a 15 million yuan deal a year ago and got a commission of 150,000 yuan. Her leader saw her change and directly gave her a promotion and a raise. Now Tan Xinyue had become a white-collar worker with small savings and all of this was because of a positive role model like Jiang Yu.

With money in hand, Tan Xinyue would of course respond to Jiang Yu's call to buy and buy! After all, for a salesperson, dressing up beautifully was a very necessary thing. On this day, Tan Xinyue opened Weibo and saw that Jiang Yu released her and Jado's collaboration bags. Tan Xinyue opened it and checked the pictures one by one. Soon, the more she looked, the more surprised she became, so much so that her mouth was open in the end!

"How can she be so talented?" Tan Xinyue said to the computer. She saw that every bag designed by Jiang Yu was very beautiful, and each was a classic style. Even Tan Xinyue, who was not keen on bags, had been captured. She was especially hooked on the two vertical and one horizontal logo, which made her think that it looked more and more familiar.

After thinking about it, Tan Xinyue left a message: "Don't you think this logo looks familiar?"

Someone quickly replied: "I also feel familiar."

"Yeah, I always feel like something, but I can't remember what it is."

At this moment, Xiao Jiangjiang of Tianya Fashion section posted a post: "The new bag designed by Jiang Tao has been released. It is said that on Taobao it has been sold out! It is already out of stock! Does everyone pay attention?"

Because of Xiao Jiangjiang’s fame in the Tianya fashion section, soon, a bunch of people responded.

——I saw it, I looked at it well, I always feel that I want to buy any one!

——I really want to buy it, but it’s a bit expensive. The cheapest one still costs 4,000 yuan, which is not something ordinary people can afford. It’s even more expensive than MK!

——It is indeed a little expensive, but this is an Italian brand, and it is also an imported product, so the price is quite worth it.

——I have already bought it and it is said that some styles have been removed from the shelves.

——There are not many stocks in Jiang Yu’s store. It might be that the production in Italy can't keep up. I advise everyone to buy it early. If you don't buy it now, you won't be able to buy it later.

Seeing these comments, Tan Xinyue only felt more anxious. It wasn't that she didn't want to buy, but she really didn't know which one to choose. It was really impossible to choose!

At this time, Xiao Jiangjiang made another comment: "Just now, I privately messaged Jiang Yu and asked her about the logo. She told me that this design was inspired by ancient Chinese architecture. Guess what this logo evolved from?"

Architecture? In the post, some people guessed the Suzhou Garden, some people guessed the Forbidden City, and some people guessed the structure of the beams, all of which were denied by Xiao Jiangjiang.

Tan Xinyue stared at the two vertical and one horizontal logo for a long time. After a while, she suddenly had a flash of inspiration and asked tentatively: "Could it be the door bolt? I remember my great-grandmother's house in the country. The wooden door bolts used are like this. There is a piece of wood on each side, the middle is hollowed out, and a horizontal wood is inserted."

After Tan Xinyue finished answering, she refreshed the web page and saw that Xiao Jiangjiang had replied to her: "Congratulations, you guessed it right! Jiang Yu said that the design of this collaboration was inspired by Chinese traditional architecture and the representative logo was evolved from the door bolt. I also took a closer look and felt that it was really the case. This logo is not only simple but also very personal, which is amazing! Jiang Yu can even design a logo when she saw a door latch, how good is she?"

Having said that, there were a lot of people talking about it. Everyone thought that Jiang Yu’s design was simple and elegant, and it had a big-name feel. Coupled with Jado's leather craftsmanship, the entire series of bags had long exceeded the design and quality of light luxury products. There was even a faint trend to move closer to the entry-level luxury goods such as LV.

——I always feel that Jiang Yu’s design has improved the image of the brand a lot.

——That is, I originally thought that the Internet celebrities were all petty, but who knew that Jiang Yu refreshed my senses every time.

——I have already purchased the previous bag from Xiao Jiangjiang’s grass planting. Seriously, the quality of Jado's bag is very good. I use it to carry baby supplies, but there is no wear and tear. The leather color is good-looking but not delicate, so suitable for everyday use.

——The quality is good and now the style is so good. I feel sorry for myself if I don’t buy it, but I feel sorry for the wallet if I buy it!

Suddenly, many fans appeared in the post, and everyone went to buy Jiang Yu's bags.

Tan Xinyue saw this, gritted her teeth, and planned to buy the smog blue bag that looked like a leek box. Who knew, when she opened Jiang Yu’s Taobao, she saw that the leek box was no longer available! Wasn't this bag cost 3500? Nearly 1,000 stocks have been taken off the shelves?

Tan Xinyue frowned. Okay, the leek box has been taken off the shelves, so it's okay to buy something else, but who knew, when she checked the other design, it would be taken off the shelf again! Tan Xinyue didn't believe in evil and kept clicking, without exception, no matter how expensive the beg was, all of them had been taken off the shelves in just 3 hours!

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