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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 75

WBVDEC Chapter 75 – Plant Grass

Jiang Jie ran to her family house out of breath.

Hearing the door slamming, Zhang Meifeng looked up and said, "Jiang Jie, what are you running for? No one is chasing you!" After speaking, she continued to wash rice and cook.

"Mom! It's not good! Jiang Yu she..." Jiang Jie said breathlessly.

"Jiang Yu?" Zhang Meifeng frowned: "Jiang Yu came to see you? Didn't I say, don't let her touch my door? Don't pay attention to her, since Yu Hong is clamoring to adopt her, let her follow Yu Hong. I want to see how long she can last!"

"No, Mom, Jiang Yu she..."

"Jiang Yu?" The sound of footsteps came. Jiang Mingxuan came down from upstairs, he was smoking a cigarette and he said, "Didn't she get kicked out by mother already? Why, Jiang Yu is back? If you want me to say, it's better for her not to come back. Wenwen has decided to change Jiang Yu’s room into our child's baby room. If she comes back, my child will have no place to live."

Seeing that they didn't listen to her, Jiang Jie became more and more anxious. But the more anxious she was, the more speechless she became. After a while, she said: "Something happened!"

"Accident?" Zhang Meifeng's face turned cold and then she frowned: "Jiang Yu has an accident? I tell you Jiang Jie, if she does something bad, don't stand up for her. Since I cut off my relationship with her, I will treat it like I have no such daughter! No matter what happens to her today, it has nothing to do with me!"

Jiang Jie took a few breaths and calmed down for a moment before shouting: "Don't interrupt me, okay! What I'm talking about is Jiang Yu... She's not what you see at all, she's very rich, she's an internet celebrity now, and she earns 80 million a day on Double Eleven. Now She is even still shooting a web drama!"

"What? 80 million? What nonsense are you talking about?" Zhang Meifeng was shocked when she heard this number. She subconsciously said: "Jiang Jie, who are you listening to this nonsense, what kinds of Internet celebrity can Jiang Yu be? She doesn't even look as good as you. "

"Mom, I didn't lie to you, it's true!"

"What?" Zhang Meifeng heard the words and recalled Jiang Yu's recent performance. She felt that something was wrong. In the past, Jiang Yu was always silent and would not resist. Whatever she was unhappy about, she kept it in her heart. But after coming back this time, Jiang Yu didn't seem to speak much, but she could always block their whole family from being able to speak. At first glance, she was not a person with any opinion and sometimes when Jiang Yu looked at her, she just felt that there is something wrong. There was a sense of oppression.

Zhang Meifeng thought she had read it wrong before, but now that she thought about it, that sense of oppression belonged only to people with money and status, just like the president or CEOs in the TV series she watched, they all had such an aura. Thinking of this, she panicked, grabbed Jiang Jie after a while, and shouted, "Jiang Jie, are you telling the truth?"

"It's true! It's all been released on TV. If you don't believe me, watch it..." After speaking, Jiang Jie took out her mobile phone and searched for the word "Jiang Yu" on the Internet. She then saw a bunch of related news popping up on her mobile phone. "Look, Jiang Yu looks like this after putting on makeup..."

Zhang Meifeng heard the words and approached Jiang Jie’s mobile phone with Jiang Mingxuan. They saw a girl appearing on the screen of the mobile phone. The girl was very beautiful, with deep eyes, very energetic aura, a very straight nose, and very sexy lips. With the addition of makeup, she looked like a mixed race. She also had a good temperament, a strong aura, and her smile was very unforgettable.

"Jiang Jie, which star is this girl? Why are you showing me photos of stars?" Zhang Meifeng asked.

"Mom!" Jiang Mingxuan suddenly opened his eyes as if he saw something. He pointed at the screen and said in surprise, "This is not a star at all! This is Jiang Yu!"

"What?!" Zhang Meifeng was completely stunned. She took a closer look and finally recognized it. This beautiful girl, although she didn't look like Jiang Yu at all in terms of temperament and appearance, but if she took a closer look, the facial features were still the same and the face shape was still the same. The thing was, Jiang Yu not only became beautiful, but more importantly, she was very confident and high-spirited. This was completely different from the originally obedient and silent Jiang Yu!

Although the difference was very big, Zhang Meifeng would not admit that it was her own child. "This is Jiang Yu? How is it possible! How could she have changed so much?" Her eyes were bigger than that of a yak.

Judging from the news, the current Jiang Yu was a fashion leader and she led the fashion trend. She even had her own Taobao store. According to the analysis of the article, if the Taobao store continued their current growth track, it would be an easy thing to make more than 1 billion yuan a year.

One billion! What a concept!

Zhang Meifeng was stunned and did not speak for a while. Then she realized that she had been fooled by Jiang Yu! Under Jiang Yu's design, she lost her, a cash cow, for a mere 100,000 yuan. If she knew that Jiang Yu was so rich, how could she drive Jiang Yu out of the house! She would give Jiang Yu a good offering three times a day and she would even give her nine kowtows. No, she was wrong, Jiang Yu was born to her! She was Jiang Yu's mother. She had been the master of this family all these years and Jiang Yu was at her mercy. If that dead girl dared to hide such a big thing from her, she would never forgive Jiang Yu.

"Jiang Jie! Mingxuan! Let's go find Jiang Yu!" Zhang Meifeng suddenly showed a calculated smile.

Jiang Jie swallowed her saliva. To be honest, she couldn't help herself. Zhang Meifeng chased Jiang Yu away for 100,000 yuan and the whole village knew about it. Could people still respect them? "Mom, will Jiang Yu take care of us? Wouldn't it be bad to go this way?"

"What's wrong?!" Zhang Meifeng said confidently, "She's my daughter! Of course my daughter has to take me as her mother to also enjoy happiness when she earns money. Mingxuan won't have to go to work and we'll have Wenwen and her belly with us. The children will go to Shencheng to live a good life with Jiang Yu."

"Go to Shencheng?" Jiang Jie felt that this was a fantasy. Zhang Meifeng might not be sober, but she knew better than anyone that Jiang Yu's temperament had already changed. She was no longer the little girl who was bullied by others. "Will she agree?" 
"How could she refuse?!" Zhang Meifeng suddenly sneered: "Even if she wants to get rid of me as her mother, there is no way!"

On the other side, Jiang Yu just came back from shopping. She walked around the river bank and turned on her laptop to surf the Internet. She went to Weibo and as soon as she refreshed it, she saw a lot of comments on Weibo.

——Dada, you haven't planted grass for a long time, I'm not used to it.

——Taro ball, why haven't you planted grass recently? If you don't plant grass, how can I buy, buy, buy?

——There have been a lot of red envelopes recently, so please plant a lot of grass.

——It's New Year's Day, and there will be a class reunion, how can I dress up beautifully? Ask for a guide and a beauty video.

——Dada, plant grass quickly. I rely on your Weibo to pull weeds!

Many people were clamoring for Jiang Yu to plant grass. She thought about it and found that she really hadn't posted a Weibo about planting grass for several days which was not in line with her usual style.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu recalled the photos she had taken before leaving home from her mobile phone, retouched it a bit, and posted:

[Many people ask me to plant grass, so I will recommend a good highlighter. 

It should be noted that using a highlighter well can improve your makeup by several grades. Makeup Revolution unicorn heart highlighter contains several colors. They are all very pigmented and easy to use. Even if you don't apply very much it still looks good. There are also blushes available in the same series, I recommend it to everyone!]

——I wanted to buy this before, but now that I see the recommendation of Jiang Yu, I must buy it, otherwise I will definitely not be able to buy it in the future!

——You have successfully hyped up a brand again!

——Order is placed! Hahaha, I got the last one!

——Taobao purchasing agent Su Xiaoqi: My family has this in stock! Thank you Jiang Yu for your great recommendation, 200 boxes are available to be snapped up.

——Wow, I went to Taobao and see the products. I fell in love with the shape, I have already placed an order! I bought blush and highlighter.

As soon as Jiang Yu refreshed the page, she saw that there were already a lot of comments on Weibo. She smiled and saw that the grass she planted grew into grassland but then immediately mowed into a bald land by everyone. She was in a good mood, the joy of sharing was something that nothing else could replace.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu closed Weibo and began to plan the launch of new batch of clothes in the spring of next year. In fact, she finished drawing the design of the new batch half a month ago and handed the finished version to Cheng Quanyou so that he could arrange production at any time. This was to ensure that the first issue of the new year would not only be released as scheduled but to also snatch the period where everyone’s wallet was still stuffed with red envelopes. They strived to try to empty them out a little bit.

It's just that the new batch was still missing a main piece of clothing. Jiang Yu had already drawn the design of this piece of clothing, but for some reason, she still felt dissatisfied. Because of this she took it out and planned to revise it again.

At the same time, when Kafan's manager refreshed Jiang Yu’s Weibo and saw her recommendation, she jumped up in surprise. Because Kafan happened to have a counter of this brand! "Boss..." She hurriedly sent a message to the boss.

Ten minutes later, the manager received her boss's instructions. She had confidence and quickly contacted Jiang Yu through WeChat. "Jiang Yu, are you there?"

Jiang Yu was drawing a picture when she heard her WeChat ringing, thinking it was Gu Shenliu, she picked up her phone and looked at it. Who knew that it would be Kafan’s Manager.


The manager smiled and said, "Jiang Yu, I see that you are recommending Makeup Revolution's products. In fact, we also have this brand in Kafan and we have a cooperative relationship with this brand. To be honest, this brand is very cost-effective. It's a pity that it's not very popular in China. I just contacted the boss. The boss hopes you can pin point the availability of this brand in Kafan. Of course, you will also receive money. Do not worry."

Hearing this, Jiang Yu pondered for a moment. It was not a problem to pin point a brand platform. In her previous life, she often promoted some big brand platforms. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Okay, let's talk about the specifics later."

"Okay, when will you go back to Shencheng?" The Manager lived in Shencheng. Thanks to Jiang Yu, Kafan's recent turnover had been very high, so the boss had greatly rewarded her. Because of this she had been very motivated recently. She knew that if she could get Jiang Yu to come to the store to do activities and promote Kafan, it would also be very good for her.

"I'll go back after the New Year."

"Okay, I will see you later."

Jiang Yu put down her phone and was about to work when she heard loud noises coming from the door. She walked over suspiciously and saw Zhang Meifeng leading the Jiang family at the gate of the chicken farm. It seemed that she was about to fight Yu Hong.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu frowned and walked over.

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