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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 73 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 73 – Myth (2)

Jiang Yu walked forward with a smile. She didn't expect that chickens would lay eggs while eating. Soon, eggs were scattered everywhere on the ground. She picked up an egg and pondered, "I didn't expect it to be hot."

——Haha, great! These hot eggs just came out of that place... yep!

——Dada, are your hands okay?

——This egg is so clean and looks delicious! Sh*t, I suddenly want to eat boiled eggs!

——Want to eat eggs +1

——Taro Ball’s hand is so beautiful. I didn’t expect that this hand not only can do amazing make up, but also pick up eggs!

Everyone laughed and Jiang Yu felt relieved when she saw that the viewers didn't express any disgust. Afterwards, she smiled and showed everyone the interesting stories of the chickens. She bent down to give close ups of the chickens and sometimes drove the chickens to the water's edge to see what they would do when they were at a loss. In short, because there were many chickens in Yu Hong’s family, the whole live broadcast unexpectedly had no boring spots!

And after watching the live broadcast, everyone had the same feeling – they want to eat eggs! Everyone was so hungry that they all left messages on Jiang Yu’s Weibo.

——Dada, I really want to eat eggs! I’m also craving for chicken soup! Can you ask your brother to sell us something?

——Yeah, the eggs on my area all look like fake, the turn yellow when they are opened, and I dare not eat them. You ask your brother to sell some eggs for us to eat.

——Dada, I'm about to give birth and I want to eat chicken in my confinement, can you sell some to me?

For a time, there were tens of thousands of messages asking Jiang Yu to sell the eggs and chickens.

Jiang Yu's goal was achieved. After thinking about it, she quickly posted on Weibo:

[Everyone asked me if I could sell some eggs to you. In fact, there are not many eggs in Zhou Yue's house. If there are, they have already been reserved. I discussed with him and he said if you really want them, he will stop selling in the usual channel and will send it to you when the couriers come back to work after the new year’s holiday.]

——I want!

——I also want!

——I want to eat! I’m hungry! Although my meal every day is full of fish and meat, it doesn't look as delicious as your eggs!

When Jiang Yu heard these words, she laughed. She didn't expect that such a large group of foodies were hidden among her fans.

Soon, Jiang Yu reposted her previous Weibo:

[This is Brother Zhou Yue's Taobao shop. Everyone can check it. He said that chickens and eggs can be sold to you. There are 2 packages with 30 eggs and 50 eggs, you can see for yourself!]

Jiang Yu was currently a Weibo Big V with 15 million followers. As soon as she posted this Weibo, she immediately heard the sound of "ding ding ding" on Zhou Yue's computer.

Although Jiang Yu emphasized that the goods could only be shipped after the holiday, the enthusiasm of her fans had not diminished. Everyone had begun to place their orders. This grand occasion was even more lively than her own Taobao store during new launch.

Yu Hong, Zhou Xiao, and Zhou Yue's eyes were shocked! They really did not expect with just one hour live broadcast by Jiang Yu, there was such a large amount of traffic.

Looking at the order volume in the Taobao store’s backend, Zhou Yue swallowed. 1000, 1500, 2000... In the end, in just 6 hours, his Taobao store received more than 2,000 orders. There were only 2 package options in his store, 30 eggs and 50 eggs, most people bought the one with 50 eggs. That was to say, in just 6 hours, he sold more than 100,000 eggs! No, it should be said that Jiang Yu sold more than 100,000 eggs!

Thinking of this, Zhou Yue stared at Jiang Yu with a stunned look. At the same time, more than 1,200 chickens were also sold!

This amount refreshed Zhou Yue's worldview! He and Zhou Xiao had been driving their tricycle to sell chickens and eggs at the market for a long time. It would already be considered good if they were able to sell 30 or 40 chickens in one day! Even at that, they had to get up early, often at four or five o'clock. Jiang Yu just started her live broadcast and explained a few times, but she could sell so much?

Zhou Yue looked at Jiang Yu as if she was a hero. "Sister! I want to worship you! Aren’t you too good? How did you do it?"

"That's right, Sister Taro Ball." Zhou Xiao also couldn't believe it. "Not only are they all sold out, but now we might even not have enough stock!"

Yu Hong stared at Jiang Yu thoughtfully. To be honest, at the beginning, when she saw Jiang Yu suddenly dressed up like this, she was very afraid that Jiang Yu had learned badly. Now that she saw Jiang Yu didn't do anything bad, she felt relieved. 

"I think I'm getting old and can't keep up with the times. If it was in the past, I would definitely look down on these live broadcast anchors, but I didn't expect that in live broadcasts people could also sell eggs! And we could sell so many in a short time. I suddenly I think you young people are really amazing!" Yu Hong gave a thumbs up. She really couldn’t imagined that with this little effort, more than 200,000 yuan worth of eggs could be sold! She originally planned to throw the eggs away as they would spoil anyway if they couldn't be sold. But now they not only sold them, but also got so much money. This was like a pie falling from the sky!

Yu Hong was very excited, "This is great! To be honest, I feel really distressed thinking that we need to dump the unsold eggs. Now everyone can eat fresh eggs and I can also sell them all out!"

For a while, everyone laughed

"That's not right! Taro Ball, your name on Weibo is also Jiang Yu? Why does this name sound so familiar to me?" After Zhou Xiao finished speaking, he opened Baidu and searched for the word "Jiang Yu". Many related pages immediately jumped out.

[Su Mang's red carpet outfit is eye-catching, Internet celebrity Jiang Yu goes international]

[Jiang Yu Went Live Putting Pencil Leads on Eyelashes]

[The out of bath makeup is already in the past! Su Ye makeup is more popular now!]

[Jiang Yu's new drama starts shooting, Gu Shenliu plays the male lead role.]

Gu Shenliu? At the end, Zhou Xiao's eyes straightened. "This Gu Shenliu can't be the Gu Shenliu I thought, right?"

Zhou Xiao didn't believe it. He opened the article and saw the photos of Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu were placed at the top of the news. That was to say, he guessed right, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu really played a TV series together.

And who Gu Shenliu was, he knew better than anyone else, because he had always liked to watch Gu Shenliu's movies. Gu Shenliu was more picky and had good resources. Every time he made a movie, he had both good rating and box office. He was not a fanatic fan of Gu Shenliu, but as long as Gu Shenliu released a new movie, he would take his girlfriend to watch it.

"Isn't it? Sister Jiang Yu, are you... the person above is really you?" Zhou Xiao took his mobile phone and compared the photo with Jiang Yu again, "Oh my god! It's really you! I wouldn't dare to recognize you if you didn't wear makeup today. This person in the photo looks exactly like you with makeup!"

Jiang Yu didn't plan to hide from them, so she confessed: "That's me."

Although he had already guessed it, Zhou Xiao still felt that the world was mysterious when he heard Jiang Yu's admission. Jiang Yu, one who was disliked by Zhang Meifeng for not making money where she said that Jiang Yu was far worse Jiang Jie who earned 5,000 a month, turned out to be an internet celebrity! A Weibo Big V! 

Everyone thought that Jiang Yu was just a dirty and not sociable girl. Everyone subconsciously thought that such a girl would not be outstanding or conspicuous, but they didn't expect that all this was fake! What not outstanding! She was a star already! According the news, Jiang Yu's Taobao was earning buckets of gold every day!

At this moment, Zhou Xiao saw a piece of news [Jiang Yu Internet celebrity Taobao store double eleven sales reached 80 million].

80 million? one day? Zhou Xiao was killed in seconds.

Afterwards, Yu Hong and Zhou Yue also gathered around. All of them had fantastic expressions on their faces. If Jiang Yu hadn't admitted it, they wouldn't have dared to recognize the news. After all, although they had the same name and surname, in reality, Jiang Yu was so different from the one in the photo!

Yu Hong looked at the beautiful Jiang Yu in disbelief again. "Taro Ball, since you are so rich now, why don't you tell Zhang Meifeng? If you tell her, maybe..."

"Maybe she won't treat me like this? Maybe she'll hold me in her palm? Maybe she'll greet me warmly?" Jiang Yu continued Yu Hong’s words.

Yu Hong froze for a moment and then nodded hurriedly: "I just think that if you had said this maybe you wouldn't have to feel so uncomfortable."

Jiang Yu sneered and said coldly: "I don't need the hypocrisy bought with money! Besides, it is precisely because I pretended to have no money that I make them show their true colors. People who will change their attitude because I have money, you think they are worthy of being called my family?"

After hearing this, Yu Hong understood. She felt that it was very reasonable. To be honest, she was still shocked. A child who had been in a disadvantaged position had really become a big star? 

Yu Hong had a hard time accepting this reality

Because the eggs needed to be shipped immediately after the New Year, the brothers got busy preparing to pack the goods. 

After Zhou Xiao and Zhou Yue knew Jiang Yu's identity, not only did they not intend to ask money from Jiang Yu, but they cheered up and went to collect rice husks and cardboard boxes to be used to package the eggs. They were also actively negotiating prices with courier companies because they didn't want to drag Jiang Yu back and ruin her good reputation.

As for Yu Hong, she had to thank Jiang Yu for everything she said. She forgot that she also had helped Jiang Yu and she insisted on taking Jiang Yu to buy new clothes.

"Aunt Yu, I have no shortage of clothes. Have you forgotten? I sell clothes myself!" Jiang Yu said.

"That won't work! " After Yu Hong finished speaking, she dragged Jiang Yu to the shopping street.

Jiang Yu couldn't expose herself to anyone outside the Yu Hong family, so she had to change her clothes, put back the thick glasses, and deliberately painted an ugly makeup. Soon, she became a little earthy girl again.

Yu Hong swallowed, surprised by such a face-changing technique.

At the end of the year, the weather was getting warmer. 

The two went to the shopping street and Yu Hong took Jiang Yu directly into high-end clothing store. The salespersons at the clothing store were greeting the two with a smile and planned to take them in, but after glancing at their outfits, their enthusiasm cooled. They even said "Welcome" lazily, they didn't take the two’s visit to heart at all.

When Jiang Yu entered the store, one salesperson went to the side and quietly said to her colleague: "Another one who will only see but will not buy! Just country folks full of the smell of chicken!"

"I don't think they would buy anything either. Our store prices started at three or four thousand a piece, not something someone like her can afford!"

"That's right, look at that aunt, she looks like a rural person. I don't know where she bought the down jacket, it looks like she bought it at the wholesale market!"

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