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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 74 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 74 – Fall (1)

The salespersons’ voice was not small and they didn't seem to care whether Jiang Yu could hear them. Maybe in their opinion, people dressed like Jiang Yu and Yu Hong belonged to manual laborers. Even if they had money to buy clothes, it would still be impossible for them to be willing to spend three to four thousand yuan for a piece of clothing. After all, in a small county, the monthly salary per capita was only two to three thousand, so three to four thousand price on clothes were tantamount to sky-high prices.

It was only after visiting a few stores that Jiang Yu realized that the styles of clothes in the small towns were outdated and many of them brands’ overstocks items. For styles like this, in Shencheng they would definitely be sold at minimum 13% off. But here the clothes were sold at full price, resulting them to be more expensive than the same one on Shencheng.

This surprised Jiang Yu. The shop in front of her was a small shop. The clothes’ original tags were all cut and the shop put in new tags, so the brand was not visible. But from the style, many of them were imitation of big brands or wholesale from Taobao. The clothes looked very good because they have been ironed so now they had a sense of luxury. In addition, the decoration of the shop was luxurious, so the price of each dress was set higher than other shops, even just a simple a dress was sold at three to four thousand. For a no brand name clothing store, such a price was quite high.

Jiang Yu didn't expect that a shop like this could be patronized by people and survive. This surprised her once again.

"Yuanyuan, this one looks good on you." Yu Hong said while taking a piece of clothing and gestured. To tell the truth, the clothes in this shop were really expensive. If she would wear it herself, she would definitely be reluctant to buy such expensive clothes, but Jiang Yu had helped her a lot and sold the eggs that were in dire to be thrown away, so Yu Hong really wanted to buy Jiang Yu a decent dress. For some reason, although she knew that Jiang Yu was actually very popular, in her heart, Jiang Yu was just a child with little money.

"Aunt Yu, you don’t have to." Jiang Yu said.

"No, Auntie must buy one for you!"

"I really don’t need anything." Jiang Yu said sincerely.

The two went back and forth for a while. In the eyes of the salespersons, they undoubtedly felt that the two just could not afford anything. When one of the young salesperson saw the situation, she rolled her eyes and then said impatiently: "Are you going to buy it or not?"

"Buy, why not!" Yu Hong frowned and said, "We entered your shop because we want to try and buy the clothes. What's the matter, we can’t?"

"Our clothes can be tried first, but not just everyone can try it!" The salesperson said impatiently: "I tell you in advance that our clothes are very expensive. Don't make an excuse that you think it's too expensive after you try it. Don’t just find some reason not to buy after trying them on."

Hearing this, Jiang Yu only raised the corners of her lips and stared at the salesperson with a half-smile but not the slightest anger on her face.

For some reason, the salesperson was a little uncomfortable being stared by Jiang Yu. Strange, why did the girl's eyes make her feel so oppressive? It's like a high-ranking person who had been in the society for a long time? No, not possible! This girl was so young and dressed badly. At first glance, she was just a typical country girl. She had been selling clothes for so many years, it was impossible to judge it wrong!

Thinking of this, the attitude of the salesperson got even worse

On the contrary, Yu Hong said: "How could you talk like this? I can't try it on first before I buy the clothes? Mind your tone of voice!"

The salesperson was stubborn and said directly: "I'm originally like this, what's the matter? If you don't like it, you don't have to buy here! You can't afford it anyway being so poor!"

These words made Yu Hong angry and she said angrily: "I'm telling you, you must apologize to me! Otherwise, I'm going to ask your boss for an explanation today!"

"Boss?" The salesperson continued to roll her eyes, she was very impatient: "If you have the ability to say it! Customers like you don't know how to cherish items when trying on clothes. You will probably just try and don't buy. Even if you tell the boss, she won't do anything!" After speaking, she smiled at the salesperson next to her: "I've seen a lot of people like you come to our shops. You insisted to try out the clothes but then you won’t buy any. When you saw the prices, you will go to Taobao to buy the same model. To serve this kind of people, it's just disgusting!"

Several salespersons heard the words and let out a burst of laughter.

"Why do you talk about us like that? I’m here to buy clothes but you're picking a fight instead. What kind of salesperson you are?" Yu Hong said angrily after being blocked for no reason.

"You look like a shrew! You don’t need to care what kind of salesperson I am, you just need to take care of yourself! Get out! You are not welcome in our shop, you can't wear our clothes at all!"

After speaking, several other salespersons sneered and stood at the door, making it clear that they wanted to see off the guests. This made Yu Hong so angry that smoke rose from her head.

From beginning to end, Jiang Yu didn't say a word as if the salesperson was not mocking herself. She touched the clothes on the hanger and her brows became even tighter.

Yu Hong was so angry that she couldn't really fight with the salesperson. After thinking about it, she had no choice but to admit that she was unlucky and took Jiang Yu out: "Taro Ball, let's go! Auntie will buy you better clothes from another place, let's not get angry here!"

Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled. She was about to speak when she saw a middle-aged woman wearing glasses walking in. The woman was dressed in a modest manner, looking very quiet, had curly hair, fair skin, and no face wrinkles at all. Her face had been carefully maintained. There was no doubt that she belonged to the kind of people who live well in this small county.

The woman stared at Jiang Yu for a long time, suddenly pointed at Jiang Yu, and said in surprise: "Jiang Yu, it's you!"

Jiang Yu was stunned and turned around. She searched for her memory and quickly found out in her mind that this woman was Song Kaiping, the head teacher of Jiang Yu’s class in her three years of High School.

"Teacher Song?" Jiang Yu asked in disbelief.

"Oh! It's really you, Jiang Yu!" Teacher Song took Jiang Yu's hand enthusiastically and said excitedly: "After you graduated, Teacher has been asking about your situation, wanting to know if you are doing well. But you didn't join the senior year group and also didn't go to the class reunion, Teacher was really worried about you!"

Jiang Yu knew that Teacher Song took good care of the original owner. In the past, the original owner had no money and could only eat steamed buns with pickles. After Teacher Song found out, she pitied the poor girl very much. Since that time, sausages and other things that she had would be given to the original owner as supplement. It could be said that Teacher Song had always been very kind to the original owner.

"Mrs. Song, I used to have inconvenient access to internet on my mobile phone, so I didn't have much contact with my classmates, I am sorry that this made you worry." Jiang Yu said with a smile.

Teacher Song said with emotion: "Jiang Yu! You have been one of Teacher's favorite students for so many years. I am really happy for you to be admitted to the Department of Fashion in Shenda University. At the beginning, I tried my best to contact you and I also went to your house to find you. I was afraid that you would have difficulties when going to school. Who knew that your mother would say that she didn't even know your contact information! After that, I searched for your news on the forum of Shenda University, but it also didn't work. Fortunately, this year I finally found news about you!"

After hearing this, the salesperson who had a bad tone just now was stunned for a moment. Was this country girl a student of the Fashion Department at Shenda University? Was it even possible? The fashion department was so lowly? Anyway, there was nothing special about a university student. Poor was poor. If she didn’t have money, she wouldn’t be able to afford to buy the clothes in the shop. If she didn’t but anything in the shop then she wouldn't get commission. In this case, who this girl was had nothing to do with her.

Thinking of this, the salesperson’s expression was still cold.

Jiang Yu was startled, a little surprised, and hurriedly asked: "Teacher knows my news?"

"Of course! The teacher is one of your fan girl!" Teacher Song said excitedly.

"Jiang Yu, when Teacher saw that you became famous, Teacher thought it was a mistake. It was not until later when I compared your photos that I was sure that you were really my student Jiang Yu. My daughter admires you very much. She used to have low self-esteem and didn't know how to dress up, but with the help of your makeup video, she now seems to be a different person and has become a beauty! She has followed you and reposted your Weibo every day. She also go to your Taobao store to buy clothes often. Teacher saw that the clothes you designed are so beautiful, and I am really proud of you! But now that you are popular, Teacher was afraid that rushing to find you would make you misunderstood, so after thinking about it, I have been silently supporting you and becoming your little fan girl!" Teacher Song said warmly.

Jiang Yu didn’t know if it's because the female teacher was gentle, but after she said this words, Jiang Yu felt a little moved. She smiled and said hurriedly: "Teacher, you exaggerated my news. I became an internet celebrity just to sell clothes. Now my career has just started so I can't talk about achievements yet. I only hope that as long as I work harder in the future one day I can stand on the international show stage and win glory for our country!"

"Good! Good!" Teacher Song was very excited and burst into tears.

At this time, the salesperson snorted coldly and then burst out laughing. She sneered: "It really doesn't cost anything to brag these days. Hey, if I also want to brag, I can even say that the county magistrate is my dad! I can also say to others that Gu Shenliu is my man. See? Who can't brag here! I tell you, you should leave if you are not buying anything, don't block us from doing business!"

"You girl, what kind of quality you have!" Yu Hong was so angry that she wanted to peel off the salesperson’s skin, but Jiang Yu stopped her.

From beginning to end, Jiang Yu didn't even look at the salesperson.

At this time, Teacher Song seemed to understand something. She glanced at Jiang Yu's clothes and then she understood why the salesperson looked down on her. The reason why she could recognize Jiang Yu at a glance was because Jiang Yu was her former student. Jiang Yu had always been dressed like this in the past and she didn't think there was anything wrong, so she recognized it immediately. But when the salesperson saw Jiang Yu dressed like this, she must have thought that Jiang Yu was very poor and could not afford the clothes in the shop.

Thinking of this, Teacher Song looked at the salesperson’s snobbish face again and her expression became very subtle. She said, "Miss, don't judge people by their appearance. Sometimes people's clothes can be changed. Although Jiang Yu is wearing ordinary clothes today, it doesn't mean that she has no money and can't afford your clothes!"

"That's right!" Yu Hong also said.

"Okay~ okay~ Just say that you can afford it. You are rich people, okay? Now please leave our shop quickly, you rich people! We are not able to serve you!"

After the salesperson finished speaking, she immediately drove people away, impatiently going to close the door.

At this time, Jiang Yu finally laughed. She raised her lips when looking at the salesperson and said: "I guess you're about my age?"

The salesperson shrank for a moment, but she then bit her head and said: "I'm 24, what's wrong?"

"Oh, only 24!" Jiang Yu smiled, shook her head, and said helplessly, "You are only 24 years old but already look at people through the cracks of the door. I can only say that your knowledge and your self-cultivation are too short. The quality needs to be improved. You drive customers out casually just because of your so-called experience judgments, you lack the basic ability to see people which proves that your observation skill is not enough, and you also do not have the basic quality of sales. Your temper was also bad. Well, as a person who is a few years younger than you, I want to give you a piece of advice – the next time you want to scold someone, you can wait until we leave. Scolding customers in front of their face is a very bad behavior!"

After saying that, Jiang Yu blinked innocently.

The salesperson's face turned blue and white when she heard this and she couldn't speak for a while. She didn't expect Jiang Yu to be so eloquent, but she really didn't dare to be like before when she encountered hard-hearted customers. After thinking about it for a long time, she only blushed and frowned: "Whether you are rich or not, it has nothing to do with me! In short, I will not sell you any of our clothes today! Buy them other shops if you want!" After she finished speaking, she sneered and said contemptuously: "Are rich people really looks like you? Dressed shabbily and never want to spend money, trying to bring the money into the coffin! I won't sell you the dress today! I won't sell anything! I'm so mad you!"

Hearing what the salesperson said, Teacher Song and Yu Hong were so angry that they wanted to refute.

But Jiang Yu stopped them.

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