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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 70

WBVDEC Chapter 70 – End of the Year

After Jiang Yu said the words, the faces of the people on the table were extremely ugly. Anyone who heard others say that they would use rat poison to poison themselves would not remain indifferent. 

Jiang Jie wanted to say something, but was stopped by Zhao Chenglei. She looked at Jiang Yu and sneered. She didn't expect after not seeing Jiang Yu for a year, she would turn capable! How dare she talk to them like that?!

Zhang Meifeng felt a fire in her heart, but she was also shocked by Jiang Yu's words. She glanced at her third daughter, but under the thick black lenses, Jiang Yu's eyes were squinted slightly. Her eyes were bright, it was scary as it made her seem assertive, not a merely joking.

Zhang Meifeng couldn't help but be surprised. In her impression, Jiang Yu was a very foolish person. She was not good at speaking and didn’t like to communicate with people. When she first learned to draw and entered the fashion design department, it was a mistake. When she thought of Jiang Yu going to university, Zhang Meifeng's heart was still uncomfortable. Jiang Jie, Jiang Lan and Jiang Mingxuan didn’t go to college, but Jiang Yu actually wanted to fly to the branches and become a phoenix? What nonsense!

Zhang Meifeng snorted in her heart, seeing that Jiang Yu became more and more unpleasant, she glanced at Jiang Yu, and her tone was not good: "Jiang Yu, we are all for your own good!"

"I am also doing something good for you." Jiang Yu had an innocent face and a gentle tone: "Mom, don't you think that it will be good if everyone is dead?" Her tone was innocent and her expression was innocent. 

She didn’t know if Jiang Yu was really stupid or pretending to be stupid. Zhang Meifeng couldn't speak anymore. She just felt a little scared in her heart. If Jiang Yu said that she would kill the whole family with a knife today, she would not be so afraid. The key thing was rat poison, something which kills people in rural areas every year.

When Zhang Meifeng was a child, a daughter-in-law in the same village put rat poison in her mother-in-law breakfast because her mother-in-law was harsh and she could not bear it. The last time this summer, an old man in their town put bottle of rat poison on the wall and his neighbor's child died on the spot after accidentally drinking it. Rat poison was something that people could buy anywhere, so maybe Jiang Yu could really do this.

Thinking of this, Zhang Meifeng and the others looked at each other and finally stopped talking.

Jiang Yu's words had an effect. No one bothered her until the evening. She was so happy that she turned on her computer and started to surf the Internet.

Because of the influence of the live broadcast last night, when Jiang Yu opened Weibo, she saw that her followers had grown to 15 million, which was higher than Weibo followers in her previous life. This made her lips slightly raised and she felt happy for a long time.

It could be said that this number of Weibo followers was the capital for her to make money in the future. As long as she had followers, she could make money no matter what industry she was in. What's more, she had never bought any followers, so her comment sections were very active. She could without shame that her 15 million followers were more powerful than many stars' 40 million or 50 million ones, because many of the stars' followers were obtained by promoting and buying. What's more, some stars’ followers was equivalent to half of the total users of Weibo. Was this possible? One out of every two people followed them? No one would be able to achieve this unless they are RMB.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu thought that she should manage her account well in the future. She entered Taobao next. On the last launch, the funds were almost all collected, and all the after-sales problems that should be dealt with have been dealt with properly, so she planned to give employees an early vacation. Thinking of this, she contacted Bi Peijun on WeChat. "Peijun, how are the after-sales issues handled?"

"It's basically done."

"That's good. I'll give the employees a day off tomorrow."

Bi Peijun was also one of the employees. Hearing this, she smiled and said, "Then I will thank President Jiang for them."

Jiang Yu smiled, thought for a moment and then said: "This year is the first New Year of the company and everyone has contributed a lot to our growth. As it's the end of the year now, I am thinking of giving our employees benefits like..."


Jiang Yu continued typing: "We are a clothing company, so I thought, let each employee choose a dress to bring home for the New Year! Male employees can also choose to take one for their families."

"Okay." Bi Peijun smiled.

"Secondly, for Exideal lights I promised, give one for each female employee, and the male employees will get a fitness membership card. What do you think?"

"President Jiang is generous, we definitely have no opinion." After Bi Peijun finished speaking, her eyes were squinting together. She had been planted by Jiang Yu the grass planter for a long time and wanted to buy one Exideal lights for herself, but the price was very expensive, at least more than 5,000 and some that could do direct delivery cost 6,000. Now, because Jiang Yu fulfilled her promise, it had saved her nearly 6,000 yuan, how could she be unhappy?

Jiang Yu had thought about it for a while. To be honest, she was also very generous to her employees in her previous life. She was not a bad person without principles, but nor was she an idealistic fool. Her idea was very simple. The employees come to work for her nothing more than wanting to live a better life. If she treated them well and treated them as family, and they would repay her in the same way, even a million times more. Just imagine, which employee in the design department of big brands could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in commission with just one piece of clothing? 

Furthermore, everyone was out and about to work hard. In her previous life, she also started as a low-level employee. She knew that it was not easy. Many people couldn’t even rent a house with a salary of just two or three thousand a month. She didn’t want her employees to face the sadness of seeing the city becoming more prosperous but feeling they were the only one not moving.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled, "This year, although everyone's working time is less than half a year, let’s give everyone a four-month salary year-end bonus according to the standard of old employees."

After hearing this, Bi Peijun was surprised in her heart, 4 months’ salary worth of bonus? According to their salary, most of the employees in the entire company could get a year-end bonus of more than 15,000 yuan. If they were good, they could get 20,000 to 30,000 yuan or even nearly 50,000, which was a very good number, not to mention, Jiang Yu also provided them with food and accommodation!

All the employees in Jiang Yu’s company were recruited directly from a company that was closing down. At that time, when everyone was suddenly out of work, Jiang Yu recruited all the employees. Not only did she appear as a benefactor, but she was so generous to everyone. She treated the employees as family from the start.

Bi Peijun was a little emotional and a little moved. At this time, Jiang Yu made her admire more, not only because of the high salary Jiang Yu gave her, but also because of Jiang Yu's mind and style, which made her feel that Jiang Yu had a great personality.

Bi Peijun quickly posted a screenshot of Jiang Yu's words in the employees’ group.

Everyone read it carefully and then screamed.

"Ahhhh! Year-end bonus!!! Kiss kiss Boss Jiang."

"President Jiang is good!! I love you!"

"President Jiang, I will do my best for you until I die!"

"President Jiang, is there a shortage of pets in your family? The ones that only eat and sleep?"

Seeing the employees swiping the screen, Jiang Yu smiled and didn't make a sound. After that, all the employees in the group jumped out to cheer for the year-end bonus!

Usually general e-commerce companies didn’t have high year-end bonuses, especially for occupations such as customer service and delivery workers. It was already not bad to have a month's worth salary as the end of the year bonus, so this was the employees’ first time receiving such a high number! Furthermore, a clothes in the Jiang Yu’s store was not cheap, just one set could cost two or three thousand, not to mention the Exideal lights and fitness membership cards!

After a while, Bi Peijun knocked on Jiang Yu and asked weakly: "President Jiang, the male employees of our company said that they don't want the fitness cards, they also want the lights. They said they want to take it home to please their wives!"

When Jiang Yu heard these words, she laughed: "Then let them change!"

"President Jiang is domineering!" Bi Peijun quickly posted the conversation to the group, and for a while, the whole group cheered again.

After dealing with this matter, Jiang Yu's worries were also taken care of. After this arrangement, all the work this year could be said to have come to an end.

After turning off the computer, Jiang Yu took out her sketchbook and started drawing. After some drawing, she then took care of her work for the next year as well as the following up Jado and Jiang Yu collaboration Tmall store. However, for her now, the top priority was to push Jado on fire. For her, Jado's current popularity was not enough. She must let the new spring product sound the horn for Jado's battle in entering the market.

By the time Jiang Yu was done, it was already 10 o'clock.

‘Gu Shenliu shouldn't have slept, right?’ Jiang Yu took out the phone and called Gu Shenliu.


On the other side, Gu Shenliu had just arrived at Gu Family House and was being bullied by the chubby Xiao Q. Xiao Q was hanging around his neck, making it difficult for him to speak.

"Jiang Yu." Gu Shenliu called out.

Hearing his voice, Jiang Yu felt inexplicably warm in her heart, as if all the humiliation she suffered in this unfamiliar place was nothing. It also made her feel that there was nothing to worry about in Shencheng.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah." After a pause, both of them fell silent.

This silence made Jiang Yu a little disappointed. The two were only separated for less than a day and then they called, but they had reached the point where they had nothing to say? After a while, she raised her lips and smiled lightly. She then said something actively, which was rare: "Emm, I seem to miss you a little bit."

What Jiang Yu didn't know was that Gu Shenliu's cold eyes on the other end of the phone were suddenly dyed with warm light. His pursed lips suddenly curved and the corners of his mouth had a faint smile.

After a moment of silence, Gu Shenliu said in a low voice, "Jiang Yu."

"Huh?" Jiang Yu held the phone. She rarely took the initiative but Gu Shenliu didn't say anything, it really didn't look like his style.

"They are listening."

"What?" Jiang Yu didn't return to her senses for a while.

This was a silly sentence. Gu Shenliu chuckled lightly and said:

"They... I mean, my dad, mom, eldest brother, second brother, Xiao Q, and sister-in-law Chen at home are all around."

The light smile on Jiang Yu's face couldn't be hung up any longer. She looked stagnant and asked in disbelief, "Your phone..."

"The loudspeaker is on." After a pause, in order to prevent being implicated by his wife, Gu Shenliu said again, "The mobile phone is in Xiao Q's hand." In other words, he was also forced to be helpless and the whole matter had nothing to do with him.

Jiang Yu almost wanted to slap her forehead. In front of the Gu family's members, she said that she missed Gu Shenliu. She was so humiliated! Thinking back to the last time she and Gu Shenliu kissed in front of Gu family members, thinking about it, she had completely lost all her face.

Jiang Yu sighed in her heart. Although she was annoyed, she was used to facing big scenes. After a while, she had calmed down with the momentum she had experienced in business. She put up her calm smile again and greeted gently: "Hello, uncle, aunt, eldest brother, second brother, little Q, and Sister Chen!"


A burst of laughter suddenly came. There were men and women laughs that sounded full of kindness. For some reason, these warmed Jiang Yu.

Gu Linlu hummed: "I can't see it. My younger brother and sister's brains both react quite quickly."

Gu Shenliu snorted coldly, "Can the person I'm chasing for be bad?"

After laughing a little bit, Mother Gu approached the microphone and said: "Little Taro Ball, Auntie is your fan girl now. Auntie watched yesterday's live broadcast and auntie likes you very much! The makeup you painted is really amazing! Especially the one that looks like our family Shenliu! I, his own mother, almost didn't recognize it! It's also amazing that you can put 14 pencil lead refills on your eyelashes! I bought a tube of pencil lead refills today and came back to test everyone. There are so many people in our family, but only Xiao Q can surpass you!"


Fan girl what... Ah! Auntie, she put the pencil lead only to interact with fans, you really don't need to take it seriously!

Jiang Yu suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her way of opening. Otherwise, how could Mother Gu be so soft and trendy, using more Internet terms than she knew?

Jiang Yu laughed, a little embarrassed: "Auntie, I made you laugh!"

"No way! You are really amazing! Taro ball, can you help me make up next time?"

"Sure!" Jiang Yu wouldn’t refuse something like this. Although she would not lose herself in order to marry Gu Shenliu, she was still willing to do things that made others feel good.

"By the way, Taro Ball, next time you come to my house to play, don't be restrained. Your aunt and me are a very open-minded person! Since my family has been deeply involved in the entertainment industry, in order to understand the entertainment industry, I follow the news every day. I'm already a senior in the melon eating circle!" Mother Gu added.

"Auntie, your mentality is so young! I can't compare to you!" Jiang Yu said sincerely.

Mother Gu laughed happily. Aside from that, the fat little Q babbled a few times and said, "Aaa!"

Gu Shenliu said, "Xiao Q called you!"

Jiang Yu laughed so much that her eyes almost closed. The child's voice was very soft and cute, which made her like it from the bottom of her heart. She smiled and said: "Bring Xiao Q to the crew next time?"


Afterwards, Jiang Yu paid her New Years greetings to the elders before ending the call. After ending the call, she was lying on the bed and was about to rest, but she suddenly heard an unusual sound outside.



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