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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 68

WBVDEC Chapter 68 – Return Home

When the million yuan reward was displayed on the screen, everyone was stunned! Many people also used their fingers to count how many zeros behind the 1.

They have witnessed a miracle again! In other words, how many miracles did Jiang Yu have to create?! Every live broadcast, her iron fans gave her one million, which really earned her a lot of face. Not to mention anything else, even if it was a first-line celebrity, they might not be treated like this. For a time, everyone had a lot of back and forth in their hearts, and many people even look Jiang Yu up because of this.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu didn't react for a while. Another million yuan reward? What kind of rich person was this Gu Shenliu 121 for her to be able to spend millions on an anchor casually? (TN: Remember, Jiang Yu thinks that Gu Shenliu 121 is a girl.)

Jiang Yu hadn't chatted with Gu Shenliu 121 for a long time, so when she saw her, she greeted her with a smile: "Girl, are you here again?"

——Wow! The local tyrant has spoken, so taro ball need to make up like Gu Shenliu!

——I want to see! Please draw quickly!

——You are good at painting uncles, but are you good at painting handsome guys?

Over there, Bei Xiaoxiao was also shocked by this scene. Her eyes went blank, her expression was dull, and she murmured after a while: "Just start a live broadcast and in the blink of an eye, there is a million-yuan reward! My Jiang Yu is so amazing!"

After she finished speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao shook her head and urged: "Paint Gu Shenliu! Taro ball! Quickly cosplay as senior brother."

Others didn't know, but Bei Xiaoxiao knew that the two were already together. Think about it, a young couple, the woman could easily cosplay as the man with makeup, she didn’t know what Gu Shenliu would think.

As everyone was urging, Jiang Yu smiled helplessly. She said, "You guys! This is going to stir up rumors again!" After she finished speaking, she picked up a cotton pad: "Okay! I'll satisfy you all and draw Gu Shenliu this time!"

Applause from fans flashed across the screen.

Jiang Yu picked up her phone, took a selfie of herself, and planned to take a comparison picture later. She then began to take off the beard, removed the makeup, and re-apply the base makeup. This time, she chose a foundation color that was similar to Gu Shenliu’s complexion.

However, Jiang Yu stopped for a moment. She did not prepare in advance how to paint Gu Shenliu's makeup. Because of this, she thought about Gu Shenliu’s features for a while, and suddenly smiled: "I have recalled my senior brother's appearance and I have caught his characteristics!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu began to use highlights and contours to modify her face shape. Gu Shenliu's facial bones were quite perfect. Many men looked beautiful when they were young, but when they were older, they would have the problems of higher cheekbones, enlarged masseter muscles, and sunken temples. Because with age, the bones also developed and got mature, resulting in more obvious facial bones. Many child stars were good-looking when they were young, but when they grew up, although the facial features had not changed much, but they were not as agile as when they were a child, mostly because of this reason.

Gu Shenliu's facial lines were very smooth, his facial features were distinct, his eyes were deep, and his facial bones very distinct in every edges and corners. These things made him look very charismatic, but not too protruding that it looked less delicate. It could be said that Gu Shenliu's appearance was in line with current era’s aesthetic.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu first modified her face shape. After she finished highlighting and contouring, Jiang Yu glanced at herself in the video, her face shape already looked like Gu Shenliu. She raised the corners of her lips in satisfaction, and then said: "Senior Brother's eyes are very deep, which I can't match, so I have to draw inner eyeliner, which not only elongates the eyes, but also makes the eyes look more charming."

After speaking, Jiang Yu opened her eyelids and began to draw inner eyeliner. After it was drawn, everyone was surprised. Although Jiang Yu in the video did not look like Gu Shenliu, her eyes were unusually similar! Could you imagine the horror of seeing a person's eyes in another person?

Then, Jiang Yu took out some eyebrow powder.

Gu Shenliu's eyebrows were very thick and dense. Although they had been shaped, usually he didn’t even need any brow makeup. Therefore, when Jiang Yu took out the eyebrow powder and applied it, she tried her best to make it natural without any traces of makeup. Then she took out some mascara and brushed it along the direction of the eyebrow hair, making the eyebrows looked a lot smoother.

After that, Jiang Yu took out a wig, which was completely different from Gu Shenliu's hairstyle. There was no other way, Jiang Yu had to simply twiddle the wig hair to make the look closer to Gu Shenliu.

5 minutes later, Jiang Yu's hair was styled. She straightened and took a black suit handed over by Bei Xiaoxiao. This suit was actually a women's style. If looked closely, the suit’s back hemline was decorated with lace, but if seen only from above the chest, there was no problem at all.

After changing clothes, Jiang Yu finished the whole look and then slowly walked to the live broadcast frame again.

So, on the camera, the viewers saw a short-haired man in a suit holding a baffle to cover his face.

All the fans were curious. This was the first time to see someone cosplaying Gu Shenliu. Because of this, in just 5 minutes, more than 3 million fans poured into the live broadcast room. Before they knew it, the number of people watching the live broadcast online had now reached nearly 9 million!

Everyone stared at Jiang Yu without blinking.

——So nervous! Dada, quickly reveal it!

——I don't know if she will look alike. It's actually very difficult to draw Gu Shenliu because he has his own charisma.

——Take off the baffle quickly!

At this time, Jiang Yu smiled and said: "3, 2, 1..."

The baffle was removed and Gu Shenliu's face appeared on the live broadcast frame.

For a time, even Gu Shenliu's fans were stunned! Is this even a cosplay? Are you sure it's not Gu Shenliu himself? How is this possible, it really seems alike! Even fans that didn't have expectations for Jiang Yu were shocked.

——This is... too good, right?

——Is it Gu Shenliu? How could it be Jiang Yu! Obviously looks too alike! And the eyes, just copy and paste.

——It’s Jiang Yu from the figure and height, I was also taken aback.

Because of cosplaying Gu Shenliu, Jiang Yu didn't speak for a long time. She just stayed silent for 5 minutes in front of the screen.

But after 5 minutes, Jiang Yu suddenly said: "The highest level of cosplaying senior brother is to talk less! How about it, do you think I look like him?"

——Hahaha, as soon as you speak, you reveal your secrets. But you are really amazing, since I started paying attention to you, I realized that makeup can really change a person.

——You are so funny, be careful that your senior brother will scold you!

——Very naughty! Hahaha! This is the first time someone cosplaying Gu Shenliu, right? Be careful of being hacked by his fans!

Jiang Yu blinked, the corners of her mouth rose, and she said, "Promise me, this is a secret between us! Don't spread it!"

——Too late! You are already on the headlines!

On the other side, Gu Shenliu lowered his brows and eyes, his eyes tightly staring at the live broadcast anchor on the screen. Jiang Yu... really painted herself to look like him!

Gu Shenliu had to admit that even when he saw it himself, he was also taken aback. The feeling of seeing himself shocked him. But as soon as Jiang Yu spoke, he felt that she was very funny at this time, especially when she was mimicking his expression.

Gu Shenliu couldn't help raising the corners of his lips. He was very satisfied with Jiang Yu's performance. Why he wanted her to make up like himself? An unprepared person who wanted to put on makeup to look like another person needed grasp the characteristics of the intended person, inevitably Jiang Yu had to recall his appearance, and only then she could replicate it well. It could be seen that she usually observed him a lot.

Thinking of this, Gu Shenliu's mood suddenly improved.

At this moment, a comment suddenly flashed on the screen:

——Gu Shenliu’s Mama: Xiao Jiang Yu, you really look like my son after you put on makeup! Give you a thumbs up!

Jiang Yu: "Huh? Is it Aunt Gu?"

——Fake fake! It can't be Mother Gu!

——However, that shameless thing today, someone said that you manipulate the votes, did you see it?

Seeing this comment, Jiang Yu smiled, and then said calmly: "Oh, that comment? Well... I don't know why, I always feel that the blogger is doing things on purpose. He has gained millions of fans because of this incident. If I also responded to him, I guess he raise go to heaven! So let’s not mention it! Don't talk about it! Ignore it! Suffocate these people to death!"



——Roger! Let’s d*mn those idiots!

"Okay! It's only 5 minutes left before the live broadcast reach 1 hour. In the last 5 minutes, let's play a small game." After speaking, Jiang Yu took out some mechanical pencil lead refill and smiled: "I heard that to test whether a person's eyelashes are long or not, it depends on how many lead refills can be put on the eyelashes. I have wanted to try it for a long time, so today I will take the opportunity of the live broadcast to try it with everyone."

——Pencil lead refills? Such a perverted game will be played?!

——I won't follow you, I'm a girl with bald eyebrows!

After speaking, Jiang Yu picked up one pencil lead refill and put it on her eyelashes. "Well, I’ll let it go." But when she put the second one, the first one fell off. Jiang Yu thought about it and decided to put four refills directly. Unexpectedly, the four were actually staying put on the eyelashes.

The live broadcast room was instantly boiling again! Putting pencil lead refill on the eyelashes, this kind of perverted play, Jiang Yu actually did it!

——Dada, your eyelashes are made of concrete, right?

——I want to try it too! Where to buy pencil lead refill in the middle of the night?

Because Jiang Yu was afraid that the lead refills would fall, she didn't dare to speak. After that, she added 3 more refills, let it sit, added 2 more refills, and let it sit again. Finally, she added 5 more refills. By this time, there were already 14 refills on her eyelashes, but unexpectedly, the refills didn't fall off.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, Jiang Yu couldn't help blinking, and the refills suddenly fell.

Fans couldn't help but gasp.

——OMG! This feeling of worrying about Jiang Yu is even more nervous than my college entrance examination!

——Dada, you are so good! You actually put 14! It’s the most refills that I have seen!

So, in just 1 hour of live broadcast time, Jiang Yu completely changed the hot search on Weibo.

[With makeup become an alcoholic uncle, play with face changing!]

[Jiang Yu Put On Makeup to Become Gu Shenliu live!]

[This is the first time I have seen such Gu Shenliu!]

[Jiang Yu actually put 14 pencil lead refills on her eyelashes! This girl is going against the sky!]

More and more hot searches were related to Jiang Yu. The before-and-after photos of Jiang Yu's makeup as an alcoholic uncle and Gu Shenliu were so sensational that Weibo netizens were shocked. Soon, many media also followed suit. They wrote articles one after another, and for a while, Jiang Yu made headlines again.

What's even better was that because of these hot searches, the Weibo suspecting Jiang Yu of manipulating votes was unexpectedly ignored. 

Yes, as long as people were not blind, they could see from Jiang Yu's live broadcast how beautiful Jiang Yu was! If they couldn’t? Then they should see an eye doctor! Why could their Cheng Ran take the first place, but Jiang Yu couldn't!

In addition, Jiang Yu's Weibo didn't mention this matter from beginning to end, like a slap that didn't make a sound that made everyone felt bored after a while. 

@Grandfather’s hair exploding in the sky questioned and provoked Jiang Yu nonstop on Weibo, but he didn’t know why, Jiang Yu's fans used to pay attention to him, but since Jiang Yu's live broadcast, these fans didn't even look at him. When he posted on Weibo, fans just lined up, stood, and left a word.


@Grandfather’s hair exploding in the sky had been making trouble for a long time, but he didn't see a reply, so he gave up completely. He knocked Cheng Ran despondently: "Sister Ran, I'm sorry, I didn't do it well."

Cheng Ran saw this comment and her face went gloomy. She was silent for a long time.

At this moment, Jiang Yu suddenly received a call ordering her to go home this New Year!

Finally, what should come still come!

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu took off her fashionable clothes and pulled out original owner’s clothes from the corners of the cabinet. The original owner’s clothes were really ugly because she bought it many years ago. The only down jacket she found was a style that people in the village liked to wear. 

Jiang Yu was stunned for a while. She was no longer sure about the original owner's dressing style. Besides, even if she played dirt, she had to have a goal. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu opened the original owner's computer, pulled up the original owner’s photos from last winter and found something. Black headband, twin braids, big red down jacket, blue rough jeans, sneakers that don't match, heavy black-rimmed glasses...

In order to pretend to be ugly, poor, and reduce the trouble of going home this time, Jiang Yu specially moved her style closer to the local style. This was also to prevent those relatives who were not good to the original owner from making ideas.

Bei Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Yu who was carrying a box and couldn't help swallowing. In the past, she had always seen Jiang Yu dressed like this, although the classmates said that Jiang Yu didn’t look like someone from the fashion design department, it didn't matter to her. But now she was used to seeing the fashionable and beautiful Jiang Yu, so looking at the village girl in front of her, Bei Xiaoxiao only felt very uncomfortable.

"Jiang Yu... why did you do this?"

Jiang Yu helped loaded her bank card, brought the original owner’s ancient mobile phone and second-hand computer, and said, "Go home!"

"Go home? If you didn't say it, I thought you were going to make a cameo appearance on the crew of <The Case of Qiu Ju>!"

Jiang Yu was amused by Bei Xiaoxiao and she said warmly: "Xiaoxiao! How can I say this? This kind of style is popular in my hometown."

"Oh oh!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu took the train all the way back home under the curse of her family that she received via text messages.

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