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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 200

ICRAB – Chapter 200

In Xiao Bei's depressed days, the Beast Restaurant opened their 26th day and Liu Weiwei's task was completed. At the same time, she also received an order from the army. The beast wave crisis had been completely lifted and the rest of the reconstruction work would be handled by the government of Interstellar Alliance’s relevant departments and the army. She was from the first military regiment, so she could withdraw back to the base within two days.

Liu Weiwei was about to leave but the three elders in the kitchen said they would stay until the planet was rebuilt. They wanted to jointly fund the renovation of the Beast Restaurant and continue to operate it.

"Teacher, I'm not leaving. I can't bear to leave this little cub. He really loves to drink the milk powder I gave him." When Elder Gao spoke, he was still holding the bear cub.

Elder Dou took off his chef's hat and sighed, "Teacher, I will also… stay here. The wolf beast has completely entangled me and it has been following me. I am old, I don’t want to work alone at outside restaurant anymore. With it, I’m not lonely."

Cai Mingkun glanced at the sleeping kangaroo lying on its side behind him, his eyes could not be pulled out, "Teacher, Da Huang likes to eat the meat patties and Xiao long bao I made the most. My apprentice made the same thing but it refused to eat and even spit on it. So I won't go with you, otherwise what will Da Huang eat!"

In the past week, the news of the beast restaurant had continued to spread. Everyone finally discovered the secret of the back kitchen. In this temporary restaurant, there were three special Chinese cuisine chefs in charge, all of them were famous top figures. Their signature dishes were sold at high prices in five-star restaurants and they were only available in limited quantities every day. However, they had transformed into the kindest chef grandpas in the makeshift restaurant.

In the previous bonfire feast activities, there were also the figures of these three old men. At the beginning, when the news came out, there were still many people who didn't believe it, but there were videos as proofs.

Chef Gao, the master of knife skills, was seen feeding extra dried fish to the tiger beast. Fish Chef Dou was hiding behind the garbage dump, secretly holding the bear cub and was brushing its fur. Snack Chef Cai was the most unlucky. The news posted a video of him being besieged by five or six beast pets that wanted to grab the meat pie on his hands before he was finally being carried away by a big yellow kangaroo.

Liu Weiwei did not expect that the three elderly chefs would finally choose to stay on the planet whose environment had been greatly destroyed. She discussed with the three elders and finally sorted out the operating income of the Beast Restaurant. They decided to donate most of the income to the veterinary department of the local military region.

"Teacher, don't worry. With us here, the next time you come again, this restaurant will definitely become number one on the list."

"My cub is so powerful. It shows cuteness to the guests every day. Coupled with the unique knife carving I had practiced with Teacher, can we still not attract guests?"

"Hehe, I think the adoption should continue to be arranged in this restaurant! If anyone is fake, Da Huang will give them a punch!"

The three elders patted their chests and assured Liu Weiwei. Although she was also reluctant to leave and wanted to stay and run the restaurant together, she had to obey the order. She also had to settle Qin Yue and Xiao Bei at home, so she could only return to the base with the others. But she made an agreement with the elderly chefs that she would try to come back quarterly to see them and the beasts.

The night before they would leave, Liu Weiwei packed all her luggage and went next door to look at Xiao Bei who was still up doing school. "Go to bed early today. We will fly for a week in a row." She had never been able to accept the fact that a four-year-old child in interstellar era already expected to participate in enlightenment education and even had homework. Her son had always crammed his tasks at the last moment, but she decided to turn a blind eye and gave her son a little bit of help, "The matter of bathing Xiao Bai, leave it to your father tonight."

Qin Mo, who was the commander-in-chief for three army groups, had just stepped into the room with a face full of stubble when he heard that he had been betrayed by his wife. The rescue mission, repelling the beast wave, and arranging the beasts that surrendered, were all under his command. The three army groups with more than 5,000 people almost kept his feet on the ground during the day, and he rarely returned to the temporary tent at night.

Now that Qin Mo had gone through the thorny matter of Qin Yue, he could finally come back from the work tent. What he wanted to do was shave his beard, take a bath, and hug his wife for a while, but he didn't expect to get a new order so soon.

"Well, the child is busy doing his homework."

In fact, Xiao Bai didn't need Qin Mo’s help at bath at all. Even if he wanted to help, the half-disabled krypton beast would definitely not agree.

The final result was that Qin Mo pressed the krypton beast in the water with a dark face and rubbed it cleanly, "A half disabled beast has no right to speak. After you have regained your basic functions as a male, talk to me again."

Xiao Hei fluttered his wings with a whimper... His wings, which had no offensive power for the time being, splashed water everywhere, and it was messy.

Liu Weiwei passed the bathroom. After hearing all kinds of splashing water sounds, she immediately left with a twitch at the corner of her mouth. A war between men, she decided to stay away. She hugged Xiao Bai and backed out, went to the kitchen to continue watching the progress of the soup she was making, and then glanced at Little Qin Yue, who was sitting on the ground and followed her wherever she went.

The child was now dependent on Liu Weiwei. He seemed to be very attached to her these days. When she went to the bathroom this morning, he sat outside and looked at the closed door silently. When she pushed the door out, she was almost taken aback. She asked Bu Zhongxin remotely, and he said it was a good thing. The actions indicated that the child had begun to accept them.

But this also made Liu Weiwei more cautious for fear of scaring the child and made him retract into his protective shell.

"Xiao Yueyue, what do you want to eat today? Porridge or buns?" Although Xiao Yue didn't speak, Liu Weiwei was sure that he understood. Although she never got a response, she still asked the question every time.

Little Qin Yue raised his head and didn't say a word, but stretched out his finger.

Liu Weiwei hurriedly put her heart away. She tapped his index finger. "Porridge?"

Little Qin Yue just stared at her.

"Okay~ I'll cook porridge for you~"

Liu Weiwei picked Xiao Yue up and put him in the rolling cot that Xiao Bei had grown out of. After thinking about it, she also activated the baby-raising robot. The robot pushed Xiao Yue's cot and followed her, so that she could also do things without worrying of the cot disappearing from her sight.

Liu Weiwei gave Xiao Bei some steamed buns for dinner and also made them looked like a tank. The little guy had been feeling jealous these days and she could see it. She used to be an only child and had no siblings to share the love of her parents, but she could understand Xiao Bei's feelings when she imagined herself as a four year old and put herself in his shoes. She tried her best not to favor one over the other, if Xiao Yue had something, Xiao Bei would have it too, and vice versa. But even so, Xiao Bei, who originally had everything to himself, still felt very unhappy. He had a kind of grief as if his parents were taken away.

Liu Weiwei had a big headache, but soon this problem was rudely solved by Qin Mo.

The solution was to bring Xiao Bei to see Xiao Yue's surgery in person.

When they arrived at the base, Xiao Yue was sent to the clinic and the Scientific Research Bureau also sent experts. They even invited experts in cardio-brain medicine from the medical school.

Xiao Yue was strapped full of tubes, his heartbeat and breathing gradually weakened. His whole body began to twitch in pain but he still didn’t speak, Xiao Bei fell silent.

Liu Weiwei was afraid of scaring her son, but Qin Mo insisted on letting Xiao Bei see the bloody process with his own eyes. As a man, Qin Mo has high requirements for his son, "You see, although he is your uncle, his body is not as good as yours. He has suffered far more pain than you and he was born... without parents."

Xiao Bei’s brain circuit was still very simple. At this moment, he didn't care about his parents being robbed anymore. "Did they not give him anesthesia? Can’t he just take medicine? Not being able to speak is a severe sickness?"

Liu Weiwei couldn't listen anymore.

Qin Mo took the opportunity to cultivate his son's understanding of certain cruel aspects of the world, "He may die or he may lie in bed helpless and rely on transfusion forever. So, do you still hate him?"

Anywhere Xiao Yue stayed these few days, Xiao Bei would leave quickly. He never interacted with him and even hated hearing Liu Weiwei interacting with him. Xiao Bei deliberately did everything possible to snatch her away from Xiao Yue.

When Xiao Bei heard what his father said, he was instantly stunned, "Is, is he so seriously ill? I, I don't know. Otherwise, I'll let him be and won't scold him." The little bun's eyes instantly turned red.

Qin Mo touched Xiao Bei’s round head, feeling very complicated.

Liu Weiwei had been with Xiao Yue every day these days, he was like her own little tail. Now, seeing the child lying on the operating table like this, she couldn't stand it.

The whole family had an unprecedentedly heavy expression on their faces. Even the little bun was silent like a little adult.

"I will let him be with mom. I will also give him toys in the future, let him choose snacks first, I will also let Xiao Bai hold him to sleep at night T-T" Xiao Bei burst into Liu Weiwei's arms, "Mom, he will be fine, right?"

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but burst into tears as well.

Qin Xiaomei, who had traveled thousands of miles back from the Third Army Regiment, also came. The family prayed together worriedly and nervously.

Finally, more than twenty hours later, the door to the operating room opened.

"The chips were taken out. There are three in total. Another one was found in the right abdomen. The child is temporarily out of danger, we will see if he can wake up later."

Human beings were more resilient than anything else. Liu Weiwei breathed a sigh of relief and almost collapsed on the bench outside. She hugged her own Xiao Bei tightly and she couldn't put herself to think how much she would collapse if Qin Xiao Bei was the one inside.

Qin Xiaomei was also trembling all over and hugged Liu Weiwei.

Fortunately, Qin Mo was able to keep his sanity and asked the doctor a few questions.

Xiao Yue couldn't be discharged from the hospital for the time being, so he could only have nutrient solution through a tube. Liu Weiwei hugged Xiao Bei, changed into sterile clothing, and walked in to accompany Xiao Yue. She hooked the little guy's fingers, for fear that he would panic and feel anxious if he didn’t see her when he woke up.

Qin Mo worked during the day and stayed with Xiao Yue at night. Qin Xiaomei also took a long vacation, saying that she would wait until the little guy woke up before leaving. The whole family worked together, even if Xiao Yue was still unconscious, Xiao Bei was very attentive and read fairy tales to him by his bedside from morning to night.

"I tell you, daddy's stinky hero stories are all lies to me."

"I’ll tell you, so you need to get better soon and laugh at him with me."

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