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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 199 Part 2 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 199 (2)

The whole plot was too dog blood drama like.

Liu Weiwei spent the whole night hiding under the covers and listening to Qin Mo's thoughts. She was listening while being half-dazed and half-awake. 

If the woman successfully deceived him (by doing only unilateral paternity test where the result will be 99.9% similarity), the woman would marry him and would be able to enter the military base. Even if she failed, the child made by abnormal means could still become a successor and they had implanted a command chip in him. This mysterious organization was playing a game of chess with a large span of time!

Almost all the powers of the Interstellar Alliance were controlled by various departments of the government and the military department that had the most authority because of the constant beast wave. In the past few years, the organization had tried to infiltrate the military and various institutions while relying on various illegal beast experiments. They were also trying to create an intentional beast wave and cause chaos. 

To put it bluntly, it was a terrorist organization. All the members in it had been brainwashed and were willing to devote themselves to the mission of the organization. Any information about this terrorist organization was kept silent by the members who were caught.

But according to the speculation and analysis of the past few years, as well as the research of psychologists, the members of the organization were nothing more than lunatics who wanted to gradually control the world and interfered with the regime and military power.

In addition to the military, there were also some similar cases in other places. There were not many members of the organization, so they specifically targeted people in important positions.

Qin Mo seemed to be trying to prove that he didn’t have a peach-blossom physique, and it was not a disaster that he had caused, so he also talked about the old king and Marshal Wang of the military region next door. "Good thing that the military no longer dispatch soldiers who was pass certain age and I was the one who was tasked that year. Otherwise, it is estimated that they will start with the Marshall." He looked innocent. (TN: Peach blossom physique is condition for people that often get entangled in complicated love relationship everywhere they go.)

Liu Weiwei couldn't wait to kick her husband, "What about the child later? The mother who gave birth to the child will be arrested and sentenced, then what about him?"

"Well, when the results of the investigation come out, the sentence is estimated to be a lifetime imprisonment." Terrorism was a felony.

"Then the child... can we raise him?" Liu Weiwei was stunned for a long time before she said it. When it was calculated to the basic, they were blood related. Minors needed guardians, and if living blood relatives were still present, they couldn’t be thrown into orphanages. If the boy’s parents were not available, then Qin Mo would have to take care of this younger brother.

"We need to go back to the base to take out the chip in his body first." Qin Mo frowned, "They have implanted it. The doctor already saw it but didn't dare to do it here. The chip was in the heart and the brain."

Liu Weiwei was stunned. She couldn't help but lift half of her body, but was pressed down by Qin Mo again soon.

"Are you not afraid of catching a cold!"

Liu Weiwei was pinned down, but she couldn't help but looked up at the sleeping boy. "Is there any humanity in this!" She was speechless.

Qin Mo patted Liu Weiwei’s head, "It's time for you to sleep. Anyway, in conclusion, the woman is not my fanatic female fan."

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched when she heard this. Up to now, she couldn't believe that her in-laws, who she had never met before, showed their affection in front of her again in this way. "They both really have the same way of thinking. They both donated." She was very emotional. She, an ancient Chinese person, would not do this. But many people in the Interstellar era had advanced consciousness, so those with high physical and mental strength would think that the continuation of their good genes would be more conducive to the progress of mankind. This was why they would not hesitate to donate.

Liu Weiwei was confused but was patted on the back by Qin Mo. She had been tired all day. She was so fatigued that she squinted and fell asleep quickly.

It wasn't until the next day, when each team was preparing to pack up and return to the base, that Liu Weiwei finally saw the complete report. Seeing the document, her tears were about to fall.

Too bad.

The child had bruises all over his soft tissue, a broken calf, broken nails, and was apparently raised with violence. The doctor at the base said that this was probably done to stimulate his physical fitness. To be able to break out to the grade S was tantamount to pulling seedlings to encourage growth. The control chip in the child’s heart and brain also threatened his life, making him often had difficulty breathing and shortness of breath.

"When the chip is taken out, he may become mentally impaired or even die on the operating table."

The implant site was too dangerous.

The doctor looked helpless, "You can only go back to the base for more expert consultation."

Liu Weiwei went to see the crazy woman once. When she saw the other person's eyes, her back felt a little cold. It was a pair of eyes that looked like a wild beast. No emotion, just full of aggression.

"But you are still human. Even the fiercest tiger doesn't eat its own offspring." Liu Weiwei said and she shook her head. With a purpose, the woman could only be considered a surrogate mother to the child. The woman herself had been extremely cold-blooded to her body. She didn’t regard herself as a normal woman at all, but a tool for her organization. In order to achieve her goal by any means, she could even abandon herself, let alone her child?

Liu Weiwei was afraid that in the woman’s eyes, this child was also just a tool. He was not related to her and could even be used by her to vent her frustrations. This was hysterical!

Liu Weiwei shuddered and left quickly accompanied by Qin Mo. She didn’t dare to look back again.

The Scientific Research Bureau had remotely cut off the chip signal in the child's body, so Liu Weiwei had to take leave and temporarily stopped working at the Beast Restaurant. She left the day to day operation to the three elderly Chef. She put most of her energy on Little Qin Bei and the little boy.

It might be because the boy had been beaten by his mother or even tortured by chips for a long time. The boy was full of vigilance against strangers. He had not said a word until now.

Liu Weiwei didn't know what to do, so she could only pay more attention to the boy’s three meals, but the boy couldn’t express himself so she didn't know whether he was comfortable, whether he was hurt, or whether he was hungry or not. Only when he was asleep, he was unguarded. Only at this time Liu Weiwei could wipe his body and change him into clean clothes. No one could touch him at other times.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei had a lot of patience. She used all the tricks she used to do to coax Xiao Bei to the little boy. Breakfast was all kinds of animal shaped buns. Hedgehog buns, rabbit buns, pig buns, sun buns, minion buns... At noon and evening, she also tried her best to make all kinds of fancy shaped meals, rice balls shaped like three little pigs, robot gnocchi, puppies shaped carrots, spacecraft shaped apples...

Liu Weiwei was also very careful, seeing that the little boy was afraid of her, she asked Xiao Bei to take the lead and show him the food first. The boy didn't like her approaching, so she let him smelled her hands first, just like dealing with the stray puppy she once found on her apartment in her previous life.

When the boy accepted Liu Weiwei’s existence little by little, she slowly fed him porridge. 

Seeing the vigilant child who initially wanted to run away from anyone who approached him gradually turned into being able to hold hands with Liu Weiwei and played together with their fingers hooked to each others... Qin Mo was a little moved. Although the boy was his younger brother, he had made up his mind to keep himself away from the beginning. He did not have the patience of Liu Weiwei.

"Have I ever told you that when you are serious, your whole body is really glowing." Qin Mo would occasionally recite a poem or two for his wife.

Liu Weiwei pushed Qin Mo away with a blushing face.

Qin Mo soon joined the process to let the little boy smell his big hands. A little improvement every day could make him laugh.

Little Qin Bei was also mostly brought up by Qin Mo himself. But the little boy in front of him was much more worrying than Xiao Bei. He sometimes thought that even if he had a daughter, he might not have been this careful.

"Let's call him Qin Yue." Qin Mo paused, "Yue for overcoming setbacks and overcoming hardships."

Liu Weiwei nodded.

The couple took advantage of the opportunity to coax their children together. Their relationship also heated up and there was a magical power of sharing weal and woe.

But Xiao Bei’s whole person was not well. His vinegar bottle was completely overturned. (TN: The bun was jealous, hahaha)

"Dad has never been like this. You never coax me to eat... You also never hooked my finger."

"Mama hasn't fed me for a long time."

"They all told him stories, patted him to sleep... But I was alone!"

Xiao Bei observed for several days and finally exploded with anger. The little boy was an uncle even though her was obviously younger than him and ignorant, but he took away his parents! Oh my god... He couldn’t believe that such a tragedy will happen to him suddenly!

"Today, Dad threw Xiao Baibai to him to play with...Xiao Baibai is mine! Baibai is my rabbit!"

Xiao Bei was so depressed. He walked out with his short legs and complained to Jian Zhe. His whole face flushed angrily.

There were many things that were high-level secrets of the army, so Jian Zhe didn’t know the cause and effect. But there was a new child in the temporary base and this news quickly spread. Moreover, all kinds of gossip had been flying all over the sky these days, such as 'the former lover of Colonel Qin you don't know', 'the biggest secret in the military, the real and fake prince!'…

After reading the news, Jian Zhe also felt that this matter was very complicated. It was not something that other people could discuss casually. As a person who just ate melons but didn’t know the truth, it was best to shut up.

But in the face of Little Qin Bei's grievance, Jian Zhe still sighed and patted the chubby guy’s head to enlighten him. "Your father must have also coaxed you like that before, but you didn’t remember because you were too young. Besides, didn't you say you want a sister? Then you can't be jealous. Take this as an internship opportunity of having a brother, wouldn't it be good?"

"Don't you say that your uncle is shorter than you? This means he probably can't beat you. You have to protect him in the future and take him to exercise." Jian Zhe gave some advice, but Xiao Bei frowned even more.

"Is that so? If my mother really has a younger sister, will Xiao Bei have no status in the future?" Little Qin Bei suddenly discovered the tragedy.

"Baibai and Xiao Hei at home will all play with them!"

"The small snacks at home are also theirs!"

The vinegar sea completely overflowed.

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