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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 199 Part 1 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 199 (1)

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded when she heard it. She was not a technical person, but she had also seen the news of asexual reproduction on her previous life. This was banned on China back then and at that time there was a lot of uproar. Everyone was not against advancement of technology, but they feared of bringing about various ethical issues.

"Then… that child…" Liu Weiwei swallowed, "Is a copy of you?"

Qin Mo's face was stiff. In fact, even Interstellar current law prohibited any experiments that replicate 100% human genetic. If found, they would be sentenced heavily.

Xiao Bei held a small bowl with an unwilling expression on his face, "That little brother is indeed more like father than me!"

Liu Weiwei: !!!

The people who gossip around only saw the female chef’s strange changes in expressions. Qin Mo's voice was very low because it might involve illegal acts that were strictly prohibited.

Liu Weiwei felt goosebumps all over her body. She had planned to go to other map points to have a look, but now she was in no mood anymore. She immediately decided to go back with Qin Mo. She was worried as she couldn't accept the feelings of her husband being copied. When she arrived at the military base and entered the guarded room, she was completely shocked when seeing the little boy in front of her.

The kid looked a lot smaller than Xiao Bei. He was wearing black short sleeved shirt. It was loose and slack, his skin was very fair, his legs and hands were short, and his small face was a condensed version of Qin Mo.

Seeing Liu Weiwei walked in, the star-like black eyes on the little boy’s small face were a little frightened. He shrunk himself into the chair as if he was extremely frightened. His whole small body occupied a corner of the room.

Liu Weiwei had an old mother's mentality now and couldn’t stand such a picture at all. "What happened to him?"

Qin Mo's face turned dark, "I didn't do anything."

This question obviously caught the group of soldiers off guard. The woman who claimed to be the mother of the child had been heavily guarded by them and was currently subjected to pressure interrogation. The child naturally couldn’t stay together with the mother.

Soldiers in the army could do any dirty work, but taking care of children, they didn't have this skill at all.

Liu Weiwei also had a big headache. But soon there was a faint rumbling in the room. As soon as she turned her head, she saw the little guy who was squatting tightly covering his stomach.

"We gave him something to eat, but he doesn't move." The temporary base doctor who followed up said, "He seems to be very scared. As soon as I get close, he runs away. Even if I want to feed him, he won't eat." He glanced at Qin Mo's dark face.

Liu Weiwei turned her head and went out. The nearest point on the map was serving porridge. When she came back, she heard the doctor talking.

"There are some old scars on the boy’s body... The investigation report should be out soon."

Liu Weiwei groaned in her heart and came in with hot porridge. Even those captured beast could eat a full meal. She sighed and tried to get closer to the vigilant child, but the other party was just like a little beast who had just left his mother, weak but not at all relaxed. Even if she got close, he would try to escape.

Liu Weiwei set up a small table and placed the porridge bowl in front of the boy. She took out Xiao Bei’s collection of small cutlery, put a bright yellow spoon on the bowl, took a stewed egg, and heated it for the boy to eat. She was about to leave, the child would eat when he got too hungry later.

But the light brain of someone in the room suddenly rang. Soon, the doctor who was still muttering to Qin Mo, stared at him, almost in astonishment. "Col, Colonel, this is probably not your clone." The doctor looked complicated.

Liu Weiwei's footsteps stopped.

Qin Mo frowned even more, "Not mine? But his genes are similar to me?"

It was so similar to the point that even Liu Weiwei as a layman could see the same facial features on their faces.

"I, I, I'm afraid he is your biological… younger brother."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth wide.

Qin Mo's face changed, "Say again, who you said he is? My father was gone more than 20 years ago."

The doctor swallowed, "According to the analysis results, the child is genetically similar to yours. At the same time, Colonel Qin, your father, participated in the sperm donation 30 years ago. Their genes are 99.9% similar."

Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded.

Little Qin Bei, who had been quietly squatting on the ground and was looking at the little brother, suddenly raised his head and blurted out with a shocked expression, "It's not my brother, it's my uncle?"

Little Qin Bei looked at the boy whose arms were even thinner than him. He couldn't believe that he was actually a generation younger instantly.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo's face was so dark that it was covered with dark clouds. He strode out of the room, "I'll go ask that woman."

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips and was stunned by the news. What kind of crazy woman was this? What the hell was she doing? Was there any logic? She glanced at the vigilant little boy who was probably hungry. Seeing that he was holding the small spoon carefully, rice porridge splattering  everywhere while he didn't forget to look up at her nervously. 

Liu Weiwei felt a little soft-hearted. Brother was way better than son. Just brother was okay~

Little Qin Bei was obviously struck by lightning and could not accept this fact. He ran over and grabbed Liu Weiwei's trouser legs, "Mom, it's impossible for me to have such a small uncle!" He grew up in the army without any complicated family environment. Those who were about the same height as him were older brothers and older sisters. Those who were more than fifty centimeters taller than him were uncles and aunts. Those with whiter hair and more wrinkles were grandfathers and grandmothers. But today, his cognition was completely!

Little Qin Bei couldn't accept it at all. "No, Mom, this can't be done! He's not taller than me, he's shorter than me! His age, also younger than me!"

Little Qin Bei didn't yet know what it means to be crushed by seniority. He only knew that the older brother role that he was reluctant to be previously was gone in just one minute.

Liu Weiwei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She took Xiao Bei’s hand, "Xiao Bai is also smaller than you, but you can't beat her, right? You also know that she can be considered your aunt."

The ball of fur on the ground instantly raised her head in anger, her fur flying all over. It was obviously still very young!

"And Xiao Hei, in his original form, how big is he compared to you?" Liu Weiwei sighed and could only coax her son to lower his voice first, "You can't shout when others are eating. Let’s go get some air with mother?"

Little Qin Bei was sulking. He didn’t feel good.

Liu Weiwei wanted to lead Xiao Bei out, but he struggled a little and he even ran back.

Little Qin Bei stared at the 'little brother' who couldn't even hold a spoon steadily. He was very angry. "You can't even do this and you were beaten up. It will be too embarrassing if I have you as my uncle, no, you're not good~"

Little Qin Bei didn't know whether it was because he was disgusted with shame or because his older brother's title was lost in just a second, he always felt tight in his chest. As a result, during the bonfire party at 8 o'clock, he even lost half of his appetite due to depression. He couldn't eat his favorite meat.

Liu Weiwei also thought about this matter in her heart, but she had to pay attention to the food scheduling situation on the spot until everyone finally passed the bonfire celebration without any risk.

Liu Weiwei waited for the event to end before she carried Xiao Bei who was so depressed that he fell asleep, back to the tent. She looked at the little boy who was extremely afraid of everyone before. She found that the rice porridge and egg custard she gave previously had been eaten up. The boy was sitting on the small stool and snoring slightly.

Liu Weiwei lost all thoughts instantly. No matter whether the boy was her brother-in-law or whoever, she wiped the boy’s little hands and little face with a hot towel, put him on Xiao Bei's bear pajamas, and stuffed him into the big bed on the tent.

Looking at the two children sleeping side by side with similar eyebrows and eyes, Liu Weiwei's expression softened.

"Thanks a lot." A hoarse and tired voice sounded from behind.

As soon as Liu Weiwei turned her head, she saw her troublesome husband, "Is it clear now?"

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Qin Mo's face, and he hummed. "Remember the accident in the Scientific Research Bureau before?"

Liu Weiwei stared, "The same group?"

"Well, she graduated from Langma Military Academy and got her black unicorn symbol." Qin Mo paused. His expression also a little unnatural, "She invaded the sperm bank and got her hands on my father's sperm."

Liu Weiwei had digested the shocking news before, so now she was not so dumbfounded when she heard the clear news. But she still raised her eyebrows, "Your father's physical fitness is also grade S?"

Qin Mo shook his head, "No, I'm better than him."

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes to express her disdain.  But soon she thought of the key points and snorted, "Then why did they steal it? Colonel Qin, I don’t know that you are so charming! In order to become your people and get your heart, the other party even thinks of this method!"

The scheme failed four years ago, but this woman did not give up. She immediately went to bear a baby from the 'father-in-law' in an attempt to pass the paternity test. This was simply a genius scam. What a persevering and fanatical female fan!

The corner of Qin Mo's mouth twitched, "The smell of vinegar in the room is almost like I have a pregnant wife who is going to give birth to a daughter." (TN: Old Wives’ tale says craving sour foods means baby girl.)

Liu Weiwei stared: "Who?! I don't! No, don't talk nonsense!"

"Then you looked at other people's daughter so intensly today. Are you going to ask me to snatch her back for you?"

"… Don't fool around. Your bad man personality was the one causing this poisonous fan to do these things!"

Qin Mo stiffened when he heard this word.

Liu Weiwei stretched out a forefinger and tapped on Qin Mo’s chest, "For such a big person, you have gotten a new younger brother from your father!

Qin Mo: ...

"Why don't you write a novel with your imagination?" Qin Mo saw that his child's mother was unconvinced. "This organization obviously wants to infiltrate the military base. It has made a big preparation for so many years and has worked hard to enter the core hub to change high-level decision-makers position. But when it comes to you, it will become a brainless woman idolizing a man novel."

Liu Weiwei: !!!

"You said that she is not your fan, not admiring you? She is approaching you with a purpose, because she wants to dominate the universe?"

Qin Mo glanced at Liu Weiwei, "A senior officer's partner can join the military easier than ordinary people. She has a background as a scientist and will definitely enter the Scientific Research Bureau, if she succeeded, she would become like the two people who were exposed by your incident last time."

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. It seemed to make sense, but why she still had a hard time believing it! She glanced at Qin Mo and she found that his ears were extremely pink.


A scientist that couldn’t follow a normal recruitment process to enter the military base had to enter as a military wife. All in all, this was still the result of the too handsome face!

"It's better to destroy your face. Is it better to slash your face or forehead, Comrade Qin Mo?"

Qin Mo gave Liu Weiwei a deep look, "… I haven't finished yet, that child should be my younger brother with also the same father and mother."

"!!!" Liu Weiwei's occasionally brilliant brain finally grasped the point, "Your mother also donated her eggs?"

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