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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 201

ICRAB – Chapter 201

Maybe because Xiao Bei recited a lot every day, when he was telling the story of The Ugly Duckling for the hundredth time, Xiao Yue on the bed finally moved his fingers.

Qin Xiaomei jumped up in fright and hurriedly went to call the doctor.

Liu Weiwei also nervously stopped wiping Xiao Yue's body and looked at the monitor next to her. Heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature were all within the normal range. Her heart finally fell back.

Bu Zhongxin quickly came in with a group of experts and came to a conclusion. Xiao Yue had indeed woken up. They immediately checked him, and when Qin Mo came over, Bu Zhongxin happened to be talking to Liu Weiwei.

"The body can only be treated to recover slowly, but mentally... I'm afraid he has degenerated and he is now at the level that a child of this age should have passed long ago." Bu Zhongxin thought about it and decided to tell the worst situation at one time. "He would have to start from scratch and his learning ability will probably still be poor in the future."

Qin Xiaomei listened to the words and ran to kick the wall a few times angrily. After the kick was over, she came back and asked with a straight face, "Is it still possible to recover?"

Liu Weiwei also asked, "Yes, it doesn't matter if he learns slowly, but can he learn up to the level of a normal person?" This involved the whole life of the child. The family was not short of money and there would be robots at home to take care of Xiao Yue at anytime, but when he grew up, he would still need to have his own future. If there was a problem with IQ and mental strength, it could ruin the child's life.

Bu Zhongxin was about to answer, but when he saw Qin Mo stepping in, his face became a little weird, "This is what I was about to say. The nerves in Xiao Yue brain were damaged, resulting in learning difficulties, deteriorating intelligence and mental strength, but it's not irreparable."

"If... well, if there happens to be a kid that can study with him, it will be the equivalent of having someone showing him every step of the way. Because even if we adults teach him consciously, we wouldn’t think like real children or babies, so there will be differences. But if there is a baby who is also at the beginning stage of life, a little demonstration will speed up Xiao Yue’s learning process." Bu Zhongxin finished speaking in one breath and quickly glanced at the expressions of Qin Mo and Liu Weiwei.

"This has also been verified in medicine. The ability of children of the same age to imitate each other far exceeds learning from adults. There are many cases of learning difficulties that were cured in this way. According to the data, the cure rate is basically above 90%."

Liu Weiwei blinked, "You mean, let Xiao Bei be with Xiao Yue often and give him a demonstration?"

Bu Zhongxin smiled wryly. Apparently Liu Weiwei didn't understand what he meant, "Qin Yue's IQ was less than four years old originally and we even suspected that he didn't even have the language ability of a two-year-old child. After the operation, it can be concluded that he has degenerated to infancy."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth, "You mean we need to find a baby to study with him." At the critical moment, she was tense and obviously her IQ had dropped.

Qin Mo had already reacted. He was pressing Liu Weiwei’s shoulder and was looking at Bu Zhongxin with a scrutiny.

Bu Zhongxin really nodded at the couple, "I suggest that if you begin a second child plan, it is best to have one right now."

Liu Weiwei instantly realized her stupidity.

Qin Mo raised his eyes and looked at Bu Zhongxin who was assisting with his eyes. The eyes of the two men collided with each other at this moment and they understood each other instantly. In the army, others might not know it, but Bu Zhongxin, who had been following Liu Weiwei's pregnancy test since the beginning, knew it. He knew that Qin Mo always wanted a daughter, but he was obviously frightened by the premature birth of his wife in her first pregnancy that he never took the initiative to bring up having another child again.

Liu Weiwei was busy completing system tasks and she also had to teach Xiao Beu. Until he was three years old, she had no time or energy to have a second child. So, the husband and wife have also never discussed having a second child. But now, Xiao Bei was older, her work was also more relaxed because a large number of robots could already undertake cooking work in her place.

When Liu Weiwei heard the suggestion, she immediately thought of the lovely girl she met during the celebration feast. But the matter that should be discussed behind closed doors was suddenly brought up by Bu Zhongxin in public, so she blushed a little.

Looking at Qin Mo's fiery gaze, Liu Weiwei immediately swallowed. Qin Xiaomei never interfered in the affairs of the couple, but her eyes were equally eager. She obviously liked the idea of having a niece as well!

Xiao Bei’s initial jealousy had been scared away by Qin Yue's full of tubes appearance and the operation. As soon as the doctor said there was a cure, he immediately decided to sell his parents. "I also want a younger sister!" The little bun immediately voted in favor. He was told by other soldiers in the army the year before last that a younger sister would be very soft, softer than himself and would be extremely cute. Since then he even thought of his sister's name. He was called Meat Bun, so his sister could be called glutinous rice dumplings (糯米团子/Nuòmǐ tuánzi), or Tuan Tuan for short. (TN: Well, will keep Tuan Tuan in Chinese.)

Xiao Bei squinted, "Little Qin Yue will be called wonton. He is stuffed with meat like me, in this way, when he's healed, he'll take care of sister Tuan Tuan with me." 

Xiao Bei said his words as if he was already expecting a real sister, which shocked Liu Weiwei. She didn't even know that the little bun had made up so much by himself, even his sister already had a name. 

Xiao Bei, who wanted to monopolize the family's treatment before, had obviously become more generous after the operation. He listened to what Jian Zhe said. His little uncle and sister were younger than him and one had poor health, so he needed to take care of them. Uncle Qin Yue was lying on the bed, unable to eat anything, so he could only rely on infusion. Xiao Bei felt that he had a heavy responsibility on his shoulders, so it was inappropriate to be jealous right now.

As soon as Bu Zhongxin said this, he immediately imagined the soft baby girl Tuan TuanEveryone said that a baby girl was tender and soft, she could be poked in the face and was very comfortable to be hugged and cuddled.

"Mom, let’s have a sister." Xiao Bei had short legs. Seeing that Liu Weiwei didn't speak, he immediately tugged on her trouser legs, "If you are busy, I will take good care of my uncle and sister. I will teach them how to talk, Baibai will teach them how to eat, and Xiao Hei will teach them how to walk~"

Liu Weiwei:  …

That night, the family slept in the ward again.

Xiao Yue had been out of danger and they had also done aseptic treatment unlike in the ancient earth where people were not allowed to stay in intensive care unit for a long time.

After several hours of thinking, Liu Weiwei quickly found Qin Mo after the bun fell asleep. "Let's do it."

Qin Mo lowered his head and saw the heroic expression on Liu Weiwei face. The corners of his mouth twitched, "Clerk Liu, this is not a mission."

Liu Weiwei took a deep breath and nodded, "You've always wanted a daughter. I recently... recently felt that a daughter is also pretty good. If it weren't for this, we would still have a second child further down the road anyway, so..." She didn't go on. As they were in the clinic, they didn't take any further steps.

But the two of them were silent, and they both understood what each other meant. They would have a second child sooner or later anyway, so there was no issue fast forwarding the time frame a bit.

"If it's another sone, that's also fine." Qin Mo still added a sentence but was stepped on by Liu Weiwei. She was the one that really wanted a daughter this time.

"Don't talk nonsense!" Liu Weiwei felt that Qin Mo mouth could jinx their daughter away. But thinking of the pain she felt in her stomach on the last pregancy, she was still a little scared.

When Liu Weiwei went to bed that night, she had a dream. She was dreaming of a little girl who was white and chubby, just like her family's Xiao Bei. When she woke up the next day, she felt refreshed. She felt that her second child would definitely be a little girl this time.

Xiao Yue was observed in the clinic for nearly a week. At that time, the wounds on his body were basically healed. The doctor said that he could eat liquid food, so Liu Weiwei began to make porridge and soup every day. 

Xiao Bei also continued to tell Xiao Yue a story or even made up a story. He didn't know whether Xiao Yue could understand him or not, so he was wanton in what he was saying. "This is lotus root porridge. It’s a kind of flower that I went to help my mother pick last year~ Mom said tea made of this lotus flower will help people lose weight, so I gave a lot to Uncle Sanpang."

"This black-bone chicken soup is very nourishing. Mom said before anyone had an operation, they had to drink chicken soup, and this chicken was caught by Xiao Hei. Hehe, that chicken is old but very fierce and it always wanted to peck people. But in the end it was held down by Xiao Hei's paw."

"You can't eat meat yet, so you just drink the soup, Xiao Bei will eat the meat~"

Two little guys, one was lying down, occasionally rolling his eyes and moving his little hands, while the other was lying on the edge of the bed, coaxing and cooing. It could be said that they didn’t stop all day. Together they seemed to be able to communicate.

Liu Weiwei was super relieved every day.

When the doctor said that Xiao Yur could leave the clinic and go home, Xiao Bei was the happiest. "Many uncles have given a lot of toys for me, they are all for you to play with now." He also knew that his little uncle was like a baby now, even less sensible than him.

Many times, Liu Weiwei was not needed. Xiao Bei could take care of Xiao Yue who was silent every time.

Just when Liu Weiwei felt that she would live smoothly like this, Qin Mo gave her another big news.

"I applied to temporarily take a back seat to Teacher. I originally wanted to retire, but the organization didn't allow it. Teacher was still considerate of me and asked me to just take a long vacation, but I didn't agree. Finally, the teacher offered me to go to the military academy to serve as a mecha professor for juniors and seniors."

When Liu Weiwei heard Qin Mo, she was changing Xiao Yue’s diaper with the nanny robot helping her. She was stunned when she heard this.

Looking at Liu Weiwei’s movements, Xiao Bei took the opportunity to pick up the diaper that he had always been curious of, and under the guidance of the nanny robot, he completed the action of changing a diaper for his little uncle.

Liu Weiwei watched for a while before she realized, "Then I'll take a back seat too?" They needed to diligently try to make a person!

"Of course," Qin Mo said firmly, "I applied for you too. You will be a professor in the cooking department. You will teach online from home. You only need to teach one hour of class every day."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth. Unexpectedly, her dream of making money while lying down came true so quickly. Just work one hour a day... and still a civil servant.

Probably because Liu Weiwei’s expression was too dull, Qin Mo glanced at her and quickly added. "If you feel bored, you can still go to the school cafeteria to cook. There are fewer people than the military area currently, so it will be easier as long as you bring a few retired robots there." He was never someone who would ask her to be a full-time wife.

Liu Weiwei glanced at the system and nodded in surprise.


The author has something to say: 

Change the heroine’s job into a relaxed professor + school cafeteria part time chef which will be more condusive for giving birth to another baby. La la la~

Military academy students: I heard that the pitiful days with poor school meals are finally going to be reformed! Hiks hiks, please save our stomachs~

Black-faced Qin Mo: Go! Let’s try hard!

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)

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