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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 203

ICRAB – Chapter 203

Griddle bullfrog, this thing had never been seen by ordinary interstellar people.

A large pot full of bullfrogs coated in cornstarch, first fried in oil until golden and then followed by a pile of lotus root, potatoes, and fish tofu, stir-fried together in bean paste and red oil. Then one-stop Chinese cuisine luxury seasoning consisted of star anise, cumin, pepper, dried chili, garlic, and ginger were added to get the fragrance. After the bullfrogs were cooked, pepper slices were added to add a thriving strength and color.

In the end, the griddle were brought out, and the pot were full of fragrant and energetic frog meat, each as enticing as puffed up mini chicken legs. 

If someone was afraid to eat the bullfrog, Liu Weiwei used technique to prepare some chicken wings and shrimp. These two were foods that adults and children would never reject.

At the welcome dinner in the evening, Liu Weiwei cooked only these three dishes, but they were all big dishes. They belonged to the kind in which people could finish a large bowl of rice with just this one dish. There was no need for anything else. Of course, there were still other home-cooked dishes for the dinner, but she gave them to the robot to make in the eyes of Comrade Qin Mo. The other dishes were mainly non-spicy food such as sweet and sour pork ribs, stir-fried lettuce, stewed pigeon soup with bamboo fungus, and three fresh vegetables dishes.

Liu Weiwei felt very relaxed. In the future as a cook, it would be very labor-saving to have a robot to help. "It's okay. I only did these two dishes, I am not tired." She pushed away Qin Mo who had been standing in the kitchen, washed her hands, and ran to play with Xiao Yue and Xiao Bei. But as soon as she approached, Xiao Bei raised his face and refused her loving hug quite seriously.

"Mom, dad said you might have a little sister, you can't hug us. If we accidentally broke a bone or something and you get hurt, it will be very troublesome."

Liu Weiwei: !!! In the eyes of her son, was she such a fragile thing?

Liu Weiwei found with grief that the men in her family were really annoying. In the end, she sat on the sofa beside the cot and watched two-hour idol drama. This made her sleepy and bored. But soon, she saw news about Qin Mo on TV and her spirit was lifted. "Hey, you're on TV."

It was the news that Qin Mo had temporarily retired from the front line and transferred to the Academy to teach!

Liu Weiwei was watching the colorful barrage with relish. "Netizens said that this was because of your negative love history. The negative social impact is too bad and you have been slapped by the military to retire. Colonel, you exist in name only!"

Liu Weiwei also shook her legs. "Unemployed, unemployed~ Because of picking up messy girl you have messed up~ Your mistress, holding her child, traveled thousands of miles to find you, and thousands of people saw it! You can't get rid of this crime!"

Qin Mo looked at Liu Weiwei that had a proud face and a bright smile. He immediately pinched her face, "So happy? They are saying that you have turned green, Clerk Liu."

Liu Weiwei:  …

The military could control the press office, but it couldn’t control the freedom of speech from the masses in the barrage. Now was no longer the 21st century where any bad public opinion could be deleted if the government wanted to.

Now the Interstellar Alliance had to give high attention to human rights. Whoever deleted people’s comments could be accused of violation the next day and needed to pay for compensation due to mental damages.

Of course, Qin Mo could also subject his rights of privacy to the news reporters. "My spirit was hurt so I told the organization that I needed to recuperate. I'll go back when they give me back my innocence."

Liu Weiwei rolled her eyes at Qin Mo.

In the evening, the school leaders all arrived as scheduled.

Principal Xia also brought two vice-principals, one surnamed Qu that looked a little plump and the other surnamed Zhang who was wearing glasses and looked serious. In addition, the Director of the school also came with the head of the mecha department, surnamed Zhou, which in the future would be colleagues with Qin Mo.

These people were very polite and they didn't come empty-handed. Some brought the hottest children's toys on the market, some brought home-packed pet hair shampoo, some brought two old hens for Liu Weiwei to cook in the future, some brought furniture, and there was also one that brought discount coupons.

Xiao Bei liked to receive gifts the most, thank you one uncle, thank you another uncle, his mouth was so sweet that everyone couldn't close their mouths from smiling so wide. But when the robot began to serve the food, everyone's expressions became more serious.

"What kind of smell is this, it's really fragrant." The Director looked in a trance. There was a moment of confusion in his expression where he didn't even know where he was.

"I heard from my comrades a long time ago that the food of the First Army Regiment of the Eastern Army Group is so delicious that everyone’s eyebrows almost fall off. Eating after training, all muscle pain disappears immediately." Chief Zhou sighed with emotion, "I didn't expect that I would be able to eat it in my life time."

"The bonfire feast on Planet Qike was continuously reported. I watched it several times and I was so hungry that I couldn't sleep at night." Vice President Qu hugged his stomach, "Finally! Even though I am not a soldier I can also eat delicious food~”

"Right? Colonel Qin, you are really lucky. My daughter and son watch the video and both want the signature of Chef Liu." Principal Xia slurped and sucked, his saliva almost flowed out.

When Liu Weiwei came out of the kitchen, little Qin Yue was hugged by the nanny robot and followed. She heard everyone's discussion and blushed a little. Unexpectedly, she had become a celebrity. Originally in the military base, in a closed environment, she couldn't get in touch with other people. She didn't know that her name was often talked outside. Now, even the leaders of the military academy valued her so much.

Liu Weiwei had been struggling on earth for nearly ten years but she was still an ordinary office worker. She had never been treated like this until now. Who didn't like to be praised? Who didn’t like to be worshipped?

So Happy~

"I just made a few dishes and many of them were made by the robot. Leaders, don't be polite, just eat as much as you like. In the future, come often to my house as a guest. Qin Mo and I just came here, so we don't have any friends yet." Hearing the people praised her, she was in a good mood~

Liu Weiwei beautifully imagines the future. 

Xiao Bei also liked the lively environment better than the chaotic war ridded world, "Uncles should often come to be guests~"

Only Comrade Qin Mo's face was a little dark. He was staring faintly at Liu Weiwei’s stomach, giving her a resentful look.

The group of bigwigs was all waiting for this sentence so they nodded immediately. Of course, they were still big bosses who wanted face and they wouldn't praise others casually. They were ready to take a bite of the dish, taste the actual taste, and then reveal the truth. But whoever thought about this... had a feeling of spinning around the world.

Principal Xia was the oldest and the most authoritative in the group. He took the lead with his chopsticks and grabbed a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs that was closest to him. The warm mouth-warming dish were made with the lower part of the pork ribs, it had lean meat on both sides of the bones cut into bite size pieces. 

The moment the ribs were in his mouth, the sweet and sour sauce made Principal Xia shiver. He shuddered from the end of his tailbone and all the reason in his mind flew away. The papers  that he still needed to do in his office were all shattered and disappeared into the sky, leaving only a large piece of thick sauce that filled his eyes. His stomach was wrapped in a sweet and warm sauce. As the small ribs with lean meat were torn and bitten down, with a bang, ultimate umami flavor entered. His chopsticks trembled and his eyes lit up.

Vice Principal Qu was obviously someone who knew how to eat. He was not in a hurry to eat the meat dishes but first took a bowl and filled it with pigeon soup. The crystal-clear golden soup was pleasing to the eye. He scooped a spoonful and swayed it in front of his nose first, instantly, one word, fresh!

The pure essence of pigeon meat, coupled with the deliciousness of the bamboo mushrooms, all blended into this spoonful of soup. Vice Principal Qu put the spoon to his mouth and took a sip while it was still hot.



The feast of taste that could only be experienced by tasting in person was not something that could be described by the video reports on TV or with the words of the reporters. This spoonful of soup directly made Vice Principal Qu's facial features crumple into a ball. As a retired military officer, he always had the vigilance and steadiness that belonged to a soldier, but this moment all was broken by this soup. All the senses and cells on his whole body were concentrated in his mouth and tongue, and all his senses were mobilized to focus on the taste experience!

Vice Principal Qu's brows trembled. He picked up his soup bowl, drank it all in one gulp, and finally spit out a mouthful of hot air. A satisfied sigh went out and his whole body was actually comfortable. It was refreshed like never before!

On the other hand, the lower-level mecha department head opposite the leades first waited for the superiors to start first and then he finally picked up his chopsticks. As an occupational disease due to daily use of armored armor during combat, he looked around, grasped the enemy's situation, and calmly controlled the enemy. He didn't move his chopsticks directly, but first observed everyone's expressions. Originally he wanted to pick the most delicious dish, but he didn't expect that the expressions of each person on the table were weirder one compared to the other. They all looked intoxicated as if they had just smoked some illegal marijuana. There also seemed to be a trace of confusion and the confusion also brought a bit of amaze. There was a hint of fluttering desire but there also seemed to be a trace of pain in it... It's hard to describe.

Chief Zhou looked around with long eyes and could only pick up the nearest lettuce and taste it by himself. The green and jade-like vegetable was put into his mouth. As soon as he bit it, there was a crisp sound, and at the same time he was startled, the juice splashed out in his mouth, almost hitting his teeth! The vegetable looked like the most inconspicuous green leaf, but the more he chewed it, the more fragrant it became, the more addicting it was!

One bite was not enough, so Chef Zhou took another bite, another chopstick, another big chopstick... Until a snap, the chopsticks of the Director next to him met him in a narrow way and they got into a fight!

Liu Weiwei hugged Xiao Yue and was about to feed him porridge, but she saw the battle on the table and she couldn't help but open her mouth wide. Everyone had some military background and they are all high-level civil servants who teach in the academy. These were not young and fiery youths. They were people who had received royal food from business units. This was just a casual dinner, how could they be so fierce?!

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