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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 197

ICRAB – Chapter 197

When two soldiers meet, if they wanted to fight to death, it was nothing more than seeing who had the bigger fist. Dragon Beard Noodles had a complete victory.

Liu Weiwei's stunt had never been seen by the current interstellar people, so it instantly beat other news videos.

——She almost pulled the noodles into the sky.

——This reminds me of the shy-faced brother who suddenly became trending before, do any of you remember?

——That noodle dancer? I heard that the restaurant's noodles are not expensive. In recent years, many people have queued up every day, so I have to go early.

——Wow, this people are too cool, right? Although they encountered a beast wave, the army did not suffer casualties when they arrived and there are still so many delicious food.

Liu Weiwei's Dragon Beard Noodles makes people want to drool through their light brain screen. The viewers looked at the people in the video who ate so much that they didn't even have any soup base or chopped green onion left. They wanted to come, but obviously it would be too late even if they rode on the fastest spaceship at this time. People from other planets couldn't make it at all and could only watch the video repeatedly and watch others eat.

——Ask for the contact information of that beauty. Who knows her private message will be rewarded with a lot of money.

——She must be a chef. Which restaurant is she in, you know?

——Offering money, please ask for information on the restaurant where Dragon Beard Noodles are sold and for information on the female chef.

Liu Weiwei was caught off guard again this time. Most people didn’t know her, but many recognize her amazingly hands.

——Happy Restaurant’s Boss, is that you? If yes, squeak.

——Chrysanthemum tofu, Dried tofu soup, it’s really Boss Liu, it must be right!

——Even if you don't wear a mask this time, I'll recognize you~

Liu Weiwei's vest fell to the ground in a second.

The frequent guests of Happy Restaurant had been visiting every day for nearly four years. The store kept launching new dishes but the old dishes had always maintained high level of popularity. The old customers followed all the way from the small stall in Skynet, so even if they waited in a long line, they could recognize Liu Weiwei’s ingenious hands at a glance.

Liu Weiwei didn't pay attention to her light brain’s push news and didn't know that she had been exposed. She made bowls of noodles with Elder Cai until the emergency maintenance robot arrived. After restoring the originally malfunctioning robot to work, she dried her hands and prepared to go to the next location to investigate.

However the voices of the masses suddenly rose and almost everyone was reluctant to let Liu Weiwei go.

"Chef, I just want to have a bite of your noodles."

"Chef, don't go!"

"Can you sign for me?"

"Can you let the robot rest first? Chef, I want to see your mighty Dragon Beard Noodles again."

Liu Weiwei was surrounded and finally Elder Cai rescued her.

"You can be busy elsewhere, leave it to me here." Elder Cai rolled up his sleeves and threw the dough in his hand directly. Although he was not as fast and powerful as Liu Weiwei because of his age, it was undoubtedly still wonderful in everyone's eyes.

"No. 36, you knead the dough and take care of the quiz. I'll complete the next steps." Cai Mingkun's face was unprecedentedly firm. He felt everyone's applause and admiration so he even had a hint of pride as a chef. But more than that, seeing the happy expression on the people’s face after eating the Dragon Beard Noodles made him feel hot all over, just like when he was young, he felt as if he had endless energy. "20 years ago, my highest record was pulling noodles for eight hours, I can still do it today!"

The wrinkles on Cai Mingkun's face were reduced a lot. He glanced at Liu Weiwei, "Go and get busy, don't stay here." He also disliked the way she was in his way.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help laughing, "Okay, the next opportunity to be cool is left to you."

Elder Dou and Elder Gao were instantly envious. They originally followed Liu Weiwei and didn't care where they went, but now they all took out the map, put on their reading glasses, and began to study the map points carefully.

"Teacher, where is my fish dish? I'm going to take a look." Elder Dou blushed. Phoenix fish was his newest innovative dish. It required extremely precise and meticulous knife work so that fresh fish slices as thin as cicada's wings could be directly formed into a fluttering butterfly on the plate. When it's time to eat, just throw the slices into a pot with boiling water. The slices were so thin that it only took three seconds to cook, when eaten it would melt directly on the tip of the tongue like snow. Dipped in a little vinegar or his secret dipping sauce, it was mellow and delicious.

This dish was not only beautifully presented, but also allowed diners to experience the joy of cooking the food themselves. More importantly, when the fish was sliced, it would fall to the plate one after another like snowflakes. The process was very beautiful and somewhat unrestrained. If this was demonstrated on the spot, it would definitely get a wave of applause, and it wouldn’t be lost to Dragon Beard Noodles.

Elder Dou was a little anxious when he thought about it. There were so many praises from a group of diners. He was losing at the starting line!

Liu Weiwei didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Here, I34 coordinates."

"Okay. I'll go by myself, you don't have to worry about me."

Liu Weiwei didn't expect these elderly chefs to care so much about the praise of the masses. But if she thought about it, it's right. The Chef Association had controlled their recipes for many years and the chefs also had a fixed mindset. They would never cook in front of ordinary people for fear of leaking their production methods. They didn’t have the experience of cooking during a live broadcast like internet celebrity and no experience of being surrounded by everyone and being talked about again and again.

"Then I'm leaving too. I'll go and see that Double Dragons Playing Pearl… err… Winter Melon Stew." Elder Gao put his hands behind his back and nodded to Liu Weiwei, "Teacher, see you tomorrow."

Winter melon stew, the point was to make a small half of a winter melon into a delicate bowl. Double dragon playing with pearls carved in the hollow of winter gourd was simply not something that ordinary chefs could do, but he could carve one with his hands and it didn't even take five minutes.

"This kid No. 932, even though it carved according to the size I gave, the result always lacks a trace of spirituality." Elder Gao said as if worried, "I have to help it. I can't let it be the last one today."

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Okay, then you pay attention to safety."


The three elderly chefs all moved with secretly competitive eyes, Liu Weiwei wanted to laugh when she saw this, but felt that it would be a bit disrespectful. But they were too child-like.

Liu Weiwei looked at the atmosphere at the scene where the people became completely lively. Her heart as the chief chef was relieved. As for leaking recipes or something, it might make the Chef Association dissatisfied, but she didn't care at all.

In the past few years, there had been many tasks in the system where Liu Weiwei had to do everything possible to fight against the Chef Association. Anyway, as long as she thought it's right, she would do it. But she didn't expect that the moment she turned around, a familiar speeding spacecraft rushed directly at high speed and stopped in the open space not far away with a harsh squeak.

Everyone's eyes could not help but focus on the vehicle. The reporter, who was promised with bonuses and wages by his editor-in-chief because of the shooting of Dragon Beard Noodles, immediately asked the cameraman to pull the camera onto the spacecraft.

Soon, a chubby doll with short legs and snow-white skin swayed, ran towards the people quickly, and plunged into Liu Weiwei's arms like a small cannonball.


There were mostly uncles and aunts present, and all of a sudden, this chubby little boy with good facial features came. They instantly fell in love with him. The key was that the little guy also held a snow-white miniature furry rabbit in his arms. The little guy's eyes were red, as if he had just cried. And the pair of drooping ears of the furry rabbit also drooped absently on both sides of its head.

Everyone's heart hurt involuntarily.

Liu Weiwei was so scared that her hands and feet were cold. "Xiao Bei, what's wrong?" Her face turned pale instantly, "Xiao Hei's injury worsened?" Her Little Meat Bun was as optimistic as she was, but every time a pet in the base got injured and died, they would be very sad. If something happened to Xiao Hei... then the Meat Bun and Xiao Bai would definitely collapse and cry!

Little Xiao Bei rubbed his eyes, buried his head in Liu Weiwei’s arms, and acted coquettish with her, not like the troublemaker he usually was at all.

Xiao Bai was even more sullen, making Liu Weiwei's heart sink directly.

This scene was quickly noticed by reporters and they approached secretly. Others even pricked up their ears to eavesdrop.

The little chubby bun raised his head, revealing a miserable little face stained with ashes, and finally, intermittently, choked out a question that was extremely aggrieved. "Mama, I'm not... Dad's son?"

Liu Weiwei was instantly dumbfounded, "What?"

The onlookers were even more stunned, just like watching a live dog blood drama.

"Ouch, sin has been committed."

"That man is blind. His wife is a beautiful chef, but he still f*ck up!"

"Hey, hey, you said it wrong, no? ... The bun was asking if he is not his father's child, understand?"

"Eh? Then the beautiful chef cheated?!"

Just now, the people was going to promote Dragon Beard Noodles and there was even a reporter who was doing an interview, but now everyone was instantly dumbfounded. In just a minute, how did the glorious image suddenly collapse?

Liu Weiwei didn't pay attention to the sounds around her otherwise she would probably vomit blood and curse. But now she was focused on her son. She rubbed his dirty tender cheeks and wiped his tears, "Where did you hear that? Didn't you eat with Dad?"

Liu Weiwei frowned. Qin Mo actually let their son run out of the barracks alone?

The little meat bun sobbed again, obviously too sad. He still liked his taciturn father very much. Although his father was hegemonic and violent, unreasonable and likes to be aggressive, always quarrels with Xiao Hei, and refuses to let Xiao Bai sleep on his bed... Although there were so many shortcomings that he even couldn't count them with all his ten fingers, but... He was still his father! Xiao Bei had always forgiven him!

"We were eating skewers but suddenly there was an ugly and nasty bad woman, with, with a... nasty younger brother, saying that he, he is father's son! She said I'm not... wuwuwuwuwu..." The little meat bun was full of tears, sobbing until he couldn't breathe, but still stubbornly pulled out a chicken wing from his space. With it in his mouth, his little face bulged and his speech was slurred. "Mama, I was so angry eating a food so inferior, so I'm here to find you..."

The little rabbit in Xiao Bei’s arms also moved, hugging her belly while whimpering and cooing.

Liu Weiwei: …

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