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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 204

ICRAB – Chapter 204

Qin Mo's face was dark. He was looking at this group of shameless old guys swept the vegetables on the table like the wind. They were all eaten up just like locusts had just crossed the border. He didn't use his chopsticks much. He just finished turning the dishes for Xiao Bei so he would be able to take some with his short hands, not to mention Liu Weiwei who was still feeding Xiao Yue.

Where were the leaders of the academy, they were simply robbers! One by one, the old guys ate more fiercely than the soldiers in the army cafeteria. One chopstick went down and the small half of the griddle was gone.

Contrary to Qin Mo's concept, Liu Weiwei was initially frightened, but she quickly regarded it as praises from the diners. Clean dishes were always the best reward for a chef. Although she was not in charge of all the dishes today, but as the hostess, she was also honored. In an instant, the school leaders were classified as good guests by her.

Liu Weiwei immediately instructed Qin Mo who had a bad-looking face, "Help me bring out the other prepared dish." She couldn't do anything while holding a child.

The people at the table finally came to their senses. They were a little embarrassed to look at the empty plates on the table, but when they heard that there were more dishes, their mood instantly flew. 

The leaders obviously liked Liu Weiwei as a junior. When Qin Mo went to the kitchen, Principal Xia, who was sitting next to her, immediately made a statement. "Clerk Liu, don't worry. Your treatment when you arrive at our academy will be with the military cafeteria."

"Also, Old Zhou, you need to communicate more with Colonel Qin. The Mecha Department has had a heavy teaching task in the past two years. Colonel Qin has a lot of combat experience, so you need to let him teach the children more." As Principal Xia spoke, he winked at Liu Weiwei. "He could be busy during the day, but he don't have to work overtime at night. Let him come back to accompany his wife and children."

Liu Weiwei was not really young and ignorant, she immediately heard the overtones of Principal Xia. ‘I heard that your husband is unreliable and there is a rumor of him raising a lover outside. Whether it is true or not, it’s fine. In our school, the department head will take care of this for you. Let him be blocked by students during the day and let him go home on time at night. Raising a lover needs time, doesn't it? Hehe, I guarantee he won't have extra time!’

Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

Chies Zhou had already nodded his head and replied, "That's a must. Clerk Liu, don't worry, Colonel Qin will be covered by me."

Qin Mo’s face when he came out with the extra dish was obviously a bit darker. He looked at the school leaders coldly, but unfortunately the other party's eyes were not on him. The iron basin was brought directly to the table and the various ingredients in it were either deep-fried to golden brown or coated with a layer of shiny golden oil. There was also a pile of hot chili bean sauce, which was so full of fragrance.

The leaders had never seen such a dish before. Although their salaries were not enough to be considered rich people, they still went to five-star old restaurants several times a year. When they received leaders from other departments of the Interstellar Alliance, they always ate high-end cuisine. But this was the first time they had seen such an honest dish by directly putting the iron basin usually used to wash face directly on the table! This picture was really shocking in their eyes.

If they were nobles, they might also feel that this was not artistic at all and felt that there was no beauty. But these school leaders were also soldiers from the army decades ago. Who had never washed their face with an iron wash basin? In the dormitory of the base, there were automatic high-tech bathing equipment, but it was not always convenient to carry a set of technological equipment when going out to battle.

Basins, toothbrushes, towels, quilts... No matter how many thousands of years had passed, they were one of the must-have items for soldiers in the field. Even Principal Xia, who was the first to retire from the army in the group, immediately recalled his youth with tears when he saw the wash basin. "Hey, this is exactly the same as what we used back then, right?"

"This dish really has the characteristics of our military region!"

"The aroma I smelled just now is this dish?"

Principal Xia was so excited that he wished he could drag the whole basin in front of him, reminisce and have a good meal! But the vice-principal next to him quickly stopped him and stretched out his hand to hold the other end of the basin directly.

"I heard that the First Army's military rations are now advancing by leaps and bounds. It is more effective than the most efficient spiritual catalyst. It is safe and has no side effects. Is this dish a military ration for the army?" Get up in the morning, wash your face, and then cook and eat in it!

So efficient! Save equipment area and make perfect use.

The vice-principal gave Liu Weiwei a thumbs up, "Clerk Liu, if we knew this earlier, we would have asked you to come to our school to instruct the cafeteria faster and let the children see this military equipment~" While having a tug-of-war with the principal, he did not forget to praise Liu Weiwei, and his nose twitched as he took a deep breath of the dish.

On the other hand, Chief Zhou looked at the contents of the basin with keen observation, "What is this golden block? It looks like a chicken, but it also doesn't look like it, nor does it look like pork."

Liu Weiwei smiled. "It's a bullfrog." It was only this last two years that she asked the military suppliers to let them specialize in breeding the ingredient. It was non-toxic and harmless, and also this bullfrog was cultivated in a high-tech sterile environment. They could be eaten with confidence.

"Let's eat and see," Liu Weiwei gestured to the dark-faced Qin Mo with her eyes. He then went to bring another pot, "And the pot of chicken wings is also good. I make a lot of them so everyone can bring some back later."As she said that, she stuffed little Qin Yue’s mouth with pumpkin porridge and ripped a few small pieces of pork ribs for him.

But in fact, Liu Weiwei didn't need to explain. The big leaders at the table had already started to work on the basin very quickly. What was a bullfrog, was it a type of frog? The big guys obviously didn't care much. Those present here were all people who have experience battlefield and had even eaten weird beasts at least once. They were not people that could be scared by the thoughts of eating a frog.

They didn’t shiver even if they ate bloody meat during battle, not to mention the fragrant and tender frogs that look golden and delicious in front of them.

This time, Chief Zhou didn't show any humility. He took advantage of his combat ability with a single glance to target the thickest thigh. When he picked it up, he was happy. Those thick legs, strong thighs, and attached calves... When he saw the whole thing, it looked like a big chunk of full muscle that he had trained in the army in the past!

This dish was very good.

Chief Zhou was a rough guy. Originally, he was a training maniac, but now he was a student training maniac. He was in no hurry to eat the frog, he put the thick leg on his plate.

"What's wrong?" The Director looked at Chief Zhou with hatred for a long time. He just grabbed the sweet lettuce from him, and now he grabbed such a big leg! He was even being too hateful by putting it on a plate to tease him.

Chief Zhou brought out the camera lens of his light brain and took a photo. He then slowly glanced at the Director's jealous eyes. He put the thick frog thighs into his mouth beautifully.

Director: !!! 

He didn't expect the most boring Old Zhou to take food photos. 

But Chief Zhou was obviously not willing to answer the director’s questioning eyes nor had time to answer. As soon as he took a bite, he found that the thigh meat was full of elasticity. Looking at the firm bullfrog thighs, it was much more delicious than chicken thighs in his mouth!

Wrapped in a layer of fried gold powder, it was shiny and moist, and it had a stimulating and spicy taste that makes him unable to stop. The flesh of the thighs was full of provocation, tender and soft enough to make him instantly flushed red. 

This bullfrog, absolutely delicious! It's not like chicken meat and it's also not like pork. The soft bullfrog meat is full of juice while the bean sauce and chili oil had been completely absorbed. It's the best meat Chief Zhou had ever eaten!

When the Director saw Old Zhou like this, he hurriedly put what was in his chopsticks into his mouth. He couldn't help but straighten his chest as soon as he entered his mouth. Tasty……

At this time, the group of leaders completely forgot that they came here today for a welcoming dinner. They were all very happy to eat by themselves and not even chatting to the person they wanted to welcome. After eating the soft and salty griddle bullfrog with one chopstick on the left and the other on the right, they even ate the other condiments.

The fried crispy thin potato chips were fragrant and spicy, extremely enjoyable. The lotus root slices were delicious today. One bite at a time, the sound of chewing was like magic, forcing them to continue. The green lettuce inside was firm and it had sweet moisture, which was just right to eat a bite to relieve some greasiness.

And what made them fight the most were the remaining glutinous rice cakes on the bottom of the basin. The outer skin was fried to a crispy golden brown but the inside was still soft and sticky. It was chewy and bouncy. 

Liu Weiwei was very relieved. Fortunately, she had the foresight to prepare a lot of rice in advance, she also prepared an extra-large basin full of food. This group of bigwigs looked old and reserved during the day, but when they arrived at the dinner table, their heroic expressions were completely the same as those of Marshal Li Er, they were brutal. When everyone was full, she took a small rice bowl and began to chew slowly.

At the dinner table, everyone spoke to each other and chatted very lively.

Soon, Liu Weiwei and the bigwigs added each other as friends.

"Clerk Liu, if you have any difficulties in the future, feel free to tell me." Principal Xia hugged his stomach. He was so full that he couldn't move, but his face was full of satisfaction, "If the cafeteria’s ingredients is not enough, you must tell me. We cannot skimp on the children's food."

The Director of Education nodded desperately beside the Principal. The two vice-principals also followed behind to express their opinions.

"If the principal is not available, you can find us."

"We heard from Li Er that the cafeteria in the military region send soldiers to help cook in rotation. We can do this too, let the students help so you will not be tired."

Even Chief Zhou, who had nothing to do with the cafeteria work at all, wanted to join in the fun. "If someone makes trouble, Clerk Liu, you can find me. I will let my students drive mechas to maintain order on the scene! If they don't obey, they will be beaten up!"

Liu Weiwei:  …

She originally missed the military base’s cafeteria a bit after leaving, but she found that the academy’s cafeteria was equally brutal just like the base. She was very familiar with it!

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