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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 208

ICRAB – Chapter 208

The students were very excited. Such a great chef was here and she was also the wife of the new professor, wouldn't that mean that she was their own? Heaven, was it still far from them? There's only a thin line!

Although the cafeteria had not yet opened for three meals, the happiness and expectation index of the students in the First Military Academy had risen directly, these guys in the military academy that were born with a militant factor. They obviously hadn't eaten real food yet, but they had already gone to other schools' forums to do things.

There were people who show off, "You are very close, so you can come outside our walls in the future to smell the fragrance, you are welcome.", "Brothers next door, don't be sad, I will regularly come to post pictures for you to see.", " Want to know what a chef is like, haha, please beg me"…

There were also those who deliberately make trouble, "Do you know why our school scores are high? If you don't pass the test, you could only watch other people eat!", "Don't be afraid, there is still a way. Quickly give up your student status, go back, and take the entrance exam again."…

All kinds of shameless posts appeared in many forums, almost arousing group anger.

However, Liu Weiwei, the central character of the story at this moment, was frowning. Qin Mo was starting to get nervous now. He had tried to keep her in bed all day. If she wanted to take a walk, it was only within 500 meters from home. According to him, within this distance, no matter what happened, the housekeeper robot could hear her call for help in time and came to the rescue.

"Five hundred meters? Waiting for the robot to rescue me?" Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Mo like he was a big fool. There were so many people coming and going in academy.

"Others are not professional and we are far from the clinic." Qin Mo frowned, "Also the robot has a medical chip while the doctors in the school clinic are not used to pregnant women."

"Okay. Just don't interfere with my work?"

"You have to take maternity leave. You are not physically fit..."

Liu Weiwei didn't want to talk to Qin Mo anymore. She was so angry that she laughed, "Then why didn't you get Bu Zhongxin over? In a few months, I probably won't even be able to go out of the house." She didn't even know he was so exaggerated. When they had Xiao Bei, he wasn't so nervous. Now just talking about it made her head hurt.

"Bu Zhongxin? Well, I already thought of bringing him here. He knows your physical condition best. With him, I can rest assured."

"... Don't tell me, you really called him here?"

"Before we set off, he applied for a transfer order, it should be approved soon."

"What?" Liu Weiwei almost thought she had heard it wrong, but seeing Qin Mo's face, she didn't know what to say. "Don't the rest of the army need medical treatment? He came to the academy just for us?" What about the attributes of being a national hero who promised to be selfless?

"There are other doctors in the army and there has been no beast wave recently. Instead, they are cadets who are easily injured in training and need good doctors. Also, Bu Zhongxin applied for a secondment by himself."

Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Mo, who had changed while humming. She didn't believe this.

However as a result, it was quickly confirmed. Bu Zhongxin arrived the day before the cafeteria opened. The first thing he did was come to the door to grab a meal. In addition, he didn't come alone. He even brought a little nurse, Li Sanpang, and a young female veterinarian.

"It's not authentic. You want to get rid of us?" Li Sanpang was very angry, "What should I eat tonight? I want to eat a big tonic soup to suppress the fire in my heart." Foodies always follow food, not some great goal.

Of course, they also came out with orders.

"I'm on a business trip. I want to investigate how young people react to the food you cook and how they respond mentally." Li Sanpang was very upright, "Of course I'm not a person who gave up work for the sake of eating. Maybe if the analytics showed great result I'll be able to invent a new type of military ration."

As for the female veterinarian who had acted resolutely in the beast wave, she smiled shyly, "I'm here to join graduate school. I feel that I still have a lot to learn."

Bu Zhongxin laughed, "I just came to help the school infirmary, Xiao Qing is with me." The female nurse nodded obediently.

Liu Weiwei thought that she would not be able to see everyone for the time being, but she did not expect to see them again so soon.

After seeing everyone off at night, Qin Mo laughed at Liu Weiwei’s naivety. "You are still afraid of loneliness? After a while, there will definitely be other people coming, and there will be all kinds of excuses." He was well rooted in the barracks and knew the virtues of these people. During the current period of peace where there was no battle, everyone would find a way to follow them.

Of course, the management would not let people go so easily, the higher levels were not fools.

The next day, Liu Weiwei received a bunch of crying messages. Lu Qingheng wrote a three-page cry saying that his application for transfer was rejected by the management. He whined on how sad he was, how sad that he couldn't eat all kinds of braised pork and braised chicken. Then he wrote that if there was a chance in the future, he would definitely apply again, even if it was just a few days of military exchange to be an instructor.

Liu Weiwei was dripping with sweat. It seemed that Qin Mo did not bring Bu Zhongxin here, it was the guy who wanted to come. It was also a miracle that the management agreed.

But after a careful examination by Bu Zhongxin, he said that Liu Weiwei was in good health now and was fully capable of doing the relaxed work in the cafeteria. Colonel Qin Mo also sighed in relief and waved his hand to let her go.

The opening of the cafeteria had officially kicked off!

In the morning, when students saw the announcement, they swarmed towards the cafeteria. Other students who only cared about their studies went into the cafeteria without saying a word after passing by or listening to others. Everyone put food first. No matter what you did, eat first!

Moreover, this early morning, the aroma from the cafeteria was too enticing. Even people who were running laps on the nearby playground were hooked. Even if they had drunk some nutritional supplements before, it was not a big deal. They were still hungry because of the smell. This was what people called greed!

"Shredded radish pancake, what? I haven't seen it outside!"

"Poached eggs, they look amazing."

"Egg and rice pancakes... Are these the first two combined into one?"

"Rolled Omelette with shredded potatoes, it sounds very fulfilling~"

Everyone was researching around the names on the small blackboard. They didn’t know who found it soon and exclaimed. "Wow, the low prices are scary."

The big drink like the mango cheese cannonball before cost three hundred credits, but today breakfast’s menu cost only twenty to thirty credits. Order all of them once, it would just be the price of one drink.

"Eat, eat, buy, buy!"

"I want it all, this grandpa has money~"

"Hahaha, I'm not wrong. There is such a small amount of money. Let's see how much I can buy with my three thousand pocket money. One hundred dishes, can eat for three months!"

The students all swarmed up like wolves, and the cafeteria, which originally looked spacious, was instantly crowded. There were a total of four windows, all lined up with long queues.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei was experienced and one robot was also placed in each window.

The content of the breakfast was very simple and there were not many preparation needed. Everyone ordered the dish and paid directly by scanning the QR code on the counter. The robot was responsible for assembling the food and the speed was very fast. The 4 robots could serve nearly 20 customers in one minute.

There were new people joining the queue and people leaving, so that it would not cause serious congestion. But the biggest problem, which soon became apparent, was that there were not enough seats. There were only five or six hundred seats on the first floor of the cafeteria and they were full in no time. In addition to eating, everyone sat down to communicate, which greatly affected their speed. But the waiting people didn't urge them to leave, instead they joined the conversation together.

"This rolled omelette with shredded potatoes, how can the omelette be so soft while the shredded potatoes in it stay crunchy? I didn't add spicy sauce and I regret it a bit."

"Isn't it? I only added sweet noodle sauce. I want to buy another one, it's only twenty credits!"

"Eat more and buy as much as you want. For one like this outside, even in a small restaurant it will cost at least 500, at a high-end restaurant it will cost at least 1,000."

"Really? I'll go, I'll eat it quickly and then I'll queue up again to buy more~"

This kind of conversation happened almost at every table. It didn’t matter if there was no place to sit, just eat the food directly while standing and then line up for the second time while eating. There was no need for a seat, so happy~

As a result, one student held radish pancake and he communicated with the student holding egg and rice pancake on the next’s window queue line.

"Brother, are yours delicious?"

"Perfect! Let me tell you about this egg-rice pancake. The rice is mixed with egg flavor, fragrant and crunchy~ I didn't even know that white rice could be so delicious!"

"This seems to be only fifteen credits?"

"That's right! It's cheap. You couldn’t even buy a bowl of plain white rice outside with fifteen."

"D*mn it, then I'll buy it too. Let me tell you, my radish pancakes are delicious too..."

Liu Weiwei originally thought that the speed of the robot could completely keep up with the speed of the crowd. But unexpectedly, this group of students was even more excited than the soldiers. In the absence of regulations, she had seen one person line up at least three or four times.

"Classmate, the cafeteria will always be here. It won't disappear tomorrow. There is also more food for lunch at noon, don't eat it too much at breakfast." Liu Weiwei made a mistake. She didn't make purchasing limit.

The classmates all shook their heads, being very proud, "It's okay, I can eat. I just need to go to the playground to run a few more laps later and I will digest it all."


Of course, some people bought some and filially mailed it to their parents to taste.

In this way, the cafeteria became more and more popular. Even until 10:30 in the morning, there were still people who came to ask if they still sold breakfast.

The beverage stand, which was originally open temporarily, was also very hot in the morning. When everyone was thirsty after eating the pancake, they wanted to drink a beverage. Also when they ertr full, they wanted to drink a refreshing beverage to suppress the greasiness.

Anyway, a big cup could be enjoyed slowly. They could drink it all day. Whatever boring class they were taking, they could take a sip to relieve boredom.

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