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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 209

ICRAB – Chapter 209

Almost all the ingredients Liu Weiwei prepared in the morning were used up. Those students and teachers who didn't eat until after ten o'clock soon found that compared to the breakfast options that appeared in the forum, they were nearly half less by the time they arrived. The popular potato pancakes were sold out, only the last three or four poached eggs were left, and the radish breakfast pancakes were running low.

Everyone lined up immediately, almost fighting over the last few places. When everything was gone in the end, the people who came in late could only be miserable, watching others ate breakfast.

At the back, Liu Weiwei couldn't stand it any longer. "Wait a second, lunch will be sold soon. Come early tomorrow, breakfast should be eaten before nine o'clock so that the body will feel great."

The students could only wait for lunch resignedly and swore on the spot, "I'll be here at 6 o'clock tomorrow. Does the cafeteria open at 6 o'clock?"

Liu Weiwei smiled and nodded. She had been working in the cafeteria of the military region and had long been accustomed to the militarized work and rest schedule. And in the early morning, robots were basically responsible for most of the work.

The students who took the oath soon went to the circle of friends and posted a message as proof. As a result, it caused a series of comments and reposts. In the First Military Academy, whether hardworking or lazy students, would soon have a perception. Whether or not there was a class in the morning, they had to get up early. Only early birds got the worm. If they slept until noon, the delicious breakfast in the cafeteria would be gone and then they could only cry.

Liu Weiwei didn't know yet that she had accidentally changed the bad living habits of a group of students. When the cafeteria reopened at noon, she immediately went back to her work. Looking at the windows of each serving dish, the long queue, the crowded crowd in the hall, and the seats all over the place, she felt extremely satisfied.

Because it was still the early days of official opening, the manpower and preparation were still insufficient, so the lunch menu was still relatively small. Four windows open, all offering the same set meals. There were three meat dishes, roast chicken, breaded shrimp, and fish fillet with tomato sauce; vegetarian dishes include eggplant stew, stir-fried green vegetables, and simplified version of mapo tofu; and the soup was cabbage vermicelli soup.

Different dishes were priced differently. The meat dishes were 30 per serving, while the vegetarian dishes were 15. Rice and soup were free, but each person could only have one bowl and needed to pay for extra.

Robots were all powerful in distribution works, which was much smoother than Liu Weiwei's cafeteria aunts in her school back then. 

Students simply swiped their cards directly at the window and choose the name of the dish they wanted. Each dish had been packed into a small plate, the plate was the size of a palm, one plate could hold seven or eight pieces of chicken, so both girls and boys could eat their fill. The first group of guys who arrived got out of class early or had no class in the morning were dumbfounded.

So cheap!

The potato pancake in the morning was twenty and this chicken or prawn was only thirty?!

Terribly cheap!

"Oh sh*t, I bought three potato pancakes this morning. If I knew, I would buy one less. If so, wouldn't I be able to eat an extra plate of fish fillets in tomato sauce?"

"F*ck! You're still pretty good. I ate more than 100 credit worth in the morning. If I restrained myself before, for lunch I can eat all the meat and vegetables!"

"D*mn, I simply admire my own stupidity!"

"Hey! Blame me! The cafeteria owner reminded me in the morning, but I didn't listen! I was mad at myself!"

"I checked my wallet, it's a heartache~"

Everyone beat their chests and stomped feet in front of the window. They simply regretted their action in the morning. But now it's too late to say anything. People who ate too much in the morning were not too hungry now, but if they didn’t buy food now, when everyone finished classes later, the queue would be lined up until the teaching building. At that time, whether any food could be bought or not would be a question.

"Buy it! Buy it first and then talk about it later! I have a class in the afternoon. If I come late at night after class, can I still eat the hot dishes at noon?"

"It makes sense, brother. Buy it, it's cheap, in case the price goes up next month!"

Now the happiest was the group of people who missed breakfast. They were hungry and there was still a large surplus of pocket money.

"Give me one each of these three meat dishes."

"I want to eat meat, chicken, and fish, but not vegetables."

"This tofu looks good, give me one, and also the eggplant."

Everyone's situation was different, and soon, Liu Weiwei discovered the problem.

In the cafeteria of the military district, all soldiers who could enter enjoy the supplies for free. Everyone had a prescribed amount of dishes. If the menu specified two meat and two vegetarian dishes, everyone would choose within the range of choices. No one would say that they only wanted meat dishes and didn’t want any vegetarian dishes. But now the school cafeteria was paid for by the students themselves, so this time the difference came out.

Boys were carnivores and most of them didn't like vegetarian dishes, so they spent all their money on meat dishes. Meanwhile thrifty girls tried their best to buy vegetables, mainly because they were cheap. This combination was nutritionally unbalanced.

Liu Weiwei did not expect that these students who were all adults in their twenties would still be so picky about food. Under her suggestion, still give excuses confidently.

"Boss, I don't want to eat vegetables. If I eat two less vegetables, I can replace it with a pot of meat! Eat meat to be full~ It's fine. I'll go back and drink a bottle of vegetable nutrients and make up for the nutrition later."

"I want to keep some to eat it in the evening too. If I buy a plate of chicken, I will not have enough for a meal in the evening." The thrifty said, "Protein, fat loss? No problem, I ate egg pancakes in the morning!"

Liu Weiwei was losing her ground. In this world of nutritional supplements, there were no nutritional deficiencies or imbalances at all. But, as a cook with obsessive-compulsive disorder, it was so hard for her to watch these picky eaters. However, if she made the meal to be two-meat and two-vegetable set, in case the customer had taboos, they couldn’t be forced to buy. After all, the students themselves paid for the meal.

Big headache!

Sitting in the window, Liu Weiwei fell into contemplation as she watched the robot cook dishes fluently and the excited faces of the students. Little Qin Yue next to her was not picky about food now while Xiao Bei buns at home eat everything, so the two little guys were raised without this type of problem. Nutritional supplements were never on her dining table at all, at most they were consumed as a drink when thirsty.

When Liu Weiwei was distressed, the students outside had gone crazy. The people who got the dishes were all drooling. For no other reason, it was because the dishes were so beautiful.

The roast chicken had been cut into pieces. The skin was bright and ruddy, as if smeared with honey, exuding an attractive color. The meat inside was steaming crisp, tender and white, in sharp contrast to the ruddy skin. The fragrance was even more pleasant and their saliva was drooling.

That breaded shrimp was also beautiful. Large shrimps of unknown variety, curled up and stacked on a plate, fried to a golden brown, as if trapped in the surrounding golden jacket, the whole dish shimmered. And this shrimp was very plump, people could see the shrimp shells were bursting open one after another, and was is not ordinary.

The third meat dish, the fish fillet with tomato sauce was even more beautiful. The orange-red sauce and evenly thick fish fillets was bright in color, which stimulated the students’ appetite. 

The people who came out in front all carried their plates and walked in the back line before they could sit down at the seats outside. The unintentional show off along the way made the queue in cafeteria boil again and again, and the scene almost lost control.

Song Hua woke up late in the morning, but it wasn't too late. He played games all night, and slept until 8:50 in the morning as usual. As soon as he took out a nutritional supplement and drank it, he immediately trotted all the way to his classroom and sat down in the last row. But he soon discovered a fatal tragedy, he had missed his first breakfast in the cafeteria. Looking at the various omelettes in the classroom, he struggled to pay attention to class all morning.

It's a pity that Song Hua had three consecutive mecha classes in the morning, so there was no chance to slip away in the middle. It wasn't until the professor announced that class was dismissed that he took advantage of sitting in the last row of seats to rush out and went to the cafeteria to grab the first batch of lunch spots.

Under the envious gazes of everyone, Song Hua happily held his plate and found a vacant seat. He didn't take the chopsticks and just grabbed a roasted chicken leg by hand and stuffed it into his mouth. Originally, the queue had already lined up until right beside his seat and he wanted to keep his dignity in front of the senior sisters, but it was instantly ruined by the roast chicken leg.

As soon as Song Hua took a bite, he was shocked by the tender and plump roast chicken taste that burst out of his mouth. The chicken was rich, crispy and delicious, and the skin was fragrant and the meat was also fragrant. It swept his tongue directly, as if a tornado was blowing rapidly. When he recovered, he realized that the taste of chicken still remained in his mouth.

What dignity... it didn’t matter! Song Hua snapped a chicken leg and tore off the bones in an instant. If it weren't for his only trace of reason left, he could have chewed all the bones and swallowed them altogether. The bones were also super fragrant!

Song Hua put all his fingers in his mouth and licked all the remaining bits of chicken before he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat the rice with a slam. But then he got shocked again. The white rice that he usually didn't want to eat, after eating the delicious chicken, felt very fragrant and delicious, full of sweetness~

Song Hua frantically started to ate the roast chicken with rice. He ate a lot of food quickly and emptied his plate in a few seconds. Then he moved to the next plate of fried shrimp until someone patted him on the shoulder.

Song Hua reacted, "Why?" Who was this that didn’t even let him eat in peace?

"D*mn it! You still dare to scold me! You didn't respond when I called you just now!" It turned out to be Song Hua’s three roommates. "We reserved a seat for you this morning, but you have to sit in the last row. Now you didn't even hear me!" Hou Honglin was aggrieved. This was the rhythm of breaking up the friendship.

Song Hua stared, "I'll be sitting in the last row from now on, that way I can buy food quickly, understand?" After speaking, he probably also felt that he was too fierce towards his friends, so he immediately added another sentence.

"Go queue. I will tell you, you must buy roast chicken. You will cry when it is sold out!" Song Hua said this while biting the golden fried shrimp in his mouth.

This bite broke the shrimp shell and the shrimp meat bursts out elastically. The still-hot shrimp meat flicked directly on the teeth, and the aroma exploded in the whole mouth instantly.

"Wait, buy this shrimp too!"

Hou Honglin: …

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