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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 196

ICRAB – Chapter 196

The most fortunate thing for the cameraman was that he had already aimed his camera lens at the beauty and recoding was always on. The incomparably cool hand pulled noodles technique didn’t look like something a human could do at all. Even if the playback speed was slowed to 0.5x, it was estimated that some people still couldn’t believe it.

"This is simply amazing!"

"D*mn it! Beauty, you are going to the rhythm of heaven."

"Your hands are so powerful, does your husband know? I want to ask if he is very happy?"

"God, it's scary, what did you eat growing up?"

"Just now, the robot didn't seem to be moving this fast and the noodles it pulled out weren't so thin. You are even better than the robot!"

After Liu Weiwei pulled the noodles, she threw them all into a pot of boiling water. The Dragon Beard Noodles, which were as thin as hair, looked like white snow. Even when they were put in the pot, they were like a dragon entering the river. Countless vortexes were suspended directly in the boiling water and after a cloud of smoke, the hot water returned to calm. It seemed that countless raptors had fallen into a temporary sleep, but they might rise up in the next moment!

The people queuing held their breaths one by one. They couldn't believe that they could eat such domineering noodles.

"This noodle is named Dragon Beard Noodles, which comes from its shape but also has auspicious meaning." Liu Weiwei took the next dough with a smile, "I hope everyone who tasted this bowl of noodles today will live a long and happy life like a proud dragon soaring up."

With this word, the audience burst into warm applause. Everyone's faces were originally filled with admiration and approval. Now it was filled with gratitude for the blessings and the people initially tired faces change to almost completely new.

"Take a photo. I will send it to my circle of friends so that I can be lucky for a whole year."

"After eating the noodles, I will go buy a lottery ticket."

"Haha, I made a video. The reposts will be good for ten years~"

"You illiterate group, dragons can live for at least a thousand years, how can they be prosperous for just a couple hundred years?"

Everyone was smiling. It didn't look like they had just experienced catastrophe at all.

The cameraman kept taking the people on the scene into his lens. The reporter wanted to interview Liu Weiwei, but he couldn't squeeze in.

Although Liu Weiwei and Master Cai Mingkun had not reached the extreme height in noodle skills, they had a tacit understanding of the technique needed. Even in the process of constantly kneading and stretching the dough, there was a feeling of entering martial arts world.

They couldn't hear all the noises from the world around them. In front of them, there was only this soft white dough and thousands of pulled noodles; in their ears, there was only the sound of mixing dough, kneading and developing its gluten, and the pot of water simmering...

Liu Weiwei didn't take out any timer but she was so timely as if she was counting down the seconds. When the slender noodles gradually floated to the surface of the pot and the water started bubbling again, she quickly threw a new wave of dragon beard noodles in her hand into the pot and at the same time scooped out the cooked noodles out of the pot. She poured it into the chicken soup that Elder Cai had prepared a long time ago. She quickly sprinkled a handful of salt, some green onions, threw down a handful of shredded chicken, and handed it to the first guest in queue.

The young man in queue almost knelt down. He took the bowl with trembling hands and looked at Liu Weiwei with admiration as if he had received a peerless treasure. He swallowed a large mouthful of saliva and sniffed hard, "It smells so good!"

"Ah, is that tastier than what the robot made just now?"

"God, if I knew this I would queue a little later! I also want to eat this cool handmade noodles made by master chefs."

"Is it delicious? You try it and tell us, don't make us wait too long."

The young man was not in a hurry. He shook his head with a personality, "Don't worry, don't worry, this master's work should be eaten slowly." He pretended to be elegant but immediately received a bunch of ‘tsk’ and ‘huh’ from the other people.

"Little handsome guy, you haven't picked up your chopsticks yet."

Liu Weiwei immediately let the man broke his pretense and the audience laughed.

The young man was even more red-faced. When he saw the camera next to him he went red to the root of his neck, "Ah, just cut off the trouble just now and start over."

Everyone laughed so hard that even the cameraman was laughing and the camera swayed.

The young man coughed, picked up chopsticks unskillfully, and pounded several noodles into his mouth. With a slurping sound, the soup and noodles came into his mouth. Everyone's eyes were focused on him and everyone wanted to know how this magical bowl of handmade Dragon Beard Noodles tasted.

The young man quickly slurped a few times, swallowed, and then stared around. He was speechless and his eyes were dull, he looked like the villain who got acupuncture points hits in an antique martial arts movie.

"...What's the matter? What the hell is going on? Talk!"

"This waiting is killing me."

"This brother is too stupid. Drag him out, next one."

"Sh*t, this expression means delicious or not?"

A group of people did not read any valid information from the young man’s stunned silence. 

However, in the next second, when everyone wanted to give up and turned to leave, the young man suddenly woke up and started twitching. He didn't know how to use chopsticks at all and he couldn't hold even a single dragon beard noodle, but he tilted the bowl over and used the chopsticks to pull noodles to his mouth frantically, squeezing hundreds of noodles into his mouth. It didn't take long for his cheeks to bulge. It was stuffed with noodles and shredded green vegetables and chicken. As if he was not yet satisfied, he took a big mouthful of the noodle soup. His mouth looked like it was about to burst in the next second.

Everyone's hearts were lifted, but the young man clenched his fists violently. He thumped his chest twice, chewed everything in this big mouth, and swallowed it. "Ow... ah... um..."

The young man made a series of weird sounds and his expression became wonderful, and then content, sometimes intoxicated, sometimes calm, but then excited. If people didn’t know, they would think he was playing some kind of high-altitude bungee jumping.

The young man finally licked the bowl clean and nodded frantically with bright eyes, "Delicious!"

Everyone wanted to hit him. After waiting for a long time, they only got this one word.

"It's really delicious." The young man touched his stomach and licked his mouth in a daze.

But soon, everyone found that the second person in the line also got his hot dragon beard noodles, so the attention was instantly removed from the young man. The second diner was a little girl with a schoolbag, following her mother.

Liu Weiwei specially put the noodles in a small pink bowl for the girl. The little girl was sweet and cute, with two tender apple like cheeks. Liu Weiwei could tell at a glance that she was the kind of good daughter that Comrade Qin Mo always missed in their family. 

Thinking of Little Meat Bun Xiao Bei at home, Liu Weiwei couldn't help but soften a little. "Funny quiz: How old are you this year?"

"Auntie, I'm eight years old~"

Liu Weiwei smiled and gave her the Dragon Beard Noodles, "The answer is correct, be careful, it’s still hot."

When the little girl got the bowl, she shouted thank you sweetly.

A little daughter was really obedient, cute, and caring. Liu Weiwei's motherly heart suddenly moved. After Xiao Bei reached three years old, he liked to run around the barracks. As long as it didn't affect training, anyone who saw him would hug him and take him everywhere to play wildly. When he was young, he was soft and would stick to Liu Weiwei’s side begging for hugs and kisses, but now he was not very good at it. He haunted people outside all day and said that he wanted to learn this and that.

Huft…… When Liu Weiwei thought about this, she felt lost. Her son had been raised roughly by Qin Mo since he was a child, so he didn't like to stay at home and rub against her. Now he would rather hold Xiao Bai or sleep with Xiao Hei rather than looked for her.

Looking at the little girl, her voice was tender, her eyes were soft, and she was also a little shy. Wearing a small pink skirt, carrying a small schoolbag, and her hair combed into two cute little braids, the girl looked like a doll.


Liu Weiwei didn't think like this before, but now she found that Qin Mo's thinking was quite correct, a daughter would be caring and lovely longer than sons.

"Mother, I'll give you more. It's not easy to raise children." Liu Weiwei glanced at the little girl’s mother enviously again.

The mother and daughter thanked Liu Weiwei gratefully and quickly walked aside to eat the noodles. They were shy, but also happy to communicate with people around them.

Seeing the camera move over, the little girl's mother also stood up and bravely answered the reporter's question. "This Dragon Beard Noodles is really delicious, just like what the previous little brother said. The noodles are so finely kneaded that the texture is very soft but they are not completely mushy. They still have a little elasticity. Just sip on your tongue and the noodles will melt without needing to bite your teeth."

"This noodle soup is also very delicious. The old master said just now that the chicken bones were boiled in a pressure cooker. After eating a few chewy chicken shreds and drinking a big mouthful of hot soup, my whole person is really warm to the outside. I’m even getting sweaty."

The young mother glanced at her little daughter embarrassedly, "My child is usually a picky eater and doesn't like to drink nutritional supplements. But today she told me that she was still hungry and she felt that eating a small bowl was not enough. The taste is really good. I recommend everyone to try it. The beautiful chef has good skills and a good heart."

The reporter nodded contentedly, "Thank you for your answer, I'll try it too." Such a cool dragon beard noodles, if he missed this, there might be no other chance.

Dragon beard noodles in five-star restaurants were priced at more than 50,000 yuan by a super chef and the handsome production process was not open to public. It's free today by just answering one quiz. Someone would be fool not to line up for a bowl!

Reporters were also very smart these days, not to mention that they could still work while queuing. The reported turned on his light brain and quickly found many messages from his immediate boss. 

"What's going on? Where's your press release? Where's the edited video? You can tell me if it doesn't work and I'll give you a live broadcast location. All other websites have already flown but we're still squatting in the pit. What the hell are you doing? Have you arrived yet?" A lot of questions showed that the editor-in-chief's anger value had reached its peak.

The reporter blinked and looked at the situation of his colleagues sent by the editor-in-chief. He was a little nervous at first being scolded, but when he saw other people's videos, he burst out laughing. "Well, a complete victory. I'm increasing my luck by wearing red underwear today, killing those guys in seconds will be easy!"

"Big Brother Li, let’s send the super cool tornado like handmade dragon beard noodles trick to the editor-in-chief. Make it an exclusive big headline, we will definitely win!"

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