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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 202

ICRAB – Chapter 202

[The main task of the food master: the next generation of food!]

[Strong youths make a country strong, our future lies in the next generation. Now your support rate is currently 23% and the Chef Association is 73%. Please start with the next generation immediately.]

[Task requirements: Obtain a support rate of more than 50% from 10-20 year olds.]

[Reward: The progress of being a food master increased by 20%.]

Liu Weiwei saw this system task a few days ago but she never felt rushed. First, there was no time limit for task mission, second, she had no plan to leave the military camp, and third, she had no energy. Her focus had been around Xiao Yue and her own plan to create another human being recently. Even the cafeteria on the base and several other restaurants under her names had been handed over to apprentices and robots to be handled. But she didn't expect that reality pushed her to the track of completing the task so quickly.

For Qin Mo's proposal, Liu Weiwei raised her hands to express her approval. In her previous life, although she did not get married or had children, many married female colleagues and friends complained in the circle of friends about living as if they were widowed all day long. All of them were saying that their husbands didn’t care about the children. They were indeed busy at work during the day, but when they got home at night, they just sat down and played games or watch mobile phones by themselves. They also didn’t help with housework at all. The children cried in front of their eyes, but they didn't seem to see anything.

Most of the mothers also had to work. As a result, when they went home at night, they still had to face a lot of housework. They had to manage their children's meals and their homework, and they also needed to play with their children and coaxed them to sleep. That kind of marriage was no different from widowhood!

Even if Qin Mo didn't discuss the temporary withdrawal with her in advance, Liu Weiwei was not angry at all. He took off his heavy responsibilities because he actually wanted to devote more time to the family. To put it bluntly, he could have just thrown the children to her, but he didn't. He instead gave up his career.

Xiao Yue's brain development had degenerated delayed so he still drooled frequently and he couldn't eat his own meals. To take care of his daily life, it was not a problem just to arrange a robot to help him, but if they wanted him to grow up healthy and guided him to catch up with the progress bar of other children, these required parents to put in a lot of energy and patience. This kind of teaching couldn’t be replaced by cold-hearted robots.

There was no doubt that Qin Mo was a good father and a responsible man. It was clear that he could go to the next level in his career, took advantage of the beast wave being successfully handled, and get promoted again all the way to a high position in the military, but he wanted to step down and went home to teach his children instead.

Liu Weiwei suddenly felt that she now had the courage to have a second child or even a third child! She at least had someone to share the duty or raising the children with.

Looking back, Bu Zhongxin should be able to arrange birth without pain. In the interstellar era with its mature technology this should be trivial.

"Wow, can you play with me at home from now on, Dad?" Xiao Bei understood it in seconds and his face brightened immediately, "Dad can also tell stories to Xiao Yue during the day?"

Qin Mo's face darkened. He often tampered with fairy tales and told this child about The Ugly Duckling that was almost like a pirated version. Because of Xiao Bei’s talkativeness, this became a joke that everyone in the military base knew. "Have you done your homework? When you leave the military area, you have to take care of yourself and study hard with the children outside."

The military academy also had an affiliated primary school. From kindergarten to college, as long as the children were not eliminated, they could gain a wave of friends and comrades in the future. Many children from ordinary families with no background all trained hard, because the elimination rate of military academies was extremely high.

Just like Liu Weiwei knew about the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, every student was one of thousands in the troops crossing a single-plank bridge. They would need to say goodbye if they didn’t working hard.

Xiao Bei hummed instantly.

Liu Weiwei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She picked up little Qin Yue and went to the kitchen to cook.

When the sun was shining brightly, the family of four humans and two beasts left the base temporarily under the reluctance of many people.

"We'll be back~" Xiao Bei waved frantically at everyone. There was no reluctance on his little face at all, but instead there was a kind of joy like a bird coming out of the cage. The military base, for children, was simply a bondage. He had long seen on the Internet that there were a lot of fun and delicious food outside, but unfortunately even his parents had to report first when they wanted to out.

What the others were most reluctant to give up was Cooking Soldier Liu. Thinking of the possible decline of the cafeteria's cooking standards in the future, they all stared at Yang Likun, making him felt chills all over.

Of course, since several batches of snack street robots had been prepared, there was no shortage of people or machines who could cook in the cafeteria. In a month, the dishes would still not be repeated. Now, even the beasts in the Scientific Research Bureau had special robots to cook their snacks. They accepted this arrangement with shiny furs and bright eyes.

After Liu Weiwei handed over her work, she was very reluctant to be leaving the military sister-in-laws, her best friends, and the obedient beast pets. But just like Xiao Bei, she also believed that their family would come back soon. The military camp was also her hometown now. She just went out on business, so the sadness in her heart was not great.

Soon, the family set foot on the spacecraft and went to the largest military academy in the legend, which was also Qin Mo's alma mater – First Military Academy of the Interstellar Alliance.

The school leadership team, represented by the principal, received the family very warmly. Originally, Liu Weiwei thought it was because of her high grade husband, but she soon learned that such a large lineup was there to welcome her.

"Officer Liu, I have long admired your name, welcome!" The principal's surname was Xia, and he smiled like a flower, "I heard from Old Li a long time ago that you have created cafeteria culture, snack street, and all kinds of delicious food feast. This kind of feasts, we have long been looking through to experience it ourselves so we often hope that one day you can come to our place and send warmth to the students!"

Liu Weiwei was shocked on the spot. 

Students……! ?

College students!

The director was standing next to the principal. His uniform was also very neat and majestic. But when he looked at Liu Weiwei, his eyes focused on her stomach. His face was serious and careful. "As long as you're not too tired, Clerk Liu can do whatever you want. We have already sorted out the cafeteria. I heard that you also brought a robot, but we still prepared two latest models that we just purchased this year. We will put them to help you in the kitchen."

Liu Weiwei felt the other party's unusually concerned gaze and couldn't help but stretch out her hand and twist the Colonel's arm next to her. During the period before leaving the military base, they were still working hard to create a human. But... whether it was successful or not, they didn't know yet! She only said yesterday that she suspected they had succeeded, but by today everyone knew it already?

What the hell!

Principal Xia laughed as if he hadn't seen the interaction between the couple. "You husband and wife are both glorious graduates of our school. Now that you come back to teach, your alma mater will definitely give you the best conditions."

"Master Qin, you can ask Director Meng for the class schedule later. Clerk Liu, you can open the cafeteria whenever you want, you just have to tell Director Meng when you set a time. We are going to issue a poster to notify the children and set it as a special reward after a quiz."

Colonel Qin Mo, who was disposed of casually, had no sense of existence. On the contrary, Liu Weiwei shouldered many children's futures one by one.

"Oh yes, look at me wasting your rest time. Are you tired?"

Liu Weiwei shook her head awkwardly.

"Then we will take you to see the cafeteria first?"

Liu Weiwei understood why Marshal Li Er gave her a wink before she left. It was clear that she was just dispatched from one large cafeteria to another. Of course, there would be robots to help her so she didn't get tired, and she herself enjoyed cooking for people.

Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Mo's face that was still dark and followed the principal to visit the cafeteria. Xiao Yue was hugged by Qin Mo and she was holding Xiao Bei. Xiao Bai crouched on Xiao Hei’s. He was more than half healed as of now.

This academy’s cafeteria was very quiet. It had a large area and the dining benches inside were all new. When Liu Weiwei saw it, she knew that it was a new built.

"We used to let the students receive nutritional supplements directly and there are also nutritional cabins in each self-study classroom."

It's the same as any other school. Liu Weiwei looked at the two new robots and found that one of them had eight limbs, just like Nezha.

The principal coughed lightly and looked at the director. The director coughed also and a teacher next to him immediately stood up and explained with an embarrassed expression. "It's made like this so that it can work more efficiently. In this way more kids can eat."

Liu Weiwei imagined the magical image of a robot washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking vegetables, and washing dirty dishes at the same time. She almost kneeled to the teacher. Why didn't she come up with this method before? A teacher indeed, the brain was easy to use!

"Should we have a small welcome party today?" The principal rubbed his hands, "Let’s order a luxury package from a five star restaurant."

Liu Weiwei was not a big man before, so she had never received such courtesy. She blushed a little, "You don't need to order anything. I'll bring my robot and cook some home-cooked dishes. Today, I’ll invite everyone to come to our dormitory to eat."

The couple consisted of a high-ranking military officer and a high-ranking civil servant. There were also children in the family as well as high-level pets, so the allocated dormitory was a big one with four bedrooms, one dining, and one living areas.

Although Liu Weiwei hadn't see the accommodation yet, she knew that there would be more than enough space to entertain guests.

"How embarrassing this is, haha," Principal Xia waved his hands again and again, "Then we'll trouble you."

Liu Weiwei:  …

In the evening, Qin Mo strongly suggested letting the robot cook the dishes according to the number of guests, but Liu Weiwei felt that she was in a good condition. She did the cooking herself and added a deluxe version of griddle bullfrog, griddle shrimp, and also some chicken wings.

Liu Weiwei loved eating bullfrod very much, but as she suspected that she had succeeded in creating a human, she might have to avoid it. In addition, some people couldn't accept bullfrog as food, so she also made chicken wings that almost all people love. The guests hadn't arrived yet, but even Xiao Yue had grabbed some chicken wings and took two bites himself.

Meanwhile, Xiao Bei took on the responsibility of an ‘elder brother'. He tore off the tender chicken wings meat and stuffed them into Xiao Yue's mouth.

"Have you washed your hands yet?" Qin Mo almost went dark when he saw that his son's hand that had just touched Xiao Bai's buttocks directly went to feed others.

Liu Weiwei looked at the brotherly love between the kids with a smile. She was very moved, "It's okay, Xiao Bai had licked it clean."

Qin Mo: …! The little kids in the family were ignorant, the two beast pets were stupid, and the wife was too naive, how could he support this family alone!

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