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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 198

ICRAB – Chapter 198

"This girl is pitiful."

"Oh, if the parents are like this, the hardest is for the baby."

"What should I do? Wait, what does it mean for another woman to say that her son is the real child? Sh*t, what a bloody plot!"

"This guy is stupid! He doesn't even know who his son is? Could he even get his wife wrong?"

"Is there still such idiots these days? Didn't DNA testing already exist since centuries ago?"

Xiao Bei whose tears and face were wiped clean, ate a bowl of Dragon Beard Noodles fragrantly in Liu Weiwei's arms. Elder Cai opened the back door to make one bowl for him ahead of the queue. Xiao Bai even squatted down into the bowl of noodles. She acted as if she was taking a bath, and everyone around the two was smacking their tongues.

Meanwhile, the idiot and stupid man called by the crowd finally rushed to the scene. 

A fighter jet almost reached a sprint speed of 100 meters in the air. After passing through several hills, it flipped 180 degrees in the air and finally stopped in the sky above Liu Weiwei. The hatch opened and a man in a dark military uniform with a lot of military medals jumped straight from the air. He stepped on the green lawn covered in thousands of sunshine with a handsome and somewhat tanned face, but he was still cold like ice. He stepped forward directly amidst the exclamations of the crowd.

The reporter was so shocked and almost screamed, "Colonel Qin Mo!"

The big idiot that admitted the wrong wife, the stupid guy that recognized the wrong son was... Qin Mo? The national husband?

The Hero actually made his wife head green!? (TN: Having green head means being cuckolded in Chinese slang.)

What, what was... the situation! Big news! This was a great headline! This topic didn’t even need to be mixed with water. It was definitely a big headline for the company that could even make the server explode.

"Quick, quick, you record, I'll write!" The reporter's hands were shaking to the point of death, but he soon screamed. News involving senior military soldiers couldn’t be written willy-nilly, it had to be reviewed heavily. This negative news, even if he wrote and published it, would definitely be taken down. As soon as tears flowed out of the reporter, he realized he couldn’t do anything. This was an opportunity that could only be missed!

"It doesn't matter, let's take a video and talk about formalities later!" The cameraman decided to bite the bullet. But when their minds were at war, they almost missed a wonderful scene.

When the reporter looked at the protagonist of the story again, his jaw dropped in shock. He saw the big idiot… er no… Colonel Qin Mo took out a large keyboard from his space with a click. It was an old antique keyboard that had only appeared in textbooks before.

The reporter also looked at it for a long time before recognizing what it was. However, Colonel Qin Mo threw the keyboard to the ground and immediately knelt down.

Not only the reporters, but even the onlookers who were eating melon stared shockingly. This melon today was too big to eat! The dignified Colonel was kneeling on a keyboard in public, what was he doing? (TN: Eating melon means gossiping.) (TN: Kneeling on keyboard/washboard/or durian peel was an expression in Chinese for men when they made their women angry and wanted to repent their mistakes.)

At this moment, Liu Weiwei also twitched the corner of her mouth, "What are you doing?"

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, "Be a role model for our son. Mistakes can be corrected, so admitting it as soon as possible is great."

Liu Weiwei looked around with a black line on her head, "You will be the number one trending search today."

"That doesn't matter," Qin Mo didn't care at all, "So, you forgive me?"

Liu Weiwei snorted and hugged Xiao Bei tightly in her arms, "What should I? I don't know what you want me to forgive."

Qin Mo frowned and decided decisively, "Then I'll kneel in this keyboard, ok? I found this version of the mechanical keyboard you mentioned last time."

Liu Weiwei looked down at the little Meat Bun in her arms, "Baby, are you full? Tell your mother what you want to eat. Your father doesn't care about anything, he just came here and not even care about you. Mother will take you to eat. "

Qin Mo immediately coughed, banged his knees on the keyboard, and it made a series of terrifying shattering sounds.

Liu Weiwei raised her eyebrows, "How much is this keyboard? You broke it in a second!"

"It's so old that antique dealers can't find it. It's probably the last one in the universe. I apologize. It was my mistake to let Little Qin Bei run away alone. You hand him over to me but I didn’t keep my eyes on him well enough."

Xiao Bei stretched out his hand, "I can't call you Dad anymore? Can I call him Uncle Qin?"

Qin Mo's entire ice cube face twitched, "Qin Bei, you don’t want your ass? In front of your mother, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Xiao Bei whimpered.

"You sneaking out of the barracks while I was dealing with things will be settled later, but if you don't know the situation, you can't follow the wind and spread rumors to your mother."

"I, I don’t..."

Qin Mo took a deep breath and moved his right hand forward for a minute. Seeing Liu Weiwei didn't dodge, he breathed a sigh of relief and quickly grabbed her hand. "Liu Weiwei, you have to listen to me as an adult. It's obviously not wise to listen to Qin Bei's four-year-old's words."

Liu Weiwei turned her head away, "Someone came to us saying that she gave birth to a son for you. I don't want to hear it at all, I'm not interested."

Qin Mo could only smile bitterly, "You don't want to know how you met me back then? Where did it go wrong, with Xiao Bei?"

Liu Weiwei was taken aback.

Everyone around them pricked up their ears and the reporters even wished they could become the table at their feet to be able to listen closer!

"In the past, I didn’t know who planned this deliberately and what the purpose was." Qin Mo squeezed Liu Weiwei’s hand. "I just got my eyes on the investigation result today. Xiao Bei sneaked out while I wasn't paying attention and overheard a sentence or two."

Liu Weiwei looked at the bun in her arms and saw that he weakly pinched her clothes. "Why is it eavesdropping? Comrade Qin Mo, Xiao Bei is also qualified to know about this matter. Of course he needs to know who his father is."

When Xiao Bei heard this, he nodded again and again. He rubbed into Liu Weiwei’s arms again aggrievedly.

"Then I have to explain more clearly," Qin Mo picked up the destroyed mechanical keyboard on the ground. "Back then, we didn't do a paternity test because I was sure that my other half was you."

Liu Weiwei took a breath. When she heard such words within a large audience, even though the two was an old couple now, she still couldn't help blushing.

"Then dad, you don't check if I am really your child?" Xiao Bei hugged Xiao Bai, raised his head pitifully, and instantly pursed his lips, "Then I'm really not your child?"

"Are you my child?" Qin Mo reached out to touch his head and sighed, "Qin Bei, do you really have no idea?"

Xiao Bei tilted his head, obviously thinking.

Liu Weiwei was also confused. Xiao Bei was born without any genetic marks on his body. Now he was quite fat, ehm no chubby, completely unlike Qin Mo's sturdiness.

Qin Mo looked at the mother and son. He couldn't help but be happy seeing their confused look. "If it’s not because of my blood, with your mother's weak physical ability, would you be able to turn over the base at the age of three? Do bad things like running away where no one else can catch up, with your mother's scumbag physical ability, can you?"

"Didn't you follow Bu Zhongxin to most of the clinics, saying you want to study genetics, but you still don’t know?"

Liu Weiwei was trembling with anger, "I'm no longer a scumbag now!" She found time every day to exercise and occasionally had tasks that reward her with points to improve her physical fitness.

Qin Mo curled the corners of his mouth, "Then try now."


Xiao Bei only thought about it for two seconds and then nodded, "Mom really can't outrun me. So, my dad must have been very good in order to neutralize my mother's physical scumbag-ness."

Liu Weiwei: I said it again, I’m no longer a scumbag!

"Yes. According to your current A grade rating, with your mother's grade C, your father must have at least S grade physical fitness. So, there are no more than ten people in the entire Interstellar Alliance who can be your father based on this."

Qin Mo touched his son's head, "Eight of them are old enough to be your grandfather, while the other one is as far as a galaxy away from your mother. As soon as you were born, when I saw the medical report, I knew you were mine."

Liu Weiwei didn't want to talk anymore. Her face was getting darker and darker. She wasn't angry at all just now, no one could control what happened back then. Even if someone really came, she didn't think it was Qin Mo's fault. But now... she's in a very unbeautiful mood, what scumbag, what C grade! Was S grade so amazing?

This man was looking down on her!

"Dad, it makes sense. Then, is that bad woman gone? Did you make it clear to her? Did she admit the wrong person?"

"She didn't leave, but father had her arrested."

"Ah, then what about the little brother?"

"I let someone take care of him first and then I’ll help him find his real biological father."

"Oh oh~"

The father and son quickly reached a happy consensus. The perfect reconciliation was as good as new. This was the powerful, sensible science of genetics!

The gossip crowd all nodded in approval.

The reporters were also very keen. They find the singularity in the dialogue and they were even more heartbroken. Why would they need a medical report, why would they need a paternity test? Obviously, the love story of Colonel Qin Mo was very legendary!

Liu Weiwei’s face had already become the face of a puffer fish. She snorted coldly. She held Xiao Bei’s butt with one hand and stuffed him back into Qin Mo's arms, "Then you can go back. In the future, the two S grade people will sleep together and cook for themselves, I don't care."

Qin Mo smiled bitterly, "I'm telling the truth, Liu Weiwei, I haven't finished speaking yet. The point is, when I was drugged I supposed to be in a coma, but something went wrong and I accidentally met you who suddenly appeared there."

Gossip stories were always attractive to everyone and Liu Weiwei was no exception. "This doesn't sound right. It doesn't make sense. She gave you the medicine, but I took the trap. So where was she at that time? And knowing that she failed at that time, why did she only bring the child to you today?" After she finished speaking, she was stunned.

They didn't know what happened back then and their memory was blank. The other party was likely to take advantage of such a blank space to come and fool around.

"That's not right. If you go for a paternity test, wouldn't that child’s paternity be exposed clearly? She is also going to forge the identification results?"

Qin Mo smiled wryly, "So I sent a letter to Bu Zhongxin. I suspect that the child is very similar to me genetically."

Liu Weiwei stared and Xiao Bei stared with the same big round eyes.

The reporter held his chin tightly.

"My initial suspicion was that they took a sample of my blood cells."

Liu Weiwei was so shocked that the bowl she was holding fell to the ground.

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