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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 195

ICRAB – Chapter 195

In addition to food issues, residential areas also had common livelihood issues, flowers, plants, beasts, pets, local climate, well-known buildings and so on.

Soon, the Celebration Feast quickly entered the eighth position on Skynet's hot search list, and then rose rapidly at a rocket-like speed, directly rushing to the first place. Many media outlets flocked, reporters who had been squatting for a long time, and some tabloid reporters hurried from other planets, all crowded at various marker points on the map.

They enjoyed the delicious food while experiencing the quiz, and interviewed the residents who finally got out of the safe shelter while they waited in line. Everyone's enthusiasm for work was unprecedentedly high, so more relaxed and interesting interview experience happened.

All the little brothers carrying cameras and the reporters wearing invisible microphones, appeared in various fancy work states. Some reporters were even kicked by the cameraman as he was enjoying the Taiwan sausage in his mouth more than caring about the interview.

"Ask questions! Why are you still eating? I've been waiting for so long, and you're still eating!" But when he turned around, the cameramen took a bite of a fried pancake himself, tsk tsk. He didn't even wipe the oil off the corners of his mouth.

Some reporters, while having a fun quiz, forget that they were still in the live broadcast camera and fight with the robot.

"Impossible. I came from this university. There are more girls in the media department. How can there be so many boys?"

"How many front teeth does a rabbit have? Well, I've never eaten a roasted rabbit head before, so how do I know? A rabbit is so cute, how could I eat a rabbit?!"

"Brother Robot, Big Brother, Master... Why others got a true or false question but when it comes to me, it becomes a multiple choice question? I also want a true and false question!"

Many of these incidents were so colorful at the end that even the cameramen couldn't stand it. But obviously they came to interview, it was still very fruitful.

"Hey, this stir fried chicken gizzard is really delicious~ It is even more delicious than the dish that the director took us to eat last time. This chicken gizzard is crunchy, fragrant and spicy, and it is so refreshing when eaten with lemon flavored nutrients. I was shaking all over."

"Big brother, don't you think the mushrooms in this plate of chicken gizzards are even more excellent? It absorbs the umami of the chicken gizzards and gathers the fragrance of the seasonal vegetables, locking them tightly. The essence of the whole plate was inside the diced mushrooms, they are simply amazing."

"I think the vegetables are very good at this dish. I just asked the robot. This is Chinese cabbage was cut into small pieces. It is not as crispy as chicken gizzards, nor does it have the same taste as mushrooms. But these Chinese cabbage tastes perfect, it’s salty and fragrant. It's moist, slightly spicy, but not irritating. I can just stay here and eat it all night, that's fine."

The three reporters, who were not from a newspaper, usually met each other for a little chat, but they always competed with each other. They did everything possible to do exclusive reports and hid news from each other, so it was very common to see these people talking nonsense together. But today, they were full of joy and harmony.

Since the ancient Chinese tradition, eating could reunite a large number of people, just like a hot stir-fry dish.

Today's interview seemed particularly easy, everyone was standing around, chatting while eating. Although there was no bonfire, it was clear that they were all in a state of celebration.

"Auntie, how has this beast wave affected you?"

"The building at home, according to the report, has collapsed."

"Ah, how many days did you stay under the dugout? I think you're in good spirits."

"Am I? I told you that what I've eaten in the shelter these days is no worse than today's feast and it's better than all the nutrient solutions I've eaten in my life."


"Yeah! I heard people say it's also very expensive. We eat a bean paste bun, a meat bun, or a vegetable bun every day. It seems that those things were sold on high-end restaurants for 5,000 or 10,000 yuan each. They even said that the taste is not as good as here. "

"... Do you still have this bun? Can you show it to me?"

"No, it's over early. The ration is so delicious, who can keep it? Let me tell you, the old man next door offered to buy our buns for 5,000 but no one sold theirs to him, so he ate his by himself. It's over, the buns are gone, all that was left is a piece of plastic paper!"


The old lady swallowed a spoonful of chicken gizzards, wiped her mouth with a tissue, and quickly glanced at the housekeeper robot next to her. The dugout also had robot charging locations. Seeing that it was fully charged and was dutifully feeding her grandson some steamed eggs, she was relieved.

"Let me tell you, this steamed egg is also great~ My eldest grandson eats a big bowl every day. Before the army came, he cried every day and was frightened by the beasts. I was so worried that my hair was about to fall out. But as soon as the army delivered this steamed eggs, he stopped crying after taking a bite."

"That's amazing."

"Isn't it? I heard that there are people on the Internet scolding the army." The aunt swallowed the last mouthful of chicken gizzards, "Blind their dog's eyes! Then next time their planet is attacked, don't save them, or don't let them eat these good things. Just drinking nutrient solutions are enough to keep them alive!"

The reporter nodded again and again, and the bowl in his hand was already empty. "How many times have you eaten? Have you been to the other points?"

"I've been there! This is my fourth order~ The sugar cake next door, oh, it's also delicious~" The aunt was spitting and trying to sell it, "You will regret it if you don't eat it, you must go."

The reporter immediately responded and decided to find the next person for an interview, but the old lady seemed to be addicted to the camera and dragged him to chat. She just didn't let him go. Because it was a live broadcast, soon, the aunt became popular on the Internet.

The most awesome aunt, the aunt who pissed off the old king next door, the powerful aunt who poked people’s dog eyes, the aunt who I told you about... All kinds of hilarious and fancy taglines were emerging one after another.

The small news website that was not known, soon because of this magical interview, their live video was edited by netizens and reposted in the circle of friends, and the traffic suddenly increased, breaking away from the original bankruptcy crisis this year.

Later, because of this incident, the owner of Zhongcheng Media also thanked Liu Weiwei, the organizer of the event, and promised to give all her restaurants and stores free publicity in the future. Of course, this was another story.

Now, Liu Weiwei was taking three elderly chefs to check the situation in some key areas. Her figure soon fell into the reporter's camera.

After all, Liu Weiwei had applied a lot of beauty points. Although her facial features didn't move much, her skin was fair and smooth, her body was slender but still curvy, and because she often came into contact with beats pets and children, she had a maternity radiance on her body. She was still super conspicuous in the crowd. Especially when she brought three elderly people with her, she was quickly noticed by the cameramen.

It was also a coincidence that not long after Liu Weiwei entered the camera, the robot in the point malfunctioned. 

These robots were originally dispatched from the battlefield, so the machinery was damaged to varying degrees, especially the combat type. 

Dragon Beard Noodles paid special attention to strength. Between kneading the noodles and pulling the noodles, all needed arm strength and wrist strength in order to pull out thin and long noodles that looked like dragon whiskers. The robot's original mechanical arm had been repaired, but in such a high-intensity kneading and pulling process, it was still overwhelmed, so the arm fell off again.

"Ah, I've already answered the question but I can’t get the food?"

"I heard that this Dragon Beard Noodles is very beautiful, so I drove here specially, but it’s for nothing?"

"I've been waiting in line for more than ten minutes, but now I can't eat it!"

The surrounding residents were clearly disappointed.

Liu Weiwei hurriedly pulled out the broken robot, came over for emergency repair, and asked No. 1 to check each point to see if there was any malfunction.

"Everyone, don't worry, just wait a moment, it will be all right." Liu Weiwei rolled up her sleeves as she spoke, but someone moved faster than her. 

Cai Mingkun had already washed his hands when Liu Weiwei was handling the robot. He walked up, picked up the half of the dough that the robot had dropped on the chopping board, and continued to knead it. "I'm not as fast as a robot, but I can make a few bowls for everyone."

Soon, the uneven dough became soft and moderately soft in Cai Mingkun’s hands, it was smooth and pliable.

Anyone who didn’t know how to do it could see that this was a chef.

"Oh, this old gentleman still understands this? He was just behind me as I was waiting."

"Masters don't always show their faces."

"He moves more smoothly than the robot, doesn't he?"

"Teacher, I'll leave it to you later," Cai Mingkun threw the dough over when Liu Weiwei finished washing her hands, "You're faster at pulling. I'll be in charge of kneading the dough for you."

Liu Weiwei immediately picked the dough up, nodded at Cai Mingkun, and grabbed both ends of the dough, using even force from her wrists to her arms, shaking it up and down. She continued to pull, fold, pull, fold, up and down, until the noodles quickly came to life in her hands. She kept pulling them to become thinner and longer, like dragons and snakes dancing wildly. Under the shaking of her hands, they were like clouds and winds.

Finally, Liu Weiwei put one end of the noodle on the ground, raised the other end above her head, and shook it quickly from top to bottom. This was the unique trick of pulled noodles, attractions in front of the diners.

Liu Weiwei had never stopped practicing in the system over the past few years. The depth of Chinese noodles’ skills, the skills inherited and continuously optimized by chefs from generation to generation, were vividly displayed by her.

This Dragon Beard Noodles was as thin as a hair and it was no exaggeration at all. For the people queuing around, or those who watched the robot before, all opened their mouths in shock. Even the cameraman who was going to let the reporter interview Liu Weiwei because of her unique temperament almost forgot to focus their camera.

Liu Weiwei's noodles skills had yet to reach the peak level of the system. According to the system data, the thinnest Dragon Beard Noodles recorded were stretched more than 20 times, and the number of noodles in hand reached one million. So far, she was still a little worse.

However, Cai Mingkun already saw that his kneading was half a beat slower. "This, this is the success of noodles, I'm far worse! I still need to practice, I still need to practice!"

Not exactly Dragon Beard Noodles, but Chinese hand-pulled noodles video from buzzfeed, here



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