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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 205

 ICRAB – Chapter 205

The school cafeteria was about to open, and the news quickly spread throughout the military academy. When people meet, usually they would say the lines like 'What class are you doing this afternoon? ', 'Do you want to play games at night? ', but now they became 'I heard that the newly built cafeteria is going to open', 'Let's go see it today'...

The school originally did not have a cafeteria, unlike the military base that still retained a traditional feel. The construction of this cafeteria was urgently started a week ago. A lot of robot construction teams were involved in it and it was completed very fast.

Today, it was finally announced on the school's official forum that the cafeteria was about to start its trial operation.

"It doesn't seem to be officially open yet," Song Hua, a freshman, frowned after looking at the forum post, "It's only for drinking today." He stayed in the dormitory and was still playing games, "I'm not going, I'm only half blood short of this boss, I want to kill it." The things he often drank were all in his bedroom or in his personal space. There were nutritional supplements of various flavors and he had long been tired of drinking it.

"Okay, we will go see it." Roommate Hou Honglin dragged the other two roommates, "If there is anything new, we will buy it for you." They were also really bored of classes and training every day. They were in a closed accommodation environment, which was completely different from ordinary universities. After a long time, even just a little news could arouse their curiosity greatly.

Hou Honglin and his two roommates left the dormitory. Their room was already very close to the cafeteria and the three of them also had long legs and a fast pace, so they arrived soon. At first, they thought because coming to the cafeteria would sacrifice the lunch break not many people would come, but when they arrived at the scene, they found that it was crowded.

There was a long queue in front of the cafeteria. When Hou Honglin and his roommates arrived, there was already a large circle of queues up until the opposite teaching building.

"This... this, classmate, isn't it just for drinking today? Why so many people?" Hou Honglin directly asked the person in front of him.

"Brother, I don't know either. Since everyone is queuing, I just follow and line up too."


The three were all dumbfounded. But soon they saw people walking in the direction of the cafeteria, all with transparent oversized cups in their hands.

It looked like a very strange cup. The cup was so big that a girl couldn't hold it with one hand, so she needed to hold it with both hands. 

According to everyone’s precise eyesight due to drinking nutritional supplements all year round, they estimated that there was at least one liter of liquid in the cup! The mouth of the cup was thick, and the whole cup looked like a slightly reduce sized water bucket. 

What shocked them even more was that the liquid inside was unknown, but the color of the cup was clear, so they could see that the bottom layer of the drink was pink, the middle was bright yellow, then light blue or dark purple. If looked closely, there were also some black translucent round small particles like a large group of gems on the bottom layer.

The students holding the big drinking cup all used a straw. They chatted and laughed a few times. They looked cheerful and ostentatious. They even walked by the queue in a grand manner and in high spirits. Almost all the people in the queue stared intently, and some people even immediately exclaimed.

"That’s, that's the drink that the cafeteria is offering today?"

"New nutritional supplements?"

"Sh*t, I like this big cup. I don’t have to be afraid of thirst or hunger even after training for three hours."

"Why is the color like this?"

"How can it be so good-looking? It seems to be delicious."

The attention of the girls was obviously more to the extraordinary appearance. Of course, only by holding such a cup of beautiful things could they highlight the appearance and taste. Meanwhile the boys' attention was mostly on the amazing quantity and the cool black gems on the bottom. All in all, the people in line were determined not to leave.

Hou Honglin was so far behind in the queue. Even if he stretched his necks, he couldn't see what was in front of him. However, a female classmate that he knew walked over, so he immediately stopped her. "Ji Zi, what's the name of this drink? What does it taste like? Does it taste good? How much is it?" 

The girl who was stopped obviously had a good relationship with Hou Honglin. She stopped and immediately started smiling. In the cup in her hand, the bottom was pale pink like cherry blossoms, the middle was bright yellow, and the top was dark purple. A slender transparent straw was inserted, and everyone could see the drink that was sucked up, it was the pink layer.

(TN: Imagine this with dark purple top layer, hehe)

"My drink is called... Wait let me take a look, black wolfberry lemon cherry blossom honey drink. The boss recommended this to me, it's delicious~ There is a touch of cherry blossom sweetness, slightly sour lemon, and the black wolfberry, I am not sure but it is said to be able to improve beauty~~”

The little girl Ji Zi was obviously very fond of the drink. She quickly pointed to her friend next to her. The girl large drink had two layers of color, the bottom was pure bright yellow and the top was a large milky white layer.

"This is a mango cheese cannonball. It's delicious~ the mango tastes so rich, it's 100 times more mellow than the limited edition mango flavored nutrient solution. It's like a concentrated essence with cheese foam on it. The boss suggested to my friend to add the cheese, the salty milky taste really goes well with mango~" Ji Zi apparently also tasted her friend's drink.

The faces of the two girls were full of joy. They took another sip while speaking and performed an expression of "Ah~ that's so good" on the spot for everyone to see.

Hou Honglin who stopped Ji Zi was obviously unable to hold on any longer, "D*mn it, if all good, which one will I buy later? You girls can switch and taste each other’s, but I really can't stand it." Men obviously couldn’t do that comfortably. Tasting each other’s drinks in public gave him goosebumps just thinking about it.

Ji Zi giggled, "It's all delicious and the price is not expensive, only 300 credit coins. The boss said that the trial operation is also considered as a taste survey. Those who fill out the questionnaire can get a 50% discount and you can also accumulate points~" As she said that, she took out the small card hidden in her space and showed it to everyone in the team.

It was a paper card, nothing special. However, there were a total of ten spaces on it but two of them were stamped with a big red flower.

"The boss said that every time you buy a cup, you can get a stamp, and if you accumulate ten stamps, you can get a cup for free. It's super cost-effective~ She also suggested that we compile with our roommates, so that the four of us only needed to drink three times and we can get the free cup already!"

"So it doesn't matter what you drink today. It will be sold every day in the future anyway. By the way, the boss is super nice~ She's also very beautiful~" Ji Zi said this and left with her roommate, two big drinks in hand. She waved goodbye to the classmates happily and went back to her dormitory.

The people in the queue blinked, just like listening to a legendary story, they were lost in the clouds and fog.

"The one Ji Zi had looked good, it also sounds like a special fairy drink~ Cherry blossom honey!" The girls couldn't bear the temptation of pink.

"Mango Cheese Cannonball is a bit powerful," The boys were captured by the names. "Sounds stronger than grenades, doesn't it? Let's just drink this."

There were also some who were particularly stingy. They were the kind of work-study students where their family conditions were not good. When they heard the free cup and the discount, their hearts were a bit turbulent, "Hurry up and fill out the questionnaire."

When Hou Honglin and his roommates Guo Tao and Zhang Yichi finally reached the front of the line, they realized that the cafeteria only had a small window open. There was a large electronic vertical screen outside with the drinks option written on it. Sure enough, as the female classmate said, the price was basically around 300 credits. The most expensive one was only 500.

However, there were more varieties than they imagined. All kinds of grenades, laser guns... On the name, it was a major sight in the military school. The key was that the drink cup was big and the color was cool, which was really in line with the arrogant names.

By the time it was their turn, Hou Honglin had been dazed by the menu. Grass jelly, taro balls, cocoa milk pudding... It sounded very delicious.

When the cafeteria proprietress stuck her head out, revealing her delicate face, Hou Honglin's face became hot.

"Classmate, what do you want to drink?"

"Uh..." Thinking of what the girl said before, Hou Honglin scratched his hair, "Boss, do you have any recommendations? We haven't had any of this before."

It was none other than Liu Weiwei who stuck her head out. There was a rabbit robot squatting behind her. It was holding Xiao Yue while reading pictures and telling stories. On the right was Xiao Bei who had not yet started school so now he helped collect money, there was Xiao Bai also, she had been squatting and eating grass jelly on the ground.

Liu Weiwei smiled. She was about to speak when Xiao Bei put his short legs on the stool, and his head stuck out. "Brother, did you come with your friends? I recommend the milk tea with ultimate weapons to you brother~"

Hou Honglin turned to look at the two roommates and found that there were really three of them. "Okay, I will have one." In fact, after reading the menu for a long time, he was most interested in this name, but had no idea what it was. But his roommates, Guo Tao and Zhang Yichi, all seem to be stunned also.

Liu Weiwei thought about it and recommended more options, "If you don't like sweetness, you can try our Four Seasons Spring Latte, which is slightly bitter. If you need to replenish energy, then Hot Ovaltine is very suitable. If you are hungry, you can try our Roasted Milk Tea with grass jelly and taro balls. They are very filling but not greasy."

Everyone swallowed in unison.

"Okay, we listen to the boss. We will have all four, one each. We just happened to need to buy one to bring back to our roommate." Hou Honglin's calculation was quite meticulous. In this way, he could sneak a taste of Song Hua’s drink and collect all four stamps all at once. Today’s drinks were all half off, so they wouldn’t lose anything!

The three swiped the money with satisfaction, moved to the waiting window and stood patiently.

Liu Weiwei moved quickly and there were also robots to help. Xiao Bei also helped to deal with the customers waiting in line. She was actually very relaxed but she made all the drinks quickly. It didn’t seem to be difficult for her. Every drink had a method in the making and exact proportions. In the eyes of the students, it was simply too cool.

Liu Weiwei’s hand speed while pouring tea, sprinkling ingredients, foaming milk, and even shaking up and down looked like a whirlwind.

When Hou Honglin had his cup in hand and another takeout cup of roasted milk tea with grass jelly, the three started to walk back to the dormitory happily. 

At this time, there was a sudden exclamation from behind.

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