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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 207

ICRAB – Chapter 207

Song Hua was very angry, but he still had to buy things. The beating could be delayed, but the hot egg tarts and egg cakes needed to be eaten as soon as possible. Just in the queue, he could smell the charming and rich milk and egg fragrance. When he got the real thing, the smell was enough to confuse his mind and it was even more lingering.

Song Hua looked at the girls in front of him, all of them put a tissue in their hands, sticking out their tongues and bit the egg tart while they were still hot. Only at this time did he felt that he was a big idiot yesterday. He was in a hurry, got the egg tart, and immediately took a bite. In that instant, he even forgot what the first lesson in the afternoon was about, and he couldn't even remember what equipment he played in the game yesterday.

The egg tart was very small in Song Hua’s hand, and when he bit it, it made a crunching sound. The outside was crispy while the inside was soft and melted. He was used to drinking all kinds of nutrient solution’s flavor and thought that ordinary food wouldn’t impress his taste buds. As a result, his reason exploded in a second.

The layer of full egg custard in the egg tart pastry and the soft texture expanded after baking, was softer than ordinary cooked eggs. Song Hua took a bite before looking down at his hand. The egg tart now missed a corner and he wished he could restore it to its round and lovely appearance once again. This was, he could... eat one more bite! This small figure had small capacity, but it had great energy and endless enjoyment~

Song Hua was excited!

"When will the cafeteria open?" This was the first thought in Song Hua’s brain.

Xiao Bei’s head quickly popped up from the small window. "Uncle, this week is a trial operation~ Please come to the side after paying the order and leave the queue to the sisters in the back~ Thank you~"

The little bun's milky answer made many girls and students in the queue melt.

"Wow, what a cute kid."

"Is this the cafeteria boss’s son?"

"He also helped collect money here yesterday. He’s smart and good-natured. It makes me want to have a baby soon after graduation."

"I really want to hug~ He looks so cute holding the little rabbit~"

Xiao Bei was not ashamed at all. He had known for a long time that his family was an internet celebrity family. Father used to be very popular. A group of aunts liked him and were his fans. Later, Xiao Baibai also became popular and became the cutest pet in everyone's heart. Even his low-key mother now had many people who want to ask her to sign autograph and take pictures together.

Xiao Bei felt that sooner or later he would also be a small internet celebrity. He was determined not to lose his mother's face. He had to be more competitive than Tuan Tuan sister who would come out soon. He needed to be more popular than her.

Xiao Bei thought about it and puffed out his cheeks at everyone. He grabbed Xiao Bai's paws and waved, "Hello, pretty sisters~"

The girls screamed instantly.

In the cafeteria temporary pop up stand, business surged in a second. The girls who only wanted to buy a drink to accumulate points also paid for the cake.

Only Song Hua was stunned. He didn't return to his senses until his roommate had walked far away. He's only eighteen, eighteen! Why were those senior sisters who were two years older than him called sisters, but he was an uncle? Could it be that he had played too many games these days and he looked old?

"Sh*t, this cake is absolutely superb, what flavor did you choose?" Hou Honglin took the paper bag, "I'm spicy beef, oh my, my whole mouth is just..." He turned around in excitement, opened his mouth like a fool, and couldn't speak for a long time.

Zhang Yichi on the side was drinking milk tea with ultimate weapons today, he babbled happily. When he saw Hou Honglin's exaggerated expression, he rolled his eyes in disdain. "Need this? You think we'll believe it?"

The four got different flavors of egg cakes. Hou Honglin was bold and directly chose the beef marked with the Chili Spitfire logo. Zhang Yichi and the others were relatively conservative, opting for minced sour beans and meat floss.

"I didn't act! It's really delicious!" Hou Honglin was almost crazy now. He was holding a cake in his hand as happy as if he had just passed the exam. The egg fragrance on the outer skin and the soft cream on the inside were completely integrated with the freshness and spicyness of the beef. It's like a beautiful woman's heart wrapped in a roaring beast, a fire seed directly ignited his soul, and the little cells became enthusiastic.

"This is like eating fire-breathing food!" Hou Honglin, who had grown up for so many years, didn’t know how beautiful the outside world was. All this time he had been living in vain. But he was happy now.

But Song Hua, who came up behind, bit off most of the egg cake in Hou Honglin’s hand with a click!

"F*ck!" Hou Honglin reacted and instantly put the remaining egg cake in his mouth. The two hands that were freed directly grabbed Song Hua’s neck. "Give it back, you pay me back! Spit it out! Don't swallow it!"

Song Hua wanted to avenge yesterday's roasted milk tea with grass jelly incident, but as soon as he took a bite, he glared instantly. The tender egg cake on the tip of his tongue just rolled into the throat, filling his mouth with the fragrance. However, he was now surrounded by rampant and passionate spicy beef... The pungent and spicy taste, under the soft skin of the egg cake, turned iron into softness around his fingers, gradually infiltrating his skin. His taste cells slowly stimulated his hot sweat. 

"This is really awesome!" Song Hua's brain was all exhausted from playing games all night, but he woke up instantly. He ate two snacks in a row, so he was a little thirsty. He drank a sip of the cherry blossom drink that he had been thinking about all night, and his soul immediately soared in place. The cold liquid, slightly sour and sweet with a delicate fragrance, made his muscles relax...

"It's cool~" Song Hua held the one liter of drink and immediately couldn’t stop sipping. The horizontal line inside the cup moved down by a third.

Zhang Yichi was instantly tempted. The four of them made a fuss and soon saw the newly appointed professor of the Mecha Department, the national hero, Colonel Qin Mo, walking over.

"Hello, Professor Qin."

"Colonel Qin!"

Everyone greeted politely.

Song Hua's dormitory was full of mecha students. Yesterday afternoon, Qin Mo taught junior mecha class publicly. All Mecha students were required to participate, while students from other majors could choose to go voluntarily.

At the public lecture they all saw the greatness of the Colonel. His well-deserved powerful combat power almost turned the outdated rusty machine into a cool mecha that surpassed the first grade. The public lecture of the junior year became a battlefield where Qin Mo swept ten mechas and even swept the class.

No matter how stubborn and conceited a student was, he instantly became as obedient as a chicken. When they see this professor now, their hearts were really worried. For fear of disagreement, they would be was dragged to mecha combat training, the kind that could paralyze people...

However, Qin Mo nodded at them and walked directly to the cafeteria.

"Tsk, it's so delicious that even Devil Colonel can't stand it."

"So the old saying goes, if you want to catch a man, grab his stomach first. Even if he is a mecha monster, he instantly became a mortal lining up to buy cakes."

"Haha, I'll get closer and take a picture of the devil eating the cake."

"F*ck, let’s go! We'll take the blame together."

The four of them cautiously approached the cafeteria.

Song Hua played games like a lewd thief. He studied reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance to the extreme. He followed behind openly and kept a certain distance. But to everyone's surprise, the Devil Colonel didn't queue behind but walked straight ahead.

"F*ck! This is a queue cut!"

"Brilliant~ As expected of a devil."

"F*ck, everyone is equal! Even the Devil can't jump in the queue!"

"Wait a minute, did you read the news a few days ago? The big guy has derailed and was demoted to our school."

The four looked at each other, and in each other's eyes, they saw a terrifying imagination. The lady boss was good-looking and gentle, and the most important thing was that the food she made was so delicious! Marrying her home, it's definitely heaven~

"No, the boss already has a son, the cutie just now."

"What's wrong? Didn't the news also say that the devil’s lover came to his door holding a child?"

"Hehe, if it were me, I would also like to find a beautiful woman who can cook well. It doesn't matter if she is divorced and have children, what century is this already!"

"D*mn it, it's the devil! He was reaching out to our lovely boss!"

The four of them discussed and were filled with righteous indignation. They were about to summon up the courage to report the shameful behavior of the Devil Colonel anonymously, but then they saw the lovely boss come forward. She hugged the big devil.


"We're too late!"

Qin Mo, who didn't know that he had committed public anger, looked his child's mother's face and found that it was still rosy and energetic. He was relieved. He entered the temporary stand on the spot and took off Liu Weiwei’s apron. "You rest. Teach me how to do it, I'll do it."

"Eh?" Liu Weiwei's objection was invalid, so she could only smile bitterly. This morning, she took the test strip from the pharmacy, and it showed she was indeed pregnant. But... she really felt nothing and was full of energy instead.

However, Qin Mo obviously didn't think so. "You are already very tired to take care of two children. These milk teas are purely physical and not suitable for nourishing the body. Tell me, I will do it."

Liu Weiwei could only accept. In this way, the busy but orderly stabd turned into a chaotic scene. The problem was that the students who came to line up to buy food didn’t even dare to speak out their orders.

After waiting for a long time, the customers wanted to complain, but when they looked up and found that a big devil that could beat seven or eight mechas was the one making milk tea for them, they didn't dare to make any sound.

The students were shocked and cried.

"Err, I asked to add pearls, but it seems to be missing."

"Forget it, let's go."

"I didn’t order cherry blossom, what I want is not this... But, err, it's okay, the taste is okay, let's go, let's go." Big devil, couldn't afford it!

The group of four who watched this tragic human tragedy, quickly fled in despair. After returning to the dormitory, Song Hua made a sound. "Can it still be like this?"

"This method of picking girls is too domineering! As expected of the big devil."

By noon, the school forum exploded again.

< Two or three things that the new Mecha professor and the cafeteria beauty have to say >

< You guess? What is our relationship >

< Spoiler! Comprehensive 45-point comprehensive analysis, please enter >

The big devil's skin was quickly peeled off and even the beauty of the cafeteria was not spared. The beautiful chef who was so cool was actually the wife of the big devil, hehe!

A group of students were all excited.

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