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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 192

ICRAB – Chapter 192

At the same time that Qi Fei took the two sisters back, the war zone at the moment was also preparing to start the countdown to the carnival. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the official announcement was made that the beast wave had completely receded.

Before the start of a large number of reconstruction works, the electronic screens that were originally showing prohibition of entering to danger area were replaced by announcement of the military and civilian celebrations that started at 8 o'clock tonight.

All soldiers participating in the war were not allowed to leave the temporary camp, but they could, like ordinary residents, light a roaring bonfire, have a barbecue, eat meat, drink beer, and dance around the fire to celebrate.

This time to resist the beast wave, a total of three legions was dispatched. But when all the soldiers were rejoicing, they could toast each other regardless of which team they came from.

Liu Weiwei, who was still busy in the Beast Restaurant, soon received the news and was ordered to be the kitchen commander of the carnival. At the same time, she also received a special medal awarded by the president, an exceptional honor given to her was the rank of Major in the army.

Cooking soldier that had no military status, this old rule had been completely broken!

Not only Liu Weiwei, but other members of the First Army Regiment, such as Qin Mo, the commander-in-chief of this operation, were also awarded a Special Merit Medal, while Doctor Li of the Veterinary Department was awarded the First Class Merit Medal. 

The military fully affirmed that in this operation the army had suffered the lowest casualties, the fastest eradication of the enemy, and even the largest number of hostile beasts captured and surrendered. In addition, if they added the enthusiastic support of public opinion and the voices of the people, then the success of resisting the beast wave this time could almost be said to have created a new record and left a strong legacy in history.

And the success of all this was inseparable from the First Army Regiment’s method in involving beast pets into battle and also the promotion of gourmet food into military rations and refugee food supplies.

She didn’t know what other people's mood was like, but Liu Weiwei was so anxious that her mouth was bubbling after she got the news today. There were at least 5,000 soldiers and beasts at the scene roughly calculated, if she added the people who had lost their homes, the number would reach a terrible number. What were second-class merit medal and a Major rank, it was all a cloud to her. The key was how can she cook so many people's food?

In the temporary beast6 restaurant, the three experienced chefs also felt their scalps going numb when they heard the order to supply food for such a grand event.

"It's too late to have all my apprentices come. At least 20,000 people, right? There are only six hours left until eight o'clock in the evening!"

"My nearest apprentice is also still on the next planet, so he definitely won't be able to come! There are not even ten people who can cook in our restaurant."

"Hey, why is the president so capricious? Does he think it's so easy to be a chef? This is simply contempt for us! Master, if we are all dispatched by you now, the beast restaurant will be closed at night!"

Liu Weiwei had a big headache. She only now knew that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. This superior order was simply more ferocious than the system task.

"Don't worry, I'll think about it first." Liu Weiwei frowned.

The three elderly chefs guys, also with their hands behind their backs, paced back and forth in the back kitchen, trying to think of a solution.

Liu Weiwei patted her head and immediately dialed someone with her light brain, "Sanpang, do you have the list of robots accompanying the army this time? Have you deleted their historical card slot records? Then can you also get a list of robots from other army groups?"

Liu Weiwei hung up the phone after a while.

"Elder Gao, please mobilize all the suppliers you know. We need a lot of ingredients, which should be ready within two hours."

"That is easy, but we are the only few people who can cook. If we make a big mess, it will ruin the dish."

Liu Weiwei shook her head, "No, I'll explain it to you later. Mr. Dou, Mr. Cai, and the apprentices, you may have to teach the decomposition of the recipe in the next two hours, the faster the speed the better."

"Teach who?" Several old chefs who claimed to have eat more salt than rice were at a loss, but soon they knew what Liu Weiwei meant.

The restaurant was originally a temporary warehouse, so the abandoned space outside was very large. A steady stream of planes, tanks, and even battleships descended from the sky, row after row of robots, parachuting down neatly and waiting directly in the open space. Everyone immediately opened their mouths in shock at this magnificent sight.

"Teacher, this..."

Liu Weiwei squinted her eyes. But before she could explain, the first robot in the first row saluted and walked towards her respectfully. If it weren't for its appearance, it could even be mistaken for a real human soldier.

"Officer Liu, there are more than 3,300 robots in total, divided into four categories: combat, equipment control, treatment, and supply logistics. We all report to you!"

Liu Weiwei nodded at it, "No. 1, allocate 1,000 units to clean and cut ingredients; 2,000 units will be used for emergency cooking crash course; the rest should be delivered on-site and set up to follow temporary instructions."

"Order received!"

Robot No. 1 stood at attention and saluted. It then turned around and left quickly to issue the assignment.

Elder Gao was worried before that there would be enough ingredients but not enough manpower, however now he almost stared out his eyes.

Elder Cai couldn't believe it, "All done by robots? Even if the time is tight, it's not in line with the rules, right?"

Liu Weiwei spread her hands, "It's okay. They are all army robot, so it is safe, reliable, and guaranteed." At this time, she finally finished reading the super-long list sent by Li Sanpang.

"They have a total of 585 recipes, including all kinds of cold dishes, stir-fries, snacks, soups, etc. Let them learn from each other first and then we will teach them something new."

As Liu Weiwei spoke, she smiled, "They can learn from each other very quickly. As long as they transmit data to each other, No. 1 said that every robot can do it within seconds." She breathed a sigh of relief instantly.

"What?" Dou Kou almost felt some chest tightness, "They can learn five hundred dishes in just seconds?" Humans really couldn’t compare to robots.

"Yeah." Liu Weiwei knew that they needed a certain amount of time for digestion, so she turned around to confirm with Elder Gao about the ingredients.

"There is still some left from the military rations, but the other part need to be purchased. During this time, we first broke down a few new recipe steps to teach the robots."

Liu Weiwei quickly arranged things in an orderly manner. After all, she had held several large-scale events in the military region. But this time the scope was the largest and the influence was the most extensive. There might even be journalists who would come to interview, so she didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Soon, the three chefs who were over 500 years old in total saw that the delivered supplies were continuously handled by robots and turned into neat and ready-to-cook ingredients. Even the robots were quite intelligent.

This time, there were 666 dishes that would be prepared in total, a number that means auspiciousness and good luck. The thousand robot teams also had a special deployment team leader. Some semi-finished products were also divided into categories according to these dishes.

In the entire open-air natural field, a temporary plastic shed was built under the operation of logistics robots to ensure that the ingredients were kept clean and sterile throughout the process.

This super large kitchen in the wild had a clear division of labor. It was neat and clean like an army. There was no noise or quarrel, only the sound of chopping vegetables and clanking pots overlapped together.

Elder Gao shook his hands in shock, "This is literally a culinary army! If our previous generation let robots learn these operations 100 years ago, then the level of cooking today will be improved by at least 50 years!"

Dou Kou was dazzled, especially his squirrel mandarin fish dish, which he was most proud of, was actually included in the recipes of the Robot Association. It was cooked with all kinds of colors and flavors. "It's a shame that I thought I had mastered the Su Cuisine recipes to the point where it was as pure as fire, but now I know that I'm degrading. Sure enough, if you don't advance, you will retreat."

Cai Lao also smiled bitterly. His scallion pancakes, which have been selling well these days, seem to be made well by the robots. "Let's not talk about the taste. At least they are much faster than me."

Liu Weiwei smiled, walked over and handed a fresh bowl of black chicken soup to the nearest elder, "You guys have a taste."

Elder Gao took a sip and looked at his colleagues with a complicated look.

The other two drank, and their expressions were indescribable.

"If you really want to compare the taste of this chicken soup to your level, it's still a long way off. But just following the recipe, these robots can make food that makes ordinary hungry people feel satisfied." Liu Weiwei took a sip herself. Turning her mouth, she nodded to the robot holding the spoon, "Okay, just follow these steps and continue. Thank you for the hard work."

"60 points, no, it's 80 points. This black chicken soup is clear, the chicken is crispy and not tough, the heat is a little off but the seasoning is like a pot of soup that has been stewed for many years." Elder Gao nodded. In almost every high-end restaurant, there was a pot of broth that had been boiled all year round. Whether it was for stir-frying or soup, a spoon full of the broth would be added to enhance the taste. This was a taste made of pot after pot of bones, plus spices, boiled over a long period of time.

Liu Weiwei shrugged and spread her hands, "For many people, including me four years ago, it may be a lifelong wish to eat ordinary hot food. Unfortunately, the dishes in those high-end restaurants are not affordable for everyone."

The elderly chefs were holding their spoons and their hands were shaking. The drawbacks of the Chef Association, obviously they were aware of it. In other words, they had always pretended not to know, but today Liu Weiwei was saying the sharp thruth in front of them.

"Teacher, I’ll took out all my recipes. Even if we don't need them today, we can let the robots cook them in the military for the soldiers in the future."

"I also hope to see the day when everyone eats real food in my lifetime."

"Yes, Elder Dou is right. I don't have anything to do. I'll take a few snack recipes and see if there is anything else I can teach them."

The three chefs, like old children, shuttled through the pile of robots soon. They quickly taught and danced with excitement as if they had discovered a new world.

"Well, white fungus should be used here. What? You said that according to material science, it is better to put black fungus? Oh yo, this seems to be a good innovative idea."

"The best cooking time, no more than one minute, who told you? Ah, the meat seems to be a little tender... hey!"

"That's not what this dish is made of. Huh? This is the experience you've come up with after analyzing 558 dishes? Uh..."

The elderly chefs were all talking to robots.

In the end, Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded, "Can we concentrate on cooking first?"

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