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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 61 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 61 – Buy a House (2)

In the evening, Gu Shenliu drove Jiang Yu to the gate of the community.

"I'll take you up."

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Aren't you afraid of scandals?"

"If there are scandals at this time, fans will only think that we are promoting the new drama. I welcome any reporter who is willing to do free publicity for me."

Jiang Yu smiled.

After entering the elevator, there was no one around, Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu's hand, and he suddenly said: "I have to hide when I hold your hand, why do I feel that I am a boyfriend that can't see the light?"

Jiang Yu seriously comforted the man in front of her who wanted to make their relationship public at every turn. "That is an illusion!" She raised her lips and smiled: "Love is our private matter, we can just enjoy it ourselves." 

Love a private matter, and Jiang Yu never liked to disclose her private life. She was used to being low-key over the years, but for some reason, after meeting Gu Shenliu, she suddenly understood the mentality of those who post their lover in WeChat circle of friends every day.

Gu Shenliu pursed his lips tightly and let go before the elevator arrived, ready to continue having an underground relationship.

As soon as the two got off the elevator, Jiang Yu saw her landlord standing at the door of the room from a distance. She was stunned for a moment, feeling strange because the rent for the next quarter had already been transferred to him. Could it be that he want to increase the rent?

The landlord was a little embarrassed to see Jiang Yu. He looked up and down at her and smiled: "Miss Jiang, I really want to say sorry to you. My daughter originally said she wanted to continue her studies abroad, but now she suddenly told me that she was going back to China after a breakup. She didn't want to live with us and wanted to live in this house, so I'm here to discuss with you. I want to ask you to move out."

Jiang Yu frowned slightly. She often rented a house in her previous life. Of course, she knew that although she signed a contract, rental contract was not very binding. It depended on the landlord's words to let a tenant leave or stay. Therefore, the interests of the tenants were not guaranteed at all. She wouldn't naively think that she would meet a good landlord, but it's the end of the year, and she's so busy, how could she waste time looking for a house?

There was still no expression on Jiang Yu's face, and her tone was light: "Can't you give me a grace period?"

"No grace sorry. My daughter will come this Chinese New Year and wants to move in." After speaking, the landlord glanced at Gu Shenliu who was wearing sunglasses, and said with a dry smile: "Miss Jiang, you are a celebrity now, and your friends are also people with status, maybe you can go to a friend's house to stay for a few days?"

Jiang Yu's brows furrowed even tighter, and she only said, "Okay, I'll move out on time."

"I'm so sorry, I'll refund you the extra rent."

When Jiang Yu entered the house, she only felt headache. She was not afraid of the sky or the earth, but she was afraid of moving! To be honest, as long as she had money, how could she not find a house? Even if she wanted to live in a detached villa, it would be easy to find. But it would be difficult to move!

Jiang Yu looked around at various fabrics, cutting tools, and clothes in the house, frowning with worry.

"Do not worry." Gu Shenliu suddenly opened his mouth, he looked around and said solemnly: "If it's really not possible, stay with me first?"

After a pause, Gu Shenliu added: "I have many rooms, so you don't need to squeeze into one with me."

After hearing this, Jiang Yu understood what Gu Shenliu meant. She laughed in her heart, thanked Gu Shenliu for being considerate, but shook her head firmly: "No!"

Jiang Yu's face was calm, but thousands of thoughts flashed in her heart. In fact, she had already guessed that Gu Shenliu would ask her to live in his house. He was always generous to her, and she had no doubt that if she asked him for it he would agree without hesitation, but she couldn't allow herself to do this. She and Gu Shenliu were just starting out. Although she was not as rich as him, she had made money so there was no shortage.

If Jiang Yu moved to Gu Shenliu's house now, she would feel that she was relying on others, that she had taken advantage of others, and felt that she was a burden. In the future, she needed to break up and move out from there, it would be even worse.

Therefore, Jiang Yu thought it was absolutely impossible to move to Gu Shenliu’s side.

The night was getting dark, Jiang Yu looked at the dark night sky outside the window, and suddenly felt that a house was really important to a woman. She had multiple properties in her previous life, so she had not experienced this feeling for many years.

"No?" Gu Shenliu frowned, knowing that Jiang Yu was going to be stubborn, he said, "I have a few other apartments under my name, so you could move in there first? Don't worry, those apartments are empty as well."

"That was not what I meant." Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu with a smile: "I rent a house previously because I didn't have money, but now it's different. Since renting is so troublesome, where I always have the fear of needing to move... I've decided! In order not to be expelled by another landlord, I want to buy a house of my own!" When she said this, her face was firm and assertive.

Seeing this, Gu Shenliu said solemnly, "Buying a house is the right choice. I received news from a friend that Shencheng will limit purchases next year. If you buy a house now, it will rise in value a lot next year."

"Really?" Jiang Yu was surprised, Gu Shenliu even knew about this kind of news?

"Well, it happens that I have a friend who is a real estate agent. Should I ask him to contact you?"


"Buying a house?" Bei Xiaoxiao was taken aback, "Taro Ball, you really decided to buy a house? Don’t you want to discuss with your family about such a big thing first?"

"There's no need to discuss." The original owner’s parents were not even seen so far. Besides, Jiang Yu found out from the original owner's memory that the original body's parents were not good to her, so she said: "I have already decided!"

The next day, Jiang Yu asked for leave from the crew and rejected Gu Shenliu's offer to accompany her. She directly contacted Gu Shenliu's friend Zhuang Donglai. 

Zhuang Donglai was a real estate agent.

When the two met: "Sister in law……"

Jiang Yu was struck by lightning, she said with a smile: "Hey! Don't piss me off, you're at least seven or eight years older than me! Call me by my name!"

"Then I'll call you Jiang Yu?" Zhuang Donglai smiled. His face was kind, and he was fair and chubby. At first glance, he looked a bit like Maitreya Buddha. He laughed: "Since it is a friend of Shenliu, then I will not waste time. I will directly introduce to you a few good houses in my hand. They are all fully furnished and ready. You can move in and live directly so it is suitable for your situation."

"Okay, sorry to trouble you."

Zhuang Donglai first took Jiang Yu to see a high-end community. The greening of the community was very good, and it had its own swimming pool. The apartment size was also good, and there was a children's playground.

Zhuang Donglai said with a smile: "The supporting facilities here are relatively mature, the property management is also good, and the apartment size is good. It is also in a school district, so if there are children in the future... Bah Bah!"

Zhuang Dong came to hit his mouth, he glanced at Jiang Yu, and said with a smile: "Actually, this is the first time Shenliu has brought a girl to his friends, so I guess your relationship with Shenliu is unusual?"

Jiang Yu just smiled, neither denying nor affirming.

When Zhuang Dong saw Jiang Yu didn't answer, he stopped talking about this topic and said: "If you have children in the future, you will definitely have a better place to live, and you won't need this here."

Jiang Yu took a look around and was very satisfied with everything. It could be said that she couldn't find mistakes in all aspects of this community. She really had nothing to fault, but...

"It's too small!" Jiang Yu told the truth: "I usually make patterns at home to make clothes. I put a lot of fabrics and cutting tools at home, and I also need a lot of space to store clothes. Therefore, besides for the two bedrooms where my friends and I will live, I need at least 2 more rooms available."

"Yes! I understand! I miscalculated!" Zhuang Donglai said with a smile: "I also have a duplex in my hand. The apartment is very good. There are 6 rooms in total upstairs and downstairs, which is definitely enough for your need! Moreover, the living room and bedrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, and there is an open-air balcony of more than 40 square meters outside the second floor. It is not modest to say that in current Shencheng city, it is difficult to find such a house often."

"Really?" Jiang Yu went to Jinghu Garden with Zhuang Donglai.

Entering the house, Jiang Yu's eyes lit up. The house was decorated in Nordic style. The decoration inside the house was not complicated. After entering the house, her heart could quickly calm down. More importantly, there was very few furniture in the house. In this way, she could change the furniture at any time according to her own style.

The floor-to-ceiling windows were also very good. Located on the 35th floor, the view was very good. The master bedroom was connected to a balcony, which was very large. A large rocking chair swing could also be placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Seeing that Jiang Yu was satisfied, Zhuang Donglai breathed a sigh of relief. He came to the open balcony and explained: "Let's take a look at this balcony! This balcony is no worse than a villa's, but you also know that a villa's floor is low so there are many mosquitoes, making it uncomfortable to live in. It's also not as quiet as here in the 35th floor. This open-air balcony has rocking chairs, swings, and green plants. Standing here, you can also see the scenery in the distance, which is suitable for people like you who are engaged in art!" 

Zhuang Donglai didn't exaggerate in the slightest, Jiang Yu walked to the open-air balcony to take a look, and was instantly attracted by the layout of the balcony.

The area of the balcony was very large, and it had been turned into a sky garden by the owner. Many flowers in there seemed to have been planted for several years, and they were in full bloom. Even in winter, there were still flowers in full bloom. There was a table in the middle of the garden, where she could drink tea on. There was also a wooden swing.

It was like it was made just for her, and Jiang Yu really liked it.

"How much is it here?" Jiang Yu asked immediately.

Zhuang Donglai was stunned for a moment. A series of numbers flashed in his heart. Immediately, he asked tentatively, "Er, 3 million?"

"3 million?" Jiang Yu frowned.

"What? Too expensive? Then it's cheaper? Or you say how much!" Zhuang Donglai asked.

"No, that's not what I meant." Jiang Yu said hurriedly: "Of course I can trust you. I think 3 million is too cheap for an area of at least 190 square meters!" The housing prices of the surrounding communities had already started at 30,000 yuan per square meters. The supporting facilities in this community are so high-end, how could it be less than 30,000 yuan per square meter?

Zhuang Donglai heard the words and quickly explained: "The main reason is that the owner was in a hurry to go abroad and asked me to resell it. Although the house is expensive now, it was cheap when he bought it, so he asked me to sell at a lower price just as long as he does not lose money!"

"So that's the case. Then there won't be a problem with this house, right?"

"No, no! Don't worry about this!" Zhuang Dong said.

"Okay! Then I want it!" Jiang Yu made a decision immediately.

Hearing this, Zhuang Donglai breathed a sigh of relief instantly. He smiled and said, "Then I ask the landlord to sign the contract tomorrow?"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu smiled

As soon as Jiang Yu left, Zhuang Donglai suddenly changed his face. He put away his smile, put his hands on his hips, and stood on the open-air balcony with a gesture of scolding the street. He called Gu Shenliu.


Zhuang Dong came and said: "Well you Old Gu, you are getting more and more boring! I slept happily early in the morning, but you called me up and asked me to take your girl to see houses? You also asked me to play as a real estate agent, how the hell do I look like an agent? I'm a second master of a real estate company! I'm very demanding of myself! You said that your girl will recognize any brand name on me, so I borrowed some clothes from my driver! When again Zhuang Donglai could wear such clothes? You, can you introduce some reliable things for me to do next time!"

Gu Shenliu tapped his finger on the phone, and said in a deep voice: "Well……"


"I thought about it all night."


"Apart from you, no one around me looks like a real estate agent the most!"

"...I really want to beat you!" Zhuang Donglai continued to complain: "You should have just pick up the girl and give her a villa directly! What's the matter? Gu's family is going bankrupt and they can't afford a villa? A house with more than 10 million was forcibly sold for only 3 million, do you think it is easy for me to make up such nonsense?"

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