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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 65 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 65 – Painted Skin* (2)

画皮/huà pí = painted skin (which transforms a monster into a beauty)

Wen Yu’s roommate Jiao Jiao came in. She smiled and said, "Wen Yu, I bought lunch. Do you want to eat it together?" After speaking, she was suddenly stunned, staring at Wen Yu in disbelief, and said in surprise: "Wen Yu, your face..."

Wen Yu was startled and panic. Jiao Jiao's shocked expression made her heart twitch hard. Bad! Was her acne got more serious? But, she clearly felt that the medicine was cool and comfortable when applied on her face.

Wen Yu hurried to the mirror and frowned. The person in the mirror had deep eye sockets, which complemented her deep eyes. Her double eyelids were neither wide nor narrow, her eyes were very beautiful. Her nose was high and straight as if it had been treated with hyaluronic acid. In addition, her eyelashes were long and her eyebrows were thick. Although her lips were not red enough, they looked pink and looked good. "Jiao Jiao, my face..."

"My God! Wen Yu! You look great! What did you use? Your face seems to be much better than when I saw it in the morning!" Jiao Jiao was about to burst into tears. As a roommate and a friend, of course she knew how tormented Wen Yu was by her acne. Wen Yu was so much better and kinder than many other girls, but because of the acne all over her face, her love life was destroyed! If the problem couldn’t be cured boys would always be afraid to look at her and they didn't dare to approach. Because of this, Wen Yu had not hadn’t dated anyone yet.

"Jiao Jiao, my face is really much better?" Wen Yu asked in disbelief.

"Yes, yes!" Jiao Jiao was so excited that she hurriedly called her friend Su Su from the room next door to come. 

With this shout, all Jiao Jiao’s friends from the girls' dormitory came. Everyone looked at Wen Yu and couldn't believe it.

Su Su exclaimed: "Wen Yu, your face has improved a lot. The acne has disappeared and the inflammation has faded. My God! It's the first time I realize that you are so beautiful. Your facial features are so delicate."

"Yeah, it's the first time I noticed Wen Yu's face is very good-looking. From this look, Wen Yu are already very beautiful!"

Wen Yu heard the words and was moved by her friends. Sometimes family members were really not as warm as friends. She touched her face and stared at the mirror in disbelief: "It's really much better! I used to have acne all over my face that I couldn't even see my facial features. This is the first time I know what I look like." Although the acne had not completely disappeared and the acne marks had not healed, but she was already very satisfied.

"By the way, Wen Yu, what kind of medicine works so well?"

Wen Yu picked up the package of medicine, "It's the acne medicine given by Jiang Yu's Taobao store!"

"Oh, is that the medicine that Su Ye recommended? Will there be any side effects?" Everyone was a little worried, what kind of medicine was so effective?

"Probably not!" Wen Yu shook her head with tears in her eyes, "I have used many medicine over the years so I have also used a lot of medicines containing hormones. After rubbing those medicines, they didn’t have such instant effect at all. Meanwhile, this medicine is pure Chinese herbs powder, so I think it is natural. It felt very comfortable when applied so probably it had an anti-inflammatory and calming effect to the skin!"

"That's great, we're all happy for you, hey..." Su Su picked up the clothes Wen Yu bought, "Is this the clothes from Jiang Yu's store? They look good! The quality is also good!"

"Yes, the quality of the down jacket I bought at this launch is quite good. According to my quality inspection report, it is the best down jacket I have ever bought. The long style only cost 1280 yuan. This price can't be bought in any other store!"

"Then I'll buy one too." Su Su said.

Wen Yu raised her chest and said proudly: "Jiang Yu's clothes are limited stock. Yesterday was the only launch where she did not limit purchases. But after 12 o'clock, they were all taken off the shelves!"

"Ah..." Everyone felt a little regretful. They all followed Jiang Yu's store and said that they would buy it later.

The acne medicine had been praised by many netizens.

——I’m not sure if you are good or bad, the medicine was all used up after only 2 days! I still want it!

——It really works! I am not a navy.

——Not bad! Very useful, Dada, when will this medicine be formally released?

——Really useful! Kneel down! Too bad the quantity is too small.

——@Institute of Technology – Wen Yu: It seems that I am the only one who has enough for a whole week? Kudos to my wit!

Reply: "How did you do it?"

Wen Yu replied: "I made 4 orders, so I have 8 days' supply!"

"Ah, ah! You are too good! Why didn't I think of it? I bought 5 pieces of clothes in one order so I only received a pack of acne medicine!"

"Poster, please give us an evaluation and give us feedback! We only used the medicine for 2 days. Although it is useful, I still want to hear from you."

Seeing these comments, Wen Yu really felt that she had to say something for Jiang Yu.

So Wen Yu quickly posted on Weibo:

[Many people asked me to post a comparison chart, so the following is my experience. 

When I just used this medicine for 1 day, I already felt obvious effects. As shown in Figure 1, my acne has faded a lot, but the number is still small. After I insisted to continue using the medicine the next day, I found that many of my acnes have begun to scab, and the white heads has decreased a lot, as shown in Figure 2. On the third day, the number of acnes decreased by one tenth. Although the reduction was not much, the color was much lighter than that on the first day, as shown in Figure 3. 

On the fourth day, the amount of acnes decreased again and the white heads also almost disappeared. What's even more surprising is that the acne marks seemed to be faded a little bit. I initially wonder if it is a psychological effect. For this see Figure 4. 

The fifth day... 

On the eighth day, as shown in Figure 8, you can see for yourself. My acne has really improved a lot and I am now sure that the acne marks have indeed improved and faded. I then found that the acne medicine not only remove acne but also heal the acne marks! It's really amazing!]

——Wow! The first photo a dinosaur, the last a beauty! This is too good, right?

——Really so amazing? I seem to see hope!

Because Wen Yu usually liked to play Weibo, there were a lot of content related to Institute of Technology on her Weibo. With her Weibo history, everyone didn’t even doubt that she was a navy and netizens trusted her very much. 

Seeing Wen Yu's last picture, people just thought that this was not the same person at all!

Wen Yu quickly reposted: [@Stylist Jiang Yu. Thank Jiang Yu, thank you very much! You cured my acne so I will go to your store to buy clothes for the rest of my life! I really recommend this medicine, it's really good! Now I have more confidence and some boys even started to approach me. When I went home yesterday, my mother almost didn't recognize me. Before I left, she also told me to dress up and find a good partner. I'm already planning to buy some products recommended by Jiang Yu and start to take care of my skin!]

Jiang Yu was very surprised when she saw Wen Yu’s Weibo that night. She didn't expect that someone would actually buy 4 separate orders just to get more medicine. She laughed for a bit, but seeing Wen Yu's comparison picture, she only felt happy for her from the bottom of her heart. She forwarded Wen Yu’s latest Weibo:

[I'm really happy to see your changes! As a stylist, my favorite thing is to watch everyone become beautiful day by day with my help! The clothes from Jiang Yu's store + makeup skills introduced by Jiang Yu + Jiang taro anti-acne magic medicine! With this all, it is not a dream to become beautiful! By the way, although your skin is better now, but because you have not maintained your skin previously, your skin has not been conditioned. It is recommended that you do not use make up for the time being and use some mild skin care products first. You can use some brands such as Clarins, Avene, etc. After conditioning the skin for a period of time, you can slowly start putting on makeup.]

Very soon, #Jiang Yu’s Medicine# and #Su Ye's acne medicine# actually became a hot search. Instantly all the netizens on Weibo were in an uproar because Wen Yu's comparison photos was simply too scary! Her original condition was very scary. Her face was full of inflamed acnes, looked oily, red in color, and there were also acne marks all over... But the eighth photo was a beautiful woman!

As a result, netizens with acne on Weibo instantly flooded Jiang Yu's Weibo.

That night, Jiang Yu's Weibo fans suddenly surged to 13 million!

——Dada, when will you launch the medicine?

Jiang Yu smiled and replied, "Don't rush everyone. Wait for me to communicate with a manufacturer, get the medicine in a better package, complete the testing procedures, and apply for a patent. After these are completed, I will sell it online to everyone!" In fact, she was also in a hurry more than anyone else. There was no other reason other than she was short of money!

It's just that some things couldn’t be rushed. Besides, people who craved the acne medicine had been affected by acne almost all year round. Even if they didn’t use the medicine during this period of time, it would be difficult to say if their acne would be healed by the time Jiang Yu formally launched the medicine after. Therefore, she was not afraid that the people wouldn’t want to buy the medicine later. It should be said that as long as their skin quality remained unchanged, they would patiently wait for her medicine.

Jiang Yu gave Bi Peijun instructions: "Find an agent! Be sure to complete the formalities as soon as possible and let the medicine, wait no, the skin care product leave the factory as soon as possible!"

"Okay Boss!"

"When will it be available for sale at the fastest?"

"It's the end of the year now so the workers will go home on vacation soon. They will have to wait until next spring at the earliest!"

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu asked: "Don't worry, take your time! Strive to make the packaging the best so that everyone can experience the enjoyment of a lady."


Thinking of this, Jiang Yu recalled what the old Chinese medicine doctor said in her previous life. He said that the medicine could remove scars and acne. However, if people wanted to heal acne marks, it was best to adjust the proportion of the medicinal materials in the recipe. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu suddenly smiled.

Seeing Jiang Yu smiled like this, Bi Peijun quickly swallowed her saliva. She could see through Jiang Yu at all. She was a workaholic who cared less about relationships, but liked making money more than anyone else. Whenever she smiled like this, she probably just found another great way to make money.

"I have another wonderful idea." Jiang Yu's eyes lit up and she said excitedly: "Peijun, tell the factory, I will not only produce acne medicine, but also produce acne scar repair medicine, let them made a series for me."

"You mean..."

"That's right! People who just healed their acne need to repair their skin. You ask the designer to design two packages. Be sure to ask the designer to make things to be more high-end, or in other words, to look luxurious!"

"I see!" Bi Peijun smiled: "You! If one day a cosmetics group will develop from you, I will not be surprised at all!"

A cosmetics group? Jiang Yu smiled. There would be!

That night, Jiang Yu's Weibo fans were very active. Many people left messages on her Weibo, and many people clamored for her to plant more grass. As a "grass planter", how could Jiang Yu fall behind?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu looked at her dressing table. Because she bought too many things, the 1.5-meter-long dressing table was filled with various skin care products and cosmetics. Looking at the bottles with various colors, Jiang Yu took a white ampoule bottle, take some photos, and posted:

[Farsali is an American brand so not many people recognize it in China. But this brand is actually very useful. What I want to recommend today is Farsali's rose gold elixir. This essential oil has many uses: 

1. It can be used as a moisturizing primer before makeup 
2. It can be mixed with foundation to make the foundation smooth and moisturizing. 
3. It can be dropped in a mixing palette with some makeup products before applied to the face. 
4. It can be dropped in the makeup brush or beauty blender to help with makeup application. 

Skin care products that contain gold will give you a noble-lady like enjoyment.]

——buy buy buy!

——I have a disease called shopping, which is caused by Jiang Yu!

——Sure enough from our grass planter. I suggest you ask Farsali for advertising fees.

Jiang Yu smiled when she heard the words. Yes! Although she never accepted Taobao's Weibo advertisements, nor did she accept the messy diet pills and Wechat face masks ones, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t cooperate with big trusted brands. Her free recommendation was still a recommendation. If the brand owner could give her advertising fees, that would be better! 

As of now, every time Jiang Yu recommended quickly sold out! All major brand owners were making a lot of money and it's so not her style to promote for free and increase sales for them without pay!

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