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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 63 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 63 – Inspiration (1)

A short but hot chapter,


Jiang Yu: "Come and have sex with me, I want to be full of inspiration."

Gu Shenliu: "That's all you have? Do you think I will come just because you hooked your finger?"

Jiang Yu reached out and hooked her finger.

Gu Shenliu: "..." He carried the person directly to the bed, tore off her clothes, pressed her down, and said: "You annoying little goblin, you forced me..." 

(Wait, there seems to be something wrong?)

Jiang Yu warned Gu Shenliu with her eyes. However, she saw his lips curled slightly, his face was calm as usual, but his hands were crawling towards her skin little by little, and his eyes were blazing with fiery flames.

Jiang Yu swallowed her saliva, her hand rested on Gu Shenliu's chest, and through the clothes, she could feel the outline of his muscles. Suddenly, Gu Shenliu lowered his head, and his warm breath snorted between her neck.

"Si Si, do you think Gu Shenliu is really chasing Jiang Yu?"

"Impossible!" Si Si said, "Gu Shenliu is big actor and I also heard that his family background is very good, he is a real rich second-generation family.

After listening to this conversation, Jiang Yu's expression remained the same, only the corners of her mouth smirked, as if Si Si was not talking about her. Gu Shenliu reassured her with his eyes, and then his fingers crawled from her back to her chest.

Jiang Yu's body trembled. The shivering sensation from the sensitive place crawled all over her body numbly, making her clenched her teeth, for fear that she would moan.

Gu Shenliu touched with his fingertips, making Jiang Yu's body soften, and then fell into his arms, unable to stand still. Her body was rarely touched, and every stroke was like death. 

This extremely intimate yet occupied feeling made Jiang Yu felt empty and made her want more. Gu Shenliu's rough fingers kept rubbing against her soft parts, while outside the curtain, two girls were talking homely.

There was a kind of feeling of doing bad things while afraid of being caught. There was also the excitement of being loved, which was really a novel experience for Jiang Yu. For a time, she felt that she had a lot of new inspiration in her mind, and these ideas were things she had never had before.

They didn’t know how long, the two makeup artists finally went out.

Jiang Yu's body suddenly relaxed, her body softened and fell on Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu, his hot breath around her ears. "Jiang Yu, I really want to have you here."

Jiang Yu was ecstatic. Although it wasn't really sex, she just felt it was very exciting. Every sense in her body was clamoring for a new experience. She liked it.

"Not now!" Jiang Yu said.


"Give me a sketchbook! I'm inspired! I'm going to draw new designs!"


Jiang Yu booked a room in a hotel near the crew, and occasionally came over to stay, so her sketchbooks were also there. She couldn't wait to rush back to her hotel room to draw the designs.

Gu Shenliu was helpless. He just shook his head and said, "I'll give you a scarf, it's getting cooler outside."

As soon as the two went out, they saw Si Si who left just now had turned back. When she saw Jiang Yu's flushed red face, she couldn't help asking: "Miss Jiang, why didn't I see you when I went to the dressing room just now?"

Jiang Yu's eyes dodged, but her tone was calm: "Oh, I just went to the bathroom before I came back."

"Oh, your face is a little red, do you have a fever?"

"It's nothing." Jiang Yu cleared her throat and said hoarsely, "It's a little uncomfortable, but not serious." After saying that, she walked away as if running away.

Behind Jiang Yu, Gu Shenliu followed with a blank expression.

Si Si looked puzzled. "Strange, these two are weird!"

It turned out that passion could bring inspiration, Jiang Yu decided to turn to Gu Shenliu when he has no inspiration in the future.

Gu Shenliu: "..."

In the evening, Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu lingered for a while, and then went to work separately. Jiang Yu had been really busy recently, and the final exam was also near, but her portfolio had not yet been completed. 

Jiang Yu was busy until midnight. Before going to bed, she thought she had to talk to Jia Xing. The cooperation between the two would be made public tomorrow.

Zhu Xiaoqing was an avid web user. She was in her third year of university. She liked to buy online. She considered herself to be a person with high eyesight, she had always liked clothes with a sense of design and a sense of being different, but what disappointed her was that many clothes on Taobao now were high imitations. Many stores that promoted themselves under the banner of self-made were not real at all, they just sold big brand imitations.

The scary thing was that no one thought this was wrong. Everyone bought imitation clothes, bags and shoes, obviously infringing the interests of big brands, but the buyers actually kept praising the Taobao sellers for their good deeds in the comments. Probably the same as many people who liked to watch online pirated movies and thank the people who uploaded them, right?

Zhu Xiaoqing went to Jiang Yu's store with suspicion, but she found that Jiang Yu’s designs were unique and bold but simple and fashionable. Jiang Yu was able to grasp the psychology of customers and also fashion trends. Moreover, so far, Zhu Xiaoqing had not found any designs on Jiang Yu's store to be even close to big name brands ones. That was to say, Jiang Yu’s clothes were real originals!

When Jiang Yu posted her design drawings on Taobao for fans to choose, Zhu Xiaoqing would look at the pictures carefully and analyze which clothes would be suitable for her. Every time her choices ending up to be the clothes Jiang Yu put on the market, Zhu Xiaoqing felt that Jiang Yu was very good. She valued her and thought that her speech was very important, so she respected Jiang Yu more and more.

It could be said that every time Jiang Yu launches new batch of clothes, Zhu Xiaoqing would stay in front of her computer.

One day, Jiang Yu carried a bag, and Zhu Xiaoqing, like everyone else, wanted to know what brand this bag was. Later, the name of this bag was picked up by netizens, and Zhu Xiaoqing purchased this brand on the Internet.

The brand was an old Italian brand. It was said that it had a history of many years. It was made of leather and had a poignant love story background. More importantly, there were very few people who had this brand in Zhu Xiaoqing circle, almost no one! In other words, she would never bump into others with the bag when she went out! She liked the brand so much that she bought several new models from Jado and took turns carrying them every day.

Once, a roommate asked, "Xiaoqing, your bag looks so good! Where did you buy it?"

"I bought this bag from a purchasing agent!" Zhu Xiaoqing was very proud.

"The style is so special and fashionable!"

"Of course! Can my eyesight be bad?"

"Xiaoqing, you are so insightful!" The classmates complimented each other, which greatly satisfied Zhu Xiaoqing's vanity.

"Xiaoqing, what's the name of this brand? I want to buy it too."

Although Zhu Xiaoqing didn't actually want to share the brand, she also liked the feeling of planting grass for others. "Oh, this brand, it is called Jado. You can search for it. A general Italian purchasing store will have this brand."

"Is it expensive?"

"It's good! I paid less than 3,000 for this one!" Zhu Xiaoqing's vanity had been unprecedentedly satisfied. Now, Jado was becoming more and more popular on the Internet, so that when everyone mentioned Jado's tone, it was like talking about a big brand. Having multiple bags from this brand, really made her proud.

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