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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 55 Part 2 of 3

WBVDEC Chapter 55 – Kiss Scene (2)

Jiang Yu's gaze was squiggly, and there seemed to be water in her eyes. Her lips were flushed, her complexion flushed, and her breath was slightly chaotic. At first glance, she looked like she had just been petted by a man.

Gu Shenliu raised the corners of his lips and said, "Do you know how to shoot kiss scene now?"

Jiang Yu laughed and stared at Gu Shenliu with those narrow eyes.

Gu Shenliu suddenly stretched out his hand to cover Jiang Yu’s eyes.

Jiang Yu's eyes went dark, and she asked suspiciously. She saw Gu Shenliu leaning to her ear, whispering:

"Don't look at me like that. If you look like that again! I'll eat you!"

Gu Shenliu was serious, but Jiang Yu laughed: "Do you think I am a dumpling?"


Gu Shenliu's lips suddenly came to Jiang Yu’s chest, she trembled, and suddenly couldn't laugh. "You…" A cold touch came on her chest, her body trembled, and there was some tension in her heart.

Soon, Gu Shenliu's lips pressed against Jiang Yu’s chest, looking for her sensitive spots from the neckline.

Jiang Yu couldn't help groaning, but saw that Gu Shenliu's lips did not go down. He sucked on her lips and blocked her mouth, while his hands reached under her clothes.

Jiang Yu knew for the first time that just touching could bring such pleasure. "Senior Brother..."

"En." Gu Shenliu's magnetic voice was bewitching: "Senior brother loves you." In an extremely secret place, being caressed by someone for the first time, Jiang Yu just felt like a flower that was blooming in his hands.

The desire in Jiang Yu's body was aroused instantly, causing her to react voluntarily. Gu Shenliu also seemed uncomfortable. His deep eyes had obvious lust. She thought that he would continue, but he suddenly stopped.

After a long while, Gu Shenliu confessed his fate, laid on Jiang Yu's body, kissed her hair, and said quietly: "No hurry, we have time." After speaking, he sighed. After all, he was so much older than Jiang Yu. For him, all his behaviors couldn’t just to go with the flow. It should be a decision made by an adult after careful consideration. 

But how about Jiang Yu? She was still young. And although she was more assertive than her peers, she couldn’t be regarded as an adult in the strict sense. So Gu Shenliu was willing to wait, let Jiang Yu consider, and let her have time to accept all this. This was the way he loves her

What Gu Shenliu didn't know was that for the 35-year-old Jiang Yu, all of this was not only not terrible, but also expected. She was an adult. She felt that sex was also a need so many people look forward to, just like food, so it should be a very beautiful thing, right?

The Jiang Yu from previous life thought more than once when she had no inspiration, if she could have love at that time, would she be full of inspiration? However, this was limited to her thinking only, because without a boyfriend and with no courage to make appointments, she had never had sex. So for this matter, she had been full of expectations.

Jiang Yu glanced at Gu Shenliu and she really wanted to say the things in her heart, "Brother! Your love, it's so slow..." However, she had no guts to say this.

After returning to her usual calmness, Jiang Yu said with a smile, "Thank you Brother, for your understanding."


The two rarely had time to stay together and they were tired after being crooked for a long time. When Jiang Yu was about to talk to Gu Shenliu, she saw him falling asleep holding her.

Jiang Yu wanted to go home initially, but after she saw that Gu Shenliu was asleep, thinking that he had always look like he didn’t have enough rest, she decided to not wake him up. She could take a taxi back home by herself.

Early on Saturday morning, Jiang Yu and Durres went outside to take pictures.

Durres recently changed a new partner, named Yuan Wei, a freshman at a Film Academy. He wanted to enter the entertainment circle. For this, Durres used his contacts to send Yuan Wei to a crew.

Jiang Yu never thought that Durres would be so infatuated when in love.

"Taro ball, let me say it first. Give Yuan Wei a role in your new play." Durres hugged Jiang Yu and hummed.

"Okay!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Let him go to Fang Huai to try the play first!"

"Thanks sister!" Durres smiled.

Seeing Durres fighting the fire with moths recklessly, Jiang Yu felt strange. She hesitated for a moment, and then suddenly asked: "Duress, if I say I'm in love, would you believe it?"

Durres glanced at Jiang Yu for a moment and then suddenly smiled exaggeratedly while clutching his stomach. He pointed his curled fingers and hummed: "Oh! Taro balls! Stop joking! You are in love? Impossible!"

"..." Jiang Yu felt strange, "Why?"

"People who fall in love will be full of peach blossoms and they will look well moisturized by love. As for you, you don't seem to have a man at all."

Jiang Yu blinked, smiling but not smiling: "I'm really in love!"

"Don't lie to me! Just look at you! Which part of you that is in a relationship when you got me up to work at 6 o'clock in the morning on a long weekend?"

"..." No matter how seriously Jiang Yu told Durres, Durres just wouldn’t believe it.

Jiang Yu always felt that although she was in love, her relationship with Gu Shenliu was still light, unlike Durres who stuck together every day with his partner. After she took a photo, Durres had already played WeChat with his phone for a while.

But this was also good... Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled. There was more than one kind of love, this relaxed and comfortable type was also not bad.

It was in the afternoon that the two of them finished shooting the new designs for the next two releases.

At this moment, WeChat notified a video call invitation.

Jiang Yu was taken aback and accepted the invite. It was a video call by Jia Xing.

"Hello, Jiang Yu?" Jia Xing's Chinese sounded a bit foreign.

A very handsome man appeared on the video. He was about 25 years old with short but slightly curly hair. He was wearing a white T-shirt and casual suit outside. He smiled and showed neat white teeth.

"Jia Xing? You are really here" Jiang Yu asked rhetorically.

"Jiang Yu, yes I am Jia Xing. I already said that I will come, so of course I can't break my promise. I am now in Times Mall. Let's meet?"

"Okay, wait for me."

Jiang Yu didn't have a car, so Durres sent her to the mall. Hearing Jiang Yu said that it would be the first time she met this person, Durres was worried and insisted on following.

After meeting Jia Xing, Durres directly shouted: "F*ck! You are so handsome!"

Jia Xing was very tall, at least 185. He was a very handsome and attractive Chinese-Italian. His complexion was healthy wheat color with shiny deep eyes, high nose, and he had a kind of uniqueness on his body. The temperament of an Italian man made him look like a male model from a pictorial.

Jia Xing embraced Jiang Yu warmly: "Jiang Yu, you look more beautiful than the picture."


"Uh, this is..." Jia Xing looked at Durres.

Durres raised his chin proudly and hummed: "Durres!"

"Huh?" Jia Xing said seriously: "Your name is so nice!"

Jiang Yu smiled and Durres rolled his eyes.

They went to a hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot. In the private room, Jiang Yu asked with a smile: "Jia Xing, did you bring the bag?"

"Of course!" Jia Xing opened a large suitcase, took out a few bags from it, and handed them to Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, these are some of Jado's classic bag types. This canvas is the bag that resembles old flower, a material that is developed by our factory. The macaron color is very beautiful and the quality is also very good. If stored well, there will be no wear and tear even after a few years, so it is very popular with our customers. Although our bags are not very fashionable, because of the good quality, there are still many regular customers in Italy."

Jiang Yu picked up the bags and looked at them. They were almost the same as she thought and the quality was very good. She was very interested in the canvas bag where the leather looked like old flower. This can't be achieved by ordinary craftsmanship. That was why in recent years, presbyopia had not fallen. A large part of the reason was because of the material.

Jiang Yu squeezed the canvas and asked, "The quality of this is really as good as you said?"

"Of course!" Jia Xing picked up the bag and put it directly into the fire under the hot pot, roasting the bag without any damage.

At this time, Jia Xing directly picked up the kettle and poured it on the bag. After repeated pours, there was no drop of water leaking to the inside of the bag.

Durres was surprised: "This quality is pretty good!"

"Of course! We have done experiments and our bags will not leak even if they are soaked in water for several months!"

"Really?" Jiang Yu thoughtfully. Her goal had always been to become an excellent woman like Ms. Chanel, but there were many things that couldn't be found. For example, now she was like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, who founded LV and Chanel. Her quality was as good as theirs, but in China, it would be still difficult for her brand to reach the same height as the other party, and it would be even more difficult for her to reach the rest of the world.

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  1. again.. 'petted by a man'

    cant author use gender neutral? ¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯

    their dynamic are nice, respectful and healthy.
    20 is adult laa and the age gap is okay

    1. It's harder to do gender neutral in Chinese. Basically it will become "petted by other people" or "petted by stranger". There is almost no way to use it without making the pronoun seem distance.

  2. It’s a writing style - technically a lot of words are superfluous in a novel, but you use them to set your imagery or to suit a turn of phrase. Just because it bothers you does not mean it’s a problem 🙄


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