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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 54 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 54 – Business (2)

"You are looking for part-timer from your department?" The head teacher was surprised when she heard this, "How many people do you need?"

Jiang Yu said solemnly: "I just invested in a web drama. To turn this drama into a fashion drama, at least 10 people are needed."

"Ten? You can just find them directly from the class."

"Yes." Jiang Yu smiled and looked at the head teacher: "But I have to tell you in advance, so that you won't say that I abducted all your precious students."

Hearing this, the head teacher smiled brightly: "You! If you can take them all to learn experience, then I have to thank you!"

"Then you are welcome!" Jiang Yu joked. She didn't have a good relation with the girls in the class, so she went directly to the 10 boys in the class.

These boys were good to Jiang Yu. After listening to her, Zhou Zhou took the lead and said: "Jiang Yu, if you have something good you directly think of us, how could we not help you?"

"That's right! Besides, this is also an opportunity." The others echoed.

After hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled and said: "However, let me make it clear in advance that all your design drawings will belong to the company. Of course, I also won't let you suffer."

Everyone was a student, so they didn't think so far. Most people agreed to it just to help. Zhou Zhou took the lead and said, "Jiang Yu, it doesn't matter."

Jiang Yu was impressed by their loyalty, so she looked seriously and said: "You don’t care, but I can’t do things that will take advantage of you. Can the cost be calculated like this? During the filming period, the cost of your costume matching on the crew will be settled according to the salary of the normal staff. But after the show is broadcast, I will put these clothes on sale in the store. At that time, I will give you a commission based on the sales."

Hearing this, Zhou Zhou and the boys were taken aback. They were only part-time workers. Jiang Yu could just calculate their wage based on the salary of ordinary employees, which was already very good. They did not expect that she would still give them commission based salary on the sales volume. Usually, company might even refuse design made by students like them, and Jiang Yu’s store already had 4 crowns, so the sales were very good. They would definitely get a lot of money from commission.

Thinking of this, everyone was suddenly grateful for Jiang Yu's generosity.

"Don't worry. We will make a good design!" The boys said in unison

"Thank you everyone!" Jiang Yu smiled.

These students, who were originally just intended to help a classmate, later felt that they had won the big prize after the TV series was broadcast. Many of them had a high starting point. Some of them stayed in Jiang Yu’s company, and some went to other places, but after they succeeded, looking back on the past, they all felt that they were successful because of Jiang Yu. She had leaded the way.

After Jiang Yu settled the styling team issue, she felt a lot more at ease. Although the students' designs might be inadequate, she could help make changes and guide them, as long as the problem was not too big.

The news that Jiang Yu asked 10 boys to go to a crew to help and gave a high salary soon spread throughout the university. In the first place, being able to shoot TV was already not a trivial matter. Moreover, Jiang Yu was very famous, and she had been frequently searched recently, which was why the news became the focus of everyone's discussion.

Jiang Wei was a girl in Jiang Yu's class. She was very hardworking and was always motivated. Before, seeing Yao Yiyi bullied Jiang Yu, she had never dared to stand up or speak for Jiang Yu, but just watched indifferently. Although she was ashamed of what she did, Yao Yiyi was a local and had a very good family background, while Jiang Yu was just a country girl, and she was not outstanding. Such Jiang Yu was destined to be mediocre for a lifetime!

After weighing the pros and cons, Jiang Wei chose to ignore the school violence she saw. But unexpectedly, Jiang Yu this semester was like a different person. Not only was she doing Taobao, becoming an Internet celebrity, and breaking into the entertainment circle, her luck was also amazing. Jiang Wei began to regret her decision. If she didn’t have any evil with Jiang Yu, now she must be able to get closer to Jiang Yu, so Jiang Yu would definitely ask her to help in the crew. If she did, would she still afraid that she would not be famous in the future?

Jiang Wei had been very upset because of this, and even got angry when she saw Yao Yiyi recently.

After Yao Yiyi's nose was repaired, there were no scars on the outside. But because of her heart, she always thought that everyone talked about her privately, saying that her nose was weird, and it seemed a bit crooked.

On this day, Yao Yiyi was taking a bath in the dormitory. When she went out, she didn't notice Jiang Wei, but then she was pushed back by Jiang Wei and hit the doorknob. Yao Yiyi screamed with a headache, she cursed: "Jiang Wei, you are crazy! Are you blind?"

"I'm blind? You're blind! Every day you act high and arrogant! You don't even look at yourself in the mirror and really think you are the proud girl of heaven!" After speaking, Jiang Wei left viciously.

Yao Yiyi stood in place angrily, but there was no one around to comfort her. The cold wind blew, her body trembled and suddenly felt a little cold. What's colder was her heart, she suddenly could feel the feeling of being isolated like Jiang Yu Before.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yu passed her idle time to reply to the interaction of Weibo netizens. At this moment, a private message caught her attention.

"Hello Jiang Yu, my name is Jia Xing, and I am a foreign born Chinese. I am now living in Italy. I would like you to talk about cooperation. I hope you can reply to me when you receive this message."

It was already night when Jiang Yu saw the message. She opened the private message and immediately replied: "Hello, Jia Xing, your Chinese is good."

It's still afternoon in Italy, and the sun was shining brightly. Jia Xing, who was in Italy, had been waiting in front of the computer for Jiang Yu's reply. When receiving the private message, Jia Xing jumped up from his chair with joy, and he immediately typed: "Thank you for your compliment. I learned Chinese from my grandpa."

Jiang Yu made no comment and said, "What cooperation are you going to talk to me about?"

Jia Xing typed a long paragraph and replied: "Jiang Yu, I want to tell you a story. My grandpa came to Italy very early and settled here. My grandma is the only child of an Italian leather goods merchant. After my grandpa and grandma got married, my grandma's father (I am not sure what to call him in Chinese) told my grandfather the secrets and skills of making leather goods. After he died, my grandfather continued the family business with leather goods and expanded the business. Until 10 years ago, my grandfather established a luggage brand named Jado. The brand is the crystallization of my grandfather’s lifelong wisdom. After the establishment of Jado, because of its high quality, it attracted many regular customers. It also opened several stores in Italy. Later, my grandfather passed away and my father didn't want to take over Grandpa's company, so he gave it to me."

"As his grandson, I certainly hope to expand this company, but foreign brands are very competitive. Even if we do very well, I don’t know how to begin the expansion. Therefore, I thought of my grandfather’s motherland, China. I know that there are so many Chinese people and the market is big. I hope to promote this brand to China, but I know this is not an easy task. On day, I saw your style for Su Mang in an Italian newspaper, and I paid attention. After reading your Weibo, after reading your voice for the subway mother, I think you are a very responsible and thoughtful girl, so I have the idea of cooperating with you."

After a long conversation, Jiang Yu understood the meaning. This boy named Jia Xing had family leather goods business at home, and he wanted to open the brand to China.

Jiang Yu thought for a while and replied: "Cooperate with me? Sorry, I'm not sure if we need to cooperate for you to open Chinese market. The normal process is that you can set up a branch in China and let the general agent in China do promote."

"No, I cannot trust other people, I only trust you."

"..." Jiang Yu laughed and said hurriedly: "How do you want to cooperate?"

"I want you to promote our brand, and I will give you a commission based on your performance!"

Seeing this, Jiang Yu smiled. Soon she had thoughts in her mind, a brand with many years of history? The quality should be good, right? Italian leather goods were also very famous, and cooperation was not impossible. After all, since she could design clothes, it shouldn’t be difficult to design bags. Moreover, if the design was really nice and cost-effective, even if she made them for free advertisements, it would be fine. Anyway, she also needed bags for clothes matching.


"Other things, you can talk about it later. You have to send me the picture of the bag first!"

"Wait a minute! I'll send it to you right away, by the way, do you have WeChat?"

"..." A foreigner still used WeChat? Jiang Yu smiled: "Yes."

After adding each other’s WeChat, Jia Xing quickly sent pictures over. Some of the pictures were finished products, and some were just renderings. But Jiang Yu had to say that the quality of Jado brand bags looked good. She could tell by looking at the texture of the leather. The quality was very good, and there was a series of leathers in Jado that were very similar to LV's presbyopia.

"Why is this leather a bit like an LV's?"

"You know the goods! To tell you the truth, the production of this leather is very similar to the craftsmanship of LV’s presbyopia. Although it is not as famous as the presbyopia, Jado has acquired the leather making technology of a local factory hundreds of years ago. It can be said that our leather goods are similar to presbyopia. It is made of a special material, which is waterproof, strong and wear-resistant!"

There were many Jado series, and several series were made using light-colored leathers, like haze blue and macarons, but obviously, although the leather was very good, the design was a little hard to say!

Like most traditional brands, this brand’s bags were still designed, most of them were just a variation of square bags, which were more suitable for middle-aged people, but were difficult to attract young people. Of course, this design would be impossible to attract Jiang Yu’s attention!

Such a design... it's hard to get in the eyes of Jiang Yu!

Jiang Yu immediately replied: "Sorry, your bags may be of good quality, but I really don't like the designs, there is no sense of fashion!"

"I know!" Jia Xing actually agreed with her, he said sincerely: "Actually, I don't like it either. This is why I have been reluctant to take over Jado. But if you think about it, my grandfather is so old, so the brand he created was in line with his aesthetics. But now that this brand is mine, I hope to make this brand more vigorous, which is why I am looking for you to cooperate!"

This made Jiang Yu couldn’t help but feel itchy. Because, although Jiang Yu had created her own clothing brand in her previous life, where she was also planning to go public, but she had never done in-depth design in the field of bags. She had thought about it in her previous life, thinking when her clothing brand went public, she would immediately set up a department to design bags, but she didn't expect that she would be transmigrated before her wish was fulfilled.

Therefore, when Jia Xing said this, Jiang Yu was interested. She suddenly felt that there was a big business opportunity waiting for her.

For Jiang Yu now, as long as she designs a good product, she could choose a manufacturer to cooperate, but she knew that to create a big brand that could stand up, or a luxury goods brand that could go through a century of history, she needed to have very good cooperative processing plants. However, these processing plants were difficult for her to negotiate cooperation as of now.

If Jia Xing could really make a canvas bag that was similar to LV’s presbyopic leather... Jiang Yu couldn't believe this was true! She seemed to smell the fragrance of money. However, everything had to wait for her to confirm before further discussion.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yu tapped her phone screen: "Well, can you send me all Jado bags? I want to see the quality!"

"No!" Jia Xing actually refused. Just as Jiang Yu frowned, he sent another message: "I will go to China to find you myself."

By mid-December, the days were getting colder every day.

After a busy week, Jiang Yu finally looked forward to Friday afternoon. The sky outside the window was gloomy and the smog was severe. She came out of the classroom wearing a disposable mask and a woolen coat.

At this moment, her phone rang suddenly, and Jiang Yu smiled at the corner of her mouth when she saw the call was from ‘Senior Brother’, sliding the phone to pick it up. "Hey."

A deep and magnetic voice came: "I'm waiting for you at the school gate."

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