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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 59 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 59 – Break Open (1)

Jiang Yu entered the dormitory, but saw that the head teacher was also there.

In many universities, the head teacher and the counselor were separate person, but the feature of Shen University was the parallel system of the head teacher and the counselor, that was to say, the head teacher was in charge of everything.

"What the hell happened? Why it has to be like this?! You are not elementary school students, you are all adults. Don’t you know the benefit of having multiple friends is multiple paths?" The head teacher asked.

"Teacher, that's not what you should say!" Ji Wen had been holding grudges because of what happened last time. When she saw Jiang Yu, she sneered: "Letting us live in the same dormitory with this kind of person, we feel disgusting!"

There were three women standing beside Ji Wen, who at first glance were the mothers of the Jiang Yu’s three roommates. Seeing this battle, Jiang Yu's face was still calm. With a smile on the corner of her mouth, she looked at this group of people calmly like watching a group of clowns jumping on a beam.

Ji Wen's mother stared at the head teacher and said: "Head teacher, you must take care of this! My family Ji Wen is a good child! In school, she was a top student! You can't let such a bad sheep with a bad reputation live in the dormitory! It will ruin the other children!"

"Yes!" Another roommate, Sun Xiao's mother, also agreed. "She knows how to fish for men at a young age. This kind of girl is shameless!"

"Bah!" Feng Ziyun's mother scolded: "She knows how to hook up with men at such a young age, who knows if there is an infectious disease! If she spreads the disease to my family Ziyun, what will you do? Just drive her away! "

They were excited and terrifying.

"Jiang Yu is here."

She didn’t know who shouted, Jiang Yu came over and glanced at everyone with a blank expression.

Ji Wen's mother swept Jiang Yu up and down and said contemptuously: "When I heard this news from my family Ji Wen, I still don't believe it! Head teacher, see for yourself what this girl is wearing! I've seen a lot of girls like this! They went to my department to do B-ultrasound abortions at a young age!"

The head teacher was very unhappy when he heard these vulgar words: "Mother Ji Wen, please don't talk about Jiang Yu like that. We are a Fashion Design Department, Jiang Yu wearing a short skirt doesn't matter to us!"

"Head teacher, I don't like listening to what you say. Would a normal person be wearing this kind of sailor suit? In my opinion, only those in special industries would wear this kind of clothes to seduce men!"

Jiang Yu frowned. She came from the crew, so she didn’t have time to change her clothes. Lan Xiaoxiao in the play was wearing a sailor suit. For convenience, she put an ankle-length down jacket directly on the outside of her skirt, wrapping her whole body tightly. But because it was hot after she run over, she opened the zipper. Besides, what’s wrong with a sailor suit?

Jiang Yu looked at Ji Wen's mother's hateful face and suddenly laughed: "Auntie, I'm getting in your way in clothes too? I'm really worried! You better take care of yourself! With less scolding and less quarrels, the wrinkles on your face will also be less. It will not be like now where the folds on your face can catch flies, your skin becomes as dull as the earth, and the spots on your face are comparable to a dragon fruit! You shouldn’t worry about me!"

After speaking, Jiang Yu continued to smile.

These words made Ji Wen's mother, who was used to being domineering, explode with anger: "You little..."

"Yes, I know. I'm younger than you. You don't have to keep stressing this point! By the way, I remember you said just now that your Ji Wen is a top student at school?" Jiang Yu glanced at Ji Wen and laughed ironically.

Ji Wen blushed.

"What do you mean?" Ji Wen's mother frowned.

"Isn’t this interesting? Ji Wen's mother, did you come to our dormitory and not see that my bed is ranked first in here?" Jiang Yu smiled very gently, just like a saint. She looked at the group of people with pity, she said: "Ji Wen probably forgot to tell you, our school's beds are assigned according to our college entrance examination ranking, which means that my admission score is the first in the whole dormitory and even the whole class! But you are right, people like us with good grades really don't like to play with people with poor grades."

After speaking, Jiang Yu glanced at Ji Wen knowingly.

Ji Wen was angry and annoyed. Ji Wen's mother's face was even more ugly, her chest was heaving and she scolded after a while: "You little b*tch!"

"Oh." Jiang Yu continued to maintain a Virgin Mary-like smile. "Then you're a big b*tch!"

Pfft... some of the students around the class who were watching the excitement all laughed.

"You shameless."

"En!" Jiang Yu actually nodded: "I'm indeed shameless." After speaking, she asked innocently: "What can you about that?"

Ji Wen's mother was going to explode! With a blushing face, she said, "Head teacher, take care of this! This student is so shameless!"

The head teacher said coldly, "I can't control it!"

Jiang Yu smiled and blinked her eyes very sincerely: "Shamelessness is my normal style. Your Ji Wen should tell you bad things about me a lot, right? Yes, I'm indeed that shameless. I have admitted that, so, what exactly do you want to verify?"

She couldn't hurt Jiang Yu’s left and right, but instead made herself angry! Ji Wen's mother almost had a heart attack. Finally, she took out her trump card, pointed at Jiang Yu, and said to the head teacher: "Today you have to get this student out of this dormitory! All the online posts said that Jiang Yu was nurtured by an old man!"

The head teacher was a little angry. Such a thing happened in the class she managed, if the leader knew about it, she would not be able to stay calm. Besides, Jiang Yu was very famous now, and Ji Wen bullying others like this was too arrogant. 
The head teacher frowned and said: "It's just a post. Who can prove that what it says is true? Besides, just getting on the car proves that Jiang Yu was nurtured?"

"That's right!" Jiang Yu sneered and said sincerely: "Auntie, you came by bus today, right? If we turn the situation, will this prove that you are being nurtured by all the men on the bus?"

"You, you..." Ji Wen's mother's eyes were flushed. She asked like a prisoner: "If you weren't being nurtured, then can you say who owns that car?"

Jiang Yu was still smiling slightly like Virgin Mary: "You want to know?"

Ji Wen's mother frowned. She was full of precautions, for fear that Jiang Yu would give her another trick.

She indeed did. "I won't tell you! I will let you suffocate in curiosity! You think if you ask me, I'll tell you? Do you think I'm Siri?"

Pfft... The melon-eating crowd laughed again. It's strange to say that before, Jiang Yu always lowered her eyebrows, swallowed her anger, and often flattered everyone, but everyone just didn't like her. However, since this semester, Jiang Yu had often scolded people, refused to take any loss, and often treated her bullies the same way they treated her. They didn’t know why, the classmates were now afraid of her, of course, there was also a hint of appreciation.

Therefore, except for Ji Wen and Yao Yiyi, the other students had a much kinder attitude towards Jiang Yu now.

Hearing everyone's laughter, Ji Wen bit her lips tightly. Tears welling in her eyes and she was unable to speak for a long time. Ever since she was a child, she had always been the focus of the class and a figure in the school. But after going to college, the environment had changed, and a girl like her was not outstanding at all. She was not convinced. She wanted to climb up, so then she formed an alliance with Yao Yiyi to suppress Jiang Yu. She wanted to please Yao Yiyi and wanted to use her status as a local person to meet more boys so that she could marry a local person in Shencheng City after graduation.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu has changed a lot this semester. Seeing Jiang Yu became beautiful and rich day by day, Ji Wen only felt that a fire was burning in her heart. She could not wait to rush to tear Jiang Yu's face, let her became as ugly as before. Every time she saw Jiang Yu wearing beautiful clothes and carrying a beautiful bag while she could only carry high imitations and A-grade goods, she felt extremely uncomfortable. Obviously she was more beautiful than Jiang Yu, but Jiang Yu climbed higher than her.

Ji Wen didn't know what's going on in this world! Were these men blind? They actually liked a woman like Jiang Yu! Couldn't they see that the photos of Jiang Yu were all Photoshopped? Couldn't they see that Jiang Yu’s face were full of plastic surgeries?

Jiang Yu was found out to be nurtured by an old man and there was evidence, Ji Wen only felt extremely happy in her heart! Good! That's it! She couldn’t wait to condemn Jiang Yu like a mouse crossing the street! She couldn’t wait to make Jiang Yu's reputation completely stinky. She would be happy if Jiang Yu couldn't marry in the future.

Ji Wen continued: "Head teacher, stop talking. We're going to kick Jiang Yu out of the dormitory!" After saying that, she began to carry Jiang Yu's box and made a move to drive Jiang Yu out.

"Eh?" Jiang Yu, who had been silent, sneered: "See who dares to touch my box?! I live in the school's dormitory, what kind of onion are you? If you say I’m out, then I’m out?"

"You're still not leaving?" Ji Wen's mother rolled up her sleeves and said angrily, "Let's go to the principal now!"

Soon, these people went to the principal's room together.

Ji Wen's mother pushed the door and went in. When she saw the principal, she said: "Principal, I'm here to tell you a situation today. This student from your Fashion Design Department is named Jiang Yu! She was nurtured by an old man outside the school!"

"Nurtured?" The principal's expression turned cold.

"Yes! The online posts have been seen by many people! Principal Wen, see for yourself!"

After speaking, Ji Wen's mother showed the photo to the principal, and then looked at Jiang Yu provocatively: "Principal, such a student must be expelled! Otherwise it will only damage the reputation of the school!"

The principal stared at the photo for a long time. The car in the photo became more and more familiar to him, wait... No, it's couldn’t be... Principal Wen raised his head, glanced at Ji Wen's mother expressionlessly, and then frowned: "You said Jiang Yu was nurtured by the owner of this car?"

"Yes! All the information about this person has been posted on the Internet, saying that he is an old man in his 60s, his name is Gu..."

"Gu Changming!"

"Yes! Gu Changming! Wait, Principal, how do you know?"

Principal Wen sneered, glanced at Jiang Yu's roommates, and then said: "Our Shen University has always followed the school motto of innovation and seeking knowledge, so I also hope that all our students can view problems rationally and objectively. I didn't expect you to slander your classmates like this!"

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