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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 63 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 63 – Inspiration (2)

On this day, Zhu Xiaoqing went to Weibo again and found the word Jado suddenly appeared in the hot search, what happened? Zhu Xiaoqing clicked in, she saw that Jado had registered an official blog, and the official blog also said:

[Thank you for all your love for Jado, and thanks to Miss Jiang Yu, a big V user, for making our Jado recognized and liked by everyone. Frankly speaking, we are really surprised that Jado suddenly became popular in China, so we really want to thank everyone for your support! When our President saw the red carpet outfits designed by Miss Jiang Yu for Su Mang and the clothes in Miss Jiang Yu's shop, the President was very impressed by Miss Jiang Yu. He contacted Miss Jiang to discuss cooperation and finally the two sides reached an agreement. We hereby solemnly announce that Jado and Miss Jiang Yu have collaborated on a new series of bags, which will be available as a spring model next year before the Spring Festival. Miss Jiang Yu's design talent is perfectly reflected in this series of bags, I believe that Jado with Jiang Yu will compose a new myth, so stay tuned!]

Zhu Xiaoqing took a look and saw that the Weibo already had 50,000 reposts and more than 30,000 comments.

——Designed by Jiang Yu? Inexplicably looking forward to it, saying that this girl is really talented.

——What an inspirational blogger! In just half a year, she became popular like a myth! Now she also branched out to the entertainment industry.

——I recommend everyone to search for the video of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>. Although Jiang Yu is a newcomer in the entertainment circle, her acting skills are remarkable. The important thing is that she is really good looking!

——I believe Jiang Yu’s style. I will definitely buy the new bags when it comes out.

Soon, Jiang Yu reposted the official blog and said:

[Everyone, Jado and I have already negotiated cooperation. I will design a new series for Jado for next spring. Of course, I am also the first designer to cooperate with Jado. Thanks for Jado's trust, I will continue to work hard, so please look forward to it!]

Zhu Xiaoqing was excited! She really didn't miss out. The blogger she liked had not only entered the entertainment industry, but was also working with big names now. She hurriedly left a comment: "Jiang Yu, I really like you! I will definitely buy the bag you designed!"

Jiang Yu quickly replied: "Thank you, I will continue to work hard!"

Seeing Jiang Yu replying to her, Zhu Xiaoqing jumped off her top bunk excitedly. Many fans gave her comments a thumbs up, which made Zhu Xiaoqing feel very different. She wanted to be a fan of Jiang Yu for a lifetime.

After posting on Weibo, looking at everyone's reaction, Jiang Yu nodded secretly. Many big Vs were discussing this matter. She had also prepared news announcements, and would post a few posts every few days to keep the topic alive. The popularity would make Jado and her new collaborations known to more people.

Although Jiang Yu had shares in Jado, she knew that if she directly said that she had shares in this brand, the trust of netizens in her would be greatly reduced, and they would also realize that this was a marketing strategy. But in fact, no brand's popularity could be separated from marketing.

Not to mention fashion brands, the celebrities on Weibo, Milk Tea brands, etc., were all inseparable from marketing hype. In the Internet age, a passerby in the first second might directly become celebrity in the second. Therefore, many people used the Internet netizens to promote their own popularity. Even big brands often engaged Weibo bloggers to promote their new products. Otherwise, where did so many popular Internet celebrities come from?

The purpose of Jiang Yu was to hope that the cooperation wouldn’t only win word of mouth for herself but also bring popularity to Jado. Win-win things, she had no reason not to do it.

Jiang Yu interacted with netizens. Recently, because she was busy with filming, she didn't even have time to manage the Taobao store's business and Weibo. Although she asked Jiang Peifen to temporarily manage her Weibo, but Jiang Yu still felt that her Weibo should be managed by herself, only in this way could she live up to everyone's love.

——Jiang Yu, I have asked many times, and you have not responded. I want to ask on behalf of everyone, there are so many Internet celebrity facial cleansers, many of which are affordable and easy to use, but are these facial cleansers really good? You are a professional so I would like to ask you something. (Likes 33944)

Seeing the number of likes, even Jiang Yu couldn't help but be surprised. It was rare to see a comment with such a high number of likes. She clicked into the reply below the comment and found that there were also more than a thousand people shouting below, asking Jiang Yu to introduce affordable but effective facial cleanser.

——I also want to ask about facial cleanser. I have been using the blue one from Senka Shiseido, it seems to be called Perfect Whip? It's cheap, but is this really any good? A little worried, if it is really good, why does Shiseido have a lot of more expensive facial cleansers? (TN: SENKA is a face and body skin care brand launched by Shiseido in 2003.)

——I use a milk facial cleanser from Scentio.

——Damn, please answer, are these facial cleansers really easy to use?

In fact, the water in the face wash industry was also very deep. Jiang Yu used to have her own facial cleanser and skin care brand in her previous life, but because she was too busy at that time she ended up neglecting the management of the brand. She had problems with the final products and ended the brand early.

This was also a regret in Jiang Yu's heart. But because of this, she had a deep understanding of facial cleansers. It could be said that the facial cleansers on the market today, whether expensive or cheap, could be mainly divided into three categories: soap base, SLS/SLES base, and amino acids. Facial cleansers containing SLS/SLES could be used on the face for a short time without any problem. But it would be harmful to the skin if used for a long time. Soap-based facial cleanser was the culprit of many people's skin deterioration. The amino acid facial cleanser was generally high-end and slightly expensive. (TN: SLS - Sodium Laureth Sulfate, an accepted contraction of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate / SLES, is an anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products and for industrial uses. SLES is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent – Wikipedia)

Thinking of this, Jiang Ya listed the ingredients of some common facial cleansers and typed on Weibo:

[Scentio Milk Face Wash: This facial cleanser can be bought for less than 20 yuan. Many people like its milky scent and think it is the king of cost performance, but in fact this is not a real amino acid facial cleanser. It feels that it had washed your face clean at a glance, but it actually has a lot of ingredients that irritate the skin. It's not good for the skin if used for a long time. I don't recommend everyone to buy it.

SANA Soy Milk Face Wash: The propaganda is very hot, but in fact it is not good. This facial cleanser is a typical soap-based facial cleanser and is not recommended.

Cetaphil facial cleanser: SLS facial cleanser, not recommended!

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip: A typical soap-based facial cleanser, dry skin gets drier the more you wash with it. Oily skin types will feel clean at first, but it will damage the skin, and the skin will become more and more oily after a long time. Not recommended!

POLA Black BA Facial Cleanser: Expensive, the effect is not good, the skin will get worse and worse, not recommended!

IPSA Cleansing Moisture Foam: Liquid cleanser, cost-effective, smells good, recommended!

Freeplus: A typical amino acid facial cleanser, the king of cost performance, recommended!

SK2 Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser: A good amino acid facial cleanser, it will be very comfortable after washing, recommended!

Summary: If after applying facial cleanser you think that it did a good job in removing excess oil, it is wrong. In fact, such a facial cleanser will make your skin worse and worse after washing. Generally, soap based cleanser will leave the skin will feel dry after washing. Many of cleanser have soap-based ingredients, so when you buy don't forget to take a look at the ingredients.]

As soon as Jiang Yu's Weibo was posted, fans left messages one after another. Because facial cleanser was something that everyone used every day, it could be said that it was close to everyone's life. Therefore, everyone had something to say.

——Wow! Last year I used 2 tubes of Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip and 3 tubes of Scentio Milk Cleanser.

——Of course the one I like to use is not recommended, right? T-T

——Freeplus is really a good value for money.

——Jiang Yu Dada is very pertinent. The reason why I like you is because you open our eyes and never talk nonsense.

——Dada, you can just come up with a facial cleanser by yourself, and we will all support you!

Seeing this comment, Jiang Yu smiled back: "Well, if there is a chance, it will definitely come out!"

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