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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 60

WBVDEC Chapter 60 – Vote

Judging from the video, Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu really matched each other! Even when two of them just stood still and didn't move, they could make everyone lick the screen, and their appearance was simply unbelievable!

Therefore, on the barrage of the video, fans were calling:

——I'm here to lick the screen, their looks are enough to hold up the whole drama!

——I was thinking why did Gu Shenliu come to play this kind of drama? It turned out to be made by Gu Shenliu's studio. Seeing a lot of newcomers here, I guess this play is also for bringing newcomers? He is so kind!

——Although the official account said that this drama will probably just become an online drama, but it doesn't matter, I will definitely watch just for the actors! After all, I really like this theme, Jiang Yu looks so aggressive in the drama! So domineering!

——Oh my God! Jiang Yu will become an inspirational story in the entertainment industry!

——This is the most fashionable drama ever! Every look is like fashion show! An auntie sweeping the road look like a red carpet girl, Jiang Yu, you are awesome!

——According to this level, they didn’t hold the budget price of filming dramas at all!

Although this video was cut urgently, the production was very rough but everyone liked it unexpectedly.

A few days later, the number of views on the video had reached 50 million, and this was only on Aiqiqi's video website.

Jiang Yu, who had been worried that the drama would not sell, finally felt relieved. With this amount of clicks, at least she wouldn't lose money, and it wouldn't cause Gu Shenliu's worth to drop in price!

The scandal of being nurtured had brought a lot of popularity to Jiang Yu. Netizens were most interested in this kind of negative news. After reading the post, many people who didn’t know Jiang Yu followed her Weibo, trying to figure the news out. Later, when it was proved that all this was just a hoax as the drama trailer was released, everyone knew that this matter was really a misunderstanding!

At the same time, Gu Shenliu Studio sued the poster who defamed Jiang Yu on behalf of her. By this time, everyone with discernment would know that this was fake news. 

Unexpectedly, the black fans that were attracted from the post became die-hard fans after watching the drama trailer! They knelt down and licked the screen: "Jiang Yu's long legs are so beautiful! Jiang Yu's shape is so beautiful! Jiang Yu is set up for a good attack! She and Gu Shenliu has a good sense of CP!"

In this way, the heat brought by the scandal, by the accident, made Jiang Yu's Weibo followers jump to 13 million! Seeing this number, Jiang Yu couldn't help laughing. She and Bei Xiaoxiao had a hot pot to celebrate that night!

At this moment, Xiaokui, a staff member of Aiqiqi video website, contacted Jiang on Weibo: "Jiang Yu, hello, we are interested in buying this drama to be broadcast in Aiqiqi Video Website. We would like to discuss it with you in detail."

Because the crew was so amateur, Aiqiqi's staff didn't know who to look for, so they could only come to Jiang Yu in the end.

Hearing this, Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment: "But the filming has just started!"

"Yes, but then we can talk slowly. We watched the video and thought it was very good. The filminh, costumes, and actors are not at the level of ordinary online dramas. Even the production level is higher than usual! In terms of the number of click on the trailer on our website, it won’t be a big problem for this drama to be popular!"


Jiang Yu smiled and typed: "Can you wait for the drama to finish production and then talk about it? In this way, you can also look at the quality before making a decision!"

"We have asked our superiors, and the superiors wanted to pursue special affairs. If it was an ordinary web drama, we would definitely not dare to be so arbitrary, but with Gu Shenliu joining in, it would be different. You must know where Gu Shenliu’s position is among female audiences. He is very appealing, and female audiences prefer to watch dramas. In the past, according to our experience, popular dramas were all about female costume legends. Such dramas can make female audiences feel immersed. They will feel like they could be the protagonist, through hard work they could also achieve success and finally become outstanding industry elite. Although your play is not an ancient costume story, it is also an inspirational story of the female lead in the entertainment industry, we think it is great!"

The staff continued: "Also, with the plot, it is almost impossible for your play to pass the trial to be broadcast in national TV channel. You have also appeared in the <Star Wardrobe> that was created by Aiqiqi before, so you must know that it was a pleasure to work with our staff. Then, can the new drama be broadcast on our Aiqiqi video website?"

Jiang Yu smiled, thinking of Gu Shenliu's explanation, she said, "I'll let a professional talk to you!"

"Okay! Great, you must consider our site first!"

At this moment, several other video websites came to find Jiang Yu, and Jiang Yu also told them that she would get some professional people to talk further. And she also gave instructions to the people: "Talk to the highest price!"

Under such circumstances, Zeng Yanan found Jiang Yu on the Internet.

The two had not been in touch for a while and Zeng Yanan said as soon as she opened her mouth: "Jiang Yu! I saw your web drama, and the costumes of the web drama are very tasteful! Did you design them all by yourself?"

Jiang Yu smiled back: "Part of it was designed by my classmates, but the costumes of all the actors in this play are from my company."

"Fantastic! Then I'll make an appointment with you first. When the online drama is released, I'll make a column for you to explain the costumes in your drama."

Jiang Yu knew that such an approach would be a win-win for each other. Zeng Yanan's magazine needed popularity, and she also needed the magazine to promote the clothes. People who loved magazines love beauty, so they were also her potential customers. But the face still had to be given. "Thank you Sister Zeng for taking care of me. When my drama is finished, the first thing I will do is to find you."

"Okay, I'll wait for you." Zeng Yanan smiled. After a while, she suddenly said, "By the way, why don't you pay attention to that online vote?"

"Vote?" Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, but didn't respond for a while, "What vote?"

"You do not know?" Zeng Yanan burst into laughter. Jiang Yu had been scolded all over the internet, but she didn't know anything! She quickly sent a link to Jiang Yu.

"Our magazine holds this kind of poll at the end of each year, and the theme is different every year. This year's theme is ‘face you want to have the most’. Originally, as you were filming now, you should be assigned under celebrity category, but the competition there is big, so I put you in the Internet celebrity category instead. The last category is for non-celebrity/amateur. At that time, the first place in the three categories will be matched, and finally people will choose the most beautiful face!"

"The most beautiful face?" Hearing this title, Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Forget it. It's enough for the audience to vote for this kind of thing."

"Don't! Our competition is relatively fair. In the past, in order to get this title, one actress asked a navy to vote, and was found out. In the end, it became ugly and she became the laughing stock of the industry. Therefore, in recent years, no one dared to manipulate votes. The word of mouth of this competition is good, so I suggest you give it a shot. If you get the first place, it is also a good reputation for yourself. You can use this title to hype in the future! In this way, your reputation will be even bigger! Today is the end of the semi-finals. It's been a day, so hurry up and promote it!"

"Okay, I'll go take a look!" Jiang Yu clicked on the link and saw that the competition was really frenetic. The top few in the actress category column already had hundreds of thousands of votes, and she was actually third in the Internet celebrity category. She clicked into other people's Weibo and took a look. Sure enough, other people reposted the voting link on Weibo every day for fans to vote. On the other hand, she had nothing on hers.

Jiang Yu laughed and thought about it, she forwarded the voting link and said: "Although I feel a little embarrassed by this title, since it is a competition, I want to ask my friends to vote for me!"

Because of Jiang Yu's recent popularity, the effect of this post was really remarkable. That night, Jiang Yu's ranking rushed to the second.

——Dada, your face is beautiful, your facial features are deep, and you are also very popular with the audience. I really think you really have the most beautiful face.

——I have been voting for taro ball since the beginning!

——You and Qiu Shuzhen are both goddesses in my heart. You both are tied for the first place!

Jiang Yu couldn't help but smile when she saw this ranking. She had a hundred thousand votes less than the first place! The game was about to end, so it should be impossible to counterattack! Although not the first, the second place was already a very good ranking.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu became bearish. She closed the voting page and started replying to netizens' comments. Just then, a netizen said:

[Jiang Yu, I have left you a message many times. I have oily-combination skin so it is easy for makeup to melt. I especially hope that you can recommend some cost-effective and easy-to-use loose powders for me!]

Loose powder? Speaking of which, Jiang Yu really had many brands that she would like to recommend to the girl, for example, Givenchy four-grid loose powder and the like. But the price of that product was a little high, if she needed to choose based on price, it has to be that one!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled lightly, took a jar from the dressing table, opened the beauty camera, took pictures, and posted:

[Many people have asked me about loose powder. Speaking of loose powder, I have a lot of secrets, but when it comes to cost-effectiveness, this one is undoubtedly the best! 

RCMA no-color loose powder, which looks like a pepper shaker, was once thought by my roommate as pepper powder and was almost spilled in her instant noodles. This loose powder is very good for oil control. The bottle is very large, but it is super affordable! 

It is good for setting makeup, the matte result is clean, and the powder is very delicate! I love to use this when applying makeup for other people too! I recommend it to everyone!]

——Do you also like to eat instant noodles?

——Wow! This really looks like pepper shaker! Is it really useful?

——I heard people say it's super affordable, but it works. It only cost a few dozen dollars in the United States. It comes in a large bottle so it can be used for a long time. The student party loves it.

——Is the grass planter back in the battlefield?

Looking at the comments of netizens, Jiang Yu smiled. This world was really wonderful. People from all over the world gathered together and treated each other very gently. 

Don't underestimate women! Don't underestimate Jiang Yu’s 13 million followers! 

Su Xiaoqi wanted to tell everyone that because of Jiang Yu's recommendation, she had more than 100 bottles in the store instantly, and she had asked her foreign relatives to buy 2,000 more bottles back!

Su Xiaoqi, who now had a daily turnover of more than 10,000 yuan by selling products recommended by Jiang Yu, now eat like a king every day. Now, she displayed a photo of Jiang Yu on her bedside table, alongside the photo of the God of Wealth. She worshipped and kowtowed three times a day, thanking Jiang Yu for bringing her fortune!

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu lay in bed and began to think about her itinerary today. She had been really busy recently, so busy that she read a book on time management, with the intention of making her time better allocated and utilized!

However, nothing was working! Time was still not enough.

At the end of the year, Jiang Yu couldn’t wait to be like Sun Wukong, pulling out a few hairs and blowing them out to deal with all kinds of things. First of all, she needed to film. Although she asked the school for leave, the teacher only acquiesced that she did not have to come to class as long as she got the top three in the exam, but it was not easy to get the top three in the final exam, so Jiang Yu started preparing for exams every day.

Secondly, at the end of the year, Taobao stores were finishing their work. Although the purchasing power of customers was not as good as on Double Eleven, according to the customer service, there would be a wave of sales at the store they stayed in previous jobs at the end of the year, because many people want to buy clothes for the Chinese New Year.

The sunlight shone in from the white tulle curtains, making Jiang Yu sleepless. She chose tulle curtains especially for herself. The purpose was to force herself not to stay in bed all day and to get up to work every day as the sun rises.

Jiang Yu habitually turned on her laptop and posted on Weibo. And then, she suddenly remembered that yesterday's voting had finished. To be honest, although she didn't value this competition, even if she didn't win the first place, she always felt ashamed of Zeng Yanan's support.

Jiang Yu opened the voting link for the contest. 

The number of votes for the first place in the Internet celebrity category was really high. With 330,000 votes, it was only tens of thousands of votes less than the first place in the celebrity category. Sure enough, the first place in the Internet celebrity category was...

Seeing the name of the first place, Jiang Yu was startled. She thought she had read it wrong. She confirmed it again and again, until in the end, she realized with a dazed face – she won the first place!

How could this be possible? When Jiang Yu checked the voting last night, she was obviously 100,000 votes less than the first place! How could it suddenly counterattack in just a few hours? If she hadn't rested early last night, she would have even thought she had bought the votes.

"Jiang Yu! Congratulations!" Zeng Yanan also saw the result and left a message: "That's great!"

"Sister Zeng, how did I get the first place? It was obviously the second place last night!"

"Jiang Yu, don't you know?" Seeing that her reaction didn't seem like a fake, Zeng Yanan couldn't help laughing. She sighed in her heart. She only felt that Jiang Yu's life was very good. She was very smart in big things, but confused in small things. She won the first place, but she didn't care at all, but more concerned on how she could win.

Was this real?

Zeng Yanan shook her head and smiled: "You don't know yet? Last night, the Gu family all forwarded the voting link for you!"

Jiang Yu: "..."

What the?

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