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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 59 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 59 – Break Open (2)

"Defamation?" Ji Wen's mother was startled and said anxiously, "Principal, you can see it clearly! It’s not like there is no wind and no waves! This Jiang Yu..."

"What nonsense!" Principal Wen slapped the table hard and said angrily, "The owner of this car, Gu Changming, is my old friend! He lives in the same community with me. Although this car has his name written on it, he gave this car to his son, the famous actor Gu Shenliu as his 30th birthday present! This picture you called being nurtured..."

Principal Wen took out a stack of photos from the table and threw them on the ground, saying: "See for yourself! Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu is filming a drama! Gu Shenliu drove his car as a prop for filming, that is to say, the so-called ‘nurturing’ picture you saw was filming! Filming!"

Hearing this news, everyone who followed was shocked.

"No... impossible!" Ji Wen shook her head and said with tears in her eyes, "No, principal, you must be mistaken, how could Jiang Yu be filming with Gu Shenliu?"

"Why is it impossible? Student Jiang..." Principal Wen pointed at Jiang Yu: "She is a good student! She looks beautiful! She is willing to make progress. She has solved the employment problem of dozens of fresh graduates at a young age. Her designed clothes have already entered the world, and her interview is still hanging on the bulletin board. If you are not convinced, you can also try to be feature on the bulletin board if you have the ability! Huh? Is there anyone stopping you?"

Jiang Yu, who had always been cheeky was... almost embarrassed.

However, everyone had not recovered from the shock.

Jiang Yu had already started acting? And also played against a big actor like Gu Shenliu? In just a few short months, she had reached such a height? Then why they were still the same as before, just ordinary college students?!

Ji Wen's mother was so shocked that she was speechless for a long time. The so-called nurturing pictures were a filming scene? "No... how is that possible? Principal, look at what Jiang Yu is wearing..."

"What's the matter? What's wrong with Xiao Jiang's clothes?" Principal Wen criticized in a strict tone. "You are a parent and you are also over half a hundred years old, even I know that you are trying to look for problems out of nothing. Young girls should dress well, and besides, the students of the Fashion Design Department will always use fashionable designs which is often their own creation, why don't you just let them wear their clothes peacefully?"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu just wanted to laugh. She didn’t imagine that the principal would be humble and broad minded.

Finally, the principal clapped the table angrily and said to the head teacher: "All the students involved in this matter would be penalized! Let them write a review and hand it over for me to see them myself!"

After Jiang Yu returned, all students looked up at her. Everyone couldn't believe that Jiang Yu was now able to play against Gu Shenliu. 

What did this mean? It showed that Jiang Yu now had the same worth as a first-line actress! Her Taobao store also had four crowns, and the clothes she wore were either her own designs or from big name brands! Her bag was worth tens of thousands! The clothes she wore for the matching pictures posted on Weibo had never been repeated.

This kind of Jiang Yu was getting farther and farther away from them. Everyone was not happy.

But Jiang Yu kept her head down all the time. When she arrived at the dormitory, she packed her bag and whispered: "Head teacher, I can't stay in this dormitory anymore, I plan to move out."

It’s not that Jiang Yu didn’t want to move out earlier, but Shen University’s management was strict. In theory, students were not allowed to live outside. But something like this had happened now, so…

The head teacher sighed and finally said: "Okay, then you can move out! Be sure to pay attention to safety!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu nodded reluctantly.

When the other students saw this, they all pointed at Ji Wen and the others. "How can you all be so excessive! You actually bully people away!"

Meanwhile Jiang Yu, who was sitting in Gu Shenliu's car, suddenly laughed. She said while wearing her seat belt: "Finally don't have to live in the dormitory! I really want to thank my former roommates, because of them I have the opportunity to move out!"

Gu Shenliu raised his lips and smiled.

However, the rumor had been solved at school, but not on the Internet.

"Taro Ball, what are you doing? Anyone with a discerning eye knows it's fake! Come out and clarify!" Durres was furious. In order to protect Jiang Yu, he attacked several netizens on the Internet.

Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Old Du, don't worry, I have a plan!"

After hearing this, Durres calmed down and asked: "Really? Brother needs to tell you, if a girl gets into such a scandal, it will be difficult to settle later."

"Don't worry, I won't let myself suffer!" Jiang Yu smiled.

Soon, Su Ye and Su Mang also stood up to protect Jiang Yu.

For a while, navy suddenly flooded the Internet and started to attack Jiang Yu, saying that she was cared for and could only rely on men.

Jiang Yu thought that her fans would be misled, but when she opened Weibo, she saw many supportive comments instead.

——Dada, I believe in you.

——Taro Ball is famous, and her store’s turnover on Double Eleven is 80 million. Does such a person still need to be nurtured? OMG! Would the person who nurtured her has his teeth diamond-plated?

——Haha, how do you like to say it, anyway, I just want to know when the new batch preview will come out?

——Dada, you haven't planted grass for several days! I'm not used to it!

At this moment, Fang Huai called: "Junior Sister, the promotional footage for <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> has already come out. It was actually not scheduled this early, but due to the current special circumstances, we finished it quickly so you can slap those people’s faces and promote the drama by the way."

Jiang Yu smiled. When she first saw the post, she reached a tacit understanding with Gu Shenliu and planned to use this incident to promote the TV series. "Okay."

The posts on the Internet had been making trouble all day, and many big accounts on Weibo were talking about it, but Jiang Yu seemed to have not seen it at all.

Until the next afternoon, Jiang Yu posted a Weibo saying: 

[Hello everyone, someone posted on the Internet about my being nurtured, it's false news. The famous brand sports car owned by an old man mentioned in the post is actually owned by actor @Gu Shenliu's father @Gu Changming. Here is my apology to Mr. Gu. I swear to God, you actually look young and not old at all.

Netizens' speculation is purely malicious slander. In fact, the reason why I and this sports car are in the same frame is because @Gu Shenliu and I co-starred in a drama called <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>, in which I play the female lead role and senior @Gu Shenliu plays the male lead. The sports car was lent to the crew for filming by the Senior Brother!

The video link is as follows, you can judge for yourself: 23#@UUWs#.]

As soon as this Weibo was posted, netizens who were concerned about this matter immediately gathered around. After a while, when they refreshed Jiang Yu’s post again, they saw that there were already more than 20,000 comments, which was shocking.

——Wow! What the h*ll is co-starring in a drama?

——Dada, are you going to act? Really? I will be waiting!

——I really won’t miss it!

——So the reason why CP was fired recently was because there was a drama to be released? Really, I just can’t stand Internet celebrities.

——Ha ha ha! Uncle Gu, you are not old! It turned out to be real. I have always thought that this car looked familiar, but I was afraid that people would attack me so I never dared to say that this car is indeed Movie Emperor Gu’s car. We all know that it was given to him by Uncle Gu for his 30th birthday present. Likes: 43330

——<The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei>? Isn’t this a Jinjiang's novel?

At the same time, Mahua Big Cake reposted the Weibo:

[My novel has been adapted into a drama. Thank you Jiang Yu for giving me the opportunity and thank you, my favorite actor, Gu Shenliu, for being able to play the hero and heroine together. This will be the happiest moment in my life!]

Gu Shenliu also quickly reposted Jiang Yu's Weibo:

[The car is mine, but the old man is not me! Old Gu who was shot while lying down sent me a message just now and said, 'I won't bear the blame!']

Netizens instantly forgot about the nurturing issue and focused on the new drama.

The scandal of being nurtured not only did not bring any taint to Jiang Yu, but instead allowed her to take advantage of this crisis to turn the corner and finally made a good publicity for the new drama.

Under this circumstance, the promotional video of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> spread quickly on the Internet. In just 2 days, it reached more than 30 million views, which not only showed that fans were paying attention to this drama, but also showed how big Gu Shenliu’s influence was.

Fans watched the video and screamed with excitement, because they had never seen Gu Shenliu in a drama. After the actors and actresses became popular, they would usually only develop to the big screen. However, most of the big screen movies followed a deep plot, so there were very few handsome and intuitive characters like a domineering president. The fans were of course happy with the actors’ development on the big screens, but at the same time, everyone would inevitably have regrets, because it would be difficult for them to see their idols in light idol dramas again.

This kind of domineering president male lead, Mary Su incompetent female lead, although there was no depth, but they were still very fun to watch!

For example, TV series such as <Playful Kiss>, <The Heir> and <You Who Came From the Stars> from South Korea were very popular among fans. If idols could act in such well-made TV dramas, fans would not refuse!

After watching the trailers, Gu Shenliu’s fans were pleasantly surprised to find that Gu Shenliu's character design was so explosive! At the trailer, there were no annoying second or third female lead roles in the drama, and there was no water in the affairs between female lead and male lead. The male lead was not bad and the female lead was not cheap. What's even rarer was that under Gu Shenliu's interpretation, the male protagonist became very charming. They only watched a few short clips, but they were already hooked! 
Also, this drama looked like it would be well produced, a bit like Korean dramas. The scenes and props looked very high-quality, by the way, the so-called old man's tens of millions yuan sports car also appeared in the play.

What's more important was that everyone in the play wore very fashionable clothes. Every scene, every character's appearance, even the garbage sweeper on the street wore fashionable clothes as if they were going to do a catwalk!

Fans licked the screen over and over again and asked, "Who did this gorgeous makeup look?"

The drama official Weibo posted more information: 

[Forgot to mention, the costumes and makeup in our play are all created by @Stylist Jiang Yu and her team together. That is to say, the makeup and clothes you will see would be completely international red carpet level!]

The fans were so excited that they wanted to fly: "Amazing, my Jiang Yu!"

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