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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 53

WBVDEC Chapter 53 – Lead the War

<Star Wardrobe> was an unpopular online variety show. The official blog only had around 50,000 followers. Although the official blog published Weibo and publicity programs every day, the attention without followers was very low. Therefore, when the official blog first published the Weibo, only a small number of followers saw it.

They often saw a makeup comparison chart, “face change surgery”, and make makeup techniques comparable to plastic surgery, but when they saw the comparison chart of Ya Ya, they were still speechless.

——This is too awesome? It's even better than that Lingluan Nini! It seems that the title of Lingluan Nini is going to be grabbed by Jiang Yu!

——Before makeup is a pig's head, after makeup is a fairy!

——Kneel! This is too scary! In the future, you must not trust a woman wearing makeup.

——This is painted by Jiang Yu? D*mn! Which episode of the show is it? Gu Shenliu is also on the show? I really want to watch it!

——Which show is it?

——Which episode? This episode must be watched! It must be seen how Jiang Yu changed people's heads!

Soon after the Weibo was released, many diving fans were blown up. Everyone left messages and forwarded them, saying that they were going to watch the episode. After that, more and more people were watching. Many people were frightened by this makeup technique. In this way, one pass ten, ten pass a hundred. In less than two hours, the official blog with only 50,000 followers, the Weibo actually had more than 30,000 reposts, this kind of spread speed was really amazing.

Jiang Yu didn't even know these things. As soon as she returned to the dormitory, she received a call from the staff of <Star Wardrobe>.

"Hello Ms. Jiang Yu, can you please help forward the top Weibo of our official blog."

Jiang Yu opened Weibo and saw that the previously recorded program was doing promotion period. Looking at the date, it would be broadcast this Wednesday. She opened the comment, but saw that everyone was stunned by the changes of Ya Ya. Everyone wanted to see what happened, so they urged the episode to be broadcast earlier.

Upon seeing this, Aiqiqi platform quickly reposted the Weibo and mobilized all official blogs under their name to also help repost it.

Jiang Yu clicked forward and left a message: "Taros, come and see! This is my first time on a variety show. In this episode, I transformed the inferior girl Ya Ya and let her find confidence. I hope all girls with low self-esteem can find makeup and styling that suits them."

When everyone clicked on it, they were all taken aback.

——Jiang Yu, I know you are amazing, but I don’t know you are so amazing!

——Everyone has been brought to the rhythm, am I the only one who cares about her and Gu Shenliu's affairs? Coming on a show together, no matter how you look at it, I think it's a lot to do!

——D*mn! My Gu was obviously stunned too! This issue looks great!

——What kind of show is "Star Wardrobe"?

After that, Gu Shenliu and Su Ye also forwarded the post. For a while, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet. 

There were too many hot spots in the episode. For example, the transformation of Ya Ya, and then there was Gu Shenliu and Su Ye, and more about Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu. Recently, because Gu Shenliu and Su Ye co-produced a film, some people said that they came to promote, but then Gu Shenliu also brought Jiang Yu. For a while, everyone wondered who Gu Shenliu was with.

Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of Wednesday, and even Jiang Yu could hear everyone talking about it when walking on campus.

In such an atmosphere, Wednesday finally came. When fans stood in front of their computers and opened Aiqiqi website. When they opened the Aiqiqi platform, the originally only 30-second ads, in this episode of <Star Wardrobe> actually extended to 2 Minutes! Everyone was so angry! Telling themselves to smile, telling themselves to give up watching, but still couldn't help but wait for the show to start.

When the show started, everyone's eyes brightened. Those who have watched this show know that this was a show that was not very popular. The celebrities couldn’t really let go their persona, so the wardrobes that was shown was not interesting, plus there were no big celebrities invited, so many people just abandon it after watching a few episodes.

They all wanted to watch the video of Ya Ya's transformation, but they didn't expect that they would be attracted by the interaction between Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu. It's strange that these two people obviously didn't do anything, but why did they think they were strange just standing there?

Height, appearance, figure... all matched very well!

After Ya Ya appeared, everyone leaned in their hearts! She was indeed a very inferior girl. But when Jiang Yu gave her makeup and Ya Ya walked out from behind the curtain, the audience was shocked. Everyone could even put a bird's nest in their wide open mouths.

Later, the video showed Gu Shenliu's home, which made the audience even more addicted. When Gu Shenliu wore clothes made by Jiang Yu and left the curtain, everyone was stunned by his handsomeness again!

In short, there were tears and laughs in the episode, very full of energy! When everyone watched the first episode, it seemed like they had just finished a roller coaster. It was so exciting!

So they went around and posted: "Have you watched this issue of <Star Wardrobe>? What? Haven't watched it yet? Go and watch it! It's so beautiful!"

In the end, the ratings report came out. The ratings of <Star Wardrobe> were 10 times that of the previous episode!

The high-level management of Aiqiqi platform immediately ordered that this program maintain the theme of this period and continued. This meant, <Star Wardrobe> wouldn’t be withdrawn!

At this moment, Jiang Yu received a call from Durres.

As soon as the call was connected, Durres began to complain: "Taro balls, I met something today and I was so mad! Wait no, I want to vomit!"

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu was still calm. She calmly said: "What's the matter?"

"Well, today my car is in maintenance so I took the subway to work. Who knew that when I was on the subway, I met a breastfeeding mother who was holding a baby. Maybe it was because the subway was too crowded. The baby kept crying and the mother couldn't comfort her. The mother was sweating profusely and had no choice but to breastfeed her child on the subway."

"When you encounter this kind of thing, it should be fine as long as you don’t stare at this mother. Who knows, a few local girls picked up their phones and took pictures of this mother on the spot. They also took pictures of the baby’s face and the picture of the breast, the girl even yelled, ‘It’s really shameless! These unqualified country folks are like cockroaches, destroying the image of our city! If you have to breastfeed, go home! How could you do public breastfeeding like this! Don’t come to our city to pull down our class and destroy our image!’ The mother was scolded and cried on the spot. With this, the baby cried even harder. After that, the girl continued saying, ‘This child is so noisy! What a f*cking bad luck! Taking the subway could still encounter such immoral things! It's really shameless to expose your own sexual organs in public!'"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu could probably guess what happened. She had encountered this kind of thing several times in her previous life, and she lead the war every time. In fact, only those who had become mothers know that when a child cries, they would be really anxious but the infant child would not understand it. In this case, if the child kept crying, the mother had no choice but to breastfeed. But in places like the subway, the public facilities are incomplete, so mothers have no place to hide. They can only grit their teeth and feed in public. Many unmarried people naturally I don't like to watch such a scene, and because of this there would always be contradictions.

Speaking of this, Durres paused for a moment before saying: "Actually, I don’t agree with this behavior, but although I’m gay, I also respect women very much! I don’t think this mother would choose to take the subway if she had the means. See! I get angrier as I am telling you!"

Jiang Yu heard the words and calmed Durres down: "It's all over, so it's useless for you to be angry. Next time you encounter something like this, you can help that mother. You can put up your jacket to block the view."

"How could I dare to?! I'm might scare people away!" Durres sneered.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu opened Weibo only to see that the matter had already started on Weibo.

The reason was someone named Su Lili with username @Zhou Zhoujia posted on Weibo:

[Look everyone, what are the qualities of these foreigners now! Feeding in public, throwing trash, and spitting! Do they fear that others will not know that our countrymen are of low quality? It is these group of countrymen that destroy the image of our city, without them, our city will become better and more harmonious!]

Jiang Yu didn't feel too angry when she saw this, but when she clicked on the picture on Weibo, she couldn't help but frown. Su Lili also posted photos of the breastfeeding mother's breasts and the child's face. She also cursed, "I can't blame others for being shameless! If you like to show it in public, I will let everyone see you! Your mother never told you that you can't show your sex organs in public?"

The following comments were divided into two factions. One faction was local people where many supported Su Lili, saying that the city was messed up by this group of people. They wanted to get these outsiders out of Shencheng city.

The other faction was outsiders.

——Yes, you are a local, but do you have the right to take a picture of a mother’s breast? Children want to breastfeed when they are hungry, breastfeeding is a mother's instinct! Why? because a mother can't bear to let her child go hungry.

——You can talk about breastfeeding, but don't connect it with outsiders. What’s wrong with us outsiders?

——Yes, the locals are not qualified to judge. Those local uncles and aunts squeeze the subway and squeeze the bus. They can squeeze more than anyone else!

——You let me see the quality of local people.

——Your mother told you that breast is a sex organ?

This Weibo was an easy place to incite war, and it quickly ignited. In half a day, the Weibo was reposted more than 70,000 times, and everyone had reposted and expressed their opinions.

Some people supported Su Lili, some scolded Su Lili, and some rationally analyzed that the reason why such a thing occurs was entirely because the public facilities were not perfect and didn’t pay attention to women’s human rights.

For some reason, Jiang Yu felt sad when she saw such news. As a woman, she knew that in a society like China, it was much harder to be a woman than a man. Women play multiple roles in society. They needed to make money but at the same time take care of their families and children, however, the society was not tolerant to them. Many employers even dismissed female employees because they got pregnant.

Jiang Yu also didn’t like seeing breastfeeding in public. After all, such things made surrounding people feel uncomfortable. But because she didn’t like it, she could just choose not to watch. She could just give the mother and child who was breastfeeding some space. Was it really that difficult?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu's brows furrowed, she picked up her pencil and drew on the sketchbook. That night, she hurried to work all night and finally finished her drawing.

By the next day, the scolding war hadn't stopped. Su Lili's Weibo had been reposted by hundreds of thousands. Many local people came to Su Lili's Weibo to support her and applaud her.

Su Lili refused to admit her mistake and kept clamoring that she was right.

At this time, Jiang Yu also posted a Weibo.

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  1. It is normal, brestfeeding is normal. It is sad that mothers were shamed for such motherly act.

    I agree with Jiang Yu, if u don't like to see it..look away. It is not that difficult.


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