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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 64 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 64 – Acne (2)

"Su Ye, your face..." Cheng Yu hadn't recovered yet.

"Sister-in-law, isn’t my face much better? You say Jiang Yu is not god, but you don't know good she is!"

Cheng Yu kept staring at Su Ye's face and saw that the marks on Su Ye's face were no longer obvious. She had no doubt that with a few more days of medicines, the acne would be gone. But how was it possible! Jiang Yu was just a 20-year-old girl, but she could do things that many famous doctors couldn't do with ease?

Cheng Yu couldn't help but glanced at Jiang Yu. She saw that the little girl had a calm expression from beginning to end, neither happy nor angry. Such a confidence level was not something ordinary people would have! Cheng Yu couldn't help feeling that she really underestimated Jiang Yu before, and also, a genius who could design international red carpet outfits at the age of 20, how could she think of her with ordinary people's thinking!

"It's amazing!" Cheng Yu was blunt, and immediately apologized to Jiang Yu: "Sorry, Jiang Yu, I shouldn't have said the things before."

Jiang Yu heard the words, her emotions still did not fluctuate at all, she smiled and said: "You just want to protect Su Ye, there's nothing wrong with it, okay, go back! I have to continue filming!"

That night, Jiang Yu took out her mobile phone and saw a lot of mentions on Weibo. She opened some and saw that Su Ye had posted a Weibo:

[Recently, because of eating diet pills, my skin broke out. I asked doctors all over the place but they said that there was no special way to heal it. I had no choice but to ask my good girlfriend Jiang Yu for help. And really, all my acne was gone in just 1 hour! It's amazing! Here, to show you my little sister’s amusingness, I will show you my shame! In addition, I am bad example, please don't take diet pills indiscriminately!]

Below the Weibo post was a comparison chart of Su Ye, the first one was before the medication and the second one was after the medication. The contrast between the two was very obvious. On the first picture, Su Ye's face was like a pockmark. No matter how beautiful a face was, with many pimples, it would still look very scary. But in the second picture, the pimples already shriveled, and the skin looked much cleaner.

Fans immediately bombarded the post and left comments.

——It is true? I've had acne for over ten years! It has never been cured.

——OMG! It's so happy to be best friends with Jiang Yu! 

——The contrast is really obvious! Xiao Ye, you have to pay attention to your body, don't take medicine indiscriminately!

——@Stylist Jiang Yu, ask for the medicine! Please sell it! No matter how expensive it is, I will definitely buy it! You don't know the pain of a person with face full of acne pits. I have been single for 30 years. No matter how many blind dates have, they will all be scared away when they see me with acne all over my face! My life is handed over to you, Jiang Yu! Ask for the medicine!

Seeing this comment, Jiang Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She only replied: "Is it so miserable?

The fan immediately replied: "You don’t believe? It's really miserable! Dada! Give me the medicine now!"

In just an instant, fans flocked from Su Ye's Weibo. They commented on Jiang Yu's Weibo and asked her to release acne medicine. When Jiang Yu refreshed her Weibo again, there had been more than 10,000 requests for medicine in the comments.

Seeing these people seeking medicine, Jiang Yu had a flash of inspiration, as if seeing a new business opportunity. Since her medicine was very effective for acne and so many people hope to get rid of their acne, why didn’t she just produce the medicine and sell it to everyone?

In fact, this prescription was bought from an old Chinese medicine practitioner in her previous life. It was said to be the secret recipe of the doctor’s ancestral palace. At that time, the purpose of Jiang Yu was very simple, just to have a good relationship with the stars in the circle. She often gave the medicine to celebrities who had acne. Later, the word of mouth of this medicine spread, and many celebrities would ask her for it. They owed her favors over and over again. After a long time, they became friends and had good relationship.

Celebrities were used to big brand skin care products, but they all think her medicine was effective, which could prove that the medicine was really good!

Furthermore, the ingredients of the medicine were all Chinese herbs, which were very convenient to produce and had a short production steps. Jiang Yu only needed to find a regular cosmetics factory to produce and then established a brand directly to sell it. In this way, the products would be available soon.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu suddenly raised her lips and smiled, she picked up the phone and called Bi Peijun: "Peijun, I want you to help me find a cosmetics factory!"

Bi Peijun always paid attention to Jiang Yu's Weibo. Hearing the words, she immediately understood and smiled: "It just so happens that I have a big factory I know, so I'll get in touch right away."

After the explanation, Jiang Yu thought for a moment. She still felt that she couldn't put the acne medicine on the market so easily. Because Taobao was very strict about drugs, Jiang Yu planned to market the medicine as a skin care product. In this way, when the procedures were completed and the tests were passed, there would be no missing link, otherwise it would only bring trouble to her later.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu's eyes couldn't help but fall on her Weibo. She saw her last post promoting the new batch of clothes launch at 8 o'clock tonight.

At the end of the year, in order to let everyone the chance to buy Jiang Yu's self designed clothes and celebrate the New Year beautifully, she had already explained to the employees and the factory that for the new release in January, the supply would unlimited. Which meant that this and the next issue would be the only time Jiang Yu set unlimited quantities except for the one on Double Eleven. Thinking about it, she suddenly had an idea.

Jiang Yu quickly posted a Weibo:

[Many people have asked me for the acne medicine. To be honest, I don't have much of this medicine, so I thought about it and decided to do this. In next release for the new batch of clothes, all the clothes in it will be available in unlimited quantities, but only for that issue, so don’t be late! Buy it and earn it because all the designs will not be sold a second time! For all customers who place an order today, as long as they leave a message that they want some acne medicine, I will give you a pack for free!]

——Really? Then I must visit your store today, I really need this medicine.

——I never thought that one day, in addition to buying clothes at Jiang Yu’s store, I would also buy skin care products for acne.

——Buy buy buy! Is the launch at 8 o'clock? I will buy it on time.

Seeing everyone's comments, Jiang Yu smiled lightly. It seemed like a loss to give acne medicine as a gift, but in fact it was a big profit.

First, it was helpful to earn word of mouth for the acne medicine. Second, the acne medicine had no testing or formal brand yet. If it was sent as a gift and not sold as a commodity, there was no need for complete documents yet. Also, the acne medicine was made of common Chinese herbs so it would be unlikely to cause allergy and should be very safe. Therefore, Jiang Yu planned to send a batch for everyone to try. If the response was good, she would step up and brought the acne medicine to the market.

"Taro balls, why don't you give me such a good medicine to try?" Bei Xiaoxiao also came to ask when she saw Jiang Yu wanted to give away medicine for free.

"The pimples on your face will be gone if you eat less spicy sticks!" Jiang Yu glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao.

"Eat less spicy sticks? That won't work! I really love them!" After Bei Xiaoxiao finished, she came out with a bunch of spicy sticks.

Looking at the red, yellow, and oily spicy strips packaging in front of her, Jiang Yu, who had just returned from the crew, was stunned. "10 packs? What are you buying so many for?"

"Not much, not much! Some are red chili, some are gluten, some are filamentous, and some are flaky." After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao opened a bag: "Just now someone on the forum invited me to answer a question, ask me what is the experience of eating 10 packs of spicy sticks at one time? In order to answer the question, I bought 10 spicy sticks and came back to try."

"..." Jiang Yu's brows furrowed even tighter. Bei Xiaoxiao was on her way to death, she was gone forever!

At 8 o'clock that night, the new batch of clothes launch time had arrived.

To be honest, Jiang Yu was a little nervous. This time, the unlimited supply was not only because the customers were complaining so much that they couldn't grab the clothes every time, but there was another important reason – she was short of money!

Yes, Jiang Yu just bought a house, the crew needed money every day, plus she had to register her brand, open Tmall, cooperate with Jado, and decorate the new house... Everything cost money, and she opened her eyes every day feeling that she was full of debts.

Seeing that the end of the year was coming, after thinking about it, Jiang Yu decided to make good use of the holiday. This would not only reduce the resentment of fans, but also allowed her to take the opportunity to generate more profit.

At 8:00 PM, all customer service staffs were in front of their computers.

Jiang Yu stood behind them, looking at the data on the store’s back end. Ding, ding, ding... As usual, the sound of incoming orders rang out one after another!

"Well, I feel that there are more orders than in the past." Zou Xiaoyu said.

"Look again!"

When Zou Xiaoyu refreshed the Taobao back end and looked at the data, her eyes almost went crooked. Even if the sales were high in the past, even if many items became sold out in seconds, but because Jiang Yu had limited the purchases, there were at most 30,000 orders each batch.

But now...

"President Jiang! Look! In just ten minutes, there are already 30,000 transactions!"

That was to say, in 15 minutes, they passed the transaction volume of the previous batch.

Jiang Yu grinned, "Calm down~"

After half an hour.

Zou Xiaoyu shouted again: "President Jiang!!! It's not good! 40,000 orders!"

"Oh~" Jiang Yu's calm tone made people want to beat her up. She simply sat on the side to read a magazine, turned a few pages, and said: "Keep watching! Also, call Cheng Quanyou, chase the production and tell him that the stock is running out!"


Soon, 50,000 orders! 60,000 orders! In the end, just from 8:00 PM to midnight, a small individual clothing store like Jiang Yu’s sold 80,000 orders!

The prices of the clothes in this batch were quite high. The down jackets for autumn and winter were made of good quality, so it was not cheap. The price was in thousands and the profit was also not small. Jiang Yu roughly estimated if the 80,000 orders were standardized on the average customer spending amount, conservatively estimated, the profit she gained would be tens of millions!

Very good! Jiang Yu was very satisfied! That much money would get her a few more houses!

The customer service staffs were so excited, especially Zou Xiaoyu, who said with tears in her eyes: "President Jiang, our store is really good! I always feel like I'm witnessing an era, what should I do? I'm going to be a fan of you!"

Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips, stretched out her index finger and flicked Zou Xiaoyu’s forehead. She smiled and said: "Okay! Don't cry anymore, do it well and I will give you each an Exideal light plus red envelope at the end of the year!"

"Yeah! Long live President Jiang!"

Jiang Yu took a look at the store’s back end data. Of the 80,000 orders, nearly 40,000 left a message asking for acne medicine. That was to say, the reason why the clothes sold so well this time was not only because there was no limit, but also because of the acne medicine. Many people buy clothes just for the acne medicine.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips and looked out the window. Her goal was achieved, not only publicizing the medicine, but she also publicized her store, which directly led to a qualitative leap in the sales numbers!

However, 40,000 packets of acne medicine was not a small amount. Fortunately, Gu Shenliu introduced a herbal medicine dealer to Jiang Yu, which saved her a lot of money.

After that, Jiang Yu found a professional factory to prepare the medicinal materials according to the standard, put them in simple packaging and seal them.

"President Jiang, this medicine is so small. It looks like it can last for just 3 days?" Bi Peijun asked.

Jiang Yu smiled and she looked at Bi Peijun: "You are wrong, this medicine can only be used for 2 days."

"Two days? Can everyone then see an effect?"

"Of course they can. In fact, I have used this ointment myself. Based on the evaluations of others, the effect of this medicine would be obvious after just 2 days of use. Of course, only persistent use can completely remove the acne. When everyone received the medicine, used it for 2 days and found it works, they would be so excited. But when they tried to use it again, they will realize that it was used up. At this time, what was everyone's first thought?" Jiang Yu asked Bi Peijun with a smile.

"Definitely want to buy another pack to use!"

"Bingo!" Jiang Yu smiled straight: "This is also my purpose. I am not doing charity by giving away free medicines. I hope to establish word of mouth through this, so that everyone will come back to buy the formal products we will release later. This is my real ultimate purpose!"

Bi Peijun was really convinced. She said, "In terms of business, I'm far worse than you!"

Jiang Yu shook her head. She looked at the packet of traditional Chinese medicine powder in her hand and suddenly smiled: "Let this bag of powder become a way to miracle!"

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