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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 61 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 61 – Buy a House (1)

Gu family? Jiang Yu immediately thought of the group of people who were watching from the outside of the car that day.

Jiang Yu opened Weibo and saw that there were several people surnamed Gu who were helping her canvass for votes.

@Gu Linlu: [My third brother @Gu Shenliu's junior sister, I have seen a real person, a well-deserved beauty!]

The fans below were also very supportive.

——Gu Dashen said that she is beautiful, so she must be beautiful, so I will vote. (TN: Dashen means deity, but as Internet slang it mostly used to refer to guru/expert.)

——Not bad, Jiang Yu looks pretty, whether it’s in live broadcast or a photo, it’s all good. But I don’t know what the real person is like.

——Judging from the video, Jiang Yu is very beautiful on camera! I guess she is pretty good in real life too!

——Most beautiful face? Well, I can laugh out loud if I can change my face into Jiang Yu's face.

@Gu Lingxiao reposted Gu Linlu's Weibo and said, [Third Brother’s Junior Sister, vote one!]

——Second brother Gu is also here. I found that the elder brothers of the Gu family are very protective of their younger brother, they even help his junior sister. How good would they be if it is the girlfriend?

——Inexplicably comes with cute attributes.

@Gu Changming also reposted: [I am the old man in the rumor, I have been misunderstood once, so I repost one to shock everyone!]

There was also a grandma with the ID @Xiao Q’s Grandma, who was probably Gu Shenliu's mother. She also reposted and said: [The little girl looks good. If I were a few years younger, I would want to be a girl like her!]

——There is an inexplicable feeling of a mother-in-law supporting her daughter-in-law!

——Mom! mom! I am your daughter-in-law! I want any of your three sons!

The worst thing was that @Xiao Q's Grandma actually replied to the comment: "Hehe, it is brothers’ loyalty!"

Seeing all this, Jiang Yu couldn't help laughing and laughing. The Gu family's people were too funny. After thinking about it, she directly replied to Weibo and said:

[Thank you to my senior brother's family for your help! We won the first place in the Internet celebrity category. Let's march towards the championship together!]

Su Ye, who was shooting an advertisement, read Jiang Yu's Weibo and forwarded it with a smile: "My best friend, let's help her vote together!"

Su Ye did not participate in this competition because of her face injury. At this moment, she was sincerely shouting and gathering votes for Jiang Yu.

Seeing these Weibo, Bei Xiaoxiao hugged several customer service staff excitedly: "Great! Our taro ball really won the first place!"

Jiang Yu smiled: "I don't really care much about the competition."

"You don't care, but we care!" Bei Xiaoxiao snorted and said excitedly, "I'm excited when I think of my best girlfriend being chosen as the 'most beutiful face'! And my brother Gu’ family, just because Taro Ball is his junior sister, they even helped her like this, everyone is so kind!"

After hearing this, the customer service staffs who had seen Gu Shenliu send Jiang Yu home all coughed. They glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao sympathetically. She was the only one who naively thought the two’s relationship was just senior brother and junior sister.

When Jiang Yu heard the words, she laughed. Thinking maybe she should find a chance to tell Bei Xiaoxiao about her relationship.

"Let's go! Today is a new day, and we can vote for taro ball again!" After she finished speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao pulled all the staff to continue to help Jiang Yu to vote.

Seeing that everyone was helping her, Jiang Yu smiled. She had a cup of coffee for breakfast and felt that God was so kind to her! She had a good new life!

When Jiang Yu went to the crew, Fang Huai had already arrived. Because the trailer video was well received, Fang Huai was in a good mood recently. He smiled and said, "Taro Ball, you are too good. If you hadn't used this scandal to hype the drama, our play would not have received so much attention."

Even the official Weibo of the drama had millions of followers now, one could imagine receiving this kind of popularity so fast.

"It's the result of everyone's joint efforts." Jiang Yu smiled back. In addition to being the lead actress, she was also the general director of clothing styling. She went to the dressing room and saw the blue striped suit that Zhou Zhou was creating for the second male lead. She looked on the design and said: "Zhou Zhou, the shirt in this dress doesn't match well. The cufflinks need to be replaced."

Zhou Zhou nodded and said, "I also think it's a little strange, I'll find a spare now."

In fact, it's not that the clothes were weird, but the figure of the second male lead was not suitable for wearing such a narrow-collared white shirt. But Jiang Yu didn't say it directly.

At this moment, Durres' little partner Yuan Wei also came over.

Yuan Wei was a popular little fresh meat now. His skin was fair and his temperament was clean, which made people easily feel very fond of him. But for Jiang Yu's aesthetics, Yuan Wei's temperament was a little bit too girly, but today's girls called this kind of man soft and cute.

"Taro ball!" Yuan Wei also called Jiang Yu just like Durres.

Jiang Yu had a good impression of Yuan Wei, she greeted with a smile: "Yuan Wei, you get more handsome again?"

The beautiful man Yuan Wei snorted softly: "You are so beautiful, if in this drama I don’t pay attention to dressing up, wouldn’t you kill me in seconds?"

"You! You were talking just like Old Du!"

Yuan Wei smiled and was about to speak, but suddenly couldn't help shivering. He couldn't help touching his arm. It was strange, obviously Gu Shenliu was resting with his eyes closed, why did he feel a chill behind his back? It seems that it was not good to stay here for a long time!

Thinking of this, Yuan Wei hurriedly slipped aside to play with the others.

On the contrary, Jiang Yu asked inexplicably: "Why did Yuan Wei run away? Is there a ghost chasing him?"

Gu Shenliu snorted coldly, turned over, and continued to close his eyes to rest. This Yuan Wei, count them as acquainted!

"Senior brother." Jiang Yu suddenly thought about something. "That... Should I thank your family? After all, they are very serious about gathering vote for me! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have won the first place." She pushed Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu woke up. He hadn't slept all night, so now that he was close to Jiang Yu, he could only fell asleep for a while. Hearing this, he said in a low voice, "You don't have to thank them."


"Because those posts were forwarded by force because they lost to me when playing mahjong!"

"..." Jiang Yu was speechless. How good was Gu Shenliu?

"Jiang Yu." Jia Xing sent a video call request when he was free in the afternoon.

Jiang Yu picked it up and smiled: "How's the sales recently?"

"As you might expect, it's sold out every day! Jiang Yu, I think customers already know that Jado is an Italian brand, so can we consider opening a TaoBao flagship store now?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Actually, that's what I mean! During this time, many internet celebrities, models, and celebrities carried this brand, so Jado's brand culture was also very popular. It can be said that customers can relatively recognize the brand now, so it is good to register on Taobao. In the next few days, I will let someone start to registration. When the time comes, you just need to hand over the relevant documents. If there is no accident, Jado's Taobao store can start operating next year!"

"I heard that your store has a lot of sales?"

"Yes!" Jiang Yu smiled with confidence in her eyebrows: "No accident, we will work together to create a second sales myth!"

Before Jia Xing could get excited, he heard Jiang Yu say again:

"But for now, Jado still lacks a memorable feature."

"Feature?" Jia Xing was a little puzzled: "Jado's original classic bags have been selling well for many years. With your modification, we will fully match the details of the classic bags next year. I think the new design Jado will combine classic and popular greatly. Your new designs also makes Jado has more variety. These styles are almost all best-sellers, just yesterday, we sold 300 pieces. "

"It's not enough!" Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled: "This kind of number does not meet my requirements!"

"Then you mean..."

"LV's presbyopia and colorful logo design, Fendi's monster, Celine's Nano bag, the specialization in these designs are hard to come by. I don't expect Jado to be as popular all over the world as these brands, but I want to be able to design a very a unique collection that reminds people of Jado when they see it."

After speaking, Jiang Yu picked up a design and showed it to Jia Xing: "This is my design."

After seeing the drawing, Jia Xing was stunned for a moment. He then exclaimed, "What a unique design!"

"Yes! I want to make this design Jado's signature series! In the meantime, I want you to announce..."

"What?" Jia Xing listened to the command very seriously.

Jiang Yu said with firm eyes: "I want you to announce to the public that Jado likes Jiang Yu's design style and clothing style. Therefore, Jado will cooperate with Jiang Yu to jointly create a new product series."

"Huh?" Jia Xing was confused! Obviously Jiang Yu was one of Jado's shareholder and his partner. It was okay to hide her identity before, but now he had to tell the public that Jado wanted to cooperate with Jiang Yu? How could a brand announce its cooperation with its own boss? "What are you doing? In case..."

Jiang Yu sold out and said, "Just do as I say!"

Jia Xing thought about it for a while and could only sigh then shake his head. He thought he was smart, but his brain was not enough in front of Jiang Yu. Every time, she would to be in front of him. What's more, she was not only smart, but also talented and beautiful.

Jia Xing sighed and teased: "Okay! I'll announce it right away! Are you all Chinese women so shrewd?"

"Yes, we Chinese women are smart and capable. Why, you want to find a Chinese girlfriend?"

"No! I can't bear it. I heard that you have a species in China called mother-in-law?" Jia Xing asked seriously.

Jiang Yu was amused.

Originally, Jiang Yu and Fang Huai discussed the plan to finish the 20-episodes of <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> within 3 months. Usually it wouldn’t be surprising for an online drama to be able to produce 40-episodes within 2 months. For online dramas, this progress was not considered slow, but, after Gu Shenliu joined in, the trailer video became popular on the Internet, and many video sites sent olive branches. They hoped that before the filming was finished, they could discuss cooperation with Jiang Yu as soon as possible. They wanted to lengthen the episode.

Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu pondered over and over again. But finally they decided not to follow the advice of the video site to stretch the drama into 40 episodes. That would be too watery. But before, in order to compress the number of episodes, many plots were deleted by Mahua Big Cake. If these deleted plots were restored, it would be fine to have 25 to 30 episodes now.

Fans were urging the drama to start broadcast every day. Jiang Yu occasionally posted some clips, or took photos with the other actors. The fans were very generous and shouted to get the drama earlier. Therefore, Jiang Yu was under even more pressure and asked the team to make the drama more sophisticated. As for the shooting time... she still didn’t want to be in a hurry! Film slowly, ensure the quality!

Because of this, Jiang Yu had been so busy recently. She still had to take care of her clothing business and design new batches of clothes, so she needed to go back to Lu Yuan Community every night to hold meetings with her employees.

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