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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 54 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 54 – Business (1)

Jiang Yu edited a long Weibo and posted it.

[Today, I want to tell everyone that fashion is an art, a way of life, and a manifestation of your values. Today, when women suffer from discrimination where their rights are not protected, what I can do is take up my paintbrush and make a little effort to change the status quo of women!]

Because of the beauty instrument review posted by Jiang Yu yesterday, Su Xiaoqi, a Taobao purchaser, immediately contacted her friends abroad and ordered a box of all the beauty devices that Jiang Yu gave praise, especially Exideal, Yaman and the like. She was afraid that if she was too late, the items on the other side would be sold out fast.

The appeal of Jiang Yu’s grass planting was no joke! Her fans were also known as lawn mower! Even someone had made up a slogan: "If the grass is not mowed, what's the use of making money? If the grass is not mowed, it's vain to be a woman! If the grass is not mowed, where can new grass come from?" (TN: Grass planting is slang for product recommendation posts, and lawn mower represents fans buying the products recommended.)

Others clamored: "I just mowed Luna's grass, you came to introduce me the Exideal and Yaman again, sorry! My wallet can't stand it! By the way, which one is easier to use, Exideal or Yaman?"

Su Xiaoqi would like Jiang Yu to introduce more products, so that her Taobao store could quickly become bigger and stronger. On this day, Su Xiaoqi's Weibo popped out to remind Jiang Yu had posted again. Thinking Jiang Yu was planting grass again, Su Xiaoqi hurriedly clicked on it, but saw that Jiang Yu posted a picture of clothes. But, why did this dress look a little weird? It's like a piece of cloth.

Upon closer inspection, Su Xiaoqi realized that this was a nursing cloth series. Designed by Jiang Yu, even a nursing cloth was very beautiful.

There were 8 pieces of clothes in this series. Some were added on, adding a piece of cloth to the breast position, which could be lifted up during breastfeeding. Some were just a piece of cloth, so-called breastfeeding towel. This breastfeeding towel was very flexible. It could be used to block the mother and child during breastfeeding or can also be used a blanket. It could be used for multiple purposes and was easy to just be kept on the child's stroller.

There were also loose suspender skirts and T-shirts. The clothes were very cleverly designed and could be opened for breastfeeding without flashing anything. The design of all the clothes was very fashionable, not as ugly as ordinary breastfeeding clothes at all. They also had many functions, which was both beautiful and practical.

However, Su Xiaoqi was still wondering, why did Jiang Yu suddenly make this series of clothes?

Soon, Jiang Yu reposted her previous Weibo and said:

[This is our company's public welfare project! The series of breastfeeding clothes and breastfeeding towels I designed will be sold at no profit. As long as you are breastfeeding mothers, you can buy them. I hope that the designs on the clothes can improve your life!]

[At the same time, I also want all women to fight for the rights of women! I want to tell some people that although I am not a local, I have made contributions to this city, and I am very proud! Maybe in some people’s eyes, breastfeeding is just a mother exposing her sexual organ, but in my eyes, they are food for the children! I call the government to improve public facilities and protect women's rights!]

As soon as this statement was released, it caused a lot of people to forward it wildly.

Su Lili's scolding had aroused the resentment of many netizens. This morning, netizens also picked up Su Lili's personal information. She became even angrier due to being scolded by outsiders on Weibo every day.

Seeing Jiang Yu's Weibo, Su Lili was even more upset, she immediately jumped out to forward the post and scolded:

[F*ck women’s right, you are not so kind! I think you just want to use this opportunity to hype! You said you sell at no profit, but who knows if you really don’t get any profit at all! Shut your mouth saying women's rights and go back to your hometown! Don’t come to Shencheng if you’re not good! We at Shencheng don’t welcome people like you!"

Seeing this comment, Jiang Yu was not angry, but her fans had already exploded.

——I didn’t want to say anything, but I was very upset to see you scolding taro balls like this!

——Yes, your big city don’t even have a breastfeeding room in the subway. We country folks are really not used to it.

——Everyone ignore Su Lili, I think this person is crazy, this person is obviously here to ask for a scolding.

"Taro balls, don't be angry! People like Su Lili are like crazy dog!" Bei Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Yu carefully for fear that she would be angry.

Jiang Yu's complexion was plain. She raised her lips and smiled: "How can I be angry with this kind of person?" She quickly reposted Weibo and said: "Only kind of eyes can see a kind world!" She was a 35-year-old inside. She wouldn’t be angry at a little girl who had never seen the world!

On the other side, Gao Jing opened Weibo and saw that Jiang Yu's Weibo ranked first. He read it for a while and said: "Little Junior Sister is really amazing. The clothes designed for breastfeeding mothers are all pretty good-looking! But this Su Lili is really a mad dog, whoever catches her will be bitten!"

Gu Shenliu had just finished filming a scene and frowned upon hearing these words: "Su Lili?"

"Why, you don’t know?" Seeing Gu Shenliu frowning, Gao Jing approached him and said, "Look for yourself!"

Gu Shenliu read a few Weibo and already knew what happened. Soon, his fingers tapped the phone screen one after another. 

After a while, Gu Shenliu posted a Weibo: [I am a native of Shencheng, and I assure you that our locals are not of this quality! I support the practice of junior sister to use design to change lives. You have done a good job!]

What brother and sister! The domineering aura had burst, okay?

In fact, many people had been speculating about Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu relationship recently, but most of them are very conflicted. They felt that the two wouldn’t be together. Gu Shenliu was 30 years old this year while Jiang Yu was only 20 years old, and she was still a student. The age difference between the two was a bit too big. If they calculate, Jiang Yu was not even born yet when Gu Shenliu was already in elementary school!

But their appearance was too well matched! Certified CP material!

The interaction between the two on <Star Wardrobe> last time allowed netizens to establish a special support club for them, which was also named ‘Jiang Liu’ CP.

The last time Gu Shenliu brought Jiang Yu to the variety show and now he stood up again, everyone felt that he wasn’t just supporting a junior sister, but something more. 

As soon as Gu Shenliu's Weibo came out, the scolding entered a new climax. Although many locals supported Su Lili's view, there were millions of locals in the city and only a small part supported Su Lili. Most people were dissatisfied with Su Lili's act of citing war. Maybe there were many other uncivilized outsiders’ phenomenon, but this didn’t mean that Su Lili could scold a mother and child like this.

Therefore, the local people who did not support Su Lili immediately forwarded Gu Shenliu's Weibo to give support.

In fact, Gu Shenliu’s fans did not expect that he would stand up. After all, this sensitive topic was easy to incite anti fans. If ordinary stars did the same, they would probably provoke embarrassment. However, Gu Shenliu openly supported the practice of Jiang Yu.

Many breastfeeding mothers also openly supported Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu.

——You think it is easy to be a mother? Men don't understand us, but women should understand!

——We indeed should pay attention to public order and not breastfeed in public, but it is also wrong for Su Lili to take pictures of a breastfeeding mother’s breasts.

Many passersby turned followers to Gu Shenliu instantly because of this Weibo.

At the same time, the breastfeeding clothes series designed by Jiang Yu went live on Taobao. Probably because of the enthusiasm caused by the scolding, coupled with no profit sales, breastfeeding clothes sold very well as soon as it was launched.

Under such circumstances, the mother who was breastfeeding on the subway under pressure and received public opinion issued a statement. She said on Weibo: "I'm the subway mom who breastfeed in public. I'm sorry that this incident has bothered everyone recently. Yes, Su Lili is right. I have no quality and I breastfeed in public. She asked me why I didn't take a taxi? Why should I? I just want to say, I don’t want to. Like most young people in this city, I am working hard for the future, and I also want to save some money for my children! Taking the subway is due to helplessness and the act of breastfeeding was also the same! I did that just hoping that the child can be quiet so as not to disturb everyone, but I did not expect it to have the opposite effect... I have already ordered breastfeeding clothes by Jiang Yu, so this thing won’t happen again!"

Bi Peijun didn’t understand Jiang Yu's practice of selling nursing clothes without making profit. She thought that as a businessman, she should take this opportunity to make a fortune. "President Jiang, this price is not only no profit, but we even in loss due to labor and shipment fee. Is it worth it?"

"It's worth it!" Jiang Yu came to the floor-to-ceiling window. She looked at a place in the distance and said with a serious expression: "I use design to change the world and design to make women better. This is my purpose of learning design."

"I understand." Bi Peijun smiled. Looking at Jiang Yu's serious look, she really felt that Jiang Yu was purer than anyone else, and Boss Gu Shenliu seemed to be such a person also. These two people were really a very suitable pair! Both of them had kind inner hearts that didn't match their appearances!

Like most Internet incidents, this incident was madly reprinted by newspapers and media. Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu’s practices were also highlighted, especially Jiang Yu’s design of breastfeeding clothes for mothers. Her image instantly grew taller. Now, in the hearts of breastfeeding mothers, Jiang Yu was a goddess, their confidant, and their spokesperson.

After this incident, the sales volume of nursing clothes in Jiang Yu’s store reached 30,000 in just three days. Although it didn’t make money and was a loss, but Jiang Yu felt happy from the bottom of her heart. She thought that these clothes were very convenient, and the small designs details really made them practical.

It was also because of this incident that the influence of Jiang Yu as Weibo big V had gradually increased.

In the past, Jiang Yu went very popular because she often published posts about makeup and clothes matching. She had a great say in the styling, but this matter made her image tall and gave her a deep feeling and connotation.

At this moment, Jiang Yu's followers exceeded 9 million!

These 9 million followers give Jiang Yu a lot of confidence. <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> was about to start filming. Recently, Gao Jing had arranged an acting course for her. She was practicing acting and body language, and the professional training has gradually allowed her to enter the acting state. After the class, if she still had something she didn’t know, she would ask Gu Shenliu.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner. But Jiang Yu still had one thing unresolved… The styling of the crew.

"Taro balls, what are you worrying about? You haven't laughed at all today." Bei Xiaoxiao sat over.

The two sat on the sofa side by side. Jiang Yu looked at Bei Xiaoxiao and smiled: "I'm thinking about the filming."

"The filming? Didn't you say that you want to take over as the heroine?" As a friend, Bei Xiaoxiao feels very proud to think that her friend would become a star.

"It's about the styling. We have been trying to recruit fashion designers and makeup artists, but after so long, we haven't hired any good ones. Makeup artists are easy to find, but it's difficult for fashion designers! I want this movie to become a publicity advertisement for Jiang Yu’s self-made brand, so every actor’s clothes must be from our brand, including men’s clothing! The problem is, I would be too busy doing all of it alone, at least a team is needed, but where can I find so many people?"

"That's right. It's the most difficult to recruit people. Besides, it's the end of the year. Everyone is waiting for their year-end bonus. Who would want to change jobs at this time?"

Jiang Yu nodded and said, "That's why I'm annoyed."

Bei Xiaoxiao thought for a while, suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and said excitedly: "Oh! We are so stupid! Isn't this not necessary? Don’t we have many ready-made designers?"

Jiang Yu frowned, wondering: "What do you mean?"

Bei Xiaoxiao patted her legs and smiled: "Jiang Yu, have you forgotten? We have so many classmates! If there are not enough in our class, there are also so many people in the fashion department. As long as you say you want to recruit people, you think everyone will not come? Besides, you need them to design clothes for filming, so you can just the students’ designs from this school. If these students did good, they could come to our company in the future and solve the employment problem. With this, maybe the principal will also support you!"

"Yeah, why didn't I think of this?" Jiang Yu suddenly smiled. The problem that had troubled her for many days was solved in this way. "You're right. There are many people with great strength. Our fashion students are all high-achieving students. I will listen to you and find someone from our department!"

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