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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 57

WBVDEC Chapter 57 – Marketing

In fact, when Jia Xing got the bag designed by Jiang Yu, he was stunned by the design drafts in front of him. Jiang Yu gave him a total of more than 40 designs of bags, some of which were very detailed. The styles, fabrics, details, and even the attention points of the drawings were standardized one by one. With so many design drawings, how did Jiang Yu come up with it? If an average designer could create a few classic designs a year it would be great, but every bags designed in his hand was a classic!

"Where did you get so many ideas?" Jia Xing asked Jiang Yu on WeChat.

"I used to have nothing to do besides draw and design, so I will find my past sketches when I need to use it." In fact, many of the designs were designed by Jiang Yu in her previous life. She had a good memory, and every time she closed her eyes, she could draw down the designs from her previous life exactly, and sometimes she even thought confidently – she could even be called a printer!

"It's amazing! Jiang Yu! It's really a very correct choice to find you as a partner!"

"It's too early to say this." Jiang Yu took a cup of coffee, looked at Jia Xing in the video call, and then smiled: "When I take Jado to the world in the future, you will know that this is not a 'correct' sentence. Let’s select the designs for production quickly!"

Hearing this, Jia Xing was very excited and wished to fly to China immediately and listen to Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "You keep an eye on the factory over there, and bring the products I designed to the market in batches as soon as possible."


The bags recommended by Jiang Yu was promoted by major accounts on Weibo and forwarded by the media. In just a few days, the brand Jado had become an emerging Internet celebrity brand, which had also made the business of Italian purchasing agents very good recently. As a result, the customs, which were originally very loose in inspection, increased their attention due to the sudden surge in the number of orders.

When the bag designed by Jiang Yu went on sale, she not only asked Su Ye to post on Weibo to promote, but also asked friends such as Durres and Zeng Yanan to forward. Needless to say, Durres would definitely help her unconditionally. As for Zeng Yanan, because Jiang Yu made the sales of <Wei Wei> doubled several times, she was also willing to return Jiang Yu's favor.

Su Ye was beautiful, she was the kind of fresh and refined oxygen beauty, she had shoulder-length medium hair, a small face, gentle eyebrows, and a thin body, giving people a very comfortable feeling, and her fans had always been good. Coupled with the protective feeling the fans felt after the variety show appearance and the story behind Su Ye Makeup, everyone had a good impression of Su Ye.

Listening to Su Ye mentioning this bag, everyone not only didn't think she was promoting, but felt that she was deeply in love with her sister Jiang Yu.

——A bag of the same style as Su Ye? I have already booked it, and it will take 1 month to ship!

——Is this a new design from Jado? The previous Jado styles were very old-fashioned, why did they suddenly become fashionable?

——It's really nice! Good to see! I originally wanted to buy LV's Alma BB, but you planted Jado on me!

——Both girlfriends can carry it, it's really beautiful!

The new designs designed by Jiang Yu had many beautiful styles, such as designs evolved from messenger bags, medicine bags, and bucket bags, which were very popular among young people. It could also be proved from the sales figures that the sales of the new bags were good!

Three days later, Jiang Yu made a transoceanic call to Jia Xing. "How about it?"

"It's so good!" Jia Xing said excitedly: "Jiang Yu, you don't know, it's the first time I've tasted the feeling of being out of stock! No matter how many goods are sold, there are still not enough to sell. There are many purchasing agents waiting at my stores every day. I stocked it here and they bought it over there! I really want to cry without tears, now when many old customers come to buy something, the store is empty! "

Hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled: "Isn't it good to make money?"

"It's just that the goods can't keep up!"

"If you can't catch up, don't catch up!" Jiang Yu suddenly said seriously.

"What?" Jia Xing was puzzled: "Of course we should take the opportunity to sell more goods. In this case, the sales of the new model will be an instant hit!"

"You're wrong, Jia Xing!" Jiang Yu smiled. She raised the corners of her lips and said, "Look at Hermès, which of its bags were never in short supply? I won't talk about the entry-level luxury goods like LV, because their warehouse is often out of stock in Asia. But for Hermès, buying a bag is like begging the sales lady, not only you can’t buy it, but you have to buy accessories first. And then wait until you buy a certain amount and have a good relationship with the sales lady that when the bag is in stock, the lady will kindly tell you. But even then, sometimes the bags are not sold to Chinese! But even with this, people who want to buy Hermès bags still line up every day!"

"When I say this, I mean you should understand that there is no need to rush around for shipments. The production should be maintained at a normal speed because the most important thing is to ensure the quality! As long as the quality is good, even if we are in short supply all year round, it's not necessarily a bad thing!"

After hearing Jiang Yu's words, Jia Xing understood what she meant. She was saying that sometimes people would have a mentality that what they couldn't get was the best. He smiled, Jiang Yu had always been thinking farther than himself. "I see, then I will let the workers do it according to the previous production volume?"

"Expand appropriately, but don't let the brand rot!"

"Understood!" Jia Xing still couldn't recover from his recent excitement and he said happily: "Not only Chinese people like the new styles, but even local young people are fascinated by Jado's new series! I really admire them. You are amazing, you know too much what customers want."

Jiang Yu smiled, "It's a good start. Even if Jado can't match big brand names in the short term, it's still possible to keep up with affordable luxury brands like Michael Kors!"

In fact, this was also Jiang Yu's positioning for Jado. In a short term, it was impossible for Jado to become a first-line big name. They should slowly work towards that direction, starting with a light luxury brand and gradually improving the quality.

The sun was shining brightly today, and Jiang Peifen was so happy that the new Jado bag she bought from purchasing agent finally arrived. She couldn't wait to open it to see if this bag would be the same as what the purchasing agent said.

In addition, Jiang Peifen was very satisfied with the price of the bag. It was only 1500 yuan in total! In today's devaluation of RMB, it was not easy to buy a usable bag for just 1500.

Jiang Peifen excitedly picked up the bag and stood in front of the mirror to look at it. The bag was very versatile and was very suitable for casual wear. She had always liked to dress up so she was particularly satisfied with her look. She quickly picked up her phone, took a picture, and sent it to the fashion section of Jinjiang forum. "The Jado bag I bought from purchasing agent has arrived. Do you want to take a look?"

——It is very suitable for the poster, how much?

Jiang Peifen: "1500."

——Wow, it’s not expensive, I’ve been planted too! This bag is very popular recently. Many internet celebrities have purchased it also. I see the pictures are pretty good.

Jiang Peifen: "It's really good-looking. This one is multifunctional. It has an outer pocket and an inner pocket. The inner pocket can be removed. What's even better is that the inner pocket can also be worn as a one shoulder or cross-body bag, so it is two-in-one bag. It's also so affordable!"

——I am a student and I often have to bring heavy books. Does it have a lot of capacity?

Jiang Peifen: "The capacity is very large. Wait, I will send you a picture to see!"

After speaking, Jiang Peifen wanted to take a picture. Originally, she only wanted to take a picture of the bag, but she didn't expect that her dog would keep pestering her. Helpless, she decided to put her dog in the bag. Well, the bag was just big enough for the dog to be comfortable without appearing agitated at all.

Subsequently, Jiang Peifen posted the photo on the Internet. The picture showed her dog sticking its head out of the bag, staring curiously at the phone screen.

Jiang Peifen's dog was a poodle. In summer, the dog shed its hair. Jiang Peifen shaved off all the hair on the dog, leaving only two clumps on the ears. It looked cute and funny. Whenever she took her dog out, there would be many people coming to take pictures with the dog. Once, she also lent her dog to a TV station to shoot variety shows. It could be said that she had raised a celebrity dog.

Sure enough, as soon as this photo was released, it caused heated discussions among netizens in Jinjiang.

——Wow Sir, your dog is so cute!

——I have a dog too! I have always wanted to buy a carrier bag for dogs, but now it seems that this bag is suitable and the price is not particularly expensive.

——This bag is suitable for dogs to live in, it looks very high-end!

——Can you give me the purchase link?

Jiang Peifen: "I'm afraid everyone will think I'm a promoter if I give you the link. The keyword is #Jiang Yu Style Jado# you can search for yourself! This bag is still trending and there are no fakes yet, so you can buy it with confidence!"


After that, Jiang Peifen also posted the same post on Tianya. Because most of the netizens were interested in her dog on Jinjiang Forum, this time she simply let the dog stay in the bag, took pictures, and uploaded the dog and the bag together. As she thought, as soon as these photos came out, it caused heated discussions among netizens!

Netizens were hit by the dog’s cuteness and they all shared the photos to their circle of friends. In just 2 days, the dog became popular inexplicably and became an Internet celebrity dog! At the same time, the popularity of Jado's bags had risen again. Many girls who had dogs but wanted to pay attention to fashion immediately placed an order for this bag without hesitation.

The shops that offer this bag for sale through purchasing agents were all very popular. There were even more than 300 pre-sale in just one day.

When Jiang Yu got the news, even she was stunned. "Bought the bag as a dog carrier?"

"Yeah! Recently, many people on Chinese forums have come to buy this bag to carry their dogs. Why, this is not your marketing method?" Jia Xing asked.

"No." Jiang Yu shook her head with a smile. This incident was purely an accident, a coincidence! "I didn't plan this."

"Really? I thought you were doing this!"

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu searched the Internet for the post. Soon, she found that the girl who posted the post in Jinjiang and Tianya Fashion forum was the same person. The girl was a famous fashionista. Although the route she took was not as professional as Jiang Yu, this Tianya Xiao Jiang Jiang liked to share very much and was very friendly. Most of the things she shared were bought by netizens. There were many people that had been planted with grass.

Jiang Yu suddenly had an idea. She immediately searched Xiao Jiang Jiang's Weibo and sent a private message: "Hello, I'm Jiang Yu, I want to chat with you, are you there?"

At this time, Jiang Peifen was drinking. After reading this private message, she was so anxious that she almost spit out the water. Jiang Yu sent her a private message? Her idol sent her a private message?

Jiang Peifen immediately replied: "Jiang Yu, I'm here."

"Hello, I see that you are following me so you must know me. I want to ask, did you post in Tianya as Xiao Jiang Jiang?"

"Yes, why..." Jiang Peifen thought nervously that Jiang Yu didn't like her moving her matching pictures from Weibo to Tianya, right? "Jiang Yu, I didn't move the picture on purpose. I did it because I really liked you! If you think what I did is infringing, then..."

"Don't be nervous." Jiang Yu smiled: "I just want to ask you, what kind of work are you doing now?"

"I'm a clerk."

After hearing this, Jiang Yu asked tentatively, "Looking at your post, you are very interested in fashion?"

"Yeah." When it came to topics she was interested in, Jiang Peifen was very eager to chat, but in front of a professional like Jiang Yu, she didn’t dare to talk too much, so she just said: "I just like to share things."

"Then, if I said I would like to invite you to work in my company, would you agree?"


Jiang Peifen knew exactly what it felt like to get a pie falling from the sky! She immediately stood up excitedly. She was stunned for a moment and then said in disbelief, "Go to work in your company?"

"Yes, although it is still a small company at present, we will move to a new office in the spring of next year, and we will also expand our enrollment. You don't have to worry about welfare, we will never treat you badly. I hope you can come to our company to do marketing planning, mainly about planning festivals and stuff like that."

Hearing this, Jiang Peifen's blood boiled. Before this, Jiang Yu had always been an idol she looked up to, and she liked Jiang Yu from the bottom of her heart. Jiang Yu was young, beautiful, and knew what she wanted. She could rely on her face to eat, but she was still so talented. She started Taobao at a young age and she had done it so successfully! This was simply inspiring positive teaching material!

Unlike her, although Jiang Peifen graduated from college, she became worse and worse until she was reduced to the level of a factory clerk. She had always wondered what went wrong in her life, why did she live her life like this when she originally had a good advantage? But she knew that the reason why she liked Jiang Yu was precisely because Jiang Yu lived a free and unrestrained life just like she dreamed of. She hoped that like Jiang Yu, she could have a life without regrets.

Originally, Jiang Peifen thought that her life was like this. But now, Jiang Yu's invitation suddenly gave her hope. Maybe, when she changed her job she could also change her life and finally like Jiang Yu, she could do what she likes?

Seeing that Jiang Peifen hadn't answered for a long time, Jiang Yu thought she was unwilling, so she said: "Actually, this job is not busy, but if you don't want to, then forget it!"

"I do!" Jiang Peifen suddenly felt as if she was agreeing to a marriage proposal, she hurriedly said again, "I want!"

Reading this, Jiang Yu raised the corners of her lips in satisfaction. "Okay, then when you finished hand over in your old job, you can come directly!"

This was the first time Jiang Yu has actively recruited people. The reason for recruiting Jiang Peifen was because she saw the other party's love and enthusiasm for clothing. Besides, being good at sharing was also an ability. Being able to do one thing for so long was enough to prove that the other party was capable. 

This time Jiang Peifen succeeded in promoting the bag as dog carrier. Even if it was unintentional, but it was not purely so, this was enough to prove that the other party had the strength in marketing plan. Such a person to be asked to do marketing plans was undoubtedly very good.

At the same time, Gu Shenliu finished filming his last scene. He looked at Gao Jing, suddenly frowned, and said: "Has the filming of Jiang Yu's movie started?"

"You mean little junior sister? Not yet!" Gao Jing recalled for a moment, "As a new director without the help of a professional team, it is normal for things to be slow. Besides, junior sister is still undergoing performing arts training, so they also need to give her more time."

Gu Shenliu nodded, then frowned and asked, "I heard there is a kiss scene in this drama?"

"It seems there is." Gao Jing said indifferently.

Gu Shenliu looked into the distance thoughtfully.

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