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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 62 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 62 – Crew (2)

Recently, Jiang Yu had been filming in the crew. Under the guidance of Gu Shenliu, she had a little bit of an introductory feeling to acting. Although it was still far worse than Gu Shenliu, it was much better than the beginning. She also had to say that Fang Huai was really talented in directing. Even if there were assistant directors sent by Gu Shenliu to help him, if these experienced assistant directors were the one filming, they didn't feel like Fang Huai.

Only then did Jiang Yu know what true talent was. Fang Huai was different from her. She had been exposed to the light of transmigration, and had used the experience accumulated over many years in her previous life to this life, but Fang Huai was not transmigrated and had no golden fingers. There was also no rich father to help in the back, so he was really relying on his ability. Fang Huai's scenes were very spiritual, the aesthetics passed the test, and they were very cinematic.

"Jiang Yu, when you and Gu Shenliu are doing the kiss scene later, you have to film it with a sense of hierarchy. It's better to be more passionate." Fang Huai said. He smiled and said to Gu Shenliu, "Film Emperor Gu, you can just do your best."

"..." This differential treatment was too obvious, wasn't it? This was Jiang Yu's first kiss scene. She exhaled, rarely feeling nervous.

Gu Shenliu narrowed his eyes and said, "Nervous?"

"A bit."

"What are you afraid of, didn't I teach you already?"

Upon hearing this, everyone in the crew pricked up their ears. What? Gu Shenliu taught Jiang Yu on how to make kissing scenes? Wow! This was great news! By the way, how did people teach the kiss scene? Was it real life practice? For a time, everyone was thinking about it.

Jiang Yu was startled, only to hear Gu Shenliu continued:

"Do it according to the method I taught you. If it really doesn't work, just close your eyes and leave the rest to me!"

"Okay!" Jiang Yu heard the words, coughed, and played under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Seeing this, Yuan Wei said to Fang Huai in a sour tone, "Director, why do you think I'm not as good as Teacher Gu?"

Jiang Yu didn't know until she joined the crew in this life that drama filming wouldn’t be done in the order of the plot. Although the kiss scene was filmed in the early stages, it was actually the ending part of the novel.

In the play, Lan Xiaoxiao and Zhuang Xu kissed because their misunderstanding was solved, and the two expressed their intentions and felt each other's love. This was a very important scene in this play, and it was also what fans were looking forward to. This scene would definitely be cut into the publicity trailer, and the back story of other photos would also be shown. So the scene must be done well!


Shooting started.

Gu Shenliu stepped forward and stroked Jiang Yu's face, his eyes were full of love. A kind of love that was like a vortex, which made people fall into it unconsciously, unable to extricate themselves. His emotions seemed to have a tension, which was both released and seemed to be in the air. Restraining her surprise, Jiang Yu was instantly brought into the play by Gu Shenliu. She unconsciously whispered under his lead: "Zhuang Xu..."

Zhuang Xu didn't speak, just looked at Lan Xiaoxiao like that. However, such eyes contained too much emotion. Anyone who looked at them could see at a glance that Zhuang Xu's love was deep. Although he never said it out loud, people knew that he loved Lan Xiaoxiao.

Suddenly, Zhuang Xu kissed Lan Xiaoxiao. He was very emotional. He kissed her lips fiercely. He groped her soft lips with his fingers, and opened her teeth with the tip of his tongue. Under Zhuang Xu’s lead, Lan Xiaoxiao didn't realize that she also begin to open her mouth and let him in. She had difficulty breathing, as if lacking oxygen. She put her arms around Zhuang Xu's arm, and in return Zhuang Xu also held her tightly.

Hot, suffocating, ambiguous...

The people on the set were stunned. They swallowed, and when they came back, they realized that they were not only brought into the play, but also attracted by the strong feelings between the two actors. 

Yuan Wei looked at the scene from a distance and felt a little stunned. To be honest, from a professional point of view, Jiang Yu's acting skills were not the best. When Jiang Yu was auditioning, he was worried that Jiang Yu would not be able to support tha the heroine's personality.

However, the makeup that Jiang Yu painted for herself and the styling she made for herself were too perfect! As soon as she appeared on the scene, she would be the focus of the audience. It could be said that Jiang Yu had reached a different level of beauty. She made everyone feel that just watching her was a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, Jiang Yu, who was still quite unnatural in terms of acting skills, could also make the audience feel comfortable.

And as the filming went on, Yuan Wei suddenly realized that Jiang Yu's drama had become very good, so good that there was no trace of acting at all. She now played as if she was Lan Xiaoxiao herself, so all her reactions were natural! 

Yuan Wei knew that this improvement was not only because Jiang Yu's acting skills were improving, but also because of Gu Shenliu's lead in the play. He took Jiang Yu to a better level. Yuan Wei felt emotional every time he saw Gu Shenliu acting. He was no longer an actor-level actor, but a master! A real big time actor! Even if he acted in a drama, even if he acted as a cliché domineering president role, he would act differently from others.

Seeing the kiss scene, Yuan Wei suddenly felt that what he saw was not a filming scene, but a real kiss. He suddenly suspected that the reason why Gu Shenliu came to film this drama was not to help his junior sister, but because of Jiang Yu! Gu Shenliu came to film such a low-cost web drama just to help Jiang Yu.

Thinking of this, Yuan Wei froze for a while. For a long time, he felt that there was no love in the entertainment industry, so when he was dating Durres, he always went with a five-point true and five-point false mood. But now, he suddenly felt that he was also looking forward to have a relationship with a person who would care about him like Gu Shenliu cared about Jiang Yu.


At this moment, Fang Huai called stop. He smiled a little embarrassedly, stepped forward and said awkwardly: "Movie Emperor Gu, er, you shot very well, but the emotions in the back part are a bit wrong. How can I put it... the kiss is not lingering enough."

Gu Shenliu glanced at Fang Huai and said lightly, "Oh, maybe I'm too nervous."

Fang Huai was startled, dumbfounded! Nervous? Why doesn't he believe it at all? Who are you deceiving? Who are you kidding? Still feeling nervous after so many years of filming experience?

"Then do it again?" Fang Huai asked for opinion.

The corners of Gu Shenliu's mouth raised. He looked at Jiang Yu apologetically, and said: "Sorry little junior sister, it seems that we have to do it again."


Gu Shenliu said sorry, but there was no apology in his eyes, instead there were some calculations. Jiang Yu was stunner, only then she found out that he did it on purpose! Jiang Yu was very suspicious, just by his acting skills, how could he make a mistake in such a basic thing?

When filming restarted, Gu Shenliu immediately entered the scene and kissed Jiang Yu frantically again with strong emotions.

The stormy kiss made Jiang Yu seemed to be caught in a storm.


Fang Huai came over again in embarrassment and said to Gu Shenliu: "Movie Emperor Gu , what is this? This time the feeling is not right at all! We need a kiss that change from passion to lingering, not just pure lust!"

This was not right! At Gu Shenliu's level, he shouldn't be like this! Fang Huai felt that the filming of Gu Shenliu's kiss scene was out of standard.

NG again.

Again NG.

Gu Shenliu re-shot the scene again and again, kissing Jiang Yu again and again.

The two had been NG for 20 times, and in the end, Jiang Yu's mouth was swollen. Only then, it's over. That's how the filming of the day ends.

After the end, Jiang Yu followed Gu Shenliu to the dressing room. Seeing her come in, Gu Shenliu pulled her with a smile: "Junior sister, are you satisfied with your senior brother's kissing skills?"

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes, "You, you really did it on purpose?"

"What?" Gu Shenliu was solemnly at a loss.

"Did you deliberately NG 20 times just now? With your level, how could you not even understand this basic thing?!" Gu Shenliu was known as 0 NG actor. A scene was never NG because of his fault. For someone like him to actually be NG 20 times in kiss scenes was unimaginable.

Gu Shenliu's expression was the same as usual, he stared at Jiang Yu, suddenly raised the corners of his lips, and said: "What? Am I being too obvious?"

"..." Jiang Yu laughed and pinched. "I warn you, next time you do this, I won’t stay put!"

"Oh? How you won’t stay put?"

"For example, I’ll strangle you to death..."

Jiang Yu tried to pinch him, but Gu Shenliu reached out and hugged her in his arms. With a grin on his lips, he looked down at Jiang Yu: "I have NG too many times in the kiss scene, this should be your fault."


"It can be seen that I practice too little on weekdays, so I am not skilled enough."

Jiang Yu rolled her eyes and snorted coldly, "Next time you want a kiss, you can just ask for it directly!"

"Oh? Like this?" As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Shenliu kissed Jiang Yu again.

Jiang Yu pushed Gu Shenliu away directly. "Don’t you dare kiss me again! I’m going to have sausage lips."

Gu Shenliu just let go, leaned against Jiang Yu's ear, suddenly curled his lips, and said: "I suddenly found out that there are benefits of not making our relationship public. For example, just now, when we are acting secretive, I felt a kind of stimulation."


Jiang Yu was about to speak when footsteps came from outside the door. Before she could react, she was pulled by Gu Shenliu, and the two immediately hid behind the door curtain.

Jiang Yu was pushed against the wall by Gu Shenliu, the two of them were breathing against each other, and their chests were pressed against each other. She glanced at Gu Shenliu nervously, but saw a smile in his eyes. He was looking at her with a smile that was not a smile.

At this time, two makeup artists from Jiang Yu Studio came in from outside.

"Qianqian, don’t you think the makeup of the second female lead is very beautiful? I feel that her look in the play is much prettier than her usual."

"I also honestly think that Jiang Yu's make up skills is really impressive."

"Yeah, I thought the second female lead was very ordinary at first, but I didn't expect that after dressing up, she looks amazing."

The makeup artists seemed to be sorting out their makeup and didn't go out for a while.

Jiang Yu straightened her back, and suddenly, Gu Shenliu's cold fingers got into her clothes from below. His fingers were cold and she shuddered. She looked at him with warning eyes, but saw him deliberately approaching her ears instead. He looked as if he was admiring her panicked appearance.

Soon, Gu Shenliu's fingers slid up Jiang Yu’s back inch by inch.

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