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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 55 Part 3 of 3

WBVDEC Chapter 55 – Kiss Scene (3)

Why? Jiang Yu in the previous life once asked herself such a question.

Why was Da Vinci, a brand clearly created by the Chinese, but it had to be shipped overseas for packaging in order to sell it at a high price? Why did the good things produced in China have to be sold abroad and then bought back? Many people in China now liked purchasing agents, but most of the things bought by purchasing agents were actually made in China.

The manufacturing process in China was not bad, but Chinese brands did not pay attention to establishing their own brand culture. Most Chinese brands lacked feelings, which made their brands only focus on the speed of development, but couldn’t stand on the future.

Moreover, most Chinese people did not believe in local things in their bones. Perhaps Chinese things had a big problem in terms of supervision. In addition, Chinese businessmen were too "smart" and only focused on immediate benefits.

Jiang Yu knew that if she wanted to be a real big name, based on the current national conditions, it would be very difficult! So, it was very good choice to cooperate with people like Jia Xing. She didn't expect that God would put such an opportunity in front of her. But, did Jia Xing think so too?

Jiang Yu thought for a while, her face was calm, but a lot of thoughts flashed in her mind. Finally, she pursed her lips and smiled, looking directly at Jia Xing: "Jia Xing, I heard you say, you want me to help you promote Jado, can you explain it more for me?"

"Yes!" Jia Xing was a very straightforward young man. He said directly: "I will tell you, our Jado stores in Italy have a total of more than 20 million sales a year."

"Oh." Jiang Yu shrugged and did not respond highly to this number. "For a physical store, it is a good sales volume."

"Yes, I felt the same way before. But after I followed your Weibo, I never thought about it again. When I saw your sales on Double Eleven day, when I saw Alibaba Double Eleven sales, I realized that you could gain so much money in one day! I can't sit still anymore. I collected many articles on the analysis of the current situation of Chinese e-commerce from the Internet. Only then did I realize that in China, 20 million is just a small number! This makes me I feel that I am too short-sighted!"

Speaking of this, Jia Xing seemed to be a little bit emotional. On the handsome face of the young man, there was an inconsistent maturity. He said seriously: "I hope to open Jado in China, and I hope to cooperate with you to open a Jado Taobao Mall!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu sat up straight, folded her hands, and after a moment of contemplation, she smiled: "Jia Xing, I hope you know that as I am now, I don't want to cooperate with any brand casually."

Jia Xing was taken aback, "You mean..."

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Then I'll be straight to the point. Cooperation is okay, but the way is not for me to get a commission, but for me to also get a stake in your business in China. In other words, I want to start Jado's e-commerce company in China with you. Of course, I will not let you suffer, I will be responsible for the design. You know, I am a professional designer. I know what will be popular and what kind of bag fashion has the longest lifespan. I have the intention to let Jado develops into the world's first-line brand in the future! Let Jado compete with LV, Celine, and Valentino! Frankly, I will tell you, what I am after is the craftsmanship of the Jado brand!"

Jia Xing seemed a little surprised when he heard this. He never expected that Jiang Yu would choose this way of cooperation. This way seemed to be more advantageous, but for a small brand like Jado to be among the big names, it would take more than one or two years. Meanwhile, the way of just getting commission would be easier, there would be no pressure and no worries.

Jia Xing knew Jiang Yu's abilities and had seen Jiang Yu's designs. He had no doubt that Jiang Yu's words would be realized. In fact, the reason why he looked for herto cooperate was because of her talent in fashion design. Jado had been developing for so many years, but still couldn’t get out of Italy. It’s still just a small medium-sized brand. If Jado could really seize the opportunity of cooperating with Jiang Yu, went global, and become a big-name brand, it would be the biggest opportunity in his life.

Thinking of this, Jia Xing almost didn't even think about it, and he said: "I used to think that beautiful women had no brains, but that's obviously not the case."

Jiang Yu smiled with the corner of her mouth, "I used to think that Italian men are relatively stingy, but it doesn't seem to be the case?"

Jia Xing smiled, "Our Italian men are much better than those French and British in terms of treating women!"

The two smiled, Jia Xing shouted to the waitress: "Waiter, open a bottle of red wine!"

The waiter was taken aback, and then looked at Jia Xiang with dumb eyes as if saying ‘You come to the hot pot restaurant to drink red wine?’. But he still said, "...Okay!" It seemed that he had to tell the manager to go out and bought a bottle of red wine.

When they were chatting, Durres kept his head down and chatted with his little fresh meat boyfriend.

Jia Xing poured a glass of red wine for Jiang Yu, and then said: "Let's just do what we agreed, so build an e-commerce company in China? After the company goes public, do you plan to publicize your stake?"

When Jiang Yu heard these words, she chuckled and denied: "No!"

"No?" Jia Xing was startled, puzzled: "Could it be that you have a better idea?"

Jiang Yu smiled, "How should I say, Chinese people like to buy things from abroad. Once Jado enters the country, Chinese people may not think it is a good thing. Although Jado's design is somewhat old, but two of the designs are good, one is the bucket bag and the other is the one-shoulder small square bags. They are concise and generous. Although they are not fashionable, if they are well matched with clothes, I am sure these bags can cause a craze. I think we might as well do the opposite. Don’t rush about opening a store and start the brand’s reputation first."

After a pause, Jiang Yu thoughtfully said: "Starting from tomorrow, I will send some matching pictures that will show these Jado bags. The price of Jado is not particularly expensive, but the quality is good. I can recommend it to everyone to buy. In addition, I can also bring these bags to <Weiwei>, and also let actresses like Su Mang and Su Ye to help show it. In this way, purchasing agents will definitely go to Jado store in Italy to buy. With my current reputation, I dare not say too much, but it’s still possible for this brand to become popular online."

"There are two advantages to this. 1. It makes the Jado brand stand up. When everyone hears that it is an Italian brand, they will feel that this brand is worth one to two thousand yuan a piece, or even several thousand. 2. This operation is easy to make the brand popular. Speaking of it, everything that is popular now was work by a promoter, so let's let netizens recognize this brand first, and then talk about the next step."

Jia Xing heard Jiang Yu make a lot of sense, so he nodded hurriedly: "Okay! Jiang Yu, you are right, then you show me the two designs you want to push, and I will let the factory increase the production when I go back!"


Before Jia Xing left, Jiang Yu asked someone to draw up a very detailed cooperation contract. After the two signed it, they discussed some details. After that, Jia Xing returned to Italy quickly. Jiang Yu didn't go to see him off because she needed to go to class.

Jiang Yu picked a blue bucket bag from Jado’s design. This bucket bag was made of a few colored leathers stitched together. Because of the beautiful colors, the bag was a very good statement piece when carried.

The next day, Jiang Yu posted a picture.

In the picture, Jiang Yu looks simple in dress, but in fact it had a sense of fashion. She was wearing a very simple black turtleneck sweater. This sweater was very loose and gave her a kind of casual beauty. The bottom was tight-fitting blue jeans. The jeans were lining her long legs that were thin and straight. The simplicity of the clothes made her whole person very clean.

Jiang Yu also applied Su Ye Makeup. In order to match the clothes, she specially changed the color of the blush and lip gloss to make the makeup more suitable for winter. With this combination, if she took pictures from any direction, she would show unspeakable beauty.

The fans screamed with excitement when they saw Jiang Yu posting this picture.

——Sweater! Will the sweater be in the next issue? I want it!

——The jeans look so good! Is it new? Dada, take it to the factory to make them! I want it!

——Good look, I want it all!

——Obviously in this style, the best thing to look at is the bag! This haze blue bucket bag is very beautiful! Very special, the design has the similar feeling to Hermès, but it looks softer than Hermès leather. It could be carried loosely and looks really good! D*mn! Planting grass again!

——Dada, what brand is the bag? Does anyone know?

——I didn’t see what brand it was. Taro Balls never limit herself to famous brands. I don’t know if this bag was designed by herself or if it is an indie brand?

——Begging for information, it's really good-looking!

When Jiang Yu came back from class and opened Weibo again, she saw more and more comments in the message asking for the bag’s brand. From one person to a group of people, slowly, everyone seemed to be infected. Everyone felt that the bag she carried was very beautiful, even if someone didn’t like it, it would be overwhelmed by the others’ comments. Because of the good styling, gradually, everyone felt that the bag was good!

Seeing all this, Jiang Yu raised her lips and laughed. It seemed that letting network promoter guide the wind on the Internet still worked!

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