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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 52 Part 2 of 2

 WBVDEC Chapter 52 – Burst into Flames (2)

"D*mn! When did it happen!" Gao Jing said in surprise.

"After the previous variety show recording." Jiang Yu explained kindly.

"Gu Shenliu, you are too much! Don't tell me when you are together."

Gu Shenliu glanced at Gao Jing, "Who told you to be too stupid!"

Gao Jing choked.

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "Gao Jing, I want to enter the showbiz."

Gao Jing turned his heart away, clapped his hands, and said happily: "Great! Little Junior Sister, I have said that you are particularly suitable to be an actress, but if you want to be popular, you have to do hype." He circled the spot and quickly said: "You should sign directly to Gu Shenliu’s studio! As an artist of the studio, you will be brought into the circle by Shenliu in the future. He filmed good dramas and movies. He could bring you many good projects."

Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "It's up to you."

"Great!" Gao Jing laughed loudly: "Unexpectedly this Gao Jing can still sign a second artist in this life! God has answered my prayes!"

Gu Shenliu glanced at Gao Jing coldly, then turned to Jiang Yu, and pointed to his head.

Jiang Yu laughed.

Jiang Yu returned from Gu Shenliu’s house and looked at the beauty equipment she just bought recently. She started tossing with it. In this life, she was only 20 years old and still young. Although she often stayed up late, she still had good foundation. 

Therefore, Jiang Yu didn’t pay much attention to maintenance. However, when she got older in her previous life, she was particularly indulgent in maintenance. She even made several kinds of skin care by herself. Her beauty cream was very effective, and many actresses in the circle like to use it. In addition, she also liked to study beauty equipment. 

At that time, Jiang Yu liked to try everything, so now she had a lot of experience to share with her fans, especially for beauty equipment.

In this era, many people were willing to buy expensive skin care products, but they were reluctant to buy beauty equipment. But technology changed the way people should take care of their skin. No matter how expensive a skin care products was, it was useless if the face was not cleaned properly. Because it the products wouldn’t be absorbed. Therefore, Jiang Yu bought a face-washing device like Foreo Luna.

The device was to be used when cleaning the face so that the skin care products could be better absorbed.

The original owner’s skin was not particularly fair, but Jiang Yu was a person who always thought the fairer the skin the better. She thought that only with fairer skin could she go on vacation to tan unscrupulously in the future. Therefore, she also bought large rows of lights and other equipment to help white skin brightening.

Jiang Yu put all the instruments in place, took a picture, and posted it online. She used a long Weibo to post a detailed assessment of these beauty equipments:

[Beauty equipment evaluation:

Cleansing category:

1. Foreo Luna 2, very gentle, relatively clean and easy to hold. The disadvantage is that the cleansing power is slightly weak, but it is enough for daily use.

2. Clarisonicmia2 has a strong cleansing power so use it with caution for people with sensitive skin. The brush head needed to be changed every 3 months, larger investment for prolonged use.

3. ReFa facial cleansing brush uses the famous Kumano bristles, which does not hurt the skin, gentle but clean. It is worth buying.

4. Panasonic EHSC50 facial cleansing instrument has a technology that can produce more foam, which is very suitable for facial cleansers containing amino acids such as the cost-effective FreePlus facial cleanser.

In general, Luna 2 is more cost-effective and recommended.

Ultrasonic category:

1. Hitachi N4000: It has a cleaning effect, the effect of helping skin care products to be absorbed to skin is very good. The cooling effect is better than Yaman, and it focuses on basic skin care.

2. Yaman10T: Many functions, including EMS lifting, moisturizing, cleaning, and cooling , but the cooling effect is not as good as Hitachi. Although there are many functions, not everyone is required for everyone. If you need more basic functions, choose Hitachi. If you need a lifting effect, choose Yaman.

In comparison, similar product from ReFa and the Golden Beauty Bar, although they were very trending, they need to be used with massage creams, which are troublesome and in the end only have little effect. They are easy to be abandoned and left unused. However, ReFa has a better effect on reducing edema and can also be used on body and breast.

LED category: 

Exideal LED. A highly praised product, with very good whitening and pore shrinking effects, multiple functions, hydrating, moisturizing, and whitening, it can be called a life version of the phototherapy machine, very recommended! The only drawback is that, it is expensive!

Steam category:

1. Panasonic facial steamer SA96. The mist is very fine, very easy to use, and there is a makeup remover mode, recommended for fans who often used make up.

2. Panasonic steam eye mask SW50 is very effective in alleviating dry eyes. It is suitable for people with myopia and people who used their eyes excessively. It can help alleviate myopia and help sleep!

Summary: Laziness and beauty cannot co-exist. If you want beauty, you cannot be lazy.]

Jiang Yu hadn’t posted product reviews on Weibo for a long time. Although she often recommended some small things, but how to say, the response was still as good as the comprehensive review post. In the post, she also wrote about a dozen other beauty products. More than 20 beauty devices were written in the entire post.

After this Weibo was posted, all fans jumped out.

——Dada, it's been a long time since you posted a review! This is so timely! I am hesitating to buy Yaman or Hitachi.

——D*mn! I want to buy luna, yaman, and exideal, but my wallet does not support it!

——Exideal is expensive, but the effect is really good!

——Exideal is really a bargain! It's expensive, but I still think it's great value if I gritted my teeth!

——I have all these devices, la la la! All are really easy to use. Taro balls are very pertinent, my ReFa massage rod really left unused. I basically use the LED and Yaman most frequently. Sometimes I use the SA96 to steam my face and also the eye steam.

Jiang Yu responded one by one.

——Dada, I'm only 20 years old, which one do you think I should buy?

Jiang Yu replied: "You are still so young. All will be good as long as you pay attention to cleansing, so, Luna!"

——Dada, I am 30 years old, which one do you think I should buy?

Jiang Yu: "Yaman or Hitachi, up to you. The Exideal is also recommended."

In fact, many of this beauty instruments had been out for a long time, but they were not so popular. After all, beauty instruments were more expensive and only suitable for a small number of people. However, after Jiang Yu’s very comprehensive review post that was be forwarded by many beauty and skin care accounts, the sale of these products went up.

Many purchasing agents also forwarded the review one after another, saying: "If you need anything, I can help you purchase!"

Even the customer service staff Zou Xiaoyu read this review post and asked entangledly: "President Jiang! I was hooked by you. I really like this Exideal LED! But it's really expensive! Can you post fewer posts like this in the future?"

"No!" Jiang Yu smiled lightly, and said to the customer service girls: "Work hard, and each person will be rewarded with one at the end of the year!"

The girls froze for a while, and then burst into fanatical shouts. "President Jiang, we love you!"

In December, the sequelae of Double Eleven were all resolved. All orders were confirmed by the customers and all the payment entered the account. All problematic orders were also done being refunded or replaced. The company had just hired staffs specifically for after-sales problems, so they had taken care of it perfectly. Jiang Yu’s Taobao store began to run in an orderly manner as before.

After receiving the payment, Jiang Yu paid all her arrears and calculated her profit. Although the turnover of 80 million on Double Eleven sounded very good, because her price was not high, the profit was also not large. There was only a profit of around 10 million yuan. This profit ratio was very low compared to other Taobao merchants.

However, at the same time, Jiang Yu also gained a lot of recognition. Many fans commented:

——Taro balls Dada. I am now a loyal fan of yours. Among the goods received this time on Double Eleven, only yours has the best quality.

——At first I thought it was expensive, but now I felt it was worth it. Isn’t the quality is too good?

——The shape of the clothes is very good, it deserves to be designed by a famous designer!

——Yes, the fabric is very comfortable to wear. At first, I wanted to buy imitation models, but then I resisted it. It seems that my decision is correct.

The lottery winners had also already been announced. After the batch of goods was sent out, many people felt the free coat and felt that the quality was good, so they bought more clothes in the store. They had also become loyal fans of Jiang Yu's family, and because they had taken the coat for free, many people felt embarrassed, so they consciously go to Jiang Yu's store to spend more money.

——I won the lottery on Weibo and I got the coat sent by Jiang Yu Dada. I instantly fell in love. Thank you Jiang Yu Dada, your clothes are really beautiful.

Reading this comment, Jiang Yu was really relieved. It seemed that the momentum building she adopted before was correct. Through Su Ye Makeup popularity, the promotion of <Weiwei>, as well as the release Weibo lottery, it seemed that she has invested a lot, but from the perspective of the rewards, everything was worth it.

The profit of more than 10 million yuan, although not a hugely large amount, made Jiang Yu's waist really straight.

At this moment, Bi Peijun came from next door. She looked excited and she was blushing. She stared at Jiang Yu for a while and suddenly smiled: "President Jiang, good news!"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu stood up.

Bi Peijun smiled and said, "Look at Taobao!"

Jiang Yu opened her Taobao shop in doubt, but saw that the shiny blue crown on the homepage was now followed by 3 other crowns, that meant...

"Four crowns?" Jiang Yu was shocked. Originally, she had set herself a goal of three crowns at the end of the year, but she did not expect Double Eleven to directly turn her into a four crowns store!

"Congratulations, President Jiang!" Bi Peijun congratulate sincerely.

Jiang Yu's eyes were a little moist and she said with emotion, "God treats me well."

Bi Peijun chuckled and shook her head: "No, everything is the result of your hard work! There is no free success in this world."

Jiang Yu smiled and looked out the window. Although she didn't have much money now, the Taobao store was also an intangible asset. After all, as long as she could keep designing, she could rely on this Taobao store to generate benefits for herself.

Jiang Yu asked: "How is the registration of the brand and the company going?"

"It's okay. I entrusted a specialized agency to do it. The company registration should be done soon, but the brand registration will be slower."


At this moment, the official Weibo of <Star Wardrobe> released a Weibo, which wrote:

[She is Su Ye’s best friend. Her skills made both Gu Shenliu and Su Ye stunned. Let’s take a look at the most awesome makeup technique in history that is comparable to a head-changing makeup! After reading it, I just want to give @Stylist Jiang Yu Dada a kneel down! Please take my knees!]

This Weibo was equipped with several animated pictures, all of which were scenes from the show. The two amateur guests appeared on the stage, Jiang Yu styling, revealing the results, and the audiences’ shocked reactions...

When netizens saw the comparison chart of Ya Ya before and after the transformation, they were also stunned.


TN: Wow, searching all that devices eat up most of my time in this chapter.

If you enjoy my work, please consider sending this sleep deprived mtl-er some ko-fi. =)  

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