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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 184

ICRAB – Chapter 184

Jian Zhe was dragged by Little Qin Bei, and he also brought his new pet, the mountain goat. Because he was worried that it would be inconvenient to walk, he installed an auxiliary wheel on its back legs. With this, the goat could use its two front hooves to drive its whole body to move.

"Wait a minute, Xiao Bei, there is a notice telling me to pick up feed ration for the mountain goat." Just as Jian Zhe was about to leave, he saw the pop-up message. He glanced back at the tall goat, which was almost his chest height, and stroked its head. On the first day of getting along with him, the goat was still a little wary, and it didn't want to be very close to him at night. It slept outside the tent by itself. However, when he fitted it with a half wheelchair, it might have sensed his kindness and was willing to take the initiative to let him touch its head this morning.

"Okay, uncle, I'll take you there~" Little Qin Bei was obviously the monkey king of this base.

After a few days of contact, Jian Zhe found that there were basically no people in this temporary base that Little Qin Bei did not know.

Even every beast, the little guy could call out their nickname, and he knew the amount of snacks and meals they usually ate.

"Didn't Xiao Bai follow you today?" Jian Zhe looked at Little Qin Bei pocket every time. Even if he now had a snow-white cute goat, it couldn't stop him from liking Xiao Bai's cuteness and an uncle fan.

"Baibai is on Xiao Hei's side." The little guy spread his hands and sighed like an adult, "Mom said that Xiao Bai is very vulnerable now, so we have to be tolerant to her. So today we will not take her to work la~"

The corner of Jian Zhe's mouth twitched. "Aren’t we going to the restaurant to eat?"

"Uncle, Xiao Bei told you, but you forgot. If everyone gives an extra penny, they can help poor children and beasts, so if everyone gives an extra dollar, they can save the universe~"


The feed was received at the veterinary station, and Jian Zhe had long been familiar with it. He quickly received a large box of nearly a cubic meter in volume.

"The feeding methods are all written in it." The fast-mouthed female veterinarian was still on duty, and she was now familiar with Jian Zhe.

Because the mountain goat adopted by Jian Zhe was almost severely disabled, the owner needed to be very careful in the follow-up care. The owner needed to put a lot of energy and even love to make the mountain goat's body and mind slowly return to normal. This was basically the type of pet that ordinary people would not consider at all.

So now, the veterinarians of the entire army had a huge increase in the favorability to Jian Zhe.

When the female veterinarian saw Jian Zhe, she smiled softly, exactly the same as when she coaxed the crocodile when suturing its wounds. "Dingding is injured severely, so I'll ask you to care for it more in the future. It must be feeling very inferior now, and it will not want to have too much contact with strangers and other beasts. It will be very sensitive so I'm afraid it will get angry often. With this, I have to ask you to bear more. I specially prepared a little more snacks for it, so you can feed it more when the pain recurs."

"But these little guys are sometimes just like children. If they often get good food, they will be easy to become spoiled, so they can't be too pampered."

"And... let's add a friend?"

The female veterinarian Xiao Mei had always been a capable female veterinarian in the military, and she was also a very open-minded girl in her twenties. Her blushing and shy look was very moving. "Can I trouble you to take some photos and videos in the future of Dingding and send... send it to me?"

Jian Zhe's chest was hot and he blurted out, "Of course I can, don't worry! In the future, if I can eat, you will also have to take a bite. If I can sleep, you will also have a bed."

"Pfft..." Xiao Mei almost laughed outright, but she quickly covered her mouth and nodded with a smile in her eyes, "Go ahead then."

Jian Zhe got the contact information of the other party and looked at the other party's pretty avatar several times. When they walked out of the shed, there were all light and fluttering shine.

"Uncle, your expression is very similar to what my father looks like sometimes. It's a bit stupid but you won't admit it."


Jian Zhe decided to ignore the opinion of a little kid who didn't have any hair yet, "Give me the address of the restaurant, we'll go." He took out his personal navigation car in his space. Fortunately, his car had a lot of space, so the mountain goat could also get in and lie on the empty seat at the back.

Jian Zhe set the route for automatic driving. He helped the little boy fasten his seat belt. But before he could drive a few meters, Jian Zhe's butt was held up by the mountain goat.

Jian Zhe turned his head and looked helplessly at his new pet. The goat's horns came straight and unceremoniously to his face.

No wonder it's called Dingding... (TN: Ding means high/top. Mountain Goat is literally Top Goat in Chinese.)


Jian Zhe immediately opened the lid of the feed box he just got and blocked the head of the mountain goat with one hand to prevent it stuffing its whole head into the box. He took out the feeding guide inside with one hand. He already had some ideas about pet treats, but even so, he was taken aback by the list.

"Breakfast at 7:00: Two grass cakes and a bottle of nutritious milk."

"Lunch at 12:00: Mediterranean salad with sesame oil 1000g and carrot finger biscuits 100g, with nutritious water."

"At 3 o'clock for snack: two pieces of pumpkin pie (need to be re-heated) with some green tea."

"Dinner at 6:00: Stir-fried Di San Xian (less oil and low salt version, need to be re-heated) with nutritious milk."

"Note 1: Every Sunday lunch salad menu will be replaced with tuna and small tomatoes to increase protein."

"Note 2: Small snacks like wheat biscuits and gingerbread are recommended to feed at 10-11 o'clock before lunch. The feeding amount should not exceed 50g."

"For all handling methods of food that needs to be re-heated, see the outer packaging of each food."

"After 30 days, the military will mail a new feed ration. Thank you for taking care of the retired combat beast pet."

Jian Zhe swallowed his saliva and turned to look at the mountain goat. He was a professional veterinarian. The shop where he worked also sells cat food and dog food. In addition to dry food, there were also canned beef and chicken, which could provide supplementary nutrition for dogs and cats. Even at that level, he already felt that these cats and dogs were already treated like heaven. However, he just learned today that the combat beast pets not only received small snacks, but also three different meals on weekdays. They even have afternoon snacks and their diet would be changed every weekend to improve nutrition. This was basically five meals a day, more than what he ate!

And listening to the names of the feeds, why did they sound like those dishes from the Food Channel? Dingding was still pushing Jian Zhe hard. It might have smelled the fragrance in the feed box, so it started bleating.

Jian Zhe finally regained his senses and glanced at the time. It was past eight o'clock, and he already missed its breakfast time. "Don't worry, I'll give it to you right away. Let me find out where are the grass cakes and nutritional milk first."

However, a little chubby, lotus root-like hand had reached out and grabbed a small package directly in the box. "Uncle, the packaging of the grass cake is green, and the nutritious milk is this bottle~"

Jian Zhe was in a hurry, but he finally unpacked the grass cake quickly with the help of the little guy. Soon, a peculiar smell penetrated into his nose.

Jian Zhe's stomach grunted in disappointment. He didn't know what this grass cake feed was made of, but after smelling it, he actually had a despicable idea of opening his mouth to eat beast feed.

"This is delicious, uncle~" Little Qin Bei seemed to see through Jian Zhe's drooling expression, "but we can't grab Dingding’s food~"

Jian Zhe rolled his eyes and came out on the spot, "...Then how do you know it's delicious?"

Little Qin Bei instantly turned into a bun face. He wouldn't tell the uncle that when he was very young, when his mother was making food for the beasts, he always ate some secretly. But after the age of three, he never wetted his bed and also never robbed his beast pets’ food again. He was now an older child that knew how to respect the beasts.

But Little Qin Bei glanced at grass cake happily and covered his stomach. His eyes flickered quickly. "Uncle Lu said that people still have to be flexible and can't starve themselves to death. Uncle Jian, if you are too hungry. It doesn't matter if you eat Xiao Bai's snacks occasionally."

Little Qin Bei seemed to have found a very right reason, and nodded seriously, "I'll take a bite too."

Jian Zhe: "..." This little chubby guy clearly wanted to eat!

So before Jian Zhe arrived at the restaurant, he got a pink marshmallow as a friendly gift from Little Qin Bei. The soft, pink, and tender snack smelled very sweet. When he put it in his mouth, it instantly melted into a hint of sweetness and flew into his heart. 

Seeing that Jian Zhe ate, Little Qin Bei was relieved to eat his own marshmallow. "Xiao Baibai can't eat too much, otherwise it will have tooth decay, and it will hurt to go to the doctor. Let's help it share a little bit~ Uncle, you can't tell others."

Jian Zhe never thought that one day he would grab snacks from a beast, he never even thought about it. But the marshmallow was really sweet and soft, a taste he had never tasted before. He didn't even know why, the sound of the mountain goat biting the grass cake came from his ears, and the smell of the salty fragrance made him really unable to control his saliva secretion.

This goat, no, all the beast pets in the military region ate better than him.

Jian Zhe should have realized it long ago, as early as the first day of stitching, when he saw the piece of beef jerky that he was reluctant to eat all day being swallowed by a crocodile in an instant, he should have accepted such a painful realization. He remembered that the female veterinarian laughed out loud before and he couldn't help his old face from becoming hot. The female veterinarian laughed not because he was cute, but because he was stupid!

"If I can eat in the future, I will have also feed Dingding." This sentence should be reversed...

Dingding’s snacks and afternoon tea were more advanced than his!

As the grass cake was eaten by Dingding, Jian Zhe wandered, licked his fingers directly, and suddenly woke up in a trance. He licked a goat feed... but, it was delicious, his tongue tasted the fragrance and sweetnees, like the taste of high-end snacks!

Jian Zhe swallowed hard, put his eyes on the big box, and covered it with 12 points of restraint. The mountain goat looked sympathetic, licked its mouth, and slumped back into the back seat.

Jian Zhe: !!!

Soon they arrived at their destination, but Little Qin Bei didn't move.

When Jian Zhe cast a doubtful look, he saw the fair and fat little guy twisting for a while.

"Uncle, I want to live stream later. This World of Beast restaurant should make everyone like the kind-hearted beasts more~"

"Okay, good idea."

"Yeah! But my mother is inside. Uncle, later you will have to quarrel, you have to take me with you, and you have to force me to live broadcast, okay?"


"Uncle, we agreed to save the world together, do you regret it!? You even ate our token!"

"……!! Okay."

Jian Zhe finally knew why Xiao Bai was so good at acting.

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