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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 180

ICRAB – Chapter 180

It took Jian Zhe two hours to finally disinfect and sew the area assigned to him, and the treatment was finished. He saw that other people were also finishing work one after another, and even a team of soldiers kept dragging in dying hostile beasts to transfuse blood to the krypton beast.

Jian Zhe climbed down the stairs and quickly found the young female veterinarian whose clothes were soaked with blood, "Is there anything else I can do for you? My part is done."

"Go get breakfast, it's done for now." The female veterinarian was checking the krypton beast's vital signs.

More than half of the veterinarians at the scene were civilians like Jian Zhe that came to volunteer. Soon they got together and walked towards the makeshift supply station.

"I still don't dare to believe I just sutured a Level 10 Beast."

"I am so ferocious, I decided to start admiring myself from today."

"I didn't expect that our army has reached such an awesome level to be able to raise fighting beasts. I knew that I should also apply for the military veterinary department back then, it's so cool!"

"Yesterday, I implanted chips on nearly 50 orangutans who succumbed from the beast wave. I was so proud of myself."

Jian Zhe found that most people had the same mentality as him, from the start of shock to surprise and then pride later. They didn't expect that one day, the role of veterinarians would be so great.

Jian Zhe always felt that he was doing an irrelevant profession, so he never thought that he would still be able to participate in a beast wave fight involving life and death. The beasts he cured were all the 'warriors' who fought against the beast wave. Since the second half of yesterday, he had been so proud that he had indirectly saved the whole world.

Before Jian Zhe entered the supply station, he glanced back. The little furry rabbit that was so cute was still squatting next to the head of the semi-conscious krypton beast at this moment, as if waiting for it to wake up.

Sh*t, his heart hurts. Suddenly he had a feeling of being bitten by a dog while watching the little princess grew up. The dark krypton beast was many times the size of the rabbit, even just its head was bigger than the rabbit entire body. Was it really happy to be together across species?

Jian Zhe was so heartbroken that he couldn't breathe, so much that when he stepped into the supply station and was almost pushed by a dog behind him.

"It smells so good!"

"I thought breakfast was just nutrient solution, what is this?"

Jian Zhe heard all kinds of excited voices from the people around him, his footsteps slowed down a bit, and the people behind pushed him dissatisfiedly, forcing him to walk faster.




"What's all this?"

Jian Zhe was pushed to the food hall, and finally saw the robots push out the plates one by one for everyone to take. He soon saw the writing on the plate.

Beef Burger + Coke.

Chicken Burger + Sprite.

Sausage Burger + Coke.


After everyone took their meal, the robot tapped an invisible stamp on their hands. This stamp would only be displayed under special light, and it was used to mark whether everyone got food already or not. Obviously, it was impossible for people to eat endlessly. This was a military ration supply.

When it was Jian Zhe's turn, he hesitated. The burgers were all wrapped in paper and look round, like a big bun. Would they be as good as the sesame buns he had yesterday morning?

Jian Zhe sucked in his drool, and when he was wondering what the difference between Coke and Sprite was, a soft and tender voice rang beside him.

"Coke is good, sausage burger is very good, suitable for uncle that has big appetite."

When Jian Zhe turned around, he saw the little boy who accused him of eating bacteria yesterday. He hadn't seen him for two days. The little boy seemed to have a dark circle on his skin. He was not so chubby now, but the round muscle on his face was still very obvious.

Jian Zhe blushed, but still chose the largest sausage burger. He went to a place where no one was sitting, and couldn't wait to take a sip of Coke. The bubbles gushed straight into his throat. It was sour... no, it was sweet... it was also cold. The aching muscles all over his body seemed to calm down, his pores were relaxed and breathing... just like the bubbles in this thing called Coke, it's breathable.

"Uncle, can I sit here?" Little cubby boy had two short legs but he was also carrying a large tray. The seat was higher than his chest, but his short legs seemed to be confident enough to climb up.

"Where's your mother?" Jian Zhe frowned slightly, but his chest heated up as soon as he asked.

"Mom is at work."

Sure enough. Jian Zhe found out yesterday that the child's mother was a scientific researcher from the military that also participated in the rescue in this beast wave.

"Then your father...?"

"My dad is working too."

"Um... then can you do it alone?"

Jian Zhe now admired the little chubby boy. He also wanted to stretch out his hand to help the little man, but he stood on tiptoes and neatly placed the dinner plate on the table more than ten centimeters above his head, and then he climbed onto the chair.

The little guy sat down quickly, but the top of the table was still above the level of his dark eyes. The little guy flipped through his space for a while, found a cushion, and tucked it under his butt very skillfully. Now the height was just right.

Jian Zhe broke into a cold sweat but at the same time was moved by the little guy's independence. "How old are you?"

"Four years old!"

"Mom and Dad not with you all the time?"


"Then when they couldn’t take care of you as they work, are you often alone?"


Jian Zhe had a black line on his face, thinking that the little guy was against him on purpose, but soon saw him start to raise his fingers.

"There are Ah Huang, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Hei with me..." But the little guy's head lowered as he spoke. His voice was a little dejected, "Ah Huang is injured and Xiao Hei is also injured. Xiao Bai is very anxious and she doesn't want to eat. Mom asked me to eat by myself today, she wants to stay with Xiao Hei and accompany the sad Xiao Bai."

Ah Huang... Jian Zhe didn't know why he suddenly thought about the large Eagle he treated yesterday that gave him countless white-eyes. Hearing Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai again, his hand that was opening the burger trembled even more. Early in the morning, he saw the female scientist and heard her speak.

"Xiao Bai... Is it," Jian Zhe put down his burger and turned on his light brain screen, "This little rabbit that post mukbang videos?"

"Yes, does uncle know Xiao Bai too?" The little guy's expression brightened obviously, "Uncle, I made this video for Xiao Bai! Mom said I was very talented, so it was special for Xiao Bai. Nice~”


This cute mukbang video was made by the hands of a four-year-old child? He also wrote a letter of advice to the child, telling him not to feed the little white rabbit so much? A four-year-old child who couldn't even read!

Jian Zhe didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He picked up the sausage burger and took a bite out of anger. But in an instant his expression became wonderful. The taste of this burger was... touching!

The sausage was full of elasticity, and the skin would break with a crack when bitten. The sausage was full of meat and extremely salty while the patty immediately below had a firm, rich taste and tenacity. The full bite was even more impressive, extremely fulfilling. The whole mouth, touching the teeth and tongue, was all full.

The wonderful beef texture, the tender gravy, and two burger buns that were as soft as a steamed bun were sandwiching outside. It was not abrupt at all, but had a gentle subtlety.

"What is this taste?"

"This is a high-end Western bread!"

"I am a volunteer who comes to become a doctor, but I have been invited to eat..."

"It's amazing. I thought it was voluntary labor that at most, I'll be given a certificate later. I didn't expect high-end cuisine."

"With this breakfast, to be honest, I am willing to serve here forever! Isn't it just to treat some injured beasts, I think they are better than those spoiled pets."

The villain in Jian Zhe's heart was nodding wildly, agreeing with the others’ point of view.

This burger with the coke was just perfect. Suck a mouthful of sweet bubbly drink and then eat a meat burger like this in lieu of sewing up some beasts? It's a good replacement instead of wages! Even a small piece of beef jerky was worth twenty or thirty credits. The meat in the burger was so thick, with the sausages, they would cost at least five hundred credits, right?

A veterinarian daily wages were not even as high as the cost of eating three meals worth this much, so the volunteer job was simply too good.

Jian Zhe pulled out the post he sneered at before and sincerely apologized to the owner of the post. The food in the military area was really good. If the food at a temporary supply station had this kind of level, how high would it be in the usual base? He, who had only eaten a few Liu's snacks, had no imagination at all.

Thinking of this, Jian Zhe glanced at the child opposite him again. Seeing that the little guy wasn't very happy eating the burger, Jian Zhe sighed and took out his cherished chicken feet from his space. "Taste this a little, little guy. Although it's a bit hot, but sometimes a man need to cry due to hotness. Only by shedding some tears will he have a stronger heart. Your Xiao Hei and Ah Huang will be fine."

Jian Zhe took out chopped pepper chicken feet. The same company later released new flavors of pickled pepper chicken feet, braised chicken feet, and salt-baked chicken feet, but he still found the chopped pepper taste to be the most enjoyable. His mouth hurts so hot that it didn't feel like his own, and tears would also start dripping.

At this moment, Jian Zhe really wanted to comfort the lonely little boy. He was a veterinarian, not a doctor who specializes in beasts, so he couldn't make a conclusion whether the krypton beast could escape danger. He didn't want to lie to the little boy, but he could share his favorite snacks with him. Friendships between men could sometimes span ages.

Jian Zhe's sincerity, obviously, completely conquered the little boy at this moment.

"Well, Uncle Fatty also said that there is no problem that can't be solved by snacks. If you feel uncomfortable after eating a pound, then eat ten pounds."

Jian Zhe opened his mouth wide. Under his shocked expression, the little boy started to dig things out like magic.

"Uncle, Xiao Bei likes you, so I want you to eat snacks too~ Thank you for working hard to cure Xiao Hei's wounds with the other uncles and aunts."

"This is shredded beef with many flavors, spicy, honey curry, barbecue... This is spicy strips... This is milk biscuits… and this is my favorite strawberry-flavored marshmallow. This is Uncle Fatty favorite meat muffin, this is my mother's favorite dried tofu, and this is Xiao Bai's favorite carrot cookie bar..."

Jian Zhe: "!!!"

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