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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 174 Part 2 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 174 (2)

At 8 o'clock in the morning, the exchange meeting organized by the Chef Association began.

All of the participants would be drawn to compete in pairs, using the most direct cooking competition as a means of communication, crude but direct.

When Liu Weiwei arrived at the scene, her coquettish pink chef uniform immediately became very conspicuous among a group of white ones, which immediately attracted everyone's attention. When she arrived at the workbench, she saw the person who disgusted her the most.

"Chef Liu." Qian Jun was also in a sharp chef's uniform today. He chuckled lightly, revealing the dimples that Liu Weiwei once found attractive. "Yesterday I talked to your husband by mistake. I didn't expect such a great carving skill to come from the hand of a petite female chef like you."

"I hope we can communicate well in the meeting." Qian Jun smiled at Liu Weiwei and handed out her schedule of today. "Oh, yes, I forgot to say yesterday that I was one of the coordinating staff of this exchange meeting. I am responsible for... qualifying."

Liu Weiwei didn't feel anything, but if she had to say, she felt disgust. She accepted the list blankly, not wanting to say a word to Qian Jun. But when she stretched out her hand to take the paper, Qian Jun actually pinched the other end forcefully and didn't let her take it away.

"If you have any problems with the ranking, you can find me." Qian Jun whispered.

When Liu Weiwei looked up, she saw Qian Jun's starry smile and almost vomited on the spot. Was this a seduction? This b*stard still trying to do unspoken rules to her? She didn't even see his true face back then and thought that he was dedicated. She was really blind!

"There is a problem." Liu Weiwei looked down at today's competition schedule.

"Oh?" Qian Jun curled up his mouth and looked at Liu Weiwei’s delicate neck. He didn't know why he was a little excited. He didn't usually do this. He had seen so many beautiful girls, but he didn't know why he felt like this to the particular female chef in front of him. "Indeed, your wrist is so small, it's not suitable for tiring snack theme. In the morning, the meeting with a snack chef was not arranged properly."

Qian Jun glanced at the lobby. He didn't see the husband of the female chef yesterday. For a while, he was even more courageous. "Give me your contact information, and I’ll... help you make other arrangements." He lowered his head and breathed behind Liu Weiwei’s ears.

When Qian Jun returned to the room yesterday, he couldn't get rid of Liu Weiwei’s face anymore. He felt strange. But even if the other party was a married woman, it didn’t matter. They were both chefs, and if they were willing, they could get a lot of wealth in this world and a status that ordinary people wouldn’t have. With knife skills that she had that were full of gimmicks and bright spots, as well as his title as a closed disciple of one of a kind Master Gao, they could earn countless wealth and enjoy life from now on.

It's no big deal to get rid of a husband who had no money or power. Love was free, everyone was grown up, and divorce was normal. Qian Jun didn't feel guilty at all, but soon there was a sharp pain in his footsteps.

Liu Weiwei unceremoniously stepped on Qian Jun’s foot, and angrily rolled over. "Stupid! I think the schedule is very problematic because such a big idiot as you can also be a staff member!" She quickly turned on her communicator and said, "Husband, someone has assaulted me and wanted to do unspoken rules on me. He even blew into my neck!"

Qian Jun: …!!!

Liu Weiwei raised her eyes and glanced at Qian Jun provocatively, "He also wants my contact information and wants me to chat with him privately..."

"No!" Qian Jun immediately changed his face and reacted instantly.

However, it was too late.

The protective Mad Demon arrived at the scene within three seconds, and the security on the scene couldn't stop him. He subdued Qian Jun with one hand.

A scream was heard together with the sound of cracking bones.

"Blowing? Whose neck are you blowing to?" Qin Mo knocked out three of Qian Jun’s teeth with one punch. "If you like to be naturally leaking air from your mouth, I will fulfill you."

"You! You guys! Call the police, I want to call the police!" Qian Jun yelled in disintegration, but he shrank his head in fear, "I didn't do anything!"

Liu Weiwei shook her hand at Qian Jun, "Sorry, I also took a video."

Qian Jun never expected it. He had missed it! Even if the other party disagreed, he had never encountered anyone recording the acts! Everyone in the interstellar age could live long, so it would be easy to get bored of the monogamous life. People’s derailment rate was much higher than that on ancient earth. But he didn’t know that he would meet someone like Liu Weiwei.

"Then you just wait to lose everything! After the morning pastry test, you can pack your parcels and roll home!" Qian Jun fell to the ground, annoyed. He didn't see everyone around him.

The senior disciples were embarrassed. They were embarrassed but could only watch and do nothing. If they irritated the other person, they might not be able to defend themselves.

Just like the female chef, all the opponents arranged for her were the most hellishly difficult competitors. Her one day's schedule almost included all kinds of masters that were already in the pinnacle of culinary skills. This was a fate made by an annoyed favored disciple Qian Jun.

Everyone was busy with the things at hand, even though they could understand the situation, they didn’t dare to speak out.

Liu Weiwei looked around and felt that this kind of decadent chef circle was simply the real quality of Chef Association. The guilt she felt when she thought she would make everyone unemployed yesterday disappeared instantly. These people were not worthy of sympathy at all. They were not pitiful at all. They were all guys who had been reeking money for a long time, but in order to protect themselves from anger, they didn’t even dare to speak.

"Let him go." Liu Weiwei looked at Qian Jun like a worm. She was so discouraged that she pinched Qin Mo’s sleeve. She suddenly had no interest in revenge. She had liked such a person before, but it was not worth it to think about now. "Don't fight," She still felt distressed about her Major's hand, "lest you get dirty."

Qin Mo gave Qian Jun a scratched look and threw him on the ground, "Well, I'll disinfect."

Liu Weiwei nodded, holding Qin Mo’s arm and dragging him to her cooking table indicated on the booklet, "Then you can play with me." She needed to rely on the Major's beauty to cleanse her eyes. "The first competition theme is snack. I should be able to finish it in an hour."

"Well, I wait for you." Qin Mo patted Liu Weiwei’s head, "After the end, I will take you to see Xiao Bai. As soon as I went to see them, Xiao Bai was chewing on your carrot cake after taking a shower. She even directed other little rabbits to massage her legs, it was very funny."

"Okay~" Liu Weiwei thought about the scene and also found it funny.

There were many chefs participating in the exchange meeting. Even if it was a duel, Liu Weiwei didn't know what her opponent looked like. She only saw one surname. She didn't care very much either, anyway, her goal for coming here was to defeat her opponent frantically. It didn't matter what the opponent's name was.

Liu Weiwei took out the ingredients she needed, looked at the rules for a while, and decided to start. She could start cooking at her own convenience. After finishing three snack dishes, she could then mark the dishes with her light brain QR code and then send them to the judging station.

After everyone finished the first game, the results would be announced together. The chefs that finished fast could move around freely and came back for the announcement.

Liu Weiwei had always been very fast. The prolonged experience of cooking of big batches of dishes made her very familiar with every recipe she had cooked and mastered the know-how on the most efficient operation. Qian Jun was obviously wrong about one thing, or she could say that most people were wrong. She was not weak in snack department. On the contrary, she was very proficient in snack recipes. Choosing this theme was not to poke her weakness at all, but to bite her hard bones!

Liu Weiwei was very relaxed, and the three pastries were quickly done.

One was a traditional Jiangsu Cuisine that was included in the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast, Four Happiness Dumplings. One was an improved version on traditional pastries, the Crab-Apple Pastry. And last one was the once viral dessert, Starry Sky Red Bean Yokan.

Classical Chinese pastries, especially palace dim sums, focus on beauty and artistic conception of shape and color. Although they often changed in the future, they had not abandoned the earliest principles.

The Four Happiness Dumplings selected by Liu Weiwei were a representative of the luxury of the palace. The four-sided folding method was used when making the dumplings, and the four holes left in the dumpling dough were filled with four colors of raw materials. The brighter the color, the greater the visual impact it would give the diners. Even before the tasting, it would give people a pleasing aesthetic enjoyment.

Liu Weiwei was careful in every step of the process. High quality flour was selected to make the dough and the dough was rolled thin but still tough to ensure that it wouldn’t collapse when steamed. As the most important fillings, she chose regular edamame, seaweed, egg yolks and shrimps. The colors were emerald green, noble purple, fresh tender yellow, and pale pink. The four colors placed side-by-side, which was extremely bright.

The combination of these ingredients not only guaranteed the visual beauty, but also preserved the rich characteristics of taste and nutrition. All the filling ingredients were all chopped up, and their respective taste characteristics were retained during the process. The crispy aroma of edamame, the fresh elasticity of shrimp, the salty aroma of seaweed, and the delicate aroma of egg yolk were all mixed together to achieve Four Happiness Dumplings’ polyphony!

The Crab-apple pastry was just like its name, the appearance was better than the delicate crab-apple flower tree in full bloom. After being fried, the taste of this dessert was crisp but not dry. It was fragrant and tangy but also had a sweetness just like eating nectar.

As for the last starry sky red bean yokan, this was a creative snack. Many people were familiar with yokan. At first, it was actually made of solidified mutton broth, but it slowly evolved into a red bean jelly. The red bean paste were mixed with wheat flour and steamed. This process made them tasteless, which was not the type that Liu Weiwei liked. However, the starry sky red bean yokan was really made for the appearance.

The jelly-like clear top and solid bottom, changing from light blue to dark blue, adorned with bright white flakes, it was as vast and beautiful as a starry sky. The appearance of this yokan far exceeded the value of its taste.

But as a foodie, Liu Weiwei still had high demands on herself. She slightly changed the recipe and the way of cooking to enhance the taste of the yokan as much as possible. She wanted the dish to be a snack with both taste and appearance.

Liu Weiwei was done and it took only forty-two minutes, faster than originally planned. She put the three cooked snacks into the incubator, scanned her QR code, and sent it over to the judging station.

Ignoring Qian Jun's resentful eyes, Liu Weiwei took Qin Mo's hand and left unrestrainedly.

Because of knife skills exposed yesterday, Liu Weiwei didn't know that she had turned from an unknown chef to a dark horse player. Today, she has attracted the attention of the audience as soon as she appeared. She left prematurely and unrestrainedly, which shocked many people.

"She's done?"

"We should make three dishes in the first competition. Even the quick dishes can't be made so fast, right?"

"Quick dish? You think too much, what she got is snack!"

"Snack? Then she has done three things, from kneading, to proofing, to steaming, is it all over?"

"Is it because the snack is not good, she chose to abandoned herself?"

"Yes, it can't be. I just finished the second dish, no matter how good she is, it can't be so fast, right?"

Liu Weiwei's departure caused many chefs to be a little confused. But when they looked at the time, they found that there were still many time left. It was obvious that she had handed in the dishes early.

"If she wins again, she is not a genius, she is a wizard!"

"It's an evildoer!"

"It's impossible to win. She must have known it before leaving early. Her opponent in this game is the Eastern Snack King, who has been considered the strongest snack master in the past 50 years, Cai Mingkun."

"This schedule... Ckckck, people really shouldn't offend anyone."

Everyone thought Liu Weiwei was going to lose.

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