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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 179 Part 2 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 179 (2)

In the end, Jian Zhe was so tired that he couldn't even lift his arms. He was just an ordinary nine-to-five veterinarian. Most of the time, his clinic was very leisurely, and he only performed a few pet operations occasionally. But today, he's stitched for more than six hours straight, and they're all big beasts.

The skin of some beasts was so thick that an ordinary medical needle could not penetrate at all. It was the female veterinarian Xiao Mei who lent Jian Zhe some military-grade needle supplies. But his hand was no longer his own.

"Thank you for your free contribution, the beast wave is coming to an end, but the condition of the injured beasts still needs to be observed and changed every day. If you are willing to continue to assist, then..."

"I do!" Jian Zhe saw at least a dozen Beast snacks today. There were many kinds that he had never eaten. All very fragrant, not inferior to beef jerky at all.

Jian Zhe was willing to stay and was soon assigned to a temporary tent for civilian volunteers. When he lied down, he felt a little scared. He used a knife and needles on many big beasts today. In retrospect, he was on the brink of death from nervousness. "Forget it, let’s watch the little white rabbit's live broadcast and be healed."

Watching Little White Rabbit's Mukbang was Jian Zhe's favorite entertainment. Although he couldn't eat a lot of things, but watching the little guy ate with vigor, he felt as satisfied as if he had eaten the delicious food himself. Probably because he was a veterinarian, he loved these little furry guys the most. (TN: I use the Korean term mukbang here instead of the literal translation from the raw ‘eating and broadcasting’.)

Little White Rabbit's Mukbang was posted two times a week, which was not very productive, but one episode was enough for him to lick for several days. The only advantage of Beast Wave was that it made him miss two episodes, so he could watch the two accumulated episodes together. He was so happy.

Jian Zhe immediately forgot about his previous life and death situation, and clicked on the title of the latest video.

[Xiao Bai eats spicy sticks, if I stop and count me as a loser!]

The name made Jian Zhe want to laugh. Although he didn't know what spicy strips were, he adjusted the video to full screen with great anticipation. As soon as he entered, he saw a fluffy rabbit head, leaning in front of the camera, with a lifeless face.

Soon there was a hairy black claw, and a small plastic bag was pushed over on the table.

Liu's Snacks!

Jian Zhe recognized it at a glance, and his drool flowed involuntarily. The vegetarian duck and beef jerky with the same plastic packaging were delicious. They were also rated as the most conscientious and delicious snack manufacturer. However, there was nothing that was not delicious from this manufactured.

——Are you going to promote new snacks again?!

——Spicy strips, the name is so domineering, Xiao Bai really loves spicy food~

——Only I want to know, who owns that little black paw? It always feels like another cute little black rabbit!

——I'm already searching for the release time of spicy sticks. I come back to let you know that it will start with Twelve Planets next month.

——Yeah, is there my planet on the list? I'm on Carbise!

——Don't use the bullet screen, Xiao Bai has started his performance~

A large font marked in red rolled past, and the screen was immediately cleared.

The rabbit face that was covered by the bullet screen was finally revealed, and a front tooth was hidden among the fur. It looked like a small snowball from a distance, and it looked cute when viewed up close.

Meanwhile the black claws that appeared next to the camera actually ripped open the plastic packaging of the spicy strips. Everyone dared not swipe any bullet screen for fear of blocking Xiao Bai's head, but all exclamation marks flew out.

It's not a rabbit's paw!

This sharp action and sharp claws clearly told everyone.

"Not even a dog's claws are so sharp." Jian Zhe was an expert in this field, and he couldn't help frowning at the screen. But he had been in contact with many advanced beasts, so now he wouldn’t be shaken by a small sharp claw. His attention quickly returned to Snowball Xiao Bai's motorized lips.

With sharp black claws, a long strip was pulled from the packaging. It had a bright red color, and there were circles of spiral lines on the outside. If looked closely, it looked like a the skin on vegetarian duck.

The black claws sent the strips directly to the mouth of the little white rabbit.

Xiao Bai glanced lazily, opened her small motorized lip and bit the strip. The facial features of her whole small fur rabbit face were suddenly deformed. The originally cute but weak bunny eyes suddenly widened; its cute little nostrils hidden in the snow-white hair suddenly widened; and the three-petaled lips that were soft and cute like plum blossoms opened even more!

The two fluffy ears hanging down beside the small round face stood straight up, straight!


This little white rabbit had showed a whole rabbit-face change act, more professional than the interstellar stars!

Jian Zhe laughed out loud on the spot across the screen. No matter how many times he watched it, he felt that this dramatic face change was always full of cuteness. It's so funny that it made him smirk all over his face, even though this made him a big man with a soft heart.

When Jian Zhe was studying at school, he once gave injections to little white rabbits in practical exercises and practiced many medical techniques on them. In addition, he had been working as a veterinarian for five years. Although he had not touched thousands of rabbits, he had at least treated 60 to 70 rabbits. There had never been a rabbit that made him feel so cute, almost its every rabbit hair exuded cuteness, and its body full of slapstick jokes.

When Jian Zhe sighed, he saw the little white rabbit's lips quickly opened and closed, like a martial arts master, leaving only shadows behind. Meanwhile the spicy stick on the little black claw, originally around ten centimeters in length, was now decreasing at a terrifying rate. Almost in the blink of an eye, the rabbit motorized lips gnawed into sharp black claws. At this time, the whole rabbit face instantly exuded an expression full of disgust.

The little rabbit's paw slapped the black paw away directly, turned around, and faced the black paw with its round hairy butt. Only when another spicy stick appeared on the black paw, the tangled rabbit face slowly turned over…

——Hahaha, I can't help it, I want to swipe the screen! The expression of the little white rabbit is too rich. This is the expression that my girlfriend has when she was angry with me! But after I bought her a vegetarian duck, her expression was exactly the same as the little white rabbit now, hesitating between food and forgiving me, hahaha, it's so realistic~

——This little cute rabbit, I really want to own it... It's better than the actor James!

——That really looks like a dog's paw~ It's a bit like my Labrador.

——Little White Rabbit and Big Black Dog? The owner is too good at playing! What combination is this, my nose bleed!

——Aren’t you too evil upstairs? Xiao Bai is a pure and beautiful girl~

Jian Zhe looked at the barrage and nodded in agreement. Xiao Bai was a female rabbit. Although she spent most of the live broadcast time lying on the ground honestly, or squatting obediently, he still recognized it when the camera flashes twice. Such a cute snowball was of course a little princess. He agreed.

Xiao Bai only posted video that was less than five minutes each time, but in such a short period of time, she could eat food much larger than her body size, which was also the most bizarre part on the audiences’ mind.

As a veterinarian, Jian Zhe actually disagreed. He had even sent a private message to the broadcaster of this channel, hoping that Xiao Bai's owner could make her eat healthier. Even if mutated rabbit's stomach was much stronger now, it was still easy to cause disease due to overeating. Premature aging of organs was not conducive to survival. He was very worried about Xiao Bai's health, and hoped that such a happy cute pet could accompany the audiences for a long time.

Jian Zhe was tired all day, and also worried about Xiao Bai's health, finally he fell asleep with a smile of an uncle who was 100% satisfied with his life. He even had a dream. In the dream, Xiao Bai, who was soft and cute, jumped on him, her soft furry paws stepped on his chest, her small round head was lowered, and she leaned against his neck, like a pink and cute little girl. She sniffed her nose, and the warm, soft scent was sprayed on his auricles.

Moe Moe!

So cute!

Jian Zhe was almost woken up on his sleep. He turned over and felt that his neck was itchy. He reached out and felt a clump of soft fur. "!" As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a cute, round face of the little fur rabbit who was leaning in front of him under the light~

"Little, little... Bai?"

"Am I still dreaming!?"

Jian Zhe chest suddenly became wet. He was shocked and woke up completely. A soak of fresh and hot rabbit urine made him wake up to the point where he couldn't sleep again!

Jian Zhe touched the wet evidence on his chest and was attacked by countless question marks. Why did I find the Internet celebrity little white rabbit here?! The real little white rabbit, why was it softer than it looks on the video?! Why did it climb on him, does she like him, appreciate him, and want to go home with him?!

Why, it urinated...

Rabbits spraying urine was a stress response, usually a response when they were very scared or when they were stimulated.

Jian Zhe's face suddenly wrinkled with distress. "I won't hurt you, don't be afraid." He held the little white rabbit in the palm of his hand. He didn't dare to use any force, for fear of scaring the rabbit and hurting it. He even breathed lightly.

However, Jian Zhe soon found that the little white rabbit jumped angrily on his palm, cooing.

Ah, she's so cute even when she's angry, I want to take a picture! Jian Zhe took out his light brain. But before he could get out the camera, he found countless emergency calls and missed calls on the screen.


"All veterinarians please go immediately!"

Jian Zhe suddenly jumped out of bed.

Xiao Bai jumped out of Jian Zhe’s palm immediately, and even jumped out of the tent as soon as she landed on the ground. Jian Zhe didn't even have time to put on all his socks, he quickly followed closely behind.

"There are eighty-three scars on the body."

"The cracks in the wings recur and break."

"Medical instrument doesn't work on it."

Jian Zhe ran wildly to the concentrated place, only to find that a huge, black-winged beast fell to the ground and needed to look up.

"Krypton, krypton, krypton beast...?" Jian Zhe's tongue was not clear. But soon a ladder was delivered to him.

"You will be in charge of the lower right corner of the back, do you see the red laser mark? Set is as area 3!"

"Climb up the ladder and fasten your seat belt!"

The real body of a Krypton Beast was very huge. In the beast wave attack broadcasted a few years ago, normal mechas could only scratch it. Only the mechas of the national heroes Qin Mo and Mu Ming could render damage.

At a glance, Jian Zhe saw at least twenty to thirty veterinarians were treating the wounds of the krypton beast in different positions. The young female veterinarian from yesterday and Dr. Liu was also treating the broken wound on the beast’s wings using a ladder.

Three other veterinarians were on the ground, trying to transfuse the krypton beast.

Jian Zhe was still stunned, but suddenly there was a soft slap on his face. The little white rabbit jumped up angrily and gave him another kick.

Jian Zhe: !!!

"Xiao Hei, Xiao Hei!"

"Your favorite snail noodles, hurry up and take a bite!"

"Cheer up or I'll marry Xiao Bai to another beast."

Jian Zhe had just climbed up the ladder when he heard this familiar voice and remembered the kind female scientist he met yesterday. But after hearing the few sentences, he almost rolled down the ladder.

Xiao Hei?

Xiao Bai?

Marry another beast?

His cute little white rabbit was the Xiao Bai in her mouth? Don't tell him that the lover of the little rabbit is this huge krypton beast?! This thing could crush the little rabbit!

Jian Zhe's mind was muddy, but he soon smelled a strong stench. Still in a daze, the back of his head was angrily smeared by the little rabbit again. She was obviously dissatisfied with his daze and the fact that he still hadn't started work.

Jian Zhe: Ah... Have you considered the difference in body size between you two, Little Princess!

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