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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 173 Part 3 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 173 Part 3 of 3

Bi Shuchang held his breath and finally realized that he was a little too much. But soon he heard Liu Weiwei's more excessive answer.

"Eighteen this year."

"Eighteen? Have you practiced sword skills for eighteen years?" Bi Shuchang subconsciously twisted Liu Weiwei’s answer. If she was thirty years old this year, then she had been practicing knife skills since the age of twelve. She would be an outstanding young chef who had worked hard. But if she was eighteen years old, she would be... amazing! He subconsciously rejected such cognition.

But Liu Weiwei was obviously cruel. She corrected it honestly, "No, I am 18 years old this year."

"Wh, what...?" Bi Shuchang took three steps back, almost knocking over the basin behind him. His hands were trembling, and he didn't dare to continue asking her how long she had learned knife skills. The eighteen-year-old evildoer, at the age of eighteen, had taken over Cheng Wei, no, she had stepped on the knife skills of a large number of senior chefs and even super chefs. The future of this female chef was... infinite!

Bi Shuchang's gaffe quickly spread to the audience. Although he took the magnifying glass away, other people also have one. Everyone had a personal space and there were private possessions that had been kept for many years. If they still couldn’t find a magnifying glass, they could also ask the waiter of this five-star hotel to get one. 

With a flexible mind, they could also open a camera with the magnifying glass function on the star network to zoom in and use it as magnifying glass. It was a pity that there were too many monks and too little porridge. There was only one basin, and there was only one radish carved by Liu Weiwei.

After Bi Shuchang gave up his position, the second judge finally squeezed in. He took a look, and then immediately put a heart-saving pill in his mouth. "Miracle! This is a miracle created by a genius. The micro-carving on the white radish has smooth and clear lines, and the image has profound meaning. Although it is only placed in an ordinary water basin, it is still beautiful. Genius, this is a rare genius in a century!"

Soon the second judge was pushed aside, and all the onlookers came in. They simply threw the game aside.

"Old man's apprentice?"

"A few years ago, Old Gao's work was a flying dragon carved out of radishes. But the mirage in the mist... so beautiful... this is... this is what a chef can do?"

"My God! There are people who can do this!"

"I have been in the kitchen for 20 years and participated in my thirteenth exchange meeting. This is simply... it makes me suspect that it is an unrealistic dream!"

Cheng Wei, who was forgotten, discovered something was wrong when Bi Shuchang called out. However, he had been unable to squeeze into the crowd to see the radish that was called a work of art. Now listening to the praises and sighs of those people one after another, he felt that this was a dream! "Impossible, she can't do it. Did you cheat?"

"Have you prepared the radish in advance?" Cheng Wei's face was ugly. He couldn't believe that he would be defeated in this way after ten years of hard training. The carving of ingredients, and even micro carvings that could only be seen with a magnifying glass... It's like a legend!

Standing next to Qin Mo, Liu Weiwei was not proud of the praises, nor was she angry at all when facing Cheng Wei's doubts. Her knife skills didn't fall from the sky, she just had one system to teach her more than others. In the system’s training classroom and in the skill manual, the wisdom and experience of countless outstanding chefs were crystallized into her current cooking skills.

Even today, Liu Weiwei also clearly felt that she still had a long way to go. There were many more things to learn, and there were many recipes in the system that she had not tried or even ordered. Saibandes couldn't finish eating all delicacies all his life. How could she finish learning all her life?

There was nothing to be proud of, and nothing to be angry with. Liu Weiwei was just like everyone else, just a cook with room for improvement still. There was no end to learning, thinking, and innovation.

"There are a lot of radishes in my space. I don't mind performing another knife skill." Liu Weiwei smiled, glanced at the task, and decided to be the villain who defeated the opponent. "But Chef Cheng, as you already lose, there is actually no need to do it again. So, with radish as the main ingredient, coupled with the unique carving, I will give you a boiled radish soup with 200,000 credits discounted price, thank you."

"You...!" Cheng Wei almost collapsed with anger. Two hundred thousand was not that expensive, but his face was slapped.

"I don't believe it. I want to take a look!" Cheng Wei made his last dying struggle.

The people present were still taking pictures and studying skills around the water basin, but when they heard his fierce resistance, they couldn't help but looked at Cheng Wei sympathetically and gave up their positions.

"Xiao Cheng, you didn't lose in injustice. Defeated under such a magical skill is also a valuable experience."

"Yes, this is your luck. Come and see, after seeing you will be convinced that you have lost gracefully."

"Don't be sad. Birds can catch fish, but they cannot catch whales."

"Even if the president comes, he might not even be able to beat this little girl's knife skills. Xiao Cheng, there is still sky outside the sky, and there is a higher mountain outside the high mountain."

Cheng Wei staggered. Before he walked over to look at the radish, he was said to be about to vomit blood. Was it valuable to lose? Why was he lucky? He was a little bird, and she was a big whale? These people's mouths were a little bit too poisonous!

Cheng Wei swept across the faces of these people very uncomfortably, took the magnifying glass roughly from the side, and looked down into the water basin. But just a glance made his whole body twitch. It was obviously a constant temperature room, but there seemed to be polar ice water splashed piercingly down on his body! He felt cold all over, and his every pore was chilled. He seemed to be in the endless water, his vision was distorted and blurred, but he saw the faint lines in the light... Islands, tall buildings, birds, patches of mountains and clouds... With a click, the magnifying glass fell into the basin.

"I... lost." Cheng Wei's throat became extremely bitter, and the smell of blood surged up, but he gritted his teeth to hold back, "I lost..." It was a complete defeat. "Two hundred thousand?" He pulled the corner of his mouth with difficulty. "Even if you set the price to two million, some people will still buy it." Those stupid rich people liked this unique gimmick the most, a miracle that no one had created. As long as it was something that no one else had, even if it was just a vegetable leaf, they would be willing to spend millions, let alone a radish that had mirage carved on it.

The mirage was considered to be a mirage produced in the place where immortals lived in the ancient books. The emperor at that time liked to send people to the wonderland to find the elixir of immortality. This was a favorite story of ignorant rich people, with the best meaning they had imagined!

With just a glance, Cheng Wei completely lost the ability and courage to resist. His skills were not even close! "Not only knife skills, vision, realm... I have lost in all..." He stretched out his hand and took off the chef nameplate on his chest. He threw it on the ground and left without looking back.

"Am I a bit cruel?" it was the first time for Liu Weiwei to hit someone like this. Stepping up, she asked Qin Mo secretly.

Qin Mo glanced at Cheng Wei, who had lost his fighting spirit, and shook his head decisively, "If he loses on the battlefield, he would be dead. He is still alive now, where is the cruelty?" The wife-protecting mad demon obviously disliked Cheng Wei, who had just provoked his young wife.

"Just like everyone said, wasn’t he lucky to lose under your hand?" Qin Mo replied affirmatively without hesitation, "This is his blessing."

"Ah..." Liu Weiwei chose to believe it.

"Can we have dinner?"

"Yeah. Here are your favorite scrambled eggs and shepherd's purse tofu soup. I ordered them all." Qin Mo directly took Liu Weiwei away, regardless of the group of people who were still circling the radish.

Liu Weiwei looked at the task progress bar and was relieved immediately.

[Task requirements: Provoked and angered a hundred chefs during the exchange meeting (23/100), defeated ten chefs (1/10), brought more than fifty chefs to submission (19/50).]

The results were gratifying, and the number of people who succumbed suddenly exceeded one-third. Liu Weiwei thought she could eat one more bowl of rice!

Liu Weiwei learned the carving of the mirage from the top-level knife skill manual. In fact, there was still room for improvement in her technique. Because of her insufficient artistic attainments, she herself was not satisfied with the sculptured images. The reason why the big radish was placed in the basin was that light refracted in the water, which caused the image to be distorted and made the flaws inconspicuous.

"Hello, can you share contact information?"

"Excuse me, which restaurant did you attend?"

"This is my business card. Can I have the honor to invite you to communicate privately tomorrow?"

Liu Weiwei didn't stop for a while before she was surrounded.

"No, no time, no." The ruthless Major directly rejected in Liu Weiwei’s stead, receiving a batch of bitter eyes. Of course, his wife could only communicate privately with him. It was an unforgivable sin to try to confuse his child’s mother. Qin Mo was upset all over.

Liu Weiwei smiled apologetically at everyone, "We are going to have a meal, please give us some personal space."

It was a pity for the people around, but they were all very acquainted. They left after leaving their business cards. In less than ten minutes, Liu Weiwei stopped them with one hand. And she didn't intend to take back the radish left in the basin. Originally, the radish belonged to Cheng Wei.

Qin Mo disliked these people very much, "Noisy." He got used to being in the army where he had to listen to command and disciplined soldiers. Today, he was besieged even when having meals, which made his impression of this group of people very bad.

"This taste is average." Qin Mo frowned when he tasted the tofu soup on the restaurant. He looked at his child's mother with soft eyes, feeling that her whole body was blooming with charming light, "It's worse that the dished you made while holding a child in one hand."

"Is this restaurant not delicious? I'll make you a midnight snack at night, and I'll add tofu for you tomorrow morning." Liu Weiwei happily accepted the Major's straightforward compliment, and her whole body floated. Ten thousand people could say it's delicious, but it's not as good as the praise of her own man~

"Okay." Qin Mo’s mouth raised. He put down the spoon and touched his little wife's soft hands. He glanced at the baby stroller next to him where Little Meat Bun tried his best to raise his feet, trying to gnaw his feet into a meat bag in his mouth.

After eating a late night snack made exclusively by his wife, the son left in the robot crib, and the two beasts sent away, it was the perfect two-person world again!

"I like what you do." Qin Mo temporarily lighted up his sweet talk skill.

Liu Weiwei took a sip of tofu soup shyly. She didn't even taste the dish, only feeling the sweetness in her heart.

But this peace was soon broken.

"Which chef's masterpiece is this?"

A somewhat familiar voice that made Liu Weiwei gritted her teeth suddenly sounded in the hall. When she looked up, she saw a man who had appeared in her dreams countless times. A tall, fair, and handsome in her dream, she couldn't help but take another look.

"May I take the liberty to interrupt you for a while? Can I ask which expert you study from?"

A familiar face, a familiar tone, Liu Weiwei put down the cup and bit her teeth severely. This man appeared in her dreams countless times, and every time, she wanted to... 

Kill him!

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