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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 183

ICRAB – Chapter 183

What kind of rabbit was Xiao Bai?

Jian Zhe had watched its mukbang videos for so long, and honestly, he had never tried to find out. He always felt that it was like a combination of lop eared rabbit and Godzilla rabbit. But today he understood, this was not a rabbit, it was a beast!

Sh*t! It was a rabbit beast!

Jian Zhe felt that from today, he would be embarrassed to call himself a veterinarian. Soft and cute were all illusions! The little white rabbit was an iron girl, a strong woman who could fall in love with a krypton beast.

The scene Xiao Bai rushing out from Jian Zhe’s pocket obviously made him startled, but everyone else was calm.

"Sure enough, Xiao Bai still hates these pretentious guys." A soldier next to Jian Zhe summed up bitterly.

"Yes, that's how the krypton beast got injured."

Even Lu Qingheng nodded. He touched his chest with lingering fears, "Stupid winged bird, how dare it pretend to surrender in front of our military region's movie queen, showing off its extremely poor acting skills."

The live broadcast recording in Little Qin Bei's hands had not been turned off. "Bai Bai, come back~ You can't eat that raw meat!"

Xiao Bai wished she could nibble on the flesh of the black-hearted bird, but she smelled the meat and it was too stinky. She immediately turned around and rushed towards Qin Bei's arms, her rabbit face full of grievance.

Little Qin Bei stretched out his chubby hand and touched Xiao Bai’s little head, "Let's go back to see Xiao Hei and bring him some snail noodles~"

Jian Zhe hurriedly checked the beast pets that came back from the battlefield. The little red fox also had some new scars on its body while the other beasts also had some big and small wounds. 

There was heat in Jian Zhe’s eyes. Witnessing the battle directly from the front line was more shocking than anything else. He clearly felt that the beasts really resisted the crisis by sacrificing their lives and disregarded their own safety.

"Come on, Xiao Hong, it’s your favorite jerky~" A dark-skinned soldier hugged the red fox very distressedly, "Be patient for a while and we will go to the supply area for treatment after this~"

Every soldier was acting like they were coaxing children. They coaxed the wounded beast pets back to them, stroked their fur while avoiding their wounds, and even some big men secretly wiped their tears. They began blowing the wounds of the beast pets, as if they wanted to ease their pain.

In the end, Jian Zhe took Little Qin Bei back to the supply station. They turned back three steps at a time. But soon he found that Xiao Bai’s mukbang broadcast room, which he had been paying attention to, was so crowded that he couldn't squeeze in at all. The server seemed to be paralyzed, and the video was extremely stuck. He turned his head, "The traffic... exploded?"

The little chubby guy nodded heavily, "The screen is still black. I'll turn it on later."

When they were talking like this, Jian Zhe had already seen the comments on the live broadcast everyone was expressing their indignation after the server stuck.

——I f*cking thought that my planet was also attacked by the beast wave and my Internet was cut off. *** Live Broadcasting Company, is there any help for your server?

——As soon as I saw the key part, the screen went black. I was typing a comment and the more than 100 words I typed are gone! This is not the point, *** live broadcast company, return my little rabbit cutie!

——Sh*t, I was still enjoying the cuteness of the little rabbit when I saw the little rabbit flying out like a bullet, and defeated... defeated a Level 4 winged bird beast bravely! The problem is tho, I want to ask the almighty interstellar netizens on the comment area at the moment, how high is the bunny's combat ability value?

——I saw the last expression on the rabbit’s face. She was about to cry, as if saying 'Who am I? Where am I? What did I do?' ... Wow, she really looked so innocent.

Many people complained about the crashed server, but most people noticed the unusual battle.

——Isn't there anyone like me who cares about what that so-called feed is?

——+1, I saw the little rabbit took a bite before running back. I must have read it right. According to its reaction quality, no, according to the expression, that feed must taste very good!

——Comrades, don't you all see that the red fox is also cute? Don't you think it looks very handsome when it fights bravely?

——When I see a handsome captain, my eyes were drawn to him. Did you notice what he said? It is obviously a very serious scene, but I really want to laugh hearing his orders. What is going on?

——I think your points are all wrong. I want to wait for the server to recover and then forward this live video for those friends who say that the army deceives people and that beast pets must be killed. If they said that these heroes are harmful creatures that need to be slaughtered, then us humans that never stop destroying the environment will be the most evil people that should go extinct long ago.

——Brothers, I just want to say, is the army beast pet for sale? The red-haired fox is handsome, the flat-billed duck is a little stupid but cute, and Xiao Baibai is the cutest beast! I want to take them all away, take them home and raise them up ~

All of a sudden, the discussions on various posts went around the soft cuteness and heroism of the beast pets on the battlefield. The video about the winged birds attack as well as the army’s peculiar way of fighting, attracted everyone's attention.

The server that crashed due to excessive traffic was quickly repaired. This live broadcast was quickly turned into a replay video, which was forwarded on various websites, post bars, personal web pages, and circles of friends.

Originally, many people felt that beasts were still dangerous, and they strongly condemned the army's use of beasts to fight. But gradually they were overwhelmed by all kinds of sounds of wanting to stroke up the beasts’ cute fur.

Many netizens who were very close to the planet where the beast wave broke out quickly discovered that there was a new announcement from major public welfare and news websites.

[A beast pet that has lost its combat power, are you willing to take care of it and accompany it for life?]

[On the 20th of this month, the adoption of retired beast pets will be held in the central square of ** Planet. If you also think they are cute and you are willing to spend money to take care of them, we are waiting for your visit.]

The whole first announcement was a sensation, but the next one directly exploded.

Even Jian Zhe, who was a volunteer in the supply area, followed Little Qin Bei with an envious face every day, "When will Xiao Bai retire?"

Little Qin Bei hugged Xiao Bai and held it high, "Uncle, Xiao Bai said you shouldn’t think about it."

Jian Zhe: "..."

However, as a volunteer veterinarian, the so-called ‘the closer to the water, the easier to get wet’ situation really applied to Jian Zhe. He finally followed a group of veterinarians and became the first group of brave citizens to adopt retired combat beasts.

Jian Zhe adopted a small mountain goat. Its right front hoof and two hind hooves were severely injured with torn and broken bones. Even if the injuries were treated quickly and well cared for, it was still injuries that deemed it no longer suitable for combat. After the beast wave faded, the goat was almost as docile as a livestock sheep except for its still aloof personality.

The veterinarian next to Jian Zhe adopted a golden snub-nosed monkey* with a broken right hand. He was smart and mischievous. Although the attack power of the Level 3 beast had dropped directly to the first level after its injuries, it still didn’t prevent it from messing up the veterinarian's dormitory every day. (TN: golden snub-nosed monkey = Rhinopithecus roxellana.)

(These monkeys are so cutee~~ - MD)

These videos were also filmed by the military logistics and posted on the Internet, along with a statement of assurance that these beasts have no attack power and would not harm humans. Such a video was like the last straw to seduce the interstellar people. Although it seemed insignificant, it made their hearts itch.

Most people had an irresistible feeling for furry creatures in their genes. Who wouldn’t want to have a little cutie on the ground obediently waiting for them to go home after a day's work, humming and waiting for them to feed? Just watching the video melts their hearts.

When many people were tangled, Liu Weiwei's cute beast restaurant also opened. The process of opening was easier than she imagined, and since she posted job postings on the planet, she had received many resumes. She originally thought that because it was a planet with the aftermath of war, not many people would be willing to take risks. But she thought too much.

There were hundreds of resumes for waiters and more for chefs. What Liu Weiwei thought was the funniest was that, apart from Zhen Nuli's excitement to come to play, there were also many resumes from a group of old and young chefs in the Chinese food cuisine from the Chef Association.

"Gao: Teacher, we are old bones that is already had enough of our own life, so it is better to contribute to the society. Also, we are not afraid of death."

"Dou: I'm far from Teacher's level, just in the mood. I want to learn that a teacher can cook for everyone without giving up personal safety."

"Cai: I have the world in my heart and want to use food to relieve difficulties. Teacher is my role model."

The disciples and grand disciples they brought along wanted to seize the opportunity to learn from the master and all volunteered. Chefs in the society also came to apply, but Liu Weiwei shook her head at the high salary they asked after reading a few resumes.

Obviously, these people came to earn a wave of war money, so Liu Weiwei directly dragged these resumes into the blacklist.

In the end, Liu Weiwei accepted the three old chefs’ offer to help, but she was afraid that they would not be in good health with the still bumpy situation after war. But the three chefs said that they were very determined to come and said they would also bring their apprentices.

Liu Weiwei originally planned to recruit some more kitchen helpers, but now she didn't need it anymore.

Zhen Nuli and An Hao would continue to support the second restaurant in front of the base, so they couldn't come. As a result, a restaurant with the most luxurious lineup in history, the never-before-seen Beast Restaurant officially kicked off.

Even in the midst of war or rebuilding after the war, people who were frightened would always need a sip of hot food to quell their fears and ignite hope for tomorrow.

Liu Weiwei's restaurant was approved by the war zone chief and protected by the soldiers. It opened in the civilian rest area at the rear of the supply base. She picked out a few retired battle pets, most of which were good-looking and easy to attract customers.

There were alpaca with a particularly good temper, a tiger with sharp teeth but a full blown cutie as long as it didn’t open its mouth, an eagle that liked to hang on high places, an unweaned white bear cub found in this beast wave, an arrogant wolf who loves to eat meat, and a familiar Da Hui, the big gray kangaroo with a wounded tail...

Most of the beast pets were relatively large, but they were highly talented and could understand simple instructions. They had become more calm and cute in the past three or four years of military training. They all had different nicknames, so Liu Weiwei wrote them all on the front page of the restaurant's menu.

Some of these nicknames were given by her, and some were given by Little Meat Bun Xiao Bei, after he started speaking.

Little Qin Bei who heard that his mother was going to open a restaurant to sell delicious food again, took many of his childhood playmates out to visit. He also dragged Jian Zhe with him.

"Contributing to society, Uncle Zhe, is everyone's responsibility. If everyone gives a penny extra, and they can help poor children and beasts~"

Jian Zhe: 666 (TN: “666” is a Chinese word homonym for “牛牛牛”(niú niú niú) or “溜溜溜”(liù liù liù), used to describe someone or something that is very powerful,cool, etc)

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