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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 182

ICRAB – Chapter 182

Jian Zhe made a big mistake, so in the end he had to bite the bullet and keep up. He silently added an ‘unreliable’ label to Uncle Lu in his heart, thinking that if things went wrong later, he could leave quickly with the little guy, or call the little guy’s mother.

Lu Qingheng saw Jian Zhe's identity at a glance, "Volunteer veterinarian?" He still respected these ordinary civilians who volunteered to help.

Jian Zhe nodded at Lu Qingheng, and countless thoughts flashed in his heart. What if the other party wanted to drive him away and prevented him from going? "I-I am..."

"Come along, it just so happens that there are some beast pets in battle on the front line that needed some treatments for their minor wounds."

"What,……" Jian Zhe turned his head and saw Little Qin Bei, the little guy, had secretly stuffed a packet of multi-flavored peanuts into his Uncle Lu's hand.

This, this was a blatant bribe!


Jian Zhe was worried, it could be said that he had used all his life's mental power. He looked around vigilantly, as if afraid that a fish that slipped through the net from the beast wave would jump out at any time and hurt the little chubby guy. But he obviously thought too much. The journey was safe until the trenches appeared before his eyes.

In the trenches, there were many soldiers lying or sitting, and almost all of them had a big beast pet beside them.

"Veterinarian, I need to trouble you." Lu Qingheng brought Jian Zhe directly to the first beast pet.

Beats pets were obviously also scheduled to fight. During their duty, unless they encountered a major wound that needed urgent treatment, they wouldn’t go to the supply area. Obviously, the soldiers were very fond of their beast pets, so they were very enthusiastic when they see a veterinarian like Jian Zhe.

Little Qin Bei was also very familiar with everyone. He quickly went to lie down in the trenches. He was obviously a small person, but his posture was very standard. He turned on his camera in a pretentious manner. At this time, the little white rabbit in his pocket finally revealed its cute head.

When the camera was turned on, the little rabbit automatically found the position to enter the camera. It jumped onto the mound of the trench, revealing a cute and charming furry side face with no impurities in the fur except for slightly golden color on the tip of the drooping ears. Next to the little face was a pink toot. People that saw it would wish to hug it in their arms and kiss it.

Jian Zhe glanced at the little white rabbit, and his uncle's heart completely turned into soft water. He instantly wanted to take out all the snacks in his pocket and give it to the little rabbit. But he finally had some sense, so he focused on the slightly burnt fur of the red-haired fox in front of him. He took out small scissors in his space and cut off a circle of hair. When he looked up, he saw the big watery eyes of the little fox, as if it was full of sadness.

Xiao Bei's camera quickly followed.

A soldier's rough hands patted the fox's head, "When we go back I'll buy you many high-quality snacks and feed. Your hair will grow again soon."

The little fox whimpered as if a little embarrassed. It buried its head under its fluffy tail.

Jian Zhe really thought that this was a pet, not a Level 4 fox beast that with just a slap could slam his body to the wall.

Jian Zhe's movements became very light involuntarily and he breathed a sigh of relief when the disinfection was completed and the burn ointment was applied. However, when he looked up, he was so shocked that even the goose bumps on the back of his neck rose. Above the originally boundless blue sky, there was a winged beast flying at high speed!

Their wings seemed to be connected together, and it was almost impossible to count how many there were. It could only be described by the word covering the sky and the sun.

Jian Zhe has never seen such a scene in real life!

Each beast wave was generally divided into several waves of attacks, and each attack would become denser and stronger. Because these winged beasts were good at flying, were extremely fast, and had sharp beaks like steel, although they were only Level 4 beast, they were far more destructive than land-based beasts of the same level. Many signal stations were destroyed by these flying beasts.

Those who could fight against them were basically flying mechas and combat spaceships dispatched by the army.

Jian Zhe glanced at the soldiers in the trenches and his calf trembled in disappointment. But he finally didn't forget the purpose of coming here. He immediately grabbed Little Qin Bei from the trench to his side, and he didn't forget to take the cute little white rabbit paper standing on the mound into his pocket.

"It's too dangerous, hurry up and call your mother and father!" Jian Zhe felt that bringing this child to the battlefield was a mistake. In the face of disaster, he didn't even have the ability to resist beasts himself, so it was impossible to protect the child.

All Jian Zhe could do was to press the little guy Qin Bei under him. "No matter what happens, don't crawl out until someone comes to your rescue, okay?"

Jian Zhe's last thought was to protect the little guy who was willing to share his snacks with him, and the cute little rabbit. However, he didn’t know who laughed lightly.

"Veterinarian, you are so funny."

This chuckle was like flipping a switch in the entire trench. All kinds of laughter came and went, as if the winged bird above their heads didn't exist at all.

"Uncle, you crushed me..." Little Qin Bei pushed Jian Zhe with his little hand, "You are so heavy~"

Jian Zhe held him tightly, "I told you, don't move!"

Wing birds had poor static vision, but had a keen sense of smell and excellent dynamic vision. Later, the only way to escape the catastrophe was to cover up the smell of this little chubby guy with a river of blood.

But Jian Zhe didn't expect that his adult body who weighed nearly 200 pounds could be pushed away by the little guy. "!"

The little fat man rubbed his face, "I won't move, but I'm going to be suffocated by you, uncle~"

Even if Jian Zhe was a veterinarian, his physical skills were still at the fourth rank when he graduated, but now he was caught in the blow of being pushed away by the little guy. The little guy was only four years old, but his physical skills were better than him?!

When Jian Zhe was in a daze, the little guy pouted his butt and crawled onto the trench like a caterpillar. He's still live!

Jian Zhe was shocked, and then he heard the unreliable Lu Qingheng shouting.

"The first squad, all of you, coordinates H3I, fifty meters away, throw No. 1 feed! Launch!"

"Second Squad, ... seventy-five meters away, throw No. 3 Feed! Launch!"

"The third squad, prepare to attack!"

"The fourth squad, the Wing Tribe Demon Pet Exchange plan is open: Avoid killing, let them surrender with meat!"

Jian Zhe was in a mess. Hearing the first order, he thought he had heard it wrong. When the second order came out, he thought he didn't understand military terminology. Feed or something, was it the instant noodles reported earlier?

It wasn't until the fourth order was shouted that Jian Zhe almost bit his tongue in astonishment. What happened in front of him immediately surprised him even more. The cannons that suddenly appeared in the trenches, all firing into the sky, bang bang bang, a continuous loud noise rang in his ears.

Countless tiny shells, no, bullets were fired at the winged birds. But strangely, there was a familiar scent in the air.

"Uncle, we can't take out snacks at this time, especially nut based snacks, otherwise the winged birds will rush over to eat us. Uncle, are you finished with your spiced beans? Don't take them out."


Jian Zhe collapsed and recognized the smell with the little guy's reminder. It was the five spice beans that the little guy gave him two days ago! The cannons were not shooting bullets… but… spiced beans?

Jian Zhe soon saw the winged birds that were flying towards them looked like they had lost their target. No, it should be said that their goals had changed. They all flocked to the two launch destinations for the spiced beans. There were too many birds but too little beans, so under the rampage of each winged bird, they had managed to self-harmed their own 800 birds party before they could hurt anyone.

As if various planes collided with each other in the air, three, four, or even a dozen winged birds slammed to each other violently in the air. There were even some particularly strong winged birds that in order to grab food, they directly blocked the body of their companions in front of them and pecked!

There was a bloody scene at the field...

The smell of blood filled the air instantly. Many winged birds were killed by their own companions in the air. Many were also injured, lost their balance, and fell to the ground.

At this time, Lu Qingheng's third and fourth orders were not needed.

The red-haired fox that Jian Zhe had just finished treating, under the orders of the soldiers beside it, flew out like an arrow from a bow. As long as there was still a breath of winged bird on the ground, it rushed to the left and stomps on the right, it bit and slapped the birds to death. In just one minute, at least fifty or sixty injured winged birds that had lost their ability to fly were killed.

And the object of the fourth order, the six flat-billed yellow-haired ducks originally staying in the trenches, soared into the air like huge aircraft, quacking and quacking in the air.

Jian Zhe had a black line on his head, but soon he saw the injured winged birds in the air and on the ground. At least one-third of them erected the slender but sharp tail. They surrendered.

When Jian Zhe saw the fox that rushed out, it quickly bypassed these winged birds with raised tails, and focused on other birds. The winged birds with their tails raised, soon landed on the ground one by one, lying down obediently.

"Clean up the scene within ten minutes. The third squad should speed up the attack."

"The fourth squad, check whether there are any fish that slip through the net!"

"The first and second squad, stay on standby, get ready to launch a second wave of feed."

Lu Qingheng's second wave of orders came.

Jian Zhe couldn't even close his mouth. He found that the winged birds were really smart. Later, he wouldn't be at all surprised if he didn’t see the surrenderers standing in line on the side.

"Great." This was the only comment Jian Zhe could make. Even if he didn’t understand military operations at all, he could see that this was a cleanly won battle. On their own side, there were almost no casualties.

The beast pets of the third squad that went to fight might have been slightly injured by the attacks of some resisting winged beasts, but he saw them just now and found that their injuries were not deathly.

Most of the winged birds that were unwilling to surrender were still snatching food... No, snatching the spiced beans, they completely forgot about the beast wave attack.

"Still be careful, remember how the krypton beast got injured before? All of you should clean your eyes for me! These wild beasts have high IQs!"

As soon as Lu Qingheng finished speaking, Jian Zhe's hair stood up. He saw the closest surrendered winged bird rose up and rushed straight to the red-haired fox that had just passed by it. Its sharp wings almost penetrated the fur on the back of the little fox trying to cut it off in the middle.

Jian Zhe suddenly felt a pain in his heart, "No!" However, his pocket was suddenly vibrated, and a cloud of white fluff rushed out!

Jian Zhe didn't even see what it was, but when he touched his empty pocket, he was about to cry, "Xiao Bai..."

But the cute little white rabbit, completely disregarding its uncle fan's mood, actually burst into the air. With a slam, the soft and cute furry rabbit head crashed into the body of the winged bird like a cannonball. With a click, the treacherous winged bird had an obvious dent in its head. Without even making a scream, it twitched a few times and fell to the ground.

It was killed instantly.

Jian Zhe: !!!

No, this was not his little white rabbit, it must not be!

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