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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 178

ICRAB – Chapter 178

There was a legend in the interstellar food circle that the best food was not in a five-star restaurant, nor in a rich man's private chef, but in the famous Eastern Army Group’s Military Base. This legend circulated on many interstellar posts.

There were a lot of bases in the Eastern Army Group, and the online posts were almost about a dozen different bases on the planet, arguing endlessly. However, most people regarded this as a funny post, and just laughed at it at the end.

Until the outbreak of another beast wave came.

Planet Zeke, a literary star focusing more on economy and technology, was located at the junction of the Eastern and Western Army Group. This beast was came suddenly and fiercely, directly destroying most of the water, electricity, and signal stations on the planet. Almost half of the people on the planet were reduced to a miserable hell like situation as if it was the apocalypse.

The nearest military base soon sent relief request to other military regions. Because it was in a junction, in the end, both Eastern and Western Army Group dispatched their elite troops as soon as possible to assist in the battle.

The cries of sorrow on Planet Zeke finally saw the light of dawn. The arrival of military reinforcements not only brought a safe reliance, but also... food.

The outside world was full of the roar of beasts, but the underground defense shelter was full of fragrance. Armored robots wore masks and distributed life aid packages to each of the victims.

Rescue package was a very common supply every time the beast wave came. It would have nutrient solutions, energy supplements, and even simple medical water for healing wounds. Just things needed to sustain life.

This time, however, it was different.

The entire rescue package was stuffed until it was bulging and it was exuding a charming fragrance. This fragrance made a group of hungry, tired, fearful and despaired people seemed to see a light shining in from the heaven.

Just last week, Jian Zhe, who criticized the army for hiding top-level food on the Internet, took out a round thing from his rescue package. It was wrapped in a layer of smooth oiled paper. "What's this?" He tried squeezing it. It was soft and when his hand pressed a bit, it could leave a dent. It was also warm.

"Black sesame buns." A robot hurriedly moved away from him and handed out the rescue package to the next person.

Jian Zhe was stunned for a moment. He then took out something long from his bag, which was equally hot, "What is this?"

"Sausage wraps."

Even when Jian Zhe heard the answer, he was still stunned.

The expressions of the other people were the same. They had never heard of these things and knew nothing about them.

But soon, Jian Zhe took out something he knew from his bag – a plain duck-like dish in a plastic box. Vegetarian duck, this was a snack he had been addicted to since last year! 

Jian Zhe held back his saliva and immediately reached inside the bag again excitedly. This time, he found a few beef jerky that were also sealed in plastic. "!!!" Only then did he notice the two words on the package, ‘military rations’. The snacks he could only bought when he managed to save enough money were something that was used as rations by the military?

Jian Zhe quickly unpacked the plastic seals and stuffed it into his mouth. His mouth was full of beef jerky flavor that was incomparably savory and salty with a little bit of five-spice taste. This taste was very authentic, just like the one he bought in the supermarket before. He stared and immediately opened his light brain. Although there was no Internet, his past browsing records were still there, and he quickly found the food posts that he sneered at before.

[If you think there is no good food in the world, then you should come to the military base in the Eastern Army Group. When you get here, you will know what it means to have the world on the tip of your tongue.

Every day, you can eat different things and experience different cosmic scenery. From a small dish, you can see the prosperous and the exquisiteness of an artistic statue. I lament that the so-called busyness is just a short stay at this moment, enjoy!

If you haven't been here, then I must tell you: I'm sorry, friend, you missed the most wonderful food, the greatest food, the most artistic food, you missed the food of the whole universe!]

——Above, I want to declare that this is not an advertisement. But adult survival and beast confrontation training for 12 days, only cost 30,000 credit coins. If you are interested, please call ***

Jian Zhe also turned to his comments on the post. At that time, he scolded the poster for talking nonsense and lying to others. He slowly took a bite of the beef jerky, and then took apart something called a black sesame bun. His expression instantly stunned. A feeling of being slapped on the face spontaneously arises, and his face hurts!

The black sesame filling had no impurities, which was in sharp contrast with the white and tender dough of the buns. One bite down, the black filling flew out, hot and sweet, but not greasy. The soft, glutinous, and airy dough had a high-level lingering taste Jian Zhe had never experienced... Instantly, there was a feeling of falling in love with steamed buns...

However, the taste was fleeting, and when Jian Zhe woke up, a hot bun bigger than his fist had been swallowed into his stomach. At this time, he unexpectedly thought of the cute slogan on the packaging of the beef jerky. 'Look again, look again and I'll eat you! ’

Jian Zhe pursed his lips, feeling some indescribable sadness. He just fell in love with the bun like a lover, so a sad feeling as if his lover had gone away instantly surrounded his heart.

"Uncle, your beef jerky fell to the ground~"

A round ball rolled towards Jian Zhe, and two fat white tender fingers picked up the beef jerky from the ground. Before Jian Zhe had time to mourn his love life that was gone forever, he saw the chubby little doll who just reached his thigh showed a very sad and serious expression.

"Mom said that if you waste food, you will be captured by beasts." The little ball looked up, revealing a pair of bright black eyes, and explained very seriously.

Jian Zhe's heart was stuffed. He stretched out his hand, "Uncle won't waste it. Uncle will pick up this beef jerky, wash it clean, and continue eating." This piece of jerky, he could chew all day. Eat one-third with meal at noon, another third during tea time in the afternoon, and last third, if he was in a good mood, he could save until the next day. even if it had fallen to the ground, this was his life for a month!

The little ball was confused for a moment, but still obediently returned the beef jerky he picked up on the ground to Jian Zhe. He stood obediently, watching Jian Zhe rinsed the beef jerky with the clean pure water in his backpack with his own eyes.

Jian Zhe smiled and shook the jerky in his hand, then put it in his mouth, "Look, that's it." But when he lowered his head, he only saw the back of the little ball. Although he was a little fat, he ran fast like a spinning top. He slid to the rest area where everyone was concentrated.

"Mom, mom, an uncle ate a beef jerky that fell on the ground!"

The loud voice was terrifying.

"In order not to be taken away by beasts, the uncle ate at least 10,000 germs. He worked very hard~"

Jian Zhe: "..." The jerky in his hand was not suitable to continue eating, but he was reluctant to throw it away.

"Mom, mom, what should I do if the uncle has a stomachache later? Uncle Bu is not here, so there is no way to save him."

Jian Zhe didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but he didn't want to irritate the child. He simply sat down and put the beef jerky in a jar in his space and carefully sealed it. But soon, the little ball who gave Jian Zhe a headache came back. He also pulled over a young woman wearing a standard white coat of the military scientific research bureau.

"Mom, it's this uncle."

The little fat man's words made Jian Zhe almost feel ashamed, especially when he saw the delicate face and gentle smile of the woman in white coat. He blushed instantly and was at a loss.

"Sorry, my child disturbed your rest."

Her voice was also very gentle.

Jian Zhe quickly shook his hand. But soon, the gentle woman said something that made him blush even more. "Don't eat anything that fell on the ground. I still have clean beef jerky here. I'll give you another."

"No no no... no need!"

"It's okay, we can recycle the dirty jerky."

Jian Zhe: "Recycle?"

"Meat Bun, give it to robot No. 16 for mother, okay? Let it be fed to the injured beast on the front line."

"Okay, mom~ Xiao Qing and Xiao Lan will like it~"

Jian Zhe saw the short-legged chubby little ball went to the pile of robots in front of him. He murmured directly with a robot that looked no different from other robots. Soon, the robot moved towards here.

Jian Zhe handed over the beef jerky in a daze and received a brand new unopened jerky.

"Uncle, you have to eat well this time~ Don't let it fall to the ground again, or No. 16 will be angry."

Jian Zhe nodded subconsciously. He had no idea what the woman meant. Feed the wounded beasts on the front line? Feed the beasts that attack them?! He stared for a long time, woke up, and looked at the little ball who jumped into the pile of robots in disbelief. And soon, a prompt sounded in the defense shelter.

"Attention to all citizens, the beast wave crisis has been reduced to a yellow level."

"Water, electricity, and network supply will be restored shortly."

"It is expected that the beast wave will dissipate within an hour. Please don't panic, wait patiently, and don't leave the defense shelter until the yellow level is lifted."

When Jian Zhe heard the news, he immediately saw that his light brain signal had recovered to full capacity. Before the network failure, several account reporting that he followed reported the beast wave jumped out one after another.

[The army threw a weapon you could never have imagined at a Level 9 double-headed viper, the leader of this beast wave. They threw a box of instant noodles! And fell...and it took a bite! It lowered its two heads…]

[The latest report shows that all the low-level beast herding outside the beast wave have been captured. They are now following the command of the army veterinarian and enjoying instant hot pot in a makeshift greenhouse. The veterinarian is injecting them with tranquilizers and control chips one by one.]

[Level 5 Glacier wolves and Level 4 iron-spine cow dispatched by the Eastern Army Group are on the front line to resist the receding beast wave! So far, there have been no casualties.]

[The veterinarians of the military region are now appealing to veterinarians all over the planet for their support. Veterinarians who want to help appease the beasts and contribute to the wounded army pets, please enter A574 public channel and provide the military with your location. A team will come to pick you up to the battle scene!]

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